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People actively researching the Pinkerton name.


The part of the Pinkerton family being researched
Geoff Pinkerton
401 Fader St. New Westminster, B.C., Canada V3L 3S9
(604) 520-9594 ph.
(604) 691-5950 fax
CanadaDescendants of John Pinkerton (1820-5 Oct 1891) and Margaret (1825-22 May 1874), both born in County Antrim, Northern Ireland and emmigrated to New Brunswick in the 1840's. John and Margaret had three children: James William, John and Mary. Only John survived to maturity to carry on the name. All descendants are now in British Columbia and Washington State.
Geoff is willing to share some old photos of his branch.
Michelle Akin
PO Box 424, Nash, Texas, USA 75569
Descendants of James Pinkerton. He had at least one son David (d.Dec 1771/2) who married Mary Glass. David and Mary had a son David II (1755-1782) who married Annie Sparks (d.21 Jan 1828). This branch of the Pinkerton name spread to North Carolina and Texas.
Robert Anderson
New York descendants of Irish born John Pinkerton. He had at least one son Teenan ( who married Esther Fry. Teenan and Esther had six children: Teenan Wallace, Jennie, Esther, Marion Jane, and Alexander.
Judy Archer
Georgia descendants of John Pinkerton (1 Oct 1802-1864) and Elizabeth Shaw (1814-1893) (m. 8 Aug 1833). They were both born in Georgia and died in Arkansas. They had nine children: James (Jim), William, David, John, Eliza Jane (Jennie), Benjamin Franklin, Robert Jefferson, Joseph W. (Joel), and Susan. Benjamin Franklin (17 Mar 1847-1924) married Elizabeth Le Andrea (Lizzie) Strasner (May 1851-1920) and had nine children: Lou Andrea (Louiaiana), Robert (Bobby), Benjamin (Benny), John J., Rebecca Ada, Sarah Elizabeth, William Esau, Martha Ida, and James Eli. This ties into the research by Everette Clay Cobrun.

Herbert Franklin (Herb) Barge
6 Manyhorses Place, Redwood Meadows, Alberta, Canada T3Z 1A1

CanadaSix generations of Ontario and Manitoba descendants of Joseph Pinkerton (31 Jan 1835-23 Mar 1910) and Eliza Jane Moore (29 Jan 1847-15 Jul 1927). Joseph and Eliza had nine children: William Albert, Matthew, Alice, Mary Louise, Eliza, Herbert, Hattie Llwyana, Laura May and Olive Mrytle. Herb Barge is a direct descendant of Herbert Pinkerton. This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread to British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Maude Barrett

Descendants of John Pinkerton (1768-1852), b. Northern Ireland and emmigrated to Abbeville Dist., South Carolina in 1791 and to Preble County, Ohio in 1815. John's will lists his children as Thomas, James, Robert, George, Ebenezer and William. Thomas (30 Nov 1793-22 Mar 1873) and Margaret McGaw had seven children including Alexander W. Pinkerton (d.1873). Alexander's daughter Alice Ophelia (12 Mar 1845-7 Aug 1884) married Francis Crist.

David L. Beckwith

Four generations of Illinois descendants of Henry Barnes Pinkerton (d.1 Nov 1854) and Jane H. Huskey. Henry and Jane had eight children: Rhoda C., James N., Francis Marion (Frank), David W, John N., Andrew Jackson, Jesse P. and Mary.
This appears to be the same family as Mary Hillman, Pat Callas, and Sandy Schumacher. This branch of the Pinkerton family has spread to Tennessee to Iowa.

Rick Beltrame
Box 90, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada L0R 2H0

CanadaIrish descendants of James Pinkerton (1762-1858) and Jane (ca.1777-18 Sep 1835). James and Jane emmigrated from Seacon, County Antrim, Northern Ireland to Lloydtown, Ontario. James and Jane had eight children: Matthew, David, Agnes (Ann), James, Henry, Mary, Jane, and Samuel. David Pinkerton founded the town of Pinkerton, Ontario. Rick Beltrame is a direct descendant of David. This is the same family as Jackie Dirstein and Lois Leggott. This branch of the Pinkerton family has spread to Manitoba and BC.

Virginia Buchanan
2401 Elgen, Tyler, Texas, USA 75701-4901
(903) 593-1847 ph.

Seven generations of South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas based descendants of James Pinkerton (1741, York, SC-1823, Tennessee) and Mary. They had seven children: John Caldwell and six others. John Caldwell Pinkerton (1779-1851) married Sarah Gilmore (1785-1831) and had eleven children: James, Samuel, Jonathon, William Lawrence, John, Francis Gilmore, Pickens Caldwell, Thomas B., Andrew J., and Sarah and Rebecca. Pickens Caldwell Pinkerton (1816-1844) had eight children: John C., Sarah L. Mary Lou, Nancy C., Martha Ann, Pickens Caldwell, James Monroe, and Thomas Allen. Thomas Allen is Virginia Buchanan's grandfather. This ties into the same branch as Roy Pinkerton.
Robin Buck
George Pinkerton was born 1817 in Bonhead, Neilson Parish, Scotland. He married Agnes Crawford on 15 Jan 1835 in Paisley Abey, Refrew, Scotland. He died on 5 Apr 1838 at sea on board the ship Duncan. They had three children: Catherine (12 Jan 1835, Scotland-20 Jul 1876, Australia), Robert (b.3 Jun 1836), and an unnamed son born at sea on 14 Jun 1838. Catherine married William Henry Bryant (b.c.1820, England) and their descendants are mostly in Australia. Looking for more information on the descendants of Robert and the unnamed son.
Marilyn Sue Cain
3413 Butterfield Coach Road, Springdale, Arkansas, USA 72764
(501) 751-1949 ph.
(501) 751-5585 fax.
Eight generations of Tennessee and Texas based descendants of James Pinkerton (b.1804,TN) and Catherine Satterfield (b.1810,TN). James and Catherine had eight children: James C., Elizabeth L., John P., William Anselem, Martha, Sarah, Elaine Hannah (Claira), and R.H.C. (Emaretta?).

Pat Callas

Scottish descendants of David Pinkerton (1 Jan 1686-1790) and Mary Risk. They had three sons: William, John, and David. David (ca.1737-Oct 1781) emmigrated to New Jersey, married Mary FitzRandolph and had eight children: David S., Jane, John, Anne, Samuel, Joseph, William and Maria. This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Michigan.
This appears to be the same family as Mary Hillman, Sandy Schumacher, and David Beckwith.

Thor Conley
951 Park Avenue, Pocatello, Idaho, USA 83201

Same family as Marilyn Sue Cain. Thor is a direct descendant of William Anselem Pinkerton.

Robert A. Cropley
34 Black Point Road, Scarborough, Maine, USA 04074

CanadaFour generations of Irish descendants of William Pinkerton (b.1785) and Martha (b.1783). They had five children: Robert, Hugh, Elizabeth, James and William. Robert married Ellen M. Scott and had seven children. Hugh married Elizabeth and had six children. Elizabeth married Joseph Trafton and had seven children. James married Margaret Michell and had eight children. William married Nancy Dunsmore. This branch of Pinkertons emmigrated to New Brunswick and further generations spread to Maine and California.

Anne Davidson
22 Legg Ct., Coldwater, Michigan, USA 49036 or

At least nine generations of descendants of John Pinkerton (1699-10 Feb 1780) and Mary Elizabeth Farmer (1710-10 Sep 1754). John was born in County Antrim and emmigrated with his family between 1735 and 1741. They had nine children: David, John, Matthew, Mary, Elizabeth, James, Samuel, Rachel and Jane. Matthew (1738-1814) married Mary (d.29 Nov 1838) and had five children: John, David, James, Anna, and Rebecca. David (17 Jun 1775-7 Jul 1859) married Susannah Griffin (c.1779-27 Oct 1837) and had eight children: John Miles, Jane, Hannah, Sarah Gilbert, Mary F., David, Moody Moss, and James. James (26 Oct 1818-21 Mar 1888) married Mary Emeline Howser (8 Sep 1824-12 Feb 1912) and had six children: James Henry, Hanna Jane (Jennie), Franklin, Marcus H., Charles Gregg, and Robert. Franklin is Anne Davidson's great grandfather. This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread to at least New Hampshire and Alberta.

Updated Eric Davis
4760 Woodview Drive, Santa Rosa, California, USA 95405

Eric is researching the same branch as Richard D. (Dick) Pinkerton. Pinkerton_RichardD">. Eric is descended from Matthew Pinkerton (16 Apr 1780 - 4 Mar 1831) and Sarah Reed. They had twelve children: Rachel, Margaret, Charity, Sarah, Jane, Nancy (or Nannssey), Rebecca, Ann, Catherine, Elizabeth, Matthew and James M. James M. Pinkerton (18 Mar 1824 - 12 Oct 1864) married Elizabeth Weimer and had six children: Mary Jane, Anna Bell, George Weimer, Frank Reed, Cornelia A., and Ada V. Mary Jane Pinkerton is Eric Davis's great grandmother.

Jackie Dirstein
402, 11th Ave., Hanover, Ontario, Canada N4N 2R8

CanadaSame family as Rick Beltrame and Lois Leggott. Jackie is a direct descendant of James and Jane's son David.

John Doring
25205 Keats Lane, Stevenson Ranch, California, 91381

At least seven generations of descendants of William Pinkerton (1728-Dec 1814) and Elizabeth Criswell (1749-1823). William and Elizabeth had nine children: Jane, Mary, Isabella, Hannah, Rebecca, Joseph, William, James and Rachel. Their son William (1768-18 Oct 1854) married Hannah Kennedy (1776-Aug 1854) and had nine children including Joseph and Charlotte. Joseph (9 Jan 1798-17 Feb 1885) married Violet Scott (15 Dec 1804-1 Oct 1896).
This appears to be the same branch as Robert A. Griffin and William C. Murdock.
A sister to Joseph (1798-1885) was Charlotte Pinkerton (, PA) who married Sheldon (Bill) Curtis (1794-1856) and had two children: Mary Jane and William. Mary Jane married Samuel Martin McFate, and William married Margaret Martha Ward McFate.
This is the same branch as John Boyce McPhate
This branch started out in Pennsylvania and spread to Illinois and Ohio.

Brit Ferguson
Stephenville, Texas, USA

Texas descendants of Horace Brown Pinkerton (24 May 1867-15 Jul 1922) and Martha Jane Jackson (26 Aug 1867-17 Jan 1954). Horace and Martha had nine children: Bertha Naoma, Tempie Pearl, Gilbert Andrew, Benton Artamus, Woodye, Clarent Jackson, Clarice Jane, Clement Melton, and Helen Beatrice. This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread to Texas, Massachusettes, Maryland and California.
This ties into the same family as Roy Pinkerton.

Carolyn Franklin
2011 13th St., Pascagoula, Mississippi, USA 39567

This is the same branch as John Doring and William C. Murdock.
Carolyn is descended from Joseph Carnahan and Hannah Luzanna Pinkerton, d/o Joseph Pinkerton and Violet Scott.

Robert A. (Bob) Griffin
18701 Appletree Lane, Spring Lake, Michigan, USA 49456
(616) 842-1921 ph.

This is the same branch as John Doring and William C. Murdock.
Bob has a great picture of Jospeph Pinkerton (9 Jan 1798-17 Feb 1885) and Violet Scott (15 Dec 1804-1 Oct 1896) and eleven of their twelve children (William Montgomery, James Scott, Hannah Luzanna, John Colby, Jane Gibson, Mary Elizabeth, George Washington, Robert Marion, Alice Lusetta, Thirza Ann, James's wife Kate, and Amanda Violet). If you are part of this branch, contact him for a copy (it's a big file!)

Elizabeth Henning
915 Jefferson, Hebron, Nebraska, USA 68370

Descendants of James F. Pinkerton (1 Sep 1797-19 Feb 1840) and Catherine A. McMillen (23 Jul 1800-9 Oct 1834). James and Catherine had ten children: Andrew H., James H., Mary C., William F., Gilbert M., Suzana Jane, Sarah Manervey, Rachel Amanda, John Foster, and Elizabeth Francis. Rachel Amanda is Liz's husband's GG Grandmother. This James F. Pinkerton may be the same James Foster Pinkerton being researched by Sandy Schumacher and Mary Hillman.

Mary Hillman
Illinois, USA

Virginia descendants of David Pinkerton (1737-1781) and Mary FitzRandolf. Their son James (b.1761, Ireland) married Mary Ann Foster in Rockbridge County, Virginia. They had eleven children: David, Jane, Mary Ann, Sarah, James Foster, Andrew, William B., Elizabeth, John, Rachel, and an infant.
This appears to be the same family as Sandy Schumacher, Pat Callas, and David Beckwith.

Eileen Hutton
8 Sidlaw Place, Grangemouth, Scotland FK3 0DG

Scottish descendants of John and Elizabeth Pinkerton. The family probably originated in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. John and Elizabeth had seven children: Robert, John, William, Frank, Allan, Elizabeth and Henry, all born ca.1900-1911.

Holly Sprise Kobza

Researching three/four Pinkerton lines.
1) Robert Pinkerton ( Scotland) and Jane Lockridge had at least one son Samuel (1803 NIR-1892, Wisconsin) who married Mary Warnock (1813-1891) and had seven children: Robert R., Elizabeth, John Loughridge, James Loughridge, Jane L., Samuel D., and William.
2) James Pinkerton Sr. (1800 NIR-1865 NIR) married Rachel Warnick/Warnock (1795-1871) and had seven children: Robert, Samuel W., James Jr., William, John, Sarah, and Andrew.
3) Robert Pinkerton (1797-1876) married Margaret Devine and had four-six children: Jane, Mary (possibly), Samuel David, William (possibly), Robert A. and John. Robert and James may be sons to Robert and Jane, but no proof.
4) Story of Pinkerton brothers coming to Ireland from Aryshire, Scotland at the end of the 17th century after the battle of Bothwell Bridge. One brother settled in Antrim, one in Down and one in Armagh.
This appears to have a connection to the research by Steve Ludington.
These branches of the Pinkerton name have spread from Scotland and Northern Ireland to California, Colorado, Iowa, New York, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin.

Janice Kay Laird
67092 Highway W., Latham, Missouri, USA, 65050
(660) 458-6675 ph.

Seven generations of Irish descendants of John Pinkerton (1735-7 Sep 1818) and Rebecca White (16 Apr 1775-12 Jan 1831). John was born in County Antrim, Northern Ireland and he emmigrated to Sadsburyville, Chester County, PA. Rebecca was born at "Faggs Manor", Chester County, PA. John and Rebecca had eight children: Margaret, Sarah, William, John White, Mary, Samuel, Thomas, Rebecca, Samuel, and Jane. Janice is a direct descendant of William Pinkerton. This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread through the states to Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri and Kansas. This is the same family as Evelyn Wayland Pinkerton, who is a direct descendant of John White Pinkerton, and Stephen & Elaine Morris, who are researching the descendants of William Pinkerton.

Lois Leggott
2538 Evergreen Drive, Penticton, B.C., Canada V2A 7Y2

CanadaSame family as Rick Beltrame and Jackie Dirstein. Lois is apparently a direct descendant of James and Jane's daughter Agnes (Ann).

Updated Rhonda Lucas
PO Box 1051, Runaway Bay, Queensland, Australia 4216 or or
Seven generations of Australian descendants of James Pinkerton and Mary Ann Pollock. They had seven children: Matilda Jane, Catherine, Margaret, Arabella, John Van, William James, and Joseph. John Van (c.1853/1854-25 Apr 1898) married Bridget Selene Brown and had eight children: Elinor (Jane), Mary Alice (Eileen), John Samuel, George H., Harrie S., Gertrude Clara, Magaret (Lillian, and Mildred J. Gertrude Clara is Rhonda's great grandmother. William James (d.1923) married Lydia Louisa O. Hallam and had thirteen children: William James, Percival J., William J., Arthur Samuel, Walter Joseph, Lydia Louisa, George H., Henry W., Herbert, James William Clive, William, Ivy F., and Henry D. Joseph (d.1903) married Ellen Bennett and had eleven children: Ellen, William James, Maud A., Charles W., Ivy M., Joseph F., Ernest A., Edith M., Ida L., Clara C., and Rose L. The Pinkerton name stayed mainly in New South Wales.

Steve Ludington
6075 North Jornada Road, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA 88012

Irish descendants of James Pinkerton and Rachel Warwick ( 1824, Balleymony, Northern Ireland). James and Rachel had seven children: James, Samuel, William, Robert, John, Andrew, and Sarah. Some of the children stayed in Northern Ireland and some emmigrated to New York. Samuel (1825-1915) married Margaret Smith and had seven children: James, Martha (Mattie), Samuel, Robert Warnich, William Alexander, Margaret Jane, and Rachel. This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread to Wisconsin, Iowa, Oregon, California, and Washington State.
This appears to have a connection to the research by Holly Sprise Kobza

Linde Lunney
73 Pine Valley Ave., Rathfarnham, Dublin 16, Ireland

Irish descendants of Adam Pinkerton and Mary Neill. Linde has a tree containing 9 generations of very interlerlated Pinkerton families.

John Boyce McPhate
1400 West Guava Street, LomPoc, California, USA 93436
(805) 735-3114 ph.
(805) 734-1003 fax

At least five generations of the descendants of Charlotte Pinkerton (b. about 1804, PA) and Sheldon Curtis. Sheldon and Charlott had two children: Mary Jane Curtis (2 Sep 1835-17 Aug 1899) and William Pinkerton Curtis (b. about 1841). This is the same branch as John Doring.

Charlene Tahyer Montgomery

Descendants of Isaac and Mary Pinkerton. They had at least one son: Charles L. Charles L. Pinkerton (1882-1952) and Elizabeth/Mahala Wood/Woods (1881-1943) had five children: Joseph, Albert Nelson, Rosie Marie, Martha Violet and Lillie Elizabeth. Lille Elizabeth married Emmett Giesey Thayer and are Charlene's parents. Any additional information is welcome.

Stephen & Elaine Morris or

Kentucky descendants of William Pinkerton and Elizabeth Lettig. William and Elizabeth's son Dr. Lewis Pinkerton (28 Jan 1812-28 Jan 1875) married Sarah A. Ball (29 Dec 1813-11 Feb 1878) in Ohio and moved to Kentucky. This appears to be the same family as Janice Kay Laird.

They are also researching the Pennsylvania descendants of James Pinkerton (d.1811) of Cumberland and Westmoreland Counties. His son John married Mary Barr.

Peter Morrison
1827 Swann St., NW #4, Washington, DC, USA 20009

Descendants of James Pinkerton (1 Feb 1803-After 1860) and Nancy Sloan/Clark (1811?-1851?). James and Nancy had nine children: John Calvin, Samuel Sloan, Martha Parkerson, Brown, Mary, Franklin R. (Frank), Thomas Urbin, Hugh Pickens, and Elizabeth Malvina. James is a oldest son of John Caldwell Pinkerton (1779-1851) - see the writeup by Roy Pinkerton.

Glenda Frank Moser
Connecticut, USA

English descendants of William Pinkerton (7 Dec 1810-27 Feb 1893) and Eleanor Smith (1811-1891). They emigrated to Australia where their children William, Rachel Salina, Nelly, Molly, Sarah and Roby were all born. William and Eleanor's family have wandered to New Zealand, California and Arizona.

William C. (Bill) Murdock
Sun City Grand, 20135 N. Tealstone Dr., Surprise, Arizona, USA 85374-4930

This is the same branch as John Doring and Robert A. Griffin.

New Marlene Phillips-Daniels
205 W. Dry Creek, Belgrade, Montana, USA 59714

Marlene is researching the same branch as Richard D. (Dick) Pinkerton. Pinkerton_RichardD">. Her husband is descended from William Pinkerton (c.1765 - c.1847) and Sarah. William and Sarah had ten children, one of whom was named William (c.1808 - 17 Sep 1874) who married Pricilla Rugg. William and Pricilla had nine children: Josias, Asa, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hezekiah H., Enoch, Simeon, James, and David.
Marlene has kindly provided a number of the obituaries that are part of this webpage.

Bonnie Pinkerton
#17-1505 N. Evergreen, Chandler, Arizona, USA 85224

Eight generations of Pennsylvania descendants of Thomas Pinkerton (1788-ca.1860/70) and Siddie Campbell (b.1789). They had 13 children: Margaret, William, John, James, Matthew, Thomas, Joel, Isiah, Aaron, Jonathon, Jehu, Sarah Jane and John. Thomas and all the children were born in Pennsylvania. This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread to Missouri and other states.

Alan Edwin Pinkerton
100408 E. Vaca Road, Kennewick, Washington, USA 99338

At least six generations of descendants from John Pinkerton (abt. 1762-28 Aug 1854), a highland Scot to came to America before he was married to Elizabeth Moreland Young (abt. 1776-30 May 1852) in 1798. John and Elizabeth lived in Mercer County (now Lawrence), PA and had seven children: James William, John, William, Jane Elizabeth, Samuel, Alexander, and Elizabeth. James William (Oct 1779-7 Oct 1874) married Anne Byers (6 Oct 1799-8 Feb 1879) in 1821. James and Anne lived in Mercer County (now Lawrence), PA and had nine children: Elizabeth Jane, William Byers, John Alexander, Margaret Ann, Mary Malissa, Nancy Lucinda, James Thomas, Samuel, and Ebenezer F.S. James Thomas (28 Nov 1835-2 Nov 1913) married Sarah Ann Donley (abt. 1840-16 Aug 1904) in 1859 and had ten children: John Calvin, Frank Elmer, James William, Ella Mae, Jessie L., Harry Beatty, Blanche H., Minnie H., George A., and Howard Edwin. Howard Edwin (8 Jan 1879-26 May 1948) married Anna Marie Martens (18 Oct 1883-28 Jan 1962) in Nebraska and had nine children. They are the researcher's grandparents. The family has spread from Pennsylvania to Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota and some to Washington.

Clifford Conkling Pinkerton
22712 No. Dusty Trail Blvd., Sun City West, Arizona, USA 85375
(602) 584-4211 ph.

Six generations of Ohio descendants of John Mansfield Pinkerton (b.3 Feb 1830) and Mary Jane Stevenson. John was born in Ohio and some of their descendants moved to Nebraska.

Evelyn Wayland Pinkerton
3410 Camosun, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6R 3X1

CanadaSame family as Janice Kay Laird.

George Victor Pinkerton

George's family is a direct descendant of the Scottish and Irish family that moved to the USA under James of Ayrshire.
George kindly provided the right hand Coat of Arms on the main page.

New Germaine Pinkerton
P.O. Box 1189, Jacksonville, Arizona, USA, 72870
(501) 833-9479 ph.

Descendants of John G. Pinkerton (16 Jan 1828-8 Sep 1869) and Mary Elizabeth Taylor (1827-1917). John was born in Tennessee and died in Alabama. John and Mary had seven children: Eliza Jane (b.1853), James William (b.1855), George Washington (22 Feb 1860-Mar 1934), Jackson (1859-1938), John Thomas (1865-1941), Hiram France (1 Jan 1866-23 Feb 1941), and a girl. Germaine's husband Roy is descended from George Washington Pinkerton. This branch connects in with Sheila Shotts, who is descended from Hiram France Pinkerton. Don and Sheila are third cousins. This branch has spread to Arizona, Arkansas, Oklahoma and California.

Harold Douglas (Doug) Pinkerton
7 Rockwell Road, Belvidere, New Jersey, USA, 07823

Nine generations of New Jersey descendants of Henry Pinkerton (d.1788) and Keziah. This family ties into the John D. Rockefeller family. Henry and Keziah had five children: John, Polly, Elizabeth, Methetabel and Sarah.

John Edmenson Pinkerton
22 North Circular Road, Lisburn, County Antrim, Northern Ireland BT28 3AH

CanadaEight generations of Irish descendants of David Pinkerton ( David's son David (1801-27 Jun 1881) married three times. With his first wife, he had two children: John and Elizabeth. With his second wife, Mary Ann McDowell, he had fourteen children! One of these was David (1833-1893) who married Anne Pinnion and came to Ontario, Canada. With his third wife, Marrion Bell (1834-1878), David had two children: Martin and Margaret.
The John noted above (1824-22 Jan 1915) married Eliza Martin and Elizabeth Coulter. John and Eliza had nine children: David, Robert, David, Whortley, Martha, Janet, James Alexander, John and Rachel. John Edmenson Pinkerton is descended from this branch. John and Elizabeth had one child: William.
This branch of the Pinkerton name has mainly stayed in Ireland, but has spread to Canada and New South Wales, Australia.

Lindon Scott Pinkerton

William Henry Pinkerton had at least one son: William Claude. William Claude (15 Sep 1885-16 Oct 1912, OK) William Claude had at least one son: William Obert who also had at least one son: Lindon Lewis. Lindon Lewis married Allie Mae Fox and had two children: Lindon Scott and Tamara Renee. Any additional information is welcome.

Lorne Alfred Pinkerton
184 Templemont Dr. NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T1Y 4Z9
(403) 285-3327 ph.

CanadaIrish descendants of George Pinkerton (1825-14 Jun 1895) and Melinda Shaw (1831-14 Feb 1886). George and Melinda moved to Ontario had six children: William, Melinda, David, Clemens, Joseph and Nancy. This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread to Alberta.

Richard D. (Dick) Pinkerton
7709 Persimmon Tree Lane, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, 20817
(301) 365-0607 ph.
Richard unfortunately passed away on 16 Sep 1997.

Nine generations of Irish descendants of Richard Pinkerton (ca.1740-1816) and Margaret. Richard and Margaret emmigrated from Northern Ireland to York County, Pennsylvania ca.1760. Richard and Margaret had six children: William, Benjamin, Richard, Jane, a girl and Matthew. William married Sarah and had ten children. Benjamin married and had at least one child. Jane married John McClintock and had thirteen children. Matthew married Sarah Reed and had twelve children. Their descendants moved to Ohio and points west.

Robert B. (Bob) Pinkerton
PO Box 2417, Beaufort, South Carolina, USA 29901
(803) 525-0559 ph.
(803) 525-0226 fax

CanadaEight generations of English Pinkertons descended from Robert Pinkerton DD. Robert had at least two sons: George (b.before 1828) and Robert (27 Jan 1828-12 Dec 1874). This second Robert was born near London, England and died around Huron County, Ontario. This Robert had at least two sons: Robert Joseph (3 Jul 1860-27 Dec 1903) and Howard Wiegant George (20 Feb 1864-21 Jul 1936). This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread to Michigan, California, New Mexico and South Carolina.
Bob kindly provided a version of the history of the Pinkerton name that is included in the Meaning of the Pinkerton name page and the left hand Coat of Arms on the main page. The motto in the banner says 'Post Nubila Sol', meaning 'After darkness, the sun'.

Robert Bruce (Bruce) Pinkerton
304 Dove Drive, Newark, Delaware, USA 19713

At least five generations of the Pennsylvania descendants of William Pinkerton (1728-Dec 1814) and his three wives (Ms. Hamilton, Isabel Criswell, and Mary Torbet). William and Ms. Hamilton had two children: John and James. William and Isabel had nine children: Jane, Mary, Isabella, Hannah, Rebecca, Joseph, William, James and Rachel. William and Mary had a girl.
Bruce has published a paper "Index of Pinkertons of Early Lancaster County, PA and Surrounding Counties - An Overview" which is an invaluable reference if you are researching early Pinkerton pioneers of this area.

Ross Pinkerton or Alice Pinkerton
70 Queen St.
Northcote, Auckland, New Zealand
0-9-480-8558 ph.

At least seven generations of descendants of John Pinkerton and Margaret Gibson. John was a watchmaker in Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland. John and Margaret married in 1812 and had seven children: Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Margaret, George, John, Agnes, and Robert Campbell. Robert Campbell Pinkerton (29 Jan 1817-Jul 1886) married Amelia Alice Davis on 5 Oct 1841 and emmigrated to Australia. Their son Richard Millar (1 Oct 1844-1926?) married Rhoda Knight on 17 Aug 1881. Their son Walter Vincent (26 Oct 1886-26 Jun 1957) emmigrated to New Zealand and married Elsie Ireland. There are about 200 Pinkertons in New Zealand who have this heritage. Several generations in this family were watchmakers. Walter Vincent is Ross's grandfather and Alice's great grandfather.

Roy T. Pinkerton
4341 Montair Ave, Long Beach, California, USA 90808

Seven generations of descendants of James Pinkerton (1741, York, SC-1823, Tennessee) and Mary. They had seven children: John Caldwell and six others. John Caldwell Pinkerton (1779-1851) married Sarah Gilmore (1785-1831) and had eleven children: James, Samuel, Jonathon, William Lawrence, John, Francis Gilmore, Pickens Caldwell, Thomas B., Andrew J., and Sarah and Rebecca. Pickens Caldwell Pinkerton (1816-1844) had eight children: John C., Sarah L. Mary Lou, Nancy C., Martha Ann, Pickens Caldwell, James Monroe, and Thomas Allen.
There is a connection to the research by David Drummond Boyd, Virginia Buchanan, Larry Randall Cole, Brit Ferguson, Marilyn Larner Hicks and Peter Morrison.

This branch of the Pinkerton names has spread to Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virgina and Syria.

Susan Pinkerton
2733 Meadow Spring Court, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89115

At least six generations of descendants of Tom Pinkerton. Tom had at least one son Melvin Sherman (b.about 1898). Melvin Sherman had eight children: Clovis King (b.31 Aug 1923, MS), Olifelt (aka Son), Annie Belle, Mildred, Chester, Dorothy Jane, Elmor and Allene. Clovis had three children: James Clovis (b.10 Oct 1944), Patricia and Edith. The family has apparently spread from Mississippi through Louisiana and Alabama and eventually some went to Washington.

Nancy Regan
New York, USA

Descendants of Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton (18 Jul 1846-5 Jun 1924) and Mary Russ (13 Sep 1853-6 Dec 1936). Benjamin and Mary had at least one child Paul Whittier Pinkerton (6 Jul 1887-16 Oct 1940). Paul and Estelle Foute (6 Apr 1887-Apr 1935) had three children: Estelle (b.25 Sep 1914, CO), Paul Whittier Jr. (2 Dec 1915-13 Jul 1990), and David Conrad Pinkerton (b. 4 Mar 1917, CO). This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread to New York. Photos and more information available on Nancy's homepage.
This ties into the same family as Barbara Roberts.

New Barbara Roberts
775 S. Cheri Lynn Dr., Chandler, Arizona, USA 85224
(480) 782-6136 ph.

Pennsylvania descendants of David Pinkerton Sr. (ca.1700, NIR-ca.1777, Lancaster Co., PA) and Jennet Alexander. David and Jennet had six children: Henry, Jane, James Sr., John, David Jr., and Thomas. James Pinkerton Sr. (ca.1730-ca.1787, PA) had three children: Hugh, James Jr., and John. Hugh (1767-after 1850) married Margaret Eckert and they had eight children: George, Catherine, Margaret, Mary Ann, Sarah, Joseph, Levi, and Elizabeth. This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread to Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Washington DC.
This ties into the same family as Nancy Regan

Paul Ross
114 Lake Forest Drive, La Vergue, Tennesse, USA 37086

Descendants of William Pinkerton (b.1838, Missouri) and Sarah (b. 1854, MO). William and Sarah had six children: John William (b.21 Apr 1872), Louis Isaac (6 May 1874-16 Sep 1956), Martha Jane (b.1 Aug 1876), Henry Thomas (b.23 Aug 1879), Dora Minnie (b. 11 Dec 1881), and Marion (b.31 Jul 1886). Louis Isaac Pinkerton married Sarah Tilda Davis (10 Nov 1880-24 May 1955) and had five children, all born in Kentucky: Willie May, Leonard Wilburn, Rachel Burnice, Johnnie Ralph, and Cleo. Possible parents to William Pinkerton (b. 1838) are Henry and Elizabeth who married 15 Jan 1835, Perry County, MO.

Sandra (Sandy) Schumacher
1630 Rucker Ave., Everett, Washington, USA 98201

Virginia descendants of David Pinkerton (b.1789). David's son James married Mary Foster in Augusta County, Virginia.
This appears to be the same family as Mary Hillman, Pat Callas, and David Beckwith.
Sandy is willing to share some old photos of her branch (and also ones from other branches) that she has collected over the years.

Kelly Diane Stevenson

Arkansas descendants of D.A. Pinkerton (16 Jun 1856-11 Feb 27) and his wife E.N. (Apr 1859-30 Jun 1925). They had at least one son: Samuel Taylor (1890-1932). This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread to California.

New Barbara Y. Thompson
Saugerties, New York, USA

Barbara is researching the decendants of John Pinkerton (c.1804/1805, Virginia or Kentucky - c.1850/1853) and Sophia Lile (11 Oct 1803 - 25 Jul 1891). They were married on 18 Dec 1826 in Davidson County, TN and had three children: Joseph Henry, Docia Ann and John Washington. Joseph Henry Pinkerton married Eliza Jane Wollard and they had ten children: Nancy C., Henrietta Emily, Hulda Il, Sophia Elizabeth, John William, James H., Charles Thomas, Jonathan Lee, Viola Frances, and Joseph Benjamin. Docia Ann Pinkerton married Charles Parker Wollard and they had eleven children. John Washington Pinkerton married Louisa Minerva McCuistion and had one child James O. The mentioned Charles Thomas Pinkerton is Barbara Thompson's grandfather.

Becky S. Volaski
PO Box 4164, Lafayette, IN, USA, 47903-4164

Seven generations of Irish descendants of Francis Pinkerton (18 Feb 1806-17 Oct 1893) and his three wives: Eliza Markham, Ella Anderson, and Nancy Weir. Francis emmigrated to the USA in 1851 and to Indiana in 1856. Francis and Ella had one child: James. Francis and Nancy had six children: Robert, John, Margarette, William, George and David.

James & Laura Wallace

Descendants of Adam (Poe) Pinkerton (1858-1927) and Elnora Fairchild (1864-1912). Adam and Elnora had seven children: Belle (b.1882, m. John Burns), Edith E. (m. Charles F. Cosley), Amanda Frances (b.1885), Allie (b.1888, m. Guy Scott), David (b. 1889, m. Maude Haley), Harriet (b. 1896, m. Paul S. Wallace), and Mary A. (b. 1898). Harriet is James Wallace's grandmother. James believes that they were all from Kingman, Kansas.


People with the Pinkerton name in their family tree but not actively researching the name.



The part of the Pinkerton family being researched

Phil Beshear

Same family as Michelle Akin.

Karen Bowdish

Kansas descendants of Ray Arthur Pinkerton (b. about 1917) and Iona Stuckey (b. about 1920). Ray and Iona had at least one son: Larry Adrian (b.23 Feb 1946). Larry married Mary Jane Thiel and had five children: Wade Austin, Teresa Michelle, Jason Ray, Diane Renee, and Patrick Eugene.

David Drummond Boyd
2277 Engineers Drive SE, Marietta, Georgia, USA 30067-7011
(770) 509-2501 ph.

Four generations of Illinois descendants of James McMillan Pinkerton (4 May 1849-13 May 1923) and Nancy Boyd (25 May 1850-10 Jan 1929). James and Nancy had three children: John E., Samuel Ralph and James Ashwood.
This ties into the same family as Roy Pinkerton.

Terri Clayton
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 45238
(513) 481-5697 ph.

Two or four branches of the Pinkerton name have married into Terri Clayton's family tree:
1) James Nelson Pinkerton married Minnie Ballard and had a son James Oris Pinkerton (25 Oct 1905-18 Jan 1977) who married Lucy Mae Henry. James and Lucy had a daughter Minnie Lou who married Gerold David Sharp. (Arkansas, Oklahoma)
4) Ival Edna Pinkerton (8 Feb 1917-18 Aug 1967) married Dennis Daniel Henry. (Arkansas). Dennis and Lucy Mae were siblings, so chances are that James Oris and Ival Edna were siblings.
3) Henry Pinkerton had a daughter Mary Pinkerton (d. 16 Feb 1873) who married Archibald Peter Hager (17 Oct 1851-2 Aug 1916). (Missouri)
4) Amanda M. Pinkerton (1851-8 Jul 1872) married Frederick Hager. Frederick and Archibald were brothers, so chances are Mary and Amanda M. were sisters. (Missouri)

Everette Clay Cobrun
2330 Friars Gate Drive, Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA 30243
(770) 682-5412 ph.

Georgia descendants of John Pinkerton and Elizabeth Shaw (m.1834). They had at least seven children: James, William, David, John, Jane, Benjamin and Robert. This ties into the research by Judy Archer.

Philip Richard Coe
7207 Trappers Place, Springfield, Virginia, USA 22153-1333
(703) 455-9594 ph.

Same family as Harold Douglas Pinkerton.

Doug Hanke
Tampa, Florida, USA

Descendants of Harold Edwin Pinkerton (b.1908) and Marthadell Drake (b.1919). Harold and Marthadell had two children: Harold Edwin and David Terry. This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread through Illinois, Indiana and California.

Brian Hill
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada

Scottish descendants of Jean Pinkerton and Hugh Kilpatrick, married 1 Oct 1752 in Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Hugh and Jean had eleven children from 1753 to 1779: Janet, Agnes, Jean, William, Hugh, John, Janet (again), David, David (again), Thomas and James. William married Barbara Mann and Hugh married Isabell Monroe.

Andrew Valentine Pinkerton

Six generation of Scottish descendants of George Pinkerton, b. Edinburgh. His son Valentine (b.10 Dec 1849) married Isabella Howson on 21 Feb 1877. The current generation of this branch of the Pinkertons lives in England.

Noel T. Pinkerton
2501 Arlington Road, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Descendants of Jacob Pinkerton (1849-1917) and Adelia Hamilton (1847-1934). Jacob and Adelia had at least one son: Ira A. Pinkerton. Ira (1872-1928) married Harriet Blacklsee and they had at least one son: Noel T. Pinkerton. This branch of the Pinkerton name has spread to Ohio.

Peter Harvey Pinkerton
2075 Bayview Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4N 3M5

CanadaScottish descendants of Peter Pinkerton (d.1868) and Martha Gemmell. They had at least one son John, who married Jessie Jamieson in 1854. At some point the family came to Canada and some of the current generation is in the Toronto area.

Kriss Kalani Replogle
PO Box 4, 9 East Main St., Brookside, New Jersey, USA 07926-0004
(201) 543-9154 ph.

Colorada descendants of Clifford Pinkerton (19 Sep 1907-16 Apr 1969) and Marie Yarberry (29 Nov 1909-15 May 1988). Clifford and Marie had four children: Barbara Lee, Jimmy Curtis, Jerry Lyle and Linda L. Some of their children were born in Kansas.


People with only a couple of Pinkertons in their family tree but are seeking more information.



The part of the Pinkerton family being researched

Dianna Anderson
19602 Natalie Way, Redding, California, USA 96003

Descendants of Ann Elizabeth Pinkerton (4 Feb 1835-28 Jan 1874) and Stanhope Bartholomew Clifton (1828-16 Mar 1884). Elizabeth was born in Kentucky, married Stanhope Clifton 24 Oct 1854 in Longtown, Perry County, Missouri, and died in Perry County, Missouri. Their ten children were are born in Perry County, Missouri. Looking for Elizabeth's parents and siblings. Dianna has found a family that she believes that may be the correct one: the 1840 Census of Warren County, Kentucky: (Pinkerton, William 1 m 30-40, 2 f under 5, 2 f 5-10, 1 f 20-30); the 1850 Census in Morgan County, Alabama: William Pinkerton (45, NC) and Elizabeth (35, KY) with children: Ann E. (15, KY), Sarah F. (13, KY), Emily B. (12, KY), Julia F. (8, KY), James E. (5, AL), Martha A. (4, AL), and Mary A. (6/12, AL); and the following marriage: Pinkerton, William and Blackford, Elizabeth, 9 Oct 1832, Warren County, Kentucky. Dianna also believes that there is an older sister Serrilda (b. 1833, KY). If this is the case it may tie in with the same branch as Linda Sandlin.

Larry Randall Cole
PO Box 836, Wills Point, Texas, USA 75169-0836
(972) 303-0363 ph.
(972) 303-0363 fax.

Descendants of Mary L. Pinkerton and Jesee Gilbert Chancellor (b.1831, AL) Jesee and Mary had at least one child: Thomas Russell (b.about 1860) This Mary L. Pinkerton appears to be a daughter of Pickens Caldwell Pinkerton and to tie into the same branch as Roy Pinkerton.

Richard D. Crecelius
1322-14th Ave, Scottsbluff, Nebraska, USA 69361-3319
(308) 632-7317 ph.

Phillip D. Pinkerton (b.24 May 1949, PA) married Ann Louise Crecelius (b.8 Sep 1951, PA) and had two sons: Andrew J. (b.1 Oct 1974) and Michael (b.5 Oct 1977). Looking for any additional information.

Becky Dahl
Simi Valley, California, USA 93065
(805) 522-3092 ph.
Mr. Pinkerton married Marion Briney who was born about 1919 in Pittsburgh, PA to Harry Lee Briney (1890-1963) and Marion A. Given, both of Pittsburgh. Harry was a Dentist. Marion's sister Dorothy married Mr. Shultz. Any help is appreciated.

John Wilfred DeMott

Lester Pinkerton (b.20 Mar 1898, IN) married Opal Anna Young (b. 23 Oct 1898, IN) on 26 Nov 1919, IN. Lester and Opal had two children: Annetta Mae (b. 7 Dec 1924, IN), and Robert Lester (24 Mar 1928, IN-25 Apr 1974, IN). Annetta married Harold Grossman and Robert married Norma Rittenhouse. Looking for any additional information.

Diane Gallivan
Tennessee, USA
Nannie Pinkerton lived in the Evergreen, Alabama area in 1897. Her daughter Gatsy Pinkerton married Samuel Blackmon on 13 Jun 1897 and had three children: Vera Nannie, Lenore, and Uris. Samuel also had four children by a previous marriage: Sam, Rannie, Miraha, and Turner. Seeking any additional information on Nannie or Gatsy, and their parents and siblings.

Updated Eddie Goodridge

Billie Frank (possibly William, Bill, etc.) Pinkerton was born circa 1926/28 and married Shirley D. Auberger (b.21 Dec 1927, WI) on 6 Jan 1947 in Potter County, Texas. They had one child, Linda Loy, but were divorced before the birth. Shirley remarried on 26 Sep 1955. Linda Loy Pinkerton (b.8 Aug 1949, Milwaukee) married Edward LeVerne Goodridge on 22 Sep 1971 in Tacoma, WA. Edward and Linda's son Eddie is looking for his grandfather. Billie was "a Texas Truck driver" according to to Linda's birth certificate. Any help would be appreciated. A reward ($500.00) is offered for a positive identification of Eddie's grandfather.

Steve Greenwood
Rochester, New York, USA
Descendants of Richard Pinkerton (1917-1968) and Veronica Drake (b.1914) who were married in 1948 and had two children: Bonnie Louise (b.1942) and Gerard R. (b.1954). Bonnie married David Sovie and had two children: David and Susan. Gerard married Nancy Freedman and had two children: Jeffrey and Elizabeth. Looking for any additional information.

Patriece L. Backlund Grinsell

CanadaJames Pinkerton lived with the Charles (Carl) and Barbara (Winkler) Widmeyer family in 1871 according to the Normandy County census of Ontario. He was born ca.1836, Irish, Prebyterian, and a medical doctor. He apparently settled in North Dakota. Looking for any information on James Pinkerton.

Henry L. Hagey
2 Walker St, Port Dover, Ontario, Canada N0A 1N0
(519) 583-0250 ph.

CanadaDescendants of Albert Pinkerton (b.29 Aug 1863) and Sarah Anne Haug (b.25 Jul 1875). Sarah Anne lived in Toronto, Ontario. Albert and Sarah Anne had five children: Edward A.(b.8 Apr 1902), Clifford S.(b.4 Jan 1904), Larue W.(b.29 Aug 1907), Ruby E. A.(b.6 Mar 1909), and David P.(b.20 Feb 1923). Looking for any additional information.

Joseph Hay
47 Searcy Dr., Hampton, Virginia, USA 23666
(757) 766-3484 ph.
Agnes Pinkerton married Adam Hay on 5 Jun 1790 in Renfrew County, Scotland. They had eleven children including James (26 Apr 1803-13 Dec 1899). James is Joseph's gg grandfather. Agnes last appears on the 1841 Census on Houston St. in Johnstone. Listed with her is John Pinkerton 15-20 years old. Buried with them are James Pinkerton 1803 and William Pinkerton 6 Apr 1885 of 96 Parlimentary Rd, Glasgow. The crypt reads Property of John Pinkerton, surgeon 1818. Seeking any additional information on Agnes and her parents and siblings.

Carolyn Hersman

Kansas descendants of William Pinkerton. William lived in the Kingman, Kansas area and had five children: Otis L., Eva, Wanda, Bruce, and Bud. Otis had three children: Sandra Deann, John Michael, and Carolyn who were raised in Huchinson, Kansas. Looking for information on William's parents and siblings.

Marilyn Larner Hicks
3621 Duchess Trail, Dallas, Texas, USA 75229
(214) 352-7929 ph.

Minnie Bell Pinkerton (9 Mar 1878-10 Jul 1965) (daughter of P.C. Pinkerton and Emma Epperson) married Charles W. Hannah (b.30 Nov 1879). Charles and Minnie both died in Tyler, Texas. Looking for Minnie's parents and siblings.
This ties into the same family as Roy Pinkerton.

Victor Grant (Vic) Hillard
8 Berkshire Road, N. Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA 01863-2113
(978) 251-8627 ph.

Descendants of Jacob B. and Rachel Pinkerton. Jacob and Rachel had at least one daughter: Pinola Veda. Pinola Veda Pinkerton (b.Jun 1867) married Jay Briggs Hilliard (b.10 Oct 1869) and they had six children: Frank Carey, Claude Pinkerton, Harry Pardee, Robert jay, Ben Thayer, and Ivan Donald. Looking for information on Jacob's parents, siblings and other children.

Dennis Dale Howard

Pennsylvania descendants of Oliver Clifford Pinkerton (11 Feb 1885-Mar 1974) and Marie Stanton Irvine (b.May 1885). Oliver and Marie had four children: Florida Belle, Orion C., Roberta Marie and Alden J. Looking for more information on the descendants and Oliver's parents and siblings.

Linda and Jim Hubbard
James Bruce Madison Pinkerton and Mary Ann Diller had at least two children: Margaret Emmaline (Maggie, Margarite) (6 Jun 1874-16 Feb 1917), and Martin. She was born in Decatur, Iowa, and died in Oklahoma. She is Jim's great grandmother. Seeking any additional information on James Bruce Madison Pinkerton and his parents and siblings. Another of Jim's great great grandparents were David Pinkerton Atwood (b.24 Apr 1834, Preble County, Ohio to John Atwood and M. Bruten/Brutin) and Arvilla Miller Gowey. Any help is appreciated.

Ronald Raymond (Ron) Kennedy
23 John St., Kangaroo Flat, Victoria, Australia 3555

Descendants of Peter Pinkerton and Eliza Anne Bothwell. Peter and Eliza had at least one daughter, Rachel. Rachel Pinkerton (, Derry, Northern Ireland) married William Hartley (ca.1847-ca.1934) in Queensland, Australia. All the known descendants have stayed in Queensland or Victoria.

Dan & Lynda Koch

Dan's ggg grandmother's name was Catherine (Kitty) Savage (b. 1808, Ireland). Her mother was a Pinkerton. Kitty emmigrated to the United States and married William Hamilton. Looking form more information on Catherine's maternal family.

David & Jodi Leek
403 W. Harrison St., Veedersburg, Indiana, USA 47987-1509

Indiana descendants of Charles S. Pinkerton (b.1893) and Lesetta Bertha Smith Florey (m.4 Sep 1916). Charles and Lesetta had at least two children Ruth Ellen (22 Nov 1917-30 May 1987), and Carroll. Looking for more information on Carroll and parents of Charles.

Judith Regina Lidstone
PO Box 7370, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 87194-7370
(505) 345-9633 ph.

Mary Pinkerton married John Curtis Hockenberry (28 Dec 1893, PA-30 Aug 1960) and had one child: John Curtis Jr. (b.16 Mar 1923, PA). Also Josephine Haskell (d/o Porter Haskell and Nancy Hoover) married ? Pinkerton. Looking for Mary Pinkerton's parents and siblings, and anything on Nancy Hoover Pinkerton.

Raymond L. Maris

Pennsylvania descendants of Elisha C. Pinkerton and Rebecca. Elisha and Rebecca had at least one daughter: Annie M. Annie married George Lewis Maris (b.1842) and they had five children. Looking for more of Elisha's family.

Renee McDonald
228 Gandy Ave, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA 39401
(601) 544-4740 ph.

Kathy LeAnn Pinkerton ( married Tim Updegrove and they had a daughter, Renee on 17 Oct 1970 in Texas City, TX. The marriage was annulled and before Renee's birth, Kathy was remarried to James Martin, who was in the Armed Services. Renee was given up for adoption at birth and is looking for her birthmother.

Melaney Moore-Dodson

Marea Johanna Pinkerton (7 Nov 1892-16 Feb 1947) was born in Illinois and died in New Mexico. She married Charles Homer Kennann (20 Apr 1885-8 Aug 1976) who was born in Illinois and died in Texas. They had 11 children, all born in New Mexico. Looking for Marea's parents and siblings.

Bill Pinkerton
Samuel Pinkerton (b.22 Sep 1868) married Ada Hall and they had at least one son Maurice. They may have lived in Missouri. Maurice (b.14 Apr 1890) married Nellie Turpin and they lived in Stephenville, Erath County,Texas. Any help is appreciated.
Billy Bob Pinkerton
809 Quail Ct., Augusta, Georgia, USA
Texas based descendants of G. T. Pinkerton (13 Apr 1868-8 Mar 1904) and Nancy Ann (1870-8 Mar 1900). They had at least one son: Foster. Foster married Ginnie and had at least one son: Odell. Odell married Ruth and had at least one son: Billy Bob. Any help is appreciated.

Collin Ray (Ray) Pinkerton
Florence, Wisconsin, USA

Texas based descendants of Alexander Pinkerton and Mae Denson/Deuson/Denison. Pinkerton origin is rumoured to be Kentucky. Alexander and Mae had at least two children, Effie J. and Collin Ray. Collin Ray Pinkerton (1910, Texas-1993, Montana) and Jane Louise Evans (1916, Ohio-1977, Arizona) had a son Collin Ray (b.1946, Illinois), but were divorced circa 1949. Collin Ray Sr. had not been in touch since the divorce and may have remarried. Ray is looking for any information on his father and grandfather.

Donnette Pinkerton
Michigan, USA

Descendants of Herbert Pinkerton and Maybelle Doretty. Herbert and Maybelle had five children: Dave, Roger, Dennis, Patty, and Cheryl. Dave married Volanda Thompson and had one daughter: Donnette. Some of this branch currently lives in Michigan. Looking for any additional information. There is apparently a connection to Allan Pinkerton, the famous detective.

Jared Wayne Pinkerton

Descendants of Robert J. Pinkerton (b.1 Jan 1915) and Lillian Carlson (b. 11 Aug 1920). Robert and Lillian had two sons: Robert Allan (b.11 Aug 1948) and Wayne Thomas (b.16 Nov 1950). Wayne married Christine Kenyon (b.26 Jul 1950) and they had two sons: Brian Thomas (b.15 Jan 1977) and Jared Wayne (b.24 Apr 1979). Looking for Robert's parents and siblings.

Kenneth Pinkerton
10016 Ellisway Rd., Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
(704) 398-3006 ph.
Descendants of William H. Pinkerton (1861, NC-1939). William had at least one son: Luther Elmer (b.1887/1890). Luther married Cora Evelyn Owenby in 1908 and had two sons, one of which was Grady Matthew (b. 14 Feb 1916). Grady Matthew is Kenneth's grandfather. Seeking any additional information.

Krstafer Wade Pinkerton
Hawaii, USA

Descendants of Frank Pinkerton from North Carolina who settled in California. Frank had at least two sons: Clair Blanche (Doc) and Robert Allen. Doc had at least two sons: Richard and Frank. Richard had at least two children: Krstafer Wade (b.1969), and Jamie Lynn (b.1976). Looking for any additional information. The family has spread to Hawaii.

Robert Leonard Charles Pinkerton
331 Andover St., Dallas, Texas, USA 75149
(972) 289-0573 ph.

Robert Leonard Charles Pinkerton was born 30 Jul 1971 on the Navy Base in Charleston, South Carolina to Charles Corwin and Eva Pinkerton. They were divorced around 1976. Charles Corwin was from West Viginia, but is last known to be in New Jersey. Robert has a sister Kenen Yavon, who has a child. Charles Corwin Pinkerton has a sister named Sandy who is blind from a fever she caught when she was young. Any information on the ancestors of Charles Corwin Pinkerton is much appreciated.

Darlene Platt
Darlene's grandfather is Charles Pinkerton Craig, born in Craig Station, Perry County, IL in 1872. His father was John W. Craig, born in IL also. John's wife was Sarah Ann Elliott. The family moved to Kansas in 1876 and lived in Cherokee County,where Sarah and John both died. Any information would be appreciated.
Updated Kimberly Rea
Descendants of Samuel Pinkerton and Emily F. Slover. They had at least one son: Henry Irvin Pinkerton (24 Oct 1886-9 Sep 1968). Henry married Effie Berry in 1903 and then married again in 1922 to Leila Mae Williams. Looking for any additional information.

Terryl Lorraine Rex
672 Wesley Road, PO Box 9, Kirkwood, Pennsylvania, USA 17536
(717) 529-1984 ph.

Terryl has two Pinkertons in her family: Edith Pinkerton married Wash Campbell, and Max Eugene Pinkerton married Marilyn Kay Weddle. No known relationship between Edith and Max. Looking for any additional information.

Linda Sandlin
109 Van Buren St., Taft, California, USA 93268

Serrilda/Lurrilda Pinkerton, born ca.1832-1836 in, according to census records, both KY and MO, married John H. Stephenson, 24 Aug. 1850 in Morgan Co., AL. They had seven children: Mary Ellen (married to Albert T. Stover), Martha, James E., Simeon, Johney Elizabeth (married to William Swindle Roberts), Margaret Jane (married to James W. "Toney" Sandlin), and Julia (married to William Wiley). First child born in AL, children 2-4 born in MS and last 3 children born in AL. Who are Serrilda/Lurrilda's parents and siblings and where are they from? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Annette Ely Schaumann

Pennsylvania descendants of unmarried James Hill and Catherine Pinkerton (ca.1775-1850). Pinkerton may have been her married name and her husband named David. Her maiden name may have been English. The daughter of this union was Mary Hill (b.1798 in Cumberland County, PA). Looking for more information on David and/or Catherine.

Updated Don and Sheila Shotts

Looking for information on descendants of John George Pinkerton was born on January 16, 1828, TN and died on September 8, 1869, AL. He is buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery near Fayette, AL. His grave is supposed to be one of the oldest graves in this cemetery. His wife Mary E. or Martha Taylor was born in 1829 in South Carolina and died about 1917 in Alabama. Their children were.: ( 1.) Eliza Jane who was born in 1853. She died sometime between 1920-1929. She was married to George W. Bobo.(2.) George Washington who was born February 22,1860 and died March, 1934. His spouses were !. Unknown and 2. Sarah Ann Miles(3.) James William Pinkerton who was born in 1855 and died in 1930. He was married to Frances Narcissia Newman (4). David Jackson who was born in 1859 and died in 1938. His wife was Emma Virginia Duckworth (5) John Thomas Pinkerton who was born in 1865 and died in 1941. His spouses were 1. Martha Johnson and 2. Bellzora Varnon (6.) Martha Pinkerton who was married to James Yarbrough and my great grandfather (7.) Hiram Frances Pinkerton born September 25, 1857 and died February 22, 1941. He married Coralee Cargile in 1888. They raised 8 children. Their daughters were Alice born aft. 1902 who married a Stokes , Carrie born aft 1902 who married a Edwards, Katie born after 1902 who married a Miles, Minnie Lee born aft. 1902 who married a Cargile. Their sons were Alexander born before 1896, George WAshington who was born Ausust 14, 1900 and died October 4, 1961 married to Lovey Jane Smith, Felix S. Pinkerton who was born March, 1902 and died February 27, 1956. He was married to Dessie., and my grandfather, William Oscar Pinkerton born January 5, 1896 died September 12, 1981. He is buried at Mt. Vernon Cemetery near Fayette, AL as are several of his brothers and sisters and his parents. He married Hazel Blanch Hubbert and they had five children. William Oscar is Sheila Shotts' grandfather. This is the same family as Germaine Pinkerton.

Tami Sneddon
Heppner, Oregon, USA 10578

Descendants of Samuel Pinkerton (b.c. 1799, VA). Samuel possibly married Elizabeth Smith in 1827 in TN. Samuel lived in Jersey County, Illinois and had at least four children: Thomas J. (b.Oct 1831, Illinois), Olivia Adeline, Martha A., and Sarah. Thomas J. Pinkerton married Clarissa B. Pembroke (b. Apr 1834) in 1857 in Madison and Jersey County, Illinois. Olivia married Mr. Noble. Sarah married Mr. Sullivan. Thomas J. and Clarissa had five children: Annie Adeline, Lillie, Willie, Tom and Clara. Annie married Mr. Meador. The descendants have spread to Texas and Oregon, ending up in Saint Jo, Montague County, Texas in the late 1880s. Looking for more information on Thomas's parents and siblings.

Callan Swenson
#700-1029 N. Stuart St., Arlington, Virginia, USA 22201

This unknown Pinkerton emmigrated from Northern Ireland (Antrim or Derry) to Cumberland County, Pennsylvania in about 1750-1770 with her family. She married Robert Dawson (d.1801) in Pennsylvania or Northern Ireland. Looking for her name and family.

Glenda Rae Tressler-Smith
13212 Ovalstone Lane, Bowie, Maryland, USA 20715-1147

Pennsylvania descendants of John E. McClintock (4 Jul 1777-4 Jul 1848) and Jane Pinkerton. They had 13 children, most with the middle name Pinkerton. Looking for more information on her, her parents and her siblings. Possible connection to Richard Pinkerton, shoemaker and William Pinkerton, who both showed up in the 1796 tax list for Somerset County. Also have a will listing of a Matthew Pinkerton (

Robert Alan (Bob) Waltrip
39418 Via Monserate, Murrieta, California, 92563

Have two Pinketons: James Gideon Pinkerton and James G. Pinkerton. James Gideon Pinkerton married Martha Ann Waltrip (27 Apr 1837-6 Mar 1911, Carrollton, IL) on 17 Mar 1853 in Greene County, IL. James G. Pinkerton (b.1816) married Martha Waltrip (15 Nov 1816, Hardinsbert, KY-20 Feb 1908). Martha Waltrip is Martha Ann Waltrip's aunt, so the two Pinkertons are probably also related. Looking for any additional information.

Updated Bonnie Weber

Katherine Pinkerton ( married Robert Bell ( in Barony, Lanark, Scotland. Looking for Katherine's parents and siblings.

Claudia Cox Welton
3907 Tamblewood Drive, Colleyville, Texas, USA 76034
(817) 545-1331 ph.

William Pinkerton (1832, IA-9 Aug 1864, Nashville, TN) married Elizabeth Holder (1832, PA-29 Nov 1859, IA). Looking for William's parents, siblings and descendants.

Lorie Wharton
4837 Gallup Dr. S.E., Olympia, Washington, USA 98513
(360) 491-6459 ph.

Descendants of Leo Marion Pinkerton and Edna Cucille Cheyne (b.25 Dec 1901). They had two children: Patricia Lee Pinkerton (b.10 Apr 1925) and Gerald C. Pinkerton (b.1 May 1927). Looking for Leo's parents and siblings.

Peter & Ann Whelan
6 Summit Way, Purdys, New York, USA 10578
(914) 277-3368 ph.

New Jersey and New York descendants of Margaret Pinkerton Haydock (4 Jul 1882-1960) and Theodore von Ardlekrone ( Margaret's mother's maiden name was Pinkerton. Looking for more information on her, her parents and her siblings.

Updated Walter Eric Winslette
#103-510 W. 18th St., Austin, Texas, USA 78701
(512) 482-9346 ph.

Georgia descendants of William G. Pinkerton (2 Oct 1820-6 Jul 1862) and Mary Ann Eliza Echols (9 Apr 1837-23 Oct 1907). William and Mary had two children: Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) and William V. Looking for William G. Pinkerton's parents and siblings.

Jean H. Wright

Georgia and Alabama descendants of James Pinkerton (b.1805 GA) and Massey M.?. They had five children: Ramson, Andrew Jackson, James, John Webster, and Mariah. Andrew Jackson Pinkerton (b.1847 AL) married Mary Elizabeth Jones (b.1850) and had four children: Minnie Adeline, Martha, James R. (Jim), and W. E. (Will). Minnie Adeline Pinkerton (b. 1879 AL) married John Thomas Wright in AL. Jean believes that James had a brother John, b. 1802 who married Eliza Shaw. If this is true, this would hook into the research by Judy Archer. Looking for information on the above names.

Larry Youngman
412 Trailhead Way, martinex, California, USA, 94553

CanadaDescendants of Mary Ann Pinkerton (Nov 1865-16 Apr 1920) and Thomas J. Reilly, married Oct 1889 in Olga, North Dakota. Mary Ann was born in Walkerton, Ontario and died in Rochester, North Dakota. Thomas and Mary Ann had seven children. Larry has information o the descendants, but is seeking more on Mary Ann's parents and siblings.

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