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Index To Pinegar Pictures

This is an index to the photos I have.  Let me know if I need to change something or you have information to add.  I will add any pictures as I can.  I will not show any pictures of anyone alive, unless told otherwise.  I do have some pictures of living individuals, but they were much younger, and they were with older relatives.  Let me know if you want them removed.  Most of the people in these pictures can be found in my database.

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(Updated 9/1/14)

AdamsBill.jpg Husband of Sibyl Esta Pinegar with two ship mates during WWII
AdamsBill1.jpg Sibyl Esta Pinegar, with husband Kenneth (goes by Bill) M. Adams and two of their daughters, Barbara and Patricia
AdamsBill3.jpg Kenneth M. Adams (known as Bill) with daughters Barbara and Patricia
AdamsSybil.jpg Sibyl Esta Pinegar with husband Kenneth Marvin Adams. I think this was taken in Billings, Ok.
ArthurSarahJane.jpg Second wife of Daniel Boone Pinegar.
BrasielFrank.jpg Husband of Jimmie Dee Pinegar.
BrittUnknown.jpg Could be Thelma Maxine Britt.  Daughter of Dora Mae Pinegar and Walter Lafayette Britt.
BushKeelingCousins.jpg Sent to me by Tom Buster.  Picture of Bush and Keeling cousins.
DrassenGrace00.jpg Picture of Aunt Grace, wife of Gene Pinegar, at family reunion.
DrassenGrace01.jpg Picture of Aunt Grace.  I don't know when this was taken.
DrassenGrace02.jpg Picture of Aunt Grace, holding a baby in front of a house.  If this is Danny, the picture would be from 1946, or early 1947.
DrassenGrace03.jpg Picture of Grace.  I don't when it was taken.
DunnMargart.jpg Margaret Dunn was the wife of Henry A. Pinegar.  Henry is a distant cousin.
EmersonMeril00.jpg Husband of Willie Pinegar.  Meril is the sailor just slightly obscured by the hat of the sailor at the lower right.
EmersonMeril01.jpg Meril is on the left.
goodmanEthel.jpg Mary Ethel Goodman was the younger sister of Grandma Suzy.  (From Tom Glispin: the child is my son Terry Glispin. This was taken in
front of the house she was living in Gardena, California. It was probably fall or summer of 1969.)
goodmanEthel01.jpg This is a picture of Ethel on the left.  (From Tom Glispin) This is Ethel and Eva Estelle. This was taken in front of Tom's new house in Buena Park, Orange Cty in about 1955.
GoodmanEthelSusie  Grama Ethel on the left, Henrietta Goodman on right, and I believe aunt Suzie & aunt Agnes in the middle. (From Tom Glispin)
GoodmanFamily.jpg This is a family photo of the whole George Washington Goodman family.  Suzy is the little girl in between her parents.
goodmangoldie.jpg Daughter of William Albert Goodman and Bertha Baldwin.  William was brother of Suzy.
GoodmanMooreRose.jpg Rose Lee Goodman was the daughter of George Washington Goodman and his second wife, Henrietta Riley.  She married Reece Moore.
GoodmanSusan00.jpg Suzy holding one of Barbara's girls.
GoodmanSusan01.jpg Picture of Suzy.
GoodmanSusan05.jpg Picture of Suzy.
GoodmanSusan06.jpg Picture of Suzy and grandkids on North side of Paris house.  From Left - Shirley, Thomas Wayne, Meril Lee, Pat, and Oleva.
GoodmanSusan07.jpg Suzy with (L-R), Meril, Ivan (in chair), Thomas Wayne.
GoodmanSusan08.jpg Suzy when she was a bit younger.
GoodmanSusan09.jpg Suzy at the time she got married.  This was half of a photo with her and Ethel - I think.
GoodmanSusan11.jpg Suzy at Willie's house.
GoodmanSusan12.jpg Suzy and Sybil.
GoodmanSusan13.jpg Suzy holding a couple of children.  I don't know who, when, or where.
GoodmanSusan14.jpg Suzy outside Willie's house in Wilson, OK.
GoodmanSusan15.jpg Another picture of Suzy outside Willie's house in Wilson, OK.
GoodmanSusan16.jpg Jimmie Brasiel, Laura Pinegar (Wesley's wife) and Susan Pinegar.  It is kind of blurry.
GoodmanSusan17.jpg Suzy next to old stationwagon at Sybil's house in Tucson, AZ.  Loads up rotated, for some reason.
GoodmanSusan18.jpg Suzy and Willie in Suzy's garden on North side of Paris house.
GoodmanSusan19.jpg Suzy and Willie leaning on Lawrence Black's 1972 SS Chevelle car at Paris house.
GoodmanSusan21.jpg Suzy and Willie with Laura and Kylene Black, when they were very young.
GoodmanSusan22.jpg Suzy, Grace, and Grace's Mother Emily Drassen.  According to Linda, the picture was taken at Gene and Grace's 3rd Street house in Ponca City.  Okay, Grace favored her a lot.
GoodmanSusan23.jpg Susan Goodman, Ethel Goodman, and Erma Pinegar in W.F. Pinegar's horse and buggy.
GoodmanSusan90,jpg Suzy at 90th birthday.
GoodmanSusanN1.jpg Some of Suzy's notes.
GoodmanSusanN2.jpg Some of Suzy's notes.
GoodmanSusanN3.jpg Some of Suzy's notes.
GoodmanSusanN4.jpg Some of Suzy's notes.
GoodmanSusanN5.jpg Some of Suzy's notes.
GoodmanSusanN6.jpg Some of Suzy's notes.
GoodmanSusanN7.jpg Some of Suzy's notes.
GoodmanSusanN8.jpg Some of Suzy's notes.
GRAVESHowelJ&family.jpg Howell Jefferson and Calista Pinegar and their youngest child, Plina Graves.
HartElizabeth1821.jpg A distant relative that married James Pinegar in 1840.
highfred.jpg Photo of Fred High.  Cousin of WF Pinegar's first wife, Mary Elizabeth High.
highfred1.jpg Article about Fred High.
highfred2.jpg Rest of article about Fred High.
HighJacob.jpg Uncle of Mary Elizabeth High.
HighJamesFranklin.jpg Grave marker for James Franklin High, Mary's father.
HighMaryElizabeth.jpg Great-Grandma Mary.
HighMillie.jpg Aunt of Mary Elizabeth.
HolmanEmmie&Jacklin.jpg Rebecca Emiline Pinegar & Jacque Holman. Jacque was born 5 July 1945.  Jacque is the daughter of Harden Hall "Jack Holmam and his second wife Mary Alfoscene Viaille.  I think the picture was taken at the back door of Ermie & Doug's house.  Opens up upside down for some reason.
Image_AdamsGWLandDeed.jpg Copy of land deed for George Washington Adams in Jennings Co., IN.
Image_BerryvilleAR.jpg Picture of downtown Berryville, AR
Image_BerryvilleAR1914.jpg Another picture of downtown Berryville, AR from 1914.
Image_BoxFromFire.jpg Picture of a metal box my Dad (John Thomas Pinegar) had.  He said it was from a fire.  Was it from when the tent in Three Sands burned, or a house?
Emberson School.jpg  Picture taken in 1909.  Verna, Frank, Dan, and Erma Pinegar are in the picture.  For details see the next entry. Added 11/10/09
Notes_Verna.jpg Notes about Emberson School by Verna_Pinegar Added 11/10/09
Image_FarmHousePoster.jpg Pictures of the old farm house outside Billings, OK.  New owners moved it North of old farm.
Image_Firetruckarticle.jpg Grandpa Lee gave money to Caviness, TX to buy a new firetruck.
Image_firetruckphoto.jpg Picture from article above.  Opens up side down.
Image_JenningsCoIN1895.jpg Map of Jennings Co., IN in 1895.
Image_kay-25n-1w-cem.jpg Map of Kay Co., OK, that shows Tonkawa and Three Sands, OK.
Image_Leefuneralnotes.jpg Notes from Lee's funeral.  I think these were Willie's notes.
Image_LeeShadowBox.jpg I put together a little shadow box of things I had of Lee's.  I have his 25 year watch and an anniversary pin from Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company, a pair of his glasses, a cigarette lighter, and a savings account book from Liberty National Bank, Paris, Texas.  The savings showed around $4,000.00.  I even have Lee's crooked walking stick.
Image_Map8medium.jpg This shows a Phillip Adams and G.W. Adams in sections 28 and 29.  This must be from Jennings Co., Indiana.
Image_MethChurch.jpg [ ]
Image_MethChurch1.jpg [ ]
Image_MethChurch1930.jpg [ ]
Image_MethChurch2.jpg [ ]
Image_Newspaperarticle.jpg Newspaper article about Richard Sylvester Pinegar that was killed in Kansas City.  A far distant cousin.
Image_nob-24n-1w-cem.jpg Map of Noble Co., OK, showing Three Sands.
Image_Oil_Lease.jpg Map from a book I bought that shows the Three Sands area and the oil field.
Image_OwenTwpOKmap.jpg Another map of the Three Sands area.
Image_PinegarBible.jpg Copy of a front page in a bible belonging to William Franklin Pinegar.
Image_PinegarCemTN.jpg Won't open for some reason.
Image_PinegarDB_Service_Rec.jpg Copy of a military record for Daniel Boone Pinegar.
Image_PinegarFarmH0.jpg Pinegar farm house in new location.
Image_PinegarFarmH1.jpg Pinegar farm house in new location.
Image_PinegarFarmH2.jpg Pinegar farm house in new location.
Image_PinegarFarmH3.jpg Pinegar farm house in new location.
Image_WFLandPatAR.jpg William F. Pinegar's land patent in AR.  Dated 25 Sept 1900.  See following map for location.
Image_WFFarmARK.jpg This map shows the land owned by Wm F. Pinegar in 1900.
Image_WebsterMO.jpg DB Pinegar is buried in Elkland, Jackson Twp., Webster Co., MO. 
Image_PoisonSpringsSign.jpg Picture of sign at site of Poison Springs Battle NW of Camden, AR.  Daniel Boone Pinegar participated in this battle.
Image_Price'sMSraidmap.jpg Shows a map of General Sterling Price's second raid into Missouri.  DB Pinegar was in this from beginning to end.
Image_ThreeSands00.jpg Panoramic view of Three Sands oil field.
Image_ThreeSands01.jpg Another view of Three Sands oil field.
Image_ThreeSands02.jpg Another view of Three Sands oil field.
Image_ThreeSands03.jpg Picture of company housing in Three Sands.
KEELINGLesterThomas.jpg Picture of Lester in Military uniform.  Which branch?
KEELINGTroy(senior pic).jpg Senior picture of Troy.  Which school?
KeelingTroyLester.jpg [ ]
KeelingVerna(birthday).jpg Picture of Verna (Pinegar) Keeling on her birthday.  Her kids are standing behind her - (L-R) Billy Ray, Robbie Jo, & Troy Lester.
KundertJanaLynne1973.jpg Someone sent this to me, but I have no idea how we are related.  Someone please let me know.
NelsonSarah.jpg  Sarah Nelson born 1791, died 1883. Wife of James Sr. Pinegar born 1793.  A very distant relative.  From Tom Buster.  Added 12/11/08.
PinegarAddie&Charley.jpg Son of Daniel Boone Pinegar and Sarah Jane Arthur (second wife of DB), and his wife Addie Mae Reaves.
PinegarAddie.jpg Addie Mae Reaves and unknown woman.
PinegarAddie01.jpg Addie Mae Reaves at home in the kitchen.  Loads sideways.
PinegarAra&Levi.jpg We are not related to these people, but they are related to a Ronnie Pinegar I met in San Diego.
PINEGARCalistaD.jpg Daughter of John Tinsley Pinegar and Elizabeth Salmons.  Married Howell Jefferson Graves.
PinegarCassityMarker.jpg Distant cousin through marriage to descendant of John Tinsley Pinegar.
PinegarCatherine1843.jpg Distant cousin through marriage to descendant of John Tinsley Pinegar.
PinegarCD.jpg Another relative of the Ronnie Pinegar I met in San Diego.
PINEGARCharles&Auddie.jpg Son of Daniel Boone Pinegar and Sarah Jane Arthur, with wife Addie (or Auddie) and child, Clinton.
PINEGARCharlesHenry.jpg Son of Daniel Boone Pinegar and Sarah Jane Arthur.
PinegarCharlesHenryfamily.jpg Charles Henry Pinegar, Addie Mae Reaves (wife), Clifford Lee Pinegar, Willard Clinton Pinegar.
PinegarCharley&Grandson.jpg Charles and grandson in Enid (I guess).
PinegarCharley.jpg Charles at home in Enid, OK.
PinegarCharley01.jpg Charles standing next to a truck from the 20's or 30's.  Must be Enid, OK.
PinegarClint.jpg Clint in a lake in his underwear?.  This may need an explanation.
PinegarClint00.jpg Williard Clinton on left, Clovis Virgil back & center, Clifford Lee Front & center, Charles Henry.
PinegarClint01.jpg Clint in uniform.
PINEGARClovis.jpg Portrait of Clovis.
PinegarCora&daughter.jpg  Cora B. Pinegar born 1868, died 1954.  Daughter of Henry Alexander Pinegar.  She married - Ernest A. Burrell.  The daughter in the picture is Nellie L. Burrell.  From Tom Buster.
PinegarCrawford&Lora These are relatives of Ronnie Pinegar from San Diego.
PinegarDan00.jpg Uncle Dan and calf.
PinegarDan01.jpg Uncle Dan and dog.  Taken 1966.
PinegarDanny00.jpg Cousin Danny on a horse.  He was a cutie.
PinegarDanny01.jpg Cousin Danny at a reunion.
PinegarDavid(s o Clovis).jpg This is a son of Clovis Pinegar.
PinegarDB.jpg Daniel Boone Pinegar
PinegarDB00.jpg Daniel Boone Pinegar, Sarah Jane Arthur, and their Daughter, Rosie.
PinegarDonMerilLRon.jpg Donald, Meril Lee, and Donald.  Added 4/13/09.
PinegarDora&Ara.jpg Relative of Ronnie from San Diego.
PinegarDora1924.jpg Relative of Ronnie from San Diego.
PinegarEulalia.jpg [ ]
PinegarEulalia01.jpg [ ]
PinegarEulalia02.jpg [ ]
PinegarEulalia1958.jpg [ ]
PinegarFrancesMarker.jpg [ ]
PinegarFrank&Hazel.jpg Frank and Hazel Pinegar.  Where was this taken?
PinegarFrank.jpg Frank Pinegar and Jacque Holman.  From Tom Buster.
PinegarFrankMarker.jpg Frank Pinegar's grave marker in Billings, OK cemetery.  I don't know who this is.  But there were Pinegars in Billings before John Lee and family were there.
PinegarGroup.jpg [Added 10/23/08. From Tom Buster.  This is good picture.  In back: Frank Pinegar, Charles Pinegar, Addie Mae (Reaves) Pinegar, John Lee Pinegar.  Front: Hazel (Book) Pinegar, Sadie (Pinegar) Fletcher, Johnny Fletcher, Suzy, Verna (Pinegar) Keeling.
PinegarHenry&Lena.jpg Henry Pinegar and his wife Margaret Eveline Dunn.  These are distant cousins.  From Tom Buster.
PinegarJames.jpg Unknown.
PinegarJamesSr.jpg James Sr. Pinegar born abt 1793, died 1867, s/o Mathias Sr Pinegar & Margaret Rendleman.  James married Sarah Nelson born 1791 & died 1883.  From Tom Buster.
PinegarJimmie02.jpg This is a picture of Jimmie (right), Aunt Grace (left), and an unknown woman in the middle.
PinegarJimmie03.jpg Jimmie holding a baby, must be Gary.
PinegarJimmie04.jpg Jimmie sitting with Frank's parents.  Look at the electric switch in the upper right corner.  Must be a retrofit.
PinegarJimmie05.jpg Frank Brasiel's parents.
PinegarJimmie08.jpg Jimmie standing next to a lake and blooming trees.  Jimmie was working at the Pentagon in the spring.
PinegarJimmie09.jpg This is a picture of Frank in his uniform.
PinegarJimmie10.jpg Jimmie standing in front of a small house.
PinegarJimmie11.jpg Jimmie in a college graduation gown.
PinegarJimmie12.jpg Frank and Jimmie sitting on grass.  They look happy.
PinegarJimmie13.jpg Frank and Jimmie sitting on the couch at his parent's house.
PinegarJimmie14.jpg Frank and Jimmie standing on snow (?).  They are wearing coats, so it must be.
PinegarJT&Dog.jpg My Dad and a dog.  My Dad is wearing an OSU graduation gown.
PinegarJT&KeelingBill.jpg Neat picture of my Dad and Bill Keeling.  They are maybe 12.  It looks like Lee in the background.  Dig that shirt.
PinegarJT_grad.jpg My Dad in OSU graduation gown.
PinegarJT_Lou_Gene.jpg My Dad, Aunt Lou, Uncle Gene.
PinegarJT_RetirementParty.jpg My Dad at retirement party at Tinker AFB.
PinegarJT_rugs.jpg My Dad took up the hobby of making rugs.  He won a couple of ribbons in OKC.  This picture was taken in the house on 50th Place in OKC.
PinegarJT_Uniform.jpg My Dad in his Navy uniform.
PinegarJT_Uniform1.jpg My Dad in his Navy uniform.
PinegarJT_Uniform2 My Dad in his Navy uniform.
PinegarJT_Young.jpg My Dad when he was maybe 10.
PinegarJT2.jpg I don't know when this picture was taken.
PinegarJTHSGrad.jpg Highschool graduation picture.
Pinegar?JTSuzyRoy.jpg Wes in Roy's hat, JT (my Dad), Suzy, and Roy.  Must be in front of house in Billings, OK.  Added 4/13/09.
PinegarJohnLee.jpg [added 10/23/08 ]
PinegarLee00.jpg Lee on right, and some other young men.  Cousins maybe?
PinegarLee01.jpg Anniversary of Shell Oil Company employees.  Must have been near Tonkowa, OK, and in early 50's.  Lee is sitting in the back right, under the ceiling light.
PinegarLee02.jpg Lee in Tuscon with Ronnie -- maybe?  Check out that shirt.
PinegarLee03.jpg Lee and Gary Keeling, son of Billy Ray Keeling (Confirmed by Tom Buster).
PinegarLee04.jpg Lee, Suzy and Virginia Book, and Reinhod Hammonn (Janice will check on this.)
PinegarLee05.jpg Lee and Suzy in house near gas heater.
PinegarLee06.jpg Lee and Suzy outside house near road.
PinegarLee09.jpg Lee at workshop in Three Sands.
PinegarLee10.jpg Lee in coffin.
PinegarLee11.jpg Willie, Suzy, Lee, and Dan at house outside Paris.
PinegarLee12.jpg Picture of a young Lee.  Wedding picture?
PinegarLee13.jpg Lee and Suzy, and a gaggle of grandkids.
PINEGARLee14.jpg Lee, Dan, and Frank Pinegar.
PinegarLee15.jpg Picture of Lee, Suzy, and all of the kids up to Lou.  Suzy is holding Lou.  This must have been taken in 1925 in Noble Co., OK
PinegarLee&RingDog.jpg.  Lee and RingDog.  Added 4/13/09.
PinegarLee@14.jpg Picture of Lee in 1903 at 14 years old.  From Wes, 4/14/09.
PinegarLeviC.jpg Relative of Ronnie from San Diego.
PinegarLindaLeeWesSuzyDanny.jpg  Linda, Lee, Wesley, Suzy, and Danny.  Added 4/13/09.
PinegarLonnie.jpg Relative of Ronnie from San Diego.
PinegarLoran.jpg Relative of Ronnie from San Diego.
PinegarLoran01.jpg Relative of Ronnie from San Diego.
PinegarLoren&Ron.jpg Relative of Ronnie from San Diego.
PinegarLorenFamily.jpg Relatives of Ronnie from San Diego.
PinegarLou.jpg Lou (right) with two unknown women.
PinegarLou01.jpg Lou and other women trainees in Michigan, where they learned to work on airplanes.
PinegarLou02.jpg Lou at a reunion in OKC.
PINEGARLou04.jpg Lou as a young woman.  The Pinegar women are beautiful.
PinegarLou05.jpg Lou and one of the women from PinegarLou.jpg
Missouri A. Pinegar & family (#1).jpg Picture of Missouri, her husband Stephen A. Hinson, Eva Mae (wife of Fredrick), and Maggie Arita. Added 11/10/09
Missouri A. Pinegar & family (#2).jpg  Taken earlier than #1.  Fredrick Jayhue, Abbie, Arita Belle, Benjamin F., Stephen and Missorui.  Added 11/10/09
PinegarRebeccaEmiline.jpg [Added 10/23/08.  From Tom Buster.  Daughter of William Franklin Pinegar and Mary High.
PinegarRingDogRoy?Willie.jpg Willie, Roy (I think), and Ring Dog.  Billings house.  Added 4/13/09.
PinegarRosieMae.jpg Daughter of Daniel Boone Pinegar and Sarah Jane Arthur.
PinegarRoy.jpg Is this Roy?
PinegarRoyArmyBBTeam.jpg Roy on an Army basketball team.
PinegarRoyEarl.jpg Like all Pinegar men, he was handsome.
PinegarRoyWesJTGene.jpg.  Roy, Wes, JT, and Gene in front of Billings house.   Added 4/13/09.
PinegarsAtBigWhiteHouse.jpg This is a picture of WF and others in AR.  Lee, third from right, Emma, # 4, William, #7 and Mary(High) holding Erma #11.  Picture from Wes.
PinegarWilliam.jpg William Pinegar born 1850.  From Tom Buster.  Added 12/11/08.
PinegarWilliam1.jpg William Pinegar born 1850, son of James Jr. Pinegar born 1818 & Elizabeth Hart born 1821.  From Tom Buster.
PinegarWesRingDogRobbie.jpg.  Wes and Robbie with Ring Dog.  Added 4/13/09.
PinegarWes(3onfarm).jpg Wesley on farm at 3 years old.   Added 4/13/09.
PinegarWF.jpg William Franklin Pinegar.
PinegarWFFamily.jpg WF and family in Paris, TX.  The picture of William Franklin and Family was taken at the farm where they were living.  It was taken just as Dan was leaving to go into the army (WW1).  The family gathered to send him off .  Lee and Susie were already married.  Lee and his father married at about the same time, I would say the same year.  I guess Suzy was mad at Lee for leaving her in OK.
PinegarWFFamilyArk.jpg WF and family in AR.
PinegarWF&Stewarts.jpg   Picture of William Franklin Pinegar at a family reunion at Stewart home in Berryville, AR.  Wesley told me that Lou, He, and my Dad had gone to "Roaring River" the day the picture was taken. (See the photo from Tommy Buster with numbers: Pinegar&Stewarts.jpg, 1 - Unk, 2 - Unk, 3 - Willie Lee, 4 - Jimmie Dee, 5 - Charles Eugene, 6 - William Franklin, 7 - Dretta STEWART McELYEA, 8 - Arthur "Dump" Jones, 9 - Rebecca "Becky" STEWART JONES, 10 - Roy.)  (Added 4/12/09)
PinegarWillie15.jpg Willie and two unknown women.
PinegarWillie16.jpg Willie and several unknow people.  I forgot to write down the names from the back of the photo.  When Shirley gets back home maybe she can look.
PinegarWillie17.jpg Willie and two unknown people.
PinegarWillie19.jpg Willie getting a tan in the back yard of Clint in CA.  I think.
PinegarWillie22.jpg Willie and two unknown people.
PinegarWillie25.jpg Picture of Willie, Beth Zemerl (sp?), and Myrtle Johnston.  Myrtle is evidently a relative.  I got a call from some one in Del City, OK about her, said she had mentioned "Uncle Lee" but he never got back to me.
PinegarWillie29.jpg Jimmie and Willie.
PinegarWillie30.jpg Jimmie in a class photo. 
PinegarWillie31.jpg Who are these women?  Could be Willie at lower right.
PinegarWillie32.jpg Willie and a group of other people.
PinegarWillie33.jpg Willie and Meril.
PinegarWillieN1.jpg Family tree notes from Willie.
Letter_from_Willie_to_Verna(page_1).jpg  Added 11/10/09
Letter_from_Willie_to_Verna(page_2).jpg  Added 11/10/09
Letter_from_Willie_to_Verna(page_3).jpg  Added 11/10/09
ReavesAddieMae.jpg Wife of Charles Henry Pinegar.
RigsbyFosterF.jpg Grave marker.
RobertsSarahAnn.jpg Wife of Jacob High.
SaunterRachel.jpg Rachel Saunter born abt 1853 in Ohio. The wife of William Pinegar born 1850.  Tom Buster sent this.  Added 12/11/08.
School_Arkansas3.jpg (Picture from Wes.)
School_Banner.jpg I like this picture.  My dad is top left.  Lou is the tallest.  Wes is in front of Lou, with the grin.
School_BannerBack.jpg This is a scan of the back of the picture.
School_Glenrose.jpg This is Glenrose school .  Neither my Dad, nor Lou are in this one.  Roy Pinegar is bottom row second from left, Sibyl is #7, Jimmie is second row #8 , Eugene is third row  # 5 and Willie is # 6. Henry Bellmon is bottom row four from left and he was in the fourth grade. 
School_HappyStar00.jpg Picture of the school Willie taught at.  That is her car.
School_HappyStar01.jpg HS basket ball team.
School_HappyStar02.jpg List of basketball team.
School_HappyStar03.jpg Willie and one of her classes at Happy Star.
School_MethSSBillings.jpg Willie's Sunday school class in Billings, OK.
School_Picture.jpg This is a good picture, but I don't know who is in it we should know.
School_PinegarJLAR.jpg John Lee and Emma in school picture in Arkansas.  Picture from Wes.  This picture is also at where some people have identified some of the students.
SpenserLauraAnn.jpg Late wife of our Uncle Wes.
Stewart_Family.jpg John Dave Stewart-wife Beckie-son Roy daughter Sally & baby  (Picture from Wes.)
Stewart-JonesBeulah.jpg Cousin Beulah Jones Phillips. (Picture from Tom Buster)
StewartDretta_Becca.jpg On the back of the: Dretta Caron Phillips age 2 years & 10 months, Becca Jane Phillips age 9 months. "Merry Xmas" Beulah & Loren. (Picture from Tom Buster)
StewartDretta_BeulahJones.jpg   Cousin Dretta Stewart with baby Beulah Jones. (Picture from Tom Buster)
StewartFamily01.jpg Becky (Stewart) Jones, Drettie (Stewart) McElyea, Dump Jones, Eb Stewart (First cousin of WF Pinegar) (Added 4/12/09)
StewartKingFamily.jpg "King" Stewart by car-Dretta in front of car- John Stewart (Picture from Wes.)
StewartKing&Mary.jpg William King Stewart and Mary(Added 4/12/09)
Stewarts02.jpg Wesley is going to let me know who these people are. (Added 4/12/09)
SwanIra.jpg This is the Grandmother of a Ronald Pinegar I met in San Diego, but is not related to us.  I did however, put him in contact with long lost cousins.  That was cool.
WARRENMahala.jpg Wife of Jame High, father of Mary Elizabeth High.
WiningerLinda.jpg According to Linda, this is her.  It was probably taken in Billings when she was at least a year old.