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Uncle Ben and Aunt Sallie
contributed by Ed Godbold


Ben Pilcher married Sallie Hobby and they had five children; Jeff, Will J., Louise, George and one died young. When Aunt Florence died Uncle Fox brought me a table that Uncle Ben made for Aunt Florence’s parlor before she married and before, I think  Uncle Ben left home and was married.  Uncle Ben always had a workshop behind his house in Dothan and made things for Aunt Sallie’s house which she relegated to a room upstairs.  I remember a small chest with two or three drawers that sat by Myrtle and Jeff’s bedside that I always coveted.  Aunt Sallie had pretty furniture and could never come down to home made furniture.  Uncle Ben was the head of the water works and he had a patent on some equipment there.  It was he, instead of Uncle George who had a big hand in building the Opera House in Dothan.  There was a small storage room upstairs in his house where he had every Sunday School book he had ever gotten and he never missed a Sunday and neither did the children.  Jeff married Myrtle who was one of my favorite relatives.  They had one girl names Flora. Will J.’s wife’s name was Leathy.  She was a staunch Seventh Day Adventist.  Louise was my dearest cousin and friend.  We spent almost every weekend together. Dothan was a small town and we would dress up and roam the town and see the sights.

Note: The table he built sits in the living room of Ed Godbold