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Pierce Genealogy SC>GA>TX 1768>1900's
Pierce Wilbanks Family Reunion 4rd Sunday June  2003 At Goatneck
the only and only reunion and it was a great one.
See Family Reunion Page
Download or read onscreen
printable Newsletter pdf format

updated.GIF (168 bytes)THESE PAGES LAST UPDATED March 24 2007

March 24 2007
Gail Compton son of My Aunt Visa passed away the end of 2006 in
Silsbee Texas.
I am wanting to locate Gail Compton's Sons
LD Pierce 800 398 5127
I heard from Lester Jones Nov 2006 He is still in Amarillo Texas

updated.GIF (168 bytes)December 24 2006

Photos I took of Myself LD Pierce and Brother Ty Pierce Visiting my Dad JL Pierce
in Spearman Tx . Ty's Wife Mendy and their kids were with them. A Good time was had by all. We got a visit at the Pierce Household from Billy Miller of Spearman. He was former owner of Spearman Reporter newspaper


August 26, 2003
Major New Connection Found For A.J.  Pierce's Son George W. Pierce
Descendants located of Geo. W. Pierce Daughter Mattie Pierce Hamblen
click here

I am trying to keep the list at the bottom of the page
more current.  It is a list of updates to this website

My Mothers Mother -Grandmother Julia Hibbs Faus McManus 1911-2002
Passed Away Sept 09,2002 cancer

My Mothers Sister My Aunt  Ruby Joyce  Faus Saltness
Passed Away March 2003 in lubbock Texas.

My Dad's Sister My Aunt  Peggy June Pierce Ferguson
Passed Away Feb 2003 in Phoenix Sun City AZ

Spearman Texas Photo Page
Hansford County Tx
click here

New Photos my Sister's Kids
Rosa Pierce Roberts Kids June 01 2003
click here


Announcement Jan 13 2002 I have made a major new upload replacing almost every file and image in this web site  if you find links that don't work or photos that do not appear correctly please email me a link with the  location of the problem and I will correct ASAP. I spent a lot of time on this revamp of the web site so hope fully this should not be a problem LDP. Sept. 2001 moved site from Nbci to my own domains.  Much happier now having control of my own  site and not dependent on the whims of the corporate free sites.

Index-Main Pierce Start Page
LD Pierce's family history page This Page links to many below.
Great Grandfather LD Pierce-Peg Leg Pierce wife Ora Finley
(Finley pages)
Goatneck and Pierce Ranch Johnson County Tx, Cleburne Tx
Pierce Cemetery page-located in Goatneck not far from goatneck community center
Map and History Articles with photos
Genealogy Letters Page
History Hansford Headlight Paper 1917-1920
Mentioning of our families
Map of Johnson County (Microsoft Expedia)
Lott Pages (Peg Legs 1st wife was Susanna Lott)
LD Pierce Jr Pages
(PegLeg's son-my Grandfather-LD Pierce, who married Jimmie Francis Scott)
Nov 11 2002 info received from John Green About the Woodys
click here  for the pdf file he send about the Bannings Woodys
Photo of My Grandmother--the first I have ever seen of her and
both their obituary cards now on this page.
My Grandmothers Family Surnames Jimmie Francis Scott
Scott Woody Pages
New Photos
Grandma's Jimmy Scotts Half sisters at Erick Okla June 2001
Susie Pierce Dacus Allen Pages-and photo gallery page
She was my grandfather LD's sister this page give links to two biographies and School Article written in March 1966
Susie Pierce Dacus Photo Page one
Susie Pierce Dacus Photo Page two

she wrote about the Pierce Wilbanks families.
Photos of Susie, Mutt,
ary Lee Crew Allen Eva Cator, sent by Mary Lee Crew of California.
Mary Lee Dacus Crew  My Great Aunt Susie's last remaining Daughter.  Mary Lee was a big supporter to my genealogy work Obituary Page Jan 2 2002
The History of Spearman Texas and Hansford Texas Schools
By Susan Pierce Dacus Allen Originally written for the Spearman Reporter Newspaper March 31, 1966 and printed in two installments. here in in its entirety
Allen Pierce pages
My Grandfathers younger brother who married Eva Cator
Visa Lou Pierce Compton pages My grandfathers oldest sister who married  Vernon Compton and lived in Rockport Tx
J L and Juanita Pierce Page-
My Dad Mom's Biography and my Mom's obituary. She died in 1995
New Jammie Dean Pierce My little sister Jammie passed away Oct 1, 2001 suspected  homicide. Here is one page of photos I took after the funeral in Spearman Tx.
LD Pierce Book Web Author LD Pierce and
his Biography and new Photo Gallery
New Derek Hardy Photos-My nephew (sister Karon's son)in Puerto Rico  Coast Guard Rosa Pierce Roberts Childrens Photo Photo-sisters kids taken April 2000 Amarillo TX
PDF Library-Pierce Book Electronic Books
LD P Photo Gallery
LD Pierce Your Author-Host.
Now includes his personal Biography.
LD Pierce's Pierce Book in Html (web) format
 The book is no longer available  full length in Html You May order Printed Copy LD Pierce 800-398-5127 Free Download Read the book but it is not printable in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
see PDF Library
Joel J Pierce Mystery-Rhea Kuykendall Joel J Pierce
Phillip Nolan Expedition. Pierce Wagon Train.
Joel J Pierce appears to be My Reuben Pierce's possible brother
LD Pierce family photo Pages
NEW Photo Gallery Page Page one
Photo Page Page one
Photo Page Page two
Photo Page Page three
Photo Page Page four
Photo Page Page five
Unknown Photo Page (all Surnames)
LD P Photo Gallery LD Pierce Your Author-Host. Now includes his personal Biog.
also his Roswell NM pages
NEW Juanita Sisters  JL Bill Dillo Photo Page
Page of all the photos they took
 in the photo booth in amarillo next to the boot shop

New Photo section of Uncle Bobby Jack Pierce's photos Click Here
Pierce Wilbanks Family Reunion Page 3rd Sunday of June 2002 GoatNeck Texas
Help Save Pierce Cemetery Goatneck Tx Johnson County
Map to Goatneck and Pierce Ranch and History-Goatneck 5 articles
A Way of Life (Goatneck)By Steve Bell
Lifestyle of Goatneck to 1940 Herbert Blackstock
Four Counties Once Claimed Land of Goatneck by Lambert Lain
Log House memorials by Johnson County Historian Viola Block
Freeland also by Viola Block
New Hope Baptist Church also by Viola Block
Pierce Ranch at Goatneck-(Finding H. Blackstock) by LD Pierce
Help Save Pierce Cemetery Goatneck Tx Johnson County
Andrew Jackson Pierce My Great Great Great Grandfather (3 Pages)
1.) Main AJ Pierce Page2.) AJ'sBrothers/Sisters
3.) Pierce Book PDF Descendants of Capt Andrew Jackson Pierce

AJ Pierce's Wife Nancy Abercrombie's Family
Abercrombie Pages Several Researchers Info and letter from Nancy Pierce's sister to their other brother.
NEW Clem Abercrombie Biography
Added July 1999 Printed 1902 Beloit KS newspaper
NEW Andrew J Abercrombie Biography By LoHurl Miles Mueller
He was Brother to Nancy and Clemeth Abercrombie and Nancy Jones.

Cavender, Corbin, Deadman Pages Nancy Abercrombie's Ancestors.
Children of Andrew Jackson Pierce
1. John R. Pierce  New Decendants Discovered Nov 2002
2. George Washington Pierce
3. Clemeth Abercrombie Pierce,
July 1 1999 New Photo of him and stories on this page. Also Joan Marks of Salmon ID sent me his obituary. Found Clem Pierces burial Site during 2000 Goatneck Family Reunion 
 Nov 11 2002 Photos of Clem Pierce Gravestone
4. Elizabeth Pierce,
5. Andrew J Pierce,
7. Nancy Emaline Pierce Conn  Photo Found of her March 28 2001!!
8. Lorenzo D (L.D.) Pierce, My Great Great Grandfather
July 1 1999 New photo of Peg Leg Pierce! and see
July 21 1999 Peg Leg Pierce Photo Restoration Page
His First wife was Susannah Lott Pluckett. She Died very young. See story below by Susan Dacus Pierce titled Aunt Susan. The Susan Wilbanks' in this biography is descended from Susannah Lott Pluckett's Sister Mary Jane Lott Bowden.
His second wife was Aqua Ora Finley my grandmother. Finley Pages
9. Fanny Pierce,
10. Rhoda Ann (Roddie) Pierce Wilbanks married Manney Wilbanks
Wilbanks Pages Manny and Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks
biographies: Henry Wilbanks; Alonzo Gardner Wilbanks; Hiram Henry Sr Wilbanks; Gardner Wilbanks; Lawrence Wilbanks; Allen Mansel Jr. (Bogus) Wilbanks;
Wilbanks Photo Pages these Photos also- Gallery Page Page one
updated.GIF (168 bytes) Aunt Susan Biography of Susan Bowden Wilbanks
wife of Floyd Wilbanks (Floyd was Manny's Brother)
written by Susie Pierce Dacus Allen
updated.GIF (168 bytes)Aunt Rhoda Biography of Aunt Rhoda Pierce Wiblanks
By Susan Pierce Dacus Allen written around 1940 or earlier.

11. Unknown Pierce;
Father and Siblings of Andrew Jackson Pierce (my G-G-G-GrandPa)
Reuben Pierce born Edgefield Dist SC 1768
1. Wilson Pierce
   Dan Pierce California Wilson Pierce Researcher
   Nov 11 2002 Corrected Dans Email Address Will have his page links correct soon
   Map of Hall and Lumpkin County Areas furnished by Dan Pierce
    Wilson Pierce b. 1811, GA

1 James H. Pierce Family - 1886, Lincoln Center, Kansas
2. Pierce Home - 1898, Ft. Gibson, Indian Territory
3.Amanda (Collins) Blair and Children - 1900, Arkansas
4.Andrew J. Pierce Family - 1910, Checotah, Oklahoma
5.Perry LeRoy Pierce Family - 1914, Oklahoma

2. Sampson Pierce
3. Andrew Jackson Pierce (3 Pages)
A. Main AJ Pierce PageB. AJ'sBrothers/Sisters
C. Pierce Book PDF Descendants of Capt Andrew Jackson Pierce
Map of Hall and Lumpkin County GA Areas furnished by Dan Pierce
Hugh Pierce VA 1749 Rev War SoldierPossible father of Andrew Jackson Pierce
Link to our family not proved but suggested by Rhea Kuykendall
Other GA Pierces who lived nearby
James Harrison Pierce
Children of James Harrison Pierce
Dorman Thomas Pierce Researcher of James Harrison Pierce Lives in Arlington Tx
i. Elizabeth Pierce, born 1793 in Edgefield Dist., SC; died April 1855
Levi Russell son of Elizabeth Pierce also see Tx Handbook Page
ii. Hampton Pierce, born Abt. 1807.
John Pierce, born 1808 in SC.
Levi Pierce, born 1810 in SC; d, GA. He married Matilda H.
Reuben Harrison Pierce, October 13, 1812 married Sarah Baker

My Mothers Family Surnames
This link was repeated above in Dad's and Mom's Biography.
Luke Surname Pages
History of Mullock by Ruth Hibbs Reardon.
Mullock Way Station on Dodge City Tascosa Trail.
History of Mullock by Julia Hibbs McManus
And 2nd Article about Mullock by her sister Ruth Martin Reardon
Faus Surname Pages
Faus Photo Pages also some Faus Photos included on Photo Gallery Page one
Faus Research Page
Faus-Josiah-Warren Russell Faus Family
Thomas Ware Faus Page Lundy Boyd Peggy Campbell's famiy

Hibbs Book 1940s Ohio Book Reprinted. 
Written by Sylpha Hibbs Snook

Hibbs Surname Pages New Biographies Nov 1999. Now on 4 Separate pages
NEW Hibbs page link to Funeral and Obituary page for my
Grandmother Julia Hibbs Faus McManus 1911 2002  We Will Miss Her!!
1.My Hibbs Line My Line Main Hibbs Biog. Family Tree
By Julia Hibbs McManus  AMOS HIBBS By Jessie Hibbs Drum
3.CLICK HERE Biographies of:1. WESLEY HIBBS
By Venus Hibbs Blosser  2. MCDERMOTT FAMIY By Julia Faus
NEW 4.CLICK HERE Biography of:
 RuthJo Martin Hibbs husband Tim Reardon

Hibbs Descendants of Valentine Hibbs(
Hibbs Genealogy Book) New Oct 20,1999
Hibbs Photo Pages also included on Photo Gallery Page one
New Photos of Grandma Julia Faus McManus 90th Birthday 2001
New Photos take during grandmas birthday Sept 2002

Hibbs Faus Luke#1 
Jan 2002 Photo Gallery Of Julia Faus McManus 
Hibbs Faus Luke#2 
 Jan 2002 Photo Gallery of Julia Faus McManus

Unknown Photo Page  
all Surnames New Unknown gallery now online Sept 17 99
NEW Juanita Sisters  JL Bill Dillo Photo Page Page of all the photos they took in the photo booth in amarillo next to the boot shop

My Mothers Mother -MY Grandmother
 Julia Hibbs Faus McManus 1911-2002 Passed Away Sept 09,2002 cancer

NEW Illeen Willison Gift Photos at Craft Shows oct 2002 
Oct 2002 Aunt Illeen is selling Gift items
Cactus Hills Gifts and Collectibles Illeen Wilson author of Cooking in Northwest Oklahoma
Karon Comes to Vist Brother LD Pierce 
 Oct 2002 Karon Pierce Hardy and My Dad JL Pierce come to
  Visit Gage Oklahoma


Publish Your Genealogy in PDF Format
Pierce Family Reunion June 25 2000 At Goatneck
See Family Reunion Page

Link Page to Every State Archive in USA
Genealogy Links Pages
Tx Panhandle Links Pages
Genealogy Forms Pages
Genealogy Privacy Pages

PDF Help Pages
PDF Hot Links Pages
Eztone Door Chime Pages
Friends of Bill W click here

Welcome to my Genealogy Web Page-Pierce Surname.
Descendents of Reuben Pierce born in Edgefield Dist SC 1768.
Webs updated last-
updated.GIF (168 bytes)Nov 11, 2002
Click Here Changes and Updates for entire web (not updated recently)
Web Page AUTHOR DESIGNER For hire--

Special Announcement: Aug 16 1999 I have just spent 5 days at 12
hours a day scanning all of my moms (Juanita Faus Pierce) photos
into the computer. She had 500-800 photos( Maybe More). I will be adding many new photos to these pages soon but this effort might require an entire new website as much space will be needed. These photos will be made available to Pierce Hibbs Faus Bushman Etc relatives via a CDROM I will eventually offer for sale.($29.95) A few select relatives are receiving archive copies of this massive
scanning effort immediately. I am considering having these photos microfilmed also

Welcome to my Genealogy Web Page-Pierce Surname.
Descendents of Reuben Pierce  born in Edgefield Dist SC 1768.

I am investigating the possibility that our  Reuben Pierce is in someway related 
to the family of Hugh Pierce born  1749 Fredericksburg VA.  See Joel J Pierce 
mystery and letter written in 1937 to Rhea Kurkendall. 
I placed a copy of this letter on Hugh Pierce Page.
 I am descended from Reuben's probable son: Andrew Jackson Pierce 
(click on his name or click here for 2nd page about him) 
born 1815 Hall GA, and his son Lorenzo D Pierce. 
(click on his name or click here for 2nd page about him) LD Pierce Senior was born in 
1858 in Cherokee Co. GA and known as PEGLEG Pierce. Genealogy Research on 
Wilson Pierce of GA. by Dan Pierce of California is also presented.
Wilson Pierce seems to be the brother of My Andrew Jackson Pierce.
Genealogy Research on Sampson Pierce of  Hall/Lumpkin GA by various 
relatives is also presented. Sampson Pierce also seems to be the brother of
My Andrew Jackson Pierce.
Genealogy Research on James H Pierce of GA. (and descendents) 
by Dorman Thomas and others is also presented. These 
Pierces are clearly related to the family of Andrew Jackson Pierce,
and his father, but we have not determined how. Their lands in Hall and 
Lumpkin Co. GA were located side by side and they attended the 
same churches. Reuben, Andrew Jackson, Wilson, and Sampson are all 
found in the same area of these GA counties. 

New PDF Library Page added
Printable Versions of many Docs Added
Major Revamp of Wilson Pierce page with links to
Genealogy work of Dan Pierce
May 9 Added Hugh Pierce VA Page
Added AJ Pierce Childrens Pages
Added Hansford, Panhandle, Adobe Walls
PDF links on family.html page
added link to Sampson Pierce on index page
May 16 added links To Abrilla Gostwick Williams Willbanks Site
May 16 Added Pierce Gedcom to Html
And Faus Hibbs Luke Gedcom to Html
May 20 Added Wandy Ruby PDF Books
and Hugh Pierce gedcom to Html
May 21 Added Genealogy Forms PDF format
May 23 major revamp of Panhandle web links pdf reprints
May 24 Added Mullock History article by Grandmother Julia to Hibbs Luke Pages
May 29 Added Mullock History article by
Great Aunt Ruth Rearson to Hibbs Luke Pages
May 30 Added link to Famous Cousin Jeff Spivey's webs on Scott Woody Pages
June 1 Added new photos on photo2 and hibbs photo pages added
LD Jr. and Ora Pierce photo of funeral cards to LD Sr peg leg page.
June 4 moved Mullock Way Station Articles from Hibbs Luke pages to Mullock.html
June 16 Added Site map- index type page to site
June 16 Added Search Engine to Search Entire Site Works Great!!
June 16 Added Wilbanks photos of Rhoda and AM Manney
and Hix and Trixie Wilbanks
June 18 Added Map to GoatNeck and Pierce Ranch Johnson CO TX
Added Save Pierce Cemetery info to this page
June 18 Added State Historical Archive List (table)
June 18 Added photo contact sheet to the pierce photo one page
June 18 Added Gardner Wilbanks sons photo from
Barabra Carmba Coker on Wilbanks Photo Page
June 20 Added 5 History Articles re: GoatNeck and Pierce Ranch
Johnson CO TX to Goatneck Texas Pages
June 20 Added Gardner and Hiram Wilbanks Biographies to Wilbanks Pages
June 27 Added new photo of Peg Leg Pierce on Photo 1 pages
June 27 Added email Rave Review letter from Kay Gossett on Index page in pdf
June 29 Added new page for
Clem Abercrombie Pierce

brother to my great grandfather. Posted the only known photo of him.
July 1 found photo of Grandmother Jimmie Scott and
constructed LD Pierce jr and Jimmie Scott Page
July 1 Laura Rivar of Wichita Falls TX called-- connection to Ora Finley's family.
July 2 See Photo Retouch Restore Peg Leg Pierce! click here
July 12 Added Clem A Pierce Obituary and Fannie Abercrombie Jones's Letter to John Calvin Abercrombie. Sent to me by Joan Marks of Salmon Idaho.
July 19 Added Clem Abercrombie (Nancy's Brother) Biography to
Abercrombie pages. Sent to me by Joan Marks of Salmon Idaho.
July 19 added Colorado Miners Article-Carol Scott to James Harrison Pierce page
July 21 added Story of how LD Pierce Sr. lost his leg
and came to be known as Peg Leg to Peg Leg Pierce pages
July 21 Moved Updates to Site Map Page
July 21 Moved Peg Leg Photo Restoration to separate page.
Aug 03 Added Faus Research Page
Aug 03 Added Lone Star WebRing to Main Page
Aug 03 Added Unknown Photo Page-need help naming folks on this page
Aug 04, Added Ora Finley Page with info from Laura Rivar of Wichita Falls TX.
Its very exciting to find info on the Finleys after all these years.
Aug 16 1999 Changed Photo of me on Start Page to a 1963 pose I was 9 yrs old!
Aug 22 Major Changes to LD Pierce PegLeg Page in anticipation of reworking the Pierce Electronic Book with image and photos
Sept 5 1999 Completely reworked photo page with new photo gallery
have not named the photos as was done previously but will be inserting text soon
The old photo pages are still available for download see site map above
Sept 7 1999 New Updated Joel J Pierce and Hugh PierceVA1749 pages
much new info added from Jack Carlton Book- one quote and much info
from Wanda Ruby regarding Hugh Pierce
Sept 14 1999 Major revamp and additions to Faus Hibbs Luke Photo Pages
Sept 25-29 New Peggy Pierce Ferguson Pages , there still her older pages
Old Page one Page two Page three- (1ST PIERCE INDEXES HERE ALSO on Orig Page One)
and New Unknown Photo Gallery
Oct 14 1999 New Biographies to Hibbs Pages
Biographies of Valentine Hibbs Amos and Wesley Hibbs From Beaver OK History Books
Oct 15 Added Rosa McDonald History Biography to Hibbs Pages
Oct 29 1999 Hibbs Descendants of Valentine Hibbs (Hibbs Genealogy Book)
Nov 1 1999 New Links and Updates to Panhandle History Links Page
Dec 4 1999 click here Reprint of 1940 Hibbs Genealogy Book Added 1st 9 Pages
Dec 20 Add more new info to Hibbs Pages
Dec 13 1999 Two new Maps of Goatneck Johnson County Tx added to GoatNeck pages
Dec 27 Updated Reunion Page June 27 2000 at Goatneck Start working on mailing list ect
Dec 27 Added new faus Page for Harry Faus and Jo Ella Karber
Dec 31 Jan 1 2000 Added two new Photo gallery Faus Hibbs
Dec 31 Jan 1 Reworked Reunion Pages for upcoming family reunion in Cleburne
Jan. 20, 2000 Added BiographyAndrew J Abercrombie Fay OK by
By LoHurl Miles Mueller
Jan 30 New Pages Biography of Susan Bowden Wilbanks by Susan Dacus Pierce
Feb 02 2000 New Links to others researchers on LOTT Pages
Feb 02 2000 Photos on Hibbs pages Not working Will Fix Soon.
Feb 10, 2000 Reworked Hibbs pages moved Biographies to seperate pages
Click Here My Line Main Hibbs Biog. Family Tree
2.Click here Biographies of: VALENTINE HIBBS
By Julia Hibbs McManus AMOS HIBBS By Jessie Hibbs Drum
3.CLICK HERE Biographies of:1. WESLEY HIBBS
By Venus Hibbs Blosser2. MCDERMOTT FAMIY By Julia Faus
4.CLICK HERE Biography of:RuthJo Martin Hibbs husband Tim Reardon
Feb 11, 2000 Made Changes and updates to Abercrombie Pages
Feb 21, 2000updated.GIF (168 bytes)Aunt Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks Biography of
Aunt Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks By Susan Pierce Dacus Allen
written around 1940 or earlier.
Feb 27 2000 Updated Wilbanks Pages (Added Bigraphies) and Wilbanks photo pages
New biog of Henry Wilbanks and Beatrice
New Biog of Floyd and Susan Wilbanks (short Version)
New Biog of Lawrence and Viris Wilbanks
New Biog of Allen Mansel Jr (Bogus) Wilbanks
Added Aunt Susie Dacus page Starting Point for Her Writing
March 2, 2000 Added Susie Dacus Photo Gallery
March 4, 2000 Added LD Pierce (Your Host) Photo Biography Pages Now Down and off the air
March 4, 2000 Changed Faus Pages for Robert Clarence Faus Alb. NM
March 5, 2000 History Excerpts Hansford Headlight Paper 1917-1920
Mentioning of our families
April 23, 2000 completed Susie Pierce Dacus Article written about
Hansford Tx Schools
written 1966. Met her great great grandson John Adamack in person today in Amarillo 
April 23, 2000 New Photo Gallery LD Pierce Juanita Julia Photos
March 28 2001 After a year off the genealogy webs I am back at work!!
uploaded new page with photo of Nancy E Pierce Conn  
this is the first photo our family has ever seen of her.
Sept. 2001 got domain
Jan 2002 working on making all links work many stil point
 to NBCI which is dead
Jan 2002 working on mirror of site on link below this line
got faus hibbs pages backonline
NEW Hibbs Faus Luke#1  Jan 2002 Photo Gallery Of Julia Faus McManus 
NEW Hibbs Faus Luke#2  Jan 2002 Photo Gallery of Julia Faus McManus
Uploaded pages of sister Jammie's Funeral Jan 2002
Uploaded new Page for Derek Hardy my sisters son
Uploaded new Page for Derek Hardy my sisters son
Nov 2002 Added Grandma julias funeral pages
Nov 09 2002 Corrected Email Dan Pierce Wilson pierce pages
Nov 09 2002 Added new photo of Clem Abercrombie Pierce Civil War Veteran cleburne Tx
Nov 1 Added Photos of Aunt Bertha Gifts
(She is My mothers sister Faus Hibbs Family)
Oct Nov 2002 Finished production of Pierce Faus Hibbs Luke Cdrom
now need to get cover made and make minor adjustments
Nov 09 2002 info received from John Green About the Woodys
click here  for the pdf file he send about the Bannings Woodys
Nov 13 2002 Jeremiah Henry Banning_loriclick here for more in depth file
 from Jeri Lyn Lyon its prob better to start from Wood-Scott Page
Descendants of Jermiah Banning Much Good Work on the Woody Family
Nov 13 2002 Found Sister Ramona Wolcott -close to sister Euphrasia see Faus
Nov. 13 2002 made Warren Faus Biography page
Nov 13 2002  Make biog page for Robert Faus MD and Marie Keim Faus MD
March 24 2007  Updated Visa Compton Page


Click Here for My Merry Christmas Card from me to you
My Antique Christmas Card Image Collection
Not Online Currently 01-01-02
but this photo is online just click it and look at the larger version
its the most beautiful old Christmas card I think I have ever found