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I have been researching my Bramblett/Bramlett Ancestors for 1 year and I just have to take the time now and tell all of you researchers out there that I really appreciate the good work you all are doing. You all deserve a "pat on the back" and more. If it hadn't been for Mike Bramlett's site, I would of never found my great-grandparents. If you are researching Bramblett/Bramlett families, GO TO HIS SITE. The link is listed above. Click on Information Center link.
William Bramblett
"My GGGGGGG-Grandfather". Born before 1694 in England? Died after 1762 in Bedford County, Virginia.
Wife unknown.


Nancy Bramblett

Henry Bramlett Sr.
Born about 1710 in Virginia
Died between 1752-1759 at Pr.William County, Virginia.
Wife unknown

William Bramblett Jr.
Born about 1719 in Essex County,Virginia
Died about July 1779 in Near Flat Rock,Kentucky
First wife unknown.Second wife was Anna Ballard.

James Bramblett
Born before 1724 in Virginia.
Married Winifred ? in Virginia
Died in 1758 in Bedford County, Virginia.

Sarah Bramblett
Born about 1730 in Virginia
Married ? Brown in Bedford County, Virginia
Second marriage to James C. Callaway

Agatha Bramblett
Born Between 1730-1735 in Caroline County, Virginia
Died in 1800 in Adair County,Kentucky
Married Steven White between 1753-1754
in Caroline County, Virginia

Ambrose Bramlett
Born before 1736 in Virginia
Died Febuary 1804 in Wilkes County,Georgia
Married Jane Woodson November 25, 1768
in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Elizabeth Bramblett
Born before 1743 in Caroline County, Virginia
Died in Scott County, Kentucky
Married James Buford July 14, 1761 in Bedford County, Virginia
Henry Bramblett Sr.
"My GGGGGG-Grandfather". Born 1710 in Virginia. Died 1752/1759 in Pr.William County,Arkansas.

Reuben Bramblett
"My GGGGG-Grandfather". Born about 1734 in Virginia. Died January 1807 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Lewis Bramblett
"My GGGG-Grandfather". Born about 1774 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Died before 1850 in Parke County, Indiana.

Lewis Bramblett

"My GGG-Grandfather". Born about 1812 in Kentucky. Died about 1873 in Greene County, Arkansas.

John B. Bramlett

"My GG-Grandfather". Born April 30, 1840. Died December 19, 1887 married Matilda J. Hampton. John B. Bramlett's children are Mary Jane (1682),John H.,Louis Isiah (about 1865 in Greene County),Sarah A.(1866),Susan C.(1868),James M.(1870),Charles D.(1871),Jalley (1873),Couzan (1875),Tilman (1877),Richard (1882),Dump M.(1885).

Charles D. Bramlett

"My G-Grandfather". Born in 1871. Died unknown. Married Martha Lee in 1891 in Randolph Co. Ar. They are Elmer(Dec. 25, 1893-Jan. 1977) and Arthur's(Mar.22, 1892-Nov.1974) parents. Martha re-married in 1897 to William J. Jones. In the 1900 census records, Arthur and Elmer were living with their Uncle Louis Isiah Bramlett.

Thank You, Perry and Lou Burr for the information on Arthur and Elmer's parents.

Arthur married Hesther and they have a son,Cleo, who was murdured in 1951 in Arkansas, and a daughter, Nema.

Elmer Bramlett

"My Grandfather". Born Dec.25,1893 died Jan.1977 in Arkansas. Married Katie Leona Harris born 19 Nov 1892 died in 1968 in Arkansas.They married in 1912. Elmer and Katie moved to Oklahoma soon after they were married. Their first three children were born there. Two of the children died in Oklahoma. Audrie May was born in Oklahoma. Then they moved back to Arkansas where the rest of their children were born. I remember them living in Cherry Valley,Arkansas when I was a child around 1960/1965. Elmer and Katie's children are:
Audrey May (March 29,1916-November 1979)
+Thomas MacFarland (Biddy)
Ellen Marie (March 27,1920-1980)
+Bud Dooley
+Joe Miller
Edith Christine (August 21,1921-1992)
+Marshall Floyd Hinton
Opal Lea (December 29,1924-September 26,1998)
+Carl Thomas Delancey
+James Elton Bryan
Geneva May (Febuary 2,1932)
+Thurman Brashears
Wilma Jane (Oct 30,1934-May 1938)
Beauton Wanita (September 23,1936-1994/95)
+Oliver Wheeler

Opal Lea Bramlett

"My Mother". Born 29 December 1924 died 26 September 1998 married Carl Thomas Delancey born 29 Oct 1915. They married 29 July 1944 in Arkansas. They have 9 children, 7 still living. Firstborn son and lastborn son died at birth.

My name is Phyllis Ann Delancey Pearce Harwell. Carl and Opal Delancey are my parents. I have two daughters, Angela Dawn Delancey born in Heber Springs, Arkansas in 1980 and Ashley Marie Pearce born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1991.