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The House of Weldon

1st Generation

1 WELDON, Joseph (father was John Weldon)

      b abt 1785 Columbia GA 
      d abt 1842 Henderson Co KY
      m abt 1808 Henderson Co KY
   1+ GREEN, Elizabeth (daughter of James Green & Sarah Hix or Hicks)
         b abt 1794 NC
         d abt 1830 Henderson Co KY

2nd Generation

      2 WELDON, Nancy
            b abt 1809 TN
            m July 20 1826 Henderson Co KY
         2+ FREELS, William

      2 WELDON, Andrew Hinan
            b abt 1811  d Jun 8 1846 Mills Twp, Bond Co IL
            m Mar 26 1835 Bond Co IL
         2+ HIGGINBOTHAM, Elizabeth Willie

      2 WELDON, Sarah
            b abt 1813 Henderson Co KY     d bef 1870 Washington Co AR
            m Aug 10 1837 Bond Co IL
         2+ PHIPPS, James b 1802 Guilford Co IL   d Washington Co AR
                (1st cousin to John Spencer Huckaby, below)

      2 WELDON,Harris (or Harrison)
            b abt 1815 Henderson Co KY  d bef
1849 Washington Co AR
            m Feb 27 1840 Bond Co IL
         2+ HIGGINBOTHAM, Mahala

      2 WELDON,Hannah
            b abt 1817 Henderson Co KY
           m Aug 10 1837 Bond Co IL
         2+ WILLIAMS, Lancaster

      2 WELDON, Frances
            b abt 1882 Henderson Co KY d bet 1888-1894 Christian Co MO
           m Jan 8 1840 Bond IL
         2+ WILLIAMS, David

      2 WELDON, Malinda
            b abt 1823 Henderson Co KY d bet 1888-1894 Christian Co MO
           m Feb 5 1838 Bond Co IL
         2+ HUCKABY, John Spencer (1st cousin to James Phipps, above)

      2 WELDON, Thomas Fielder/Fielding
            b Oct 20 1824 Henderson Co IL     d Nov 1884 Palo Pinto TX
           m Aug 3 1848 Marrs Hill Twp, Washington Co AR
         2+ CATES, Melinda (daugher of Isaac Cates & Susannah Maynard)
            m Aug 3 1848 Marrs Hill Twp, Washington Co AR
         2++ CRAIG, Ellender (sister to Elizabeth Craig, below)
            m March 13 1859 Washington Co AR
         2+++ CRAIG, Elizabeth "Mary" (sister to Ellender Craig, above)
             m 1867 Washington Co AR

      2 WELDON, James Henry
            b Jun 21 1827 Henderson Co KY d Mar 19 1905 Jack CO TX
           m abt 1850 Washington Co AR
         2+ SMITH, Eliza or Louisa
            m abt 1862
         2++ SMITH, Martha Allison

3rd Generation
The individuals below all descent from Thomas Fielder Weldon and his three wives.

Children of Thomas Fielder Weldon (1824-1848) and Melinda Cates

                3 Weldon, James Henry b abt 1849 Washington Co AR (not wed)

                3 Weldon, "Lucy" Trevia b abt 1852
                   3+ Roberts, Thomas William on Dec 7 1873 Washington Co AR

                3 Weldon, Australia b abt 1856 Washington Co AR
                    (drown in a horse trough in Palo Pinto TX, unwed)

                3 Weldon, Nebraska b 1857 Washington Co AR (died a young man)

Children of Thomas Fielder Weldon (1824-1848) and Ellender Craig

                3 Weldon, William Monroe b abt 1859 Washington Co AR d Palo Pinto TX

                3 Weldon, Mary Elizabeth b abt 1862 Washington Co AR

                3 Weldon, Mary Francis "Fanny"
                        b Dec 11 1863 Washington Co AR
                        d Jan 30 1943 Wedington, Washington Co AR
                  3+ Roberts, Thomas William married on Aug 10 1880 Palo Pinto, Palo Pinto Co AR
                        b Jan 14 1853 Ball TS, Benton AR 
                        d Sept 17 1919 Wedington Co, Washington Co AR
                          (may be same as married to Lucy Weldon above)

                3 Weldon, Robert b abt 1865 Washington Co AR  d bet 1865-1870 Washingto Co AR

Children of Thomas Fielder Weldon (1824-1848) and Elizabeth Craig

                3 Weldon, Joseph Green b Oct 1867 Washington Co AR
                   d 1904 Palo Pinto Co TX  burried McAdams Cemetery, Palo Pinto TX
                   3+ m Elliott, Nancy "Nannie" on abt 1893 in Palo Pinto TX

                3 Weldon, George Washington b Mar 16 1869 Washington Co AR
                   d Feb 19 1947 Palo Pinto TX
                   3+ m Boswell, Jennie abt 1896 in Palo Pinto TX

                3 Weldon, Sarah Belle "Elizabeth" b 1871 DeQueen, Sevier Co AR
                       (dragged by horse to death at age 16) d 1887 Palo Pinto TX

                3 Weldon, John Kennedy b Oct 9 1873 DeQueen, Sevier Co AR
                   d Oct 27 1962 Palo Pinto TX
                   3+ m Costello, Margaret Teresa on May 25 1904 in Palo Pinto TX

                3 Weldon, Nancy Mathilda
b Oct 30 1876 DeQueen, Sevier Co AR
                    d Nov 28 1922 Sudan, Lamb Co TX
m Elliott, Spence Patton on Dec 17 1896 in Palo Pinto TX
                    b Jul 11 1876 d Jul 28 1930
                     (See Family Photo)

                3 Weldon, America b Nov 1879 d Spring 1899 of pneumonia Nr Ivan TX
                   buried in Veals Creek Cemetery, Tx
                   3+ m Kelly, Scott on July 14 1898 in Texas

4th Generation

Children of Mary Francis "Franny" Weldon and Thomas William Roberts

                       4 Roberts, Mary Francis, b Sept 20 1882 Benton Co AR, d 1921 OK
                           4+ Rogers, Calvin bef 1910

                       4 Roberts, Edwina, b Sept 20 1884 Benton Co AR
                             d 1885 Washington Co AR

                       4 Roberts, Alwilda, b July 27 1886 Benton Co AR
                             d Dec 25 1992 Wedington, Washington Co AR
                           4+ Morris, Frank bef 1910

                       4 Roberts, Elza, b Sept 22 1887 Benton Co AR
                             d Jan 29 1877 Wedington, Washington Co AR
                           4+ Phipps, Ollie Elvira on Oct 9 1910 Washington Co AR
                                        (Sister to John Marion Phipps, below)

                       4 Roberts, Melvin, b Dec 28 1890 Benton Co AR
                             d Dec 28 1913 Rose, Mayes Co OK
                           4+ Blankenship, Nettie

                       4 Roberts, Effie, b Sept 18 1892 Benton Co AR
                             d June 6 1960 Modesto, Stanislaus Co CA
                           4+ Phipps, John Marion (Brother to Ollie Elvira Phipps, above)

                       4 Roberts, Alta b Dec 17 1896 Wedington, Washington Co AR
                             d Nov 19 1973 Siloam Springs, Benton Co AR
                           4+ England, Clint Wilson, on Feb 25 1917 Cincinnatti, Washington Co AR
                             b Nov 8 1896 Lincoln, Washington Co AR
                             d Sept 10 1938 Hanford, Kings Co CA

                       4 Roberts, Maggie O'Nellie b Feb 18 1898 Benton Co AR
                             d Feb 18 1898 Benton Co AR

                       4 Roberts, Susan, b June 14 1900 Benton Co AR
                             d Nov 1987 Modesto, Stanislaus Co CA
                           4+ Welch, Johnnie L. on Dec 22 1919 Benton Co AR

                       4 Roberts, Thomas Edward, b April 5 1902 Benton Co OK
                             d April 30 1964 Wedington, Washington Co AR

                       4 Roberts, Ollie, b Feb 19 1904 Benton Co AR
                             d Oct 19 1997 Siloam Springs, Benton Co AR
                           4+ Moss, Lee on Dec 27 1925 Washington Co AR

                       4 Roberts, Etta A, b April 6 1907 Benton Co AR
                             d April 21 1992 Siloam Springs, Benton Co AR
                           4+ Evans, Earl m 1943

                       4 Roberts, Talton "Living"
                           4+ Kent, Lucille

5th Generation

Children of Alta Roberts (1896-1973) and Clint Wilson England

                       5 England, "Living"
                           5+ m ?, "Living"

This family is inter-related, as many families were during this time. 
  • Thomas Fielder Weldon married two Craig sisters, Ellender & Elizabeth, who are also sisters to James Phipps daughter-in-law Mary "Polly" Craig.  After Sarah Weldon's death, James marries the Craig sisters' mother America (Spears) Craig, widow of James G. Craig.
  • Sarah Weldon's husband James Phipps is 1st cousin to John Spencer Huckaby, husband to her sister Malinda Weldon.  See above notation for Phipps/Craig ties also.
  • James Henry Weldon may have married sisters too: Eliza/Louisa Smith & Martha Allison Smith.  These Smiths are not related to the Smith family noted in the link section at top.
  • Andrew & Harris Weldon both married Higginbothom women, possibly sisters, Elizabeth & Mahala.

History of Palo Pinto County (Word of Mouth Family History) - Palo Pinto Co, Texas

Thomas Fielder Weldon - Mary Elizabeth Craig Weldon

The head of the pioneeer Weldon family of Palo Pinto County was Thomas Fielder Weldon who was born in 1823.  The family had been in the Pollum Kingdom area over one hundred years.  Thomas Fielder Weldon and his 2nd wife  (s/b 3rd wife), Mary Elizabeth Craig, who was born in 1841, came to Texas in the early 1870's from Siloam Springs, Arkansas.  They settled in Fortune Bend with their four children. 

Weldon had been married before to Mary Elizabeth's older sister. (who was his 2nd wife) They were Cherokee Indian girls.  Thomas Fielder and his first wife (2nd) had four children but only one, Monroe "Bud", came to Texas.

When Thomas Fielder and Mary Elizabeth came to Texas they had three sons, Joseph Green, George Washington, and John Kennedy, and one daughter, Bell ElizabethMathilda was born in 1875 and America was born in 1879, probably in Fortune Bend.

The Weldons establihed a ranch in Fortune Bend registering the XAV brand on February 8 1881.  Their homestead was started on a beautiful hill with a living spring at its base.  When Elizabeth died in 1883 at the age of forty-two she was buried on the hill some distance from the house. 

After Elizabeth's death, Thomas went back to Arkansas for awhile.  He became ill on the return trip and died on arrival home.  This was in 1885.  The children stayed on the ranch after their fathers death.  The school census records the name of John, age fifteen, Mathilda, age eleven, and America, age nine, in school in Fortune Bend in June 1888.  J.G. Weldon, their oldest brother, was their guardian.

Bell was sixteen years of age when she was dragged to death by a horse.  She was buried beside her parents on the hill.  ??????? placed granite markers at the graves of his parents and sister on the lonely hillside deep in the wild ranch country.  Weldon Cemetery

America married Scott Kelly on July 15 1898.  She died of pneumonia the Spring of 1899 and was buried in Veal's Creek Cemetery, near Ivan Texas.

The Weldon's oldest boy, Joe Green, married Nannie Elliott.  They had nine children.  Joe was a successful rancher but died early in life after an attack of appendicitis.  He owned a place in Sand Valley at the time of his death.  Aunt Nannie was one of the faithful midwives of the frontier.

Eleven children were born to Mathilda and her husband Spence Elliott.  (possibly brother to Nanny Elliot above)  After a few years in Sand Valley, they sold their place to Tom Weldon and moved to West Texas where they farmed.  They are buried in Sudan Texas.

George and John Weldon were the only family members who lived to old age and who reared their families in Possum Kingdom area.  Being left alone at an early age, a great part of their youth was spent at cowcamps and on the trail.  With the coming of the railroad and the fencing of public lands, the colorful period of the cattle drive ended during the 1880's.  Though very young men, the Weldon brother made several trips "up the trail." 
- by Myrtle Newman, grandaughter of John Kennedy Weldon.

History of Palo Pinto County (Word of Mouth Family History) - Palo Pinto Co, Texas

George Washington Weldon - Jennie Boswell Weldon

George Washington Weldon was born in Arkansas on March 16 1867, the son of Thomas Fielder and Mary Elizabeth Weldon.  His wife was Jennie Boswell, born in Red River County, Texas on Dec 22 1876.

The Big Valley, also known as Flint Bend, lies just below Morris Sheppard Dam in Possom Kingdom Country. Tis valley was part of the ranch owned by Oliver Loving, his son-in-law Jack Flint, and W.C. McAdams.  The valley was the site for the homestead from which the Weldons operated a ranch encompassing many acres in the area and elsewhere.  The Big Valley was surrounded on three sides by bluffs and mountains and bordered by the Brazos River on the Southwest.

Horses being his first interest, George traveled over the state to county fairs and race meets with his horses from 1905 until 1925.  Among his many horses he always had several for the tracks.  Old Yellow Mare and her cold Red Ant being particularly notable.  After interest in racing subsided, George purchased a Percheron stallion and raised large horses.  He also raised mules, probably making more money from them than from the horses.  At this time, he owned one of the finest herds of purebred Black Angus cattle in the South.

George and Jennie Weldon had eight children.  Their oldes son, Robert Emmett married Mabel Deweese and had five children, Leon, Roy, Ramond, Billy Frank, and Lora Ann.  Leon died when he was four years old.

Joseph Grant's wife was Margaret Clarissa Costello and their children were George Patrick, who died at age tirteen, and Cleo Pearl, Mrs. Edward Campbell of Lawton, Oklahoma.  Mr. and Mrs. Campbells children are Shirley, Tommy, Margie, Tyna and Joey.  Captain Tommy Campbell was killed in Vietnam.

- by Myrtle Newman, grandaughter of John Kennedy Weldon.
History of Palo Pinto County (Word of Mouth Family History) - Palo Pinto Co, Texas

John Kennedy Weldon - Margaret Teresa Costello Weldon

The ranges of north central Texas and Indian Territory Oklahoma became home for John Kennedy WeldonThomas Fielder and Mary Elizabeth Craig Weldon.

John worked on the SET Ranch whenhe was twelve years old.  This was after his father's death in 1885 (Nov 1884).  His name was on the school rolls of Fortune Bend when he was fifteen years old.  Soon, with his horse, dog and gun he took the trail, working on ranches, making the northern drives but always saving his wages toward settling down on a ranch of his own.

Before 1900, John Weldon bought a farm and ranch in Sand Valley from the Uptons.  He was about twenty-five years old.  He established a herd of registered Herefords and started growing cotton.  The valley was very fertile, bordered on the Brazos River and had living springs of good water.  With much hard work, success and prosperity came.  On May 25 1904, John married Margaret Theresa Costello.  The Weldons grew bumper cotton crops.  This income later helping to buy the home ranch near McAdams Peak.

The Hereford herd was well established by 1900.  Today, seventy-seven years later, his children and grandchildren are in the registered Hereford business.  Though he kept his horned cattle, John Weldon raised registered Polled Herefords for about ten years.
after his parents deaths when he was quite young.  He was born near Fayetteville, (Washington County) Arkansas on October 9 1873, the son of

Weldon had a large herd of horses as did most ranchers in the area.  The W Bar Ranch was home of Pinto, a paint, and Coyote, a dun stud of Spanish breeding.  Weldon bought the famous "Joe Bailey," kept him several years and sold him to the Waggoner Ranch where he died.  Coyote was sold to the 6666 Ranch at Guthrie TX

John Weldon continued to breed and improve his Anxiety 4th Line of Herefords until his dean in 1962.

Margaret Teresa Costello was born June 29 1880 the daughter of Mathias and Margaret Buckly Costello.  She married John Weldon on May 25 1904 at the Costello family home onthe Brazos.  She was known as Maggie.  The Weldons were the parents of five children.  One son was born on July 1 1919 and died on July 3 1919.  Mrs. Weldon died July 13 1948 and John Weldon died on October 27 1962 at the age of eighty-nine.

Kennedy Costello (Weldon), oldest son of the Weldons, married Betty Lucile Massie.  Their son, Jerry Kennedy (Weldon) married Patricia Shively and their children are Kenny and Cathy. 

Betty Margaret (
Weldon) married Kenneth Vines.  Jeffrey Morris is their only child. 

Choosing teaching as a life time career, Estes Catherine Weldon lives at the old family home. 

Cornelius Michael Weldon married Odean Stephens.  They live on a ranch in Erath County.

Myrtle Elizabeth Weldon married Edgar I. Newman.  Their children are Weldon Eddy and John Hillery "Link" Newman.  Weldon married Dana Talbert and their two daughters are Dana Denise (Dee Dee) and Catherine Elizabeth "Beth".  Link lives on a ranch in Comanche County.
- by Myrtle Newman, grandaughter of John Kennedy Weldon.