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The Genealogy of

Phillip Lynn Muse

W. J. Muse, my father, became  interested in finding his roots a few years before his death and started creating his family tree.  Shortly after his death in 1992 my sister and I took up where he had left off.  Both sides of our mother's family created their family trees and  had put out limited distribution publications of them.  By combining all of the information from their publications with the research from my father, my sister and myself has lead to the ability to create these web pages.  Of course, the research continues......

To show respect for my living relatives their first & middle names have been withheld along with their dates of birth and pictures.  I have tried to give as much information about them as possible without giving away who they are or infringing on their privacy.

Should you be one of the relatives who's name I have listed as "Living" and would like to have access to my full database, I would be happy to arrange it.  I have a secure, members only, password protected web site where my entire database is located.  The membership is FREE, but, limited to my relatives.  I would love for all of my family to participate in the site.  There are 3 types of membership.  

  1. Administration Member - I will be the only Administrator at this time.

  2. User Members - who can add to, delete from and edit content on the site.

  3. Guest Members - who can browse all of the content on the site but cannot edit the content.

All you have to do is send me an e-mail by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.  In the e-mail tell me who you are and whether you would prefer to be a User Member or a Guest Member.  Within a day or 2 you will receive an invitation to the secure site.  The invitation will include the web address and a temporary password.  It will also tell a little bit about the site and how to change your temporary password to one of your choice which is easy for you to remember.

Should you find an error in these pages (and I'm sure there are a few) I would greatly appreciate you letting me know.  Regardless of how carefully the editing is done, it seems there is always something that slips by.  If the error pertains to names of dates of events, please, include source/reference information.

Well I think that's enough rambling.  Let's get started with the genealogy.  I hope you have as much fun browsing this site as I have had in preparing it.

Table of Contents

My Father's Side of the Family

Ancestors of Lloyd Dotson MUSE

Descendants of Lloyd Dotson MUSE and Lula Nora FINCHER

Ancestors of Lula Nora FINCHER

My Mother's Side of the Family

Ancestors of Frank M. BOYLES

Descendants of Frank M. BOYLES and Ella May SLEMMER

Ancestors of Ella May SLEMMER

Descendants of John ALDEN and Priscilla MULLINS


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