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Protestation Return
(Courtesy of Ruth Conroy)


The returns relate to the years 1641-1642, around the start of the Civil War.


The Protestation was an Oath of Loyalty to the Parliament and to the King, and was originally drawn up and taken by the members of the House of Commons on 3rd May 1641.  The following day the protestant Peers in the House of Lords also swore it.

On the 30th July 1641 the House of Commons passed a resolution that all who refused the Protestation were unfit to hold office in the Church or Commonwealth.  The scope was widened so that it should be sworn by all adult males, in some parishes officials also recorded females, in others it seems some families had only the Head signing or making a mark.

In the return for Phillack, all names were written by the same hand.  Following that, each made their own mark (except where no x is shown here) and the words ...his sign was added.  The one exception to this was Jasper Phillipps, who signed his own name.

All names are Ruth's interpretation of the writing from the LDS film of the original copy in the House of Lords. 

Michaell Vyvian x
Alexander Angove x
? Rigntile_ Angove x
Richard James snr x
Bennett James x
William Crase x
William Oates x
John Nance x
Melchizadecke Gilbert x
Gregery James x
James Tredrey x
Ralph Jeimings x
Richard Nicholls x
John Lawrence x
Thomas Lemin x
John Marke x
Thomas James x
Reignold Jennings R
John Pascowe x
James Harrrye x
Erasmus Pascow x
Richard Burley x
Jaspar Phillipps (signed)
James Jinkin x
Walter Wills x
John Wills x
Richard Wills x
William White x
Robert Crasi x
Nathaniel ..uthnance (possibly Huthnance)
Bennett Blazey x
Thomas Michell x
William Stevens x
John Pryarre x
John Adams x
Richard Row x
Richard Pascow x
John Treble x
Anthony Ralph x
Nathaniel Williams x
Edmond Pascow
John Launder x
James Carpenter x
Lawrence Randall x
William Adams x

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