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Mines in the Hayle and Phillack Area

      Pyromorphite from Wheal Alfred

After a lifetime's study of the mines and miners of the South West, in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s the late A. Hamilton Jenkin concentrated primarily on research into the lesser known mining ventures in Cornwall, the existence and progress of which could only be traced by a prodigious amount of original and painstaking research.  The results of that research were published in a series of booklets titled "Mines and Miners of Cornwall".

Volume 5 of the series covers Hayle, Gwinear and Gwithian and includes some b&w photos, maps, sketches, a fold-out map of the area with the various mine sites identified and an index.  I have a copy of this volume.  Contact me if you would like further information on any of the mines listed or the people associated with these mines.

The mines mentioned in the index of Volume 5 are listed in the table below.  Remember, some of these mines were in Gwinear or Gwithian.

Albert Adventure

Nanterrow Consols

Wheal Ann

Wheal Maggot

Alfred Consols

North Dolcoath

Wheal Alfred

Wheal Mary United

Angarrack Consols

North Herland

Wheal Arthur

Wheal Nancemellin


North Wheal Alfred

Wheal Boil

Wheal Pascoe


Prince George

Wheal Carpenter

Wheal Pleasure

Boiling Well


Wheal Connerton

Wheal Prospect

Cold Harbour

Riviere Consols

Wheal Cupola

Wheal Prosper

East Wheal Alfred

Rose-in-Valley Mine

Wheal Drunk

Wheal Rice

Great Wheal Alfred

South Alfred

Wheal Emily

Wheal Royal


Trevascus Mine

Wheal Fancy

Wheal St Andrew

Leah Copper Work

Trungle Mine

Wheal Hartley

Wheal Shoat

Loggans Mine

West Alfred Consols

Wheal Jane

Wheal Smart

Manor Mine

West Dolcoath

Wheal Kayle

Wheal Speed


West Wheal Andrew

Wheal Liverpool

Wheal Triumph


West Wheal Rose

Wheal Lucy

Wheal Wilhelmina

Wheal Alfred, a mile and a half south of Hayle, was the most famous and was one of the richest copper producers in the county.  In 1824, two large steam engines were installed there, one a 90 inch single cylinder, the other with 40 and 70 inch compound cylinders.

Wheal Lucy was on the Black Cliff, half a mile north of Phillack church, while on the eastern margin of the sand dunes lay Phillack Towans or Loggans mine.

In Angarrack valley, close to the railway, was Mellanoweth mine, otherwise known as Wheal Maggot.

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