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Surname First Name (and Relationship) Age Address Burial Date
NYCHOLS John        8-Jan 1660
WERE William (no date given just year)       1660
WHITE Humphrey        28-Mar 1661
MICHEL John son of Thomas        11-Aug 1661
PHILLIPPS Mrs Anna widow of Gregory the clerk      5-Sep 1661
WHITE Margaret (no date given just year)       1661
NICHOLS Margaret widow        28-Apr 1662
OATES Julyan wife of William        20-May 1662
LAUNDER Richard of St Just        8-Feb 1662
LUKE William son of Richard      12-Apr 1663
HARRY Grace dau of John of Gwithian      25-Apr 1663
YEO Phillip servant of Jasper Phillipps rector      26-Jun 1663
LEMIN Robert        3-Nov 1663
SYMONS Henry son of William        5-Mar 1663
NANCE Anna dau of John        14-Mar 1663
LAKE Elizabeth dau of Richard      1-Apr 1664
JENKIN James        20-Apr 1664
PAUL Mellior wife of Henry        11-Sep 1664
NICHOLL Barbara dau of Jelbert        11-Sep 1664
RANDALL Lawrance        23-Nov 1664
WILLS Margery widow        18-Feb 1664
PASCOW Grace wife of Erasmus      3-Mar 1664
HOLLAND Grace Laurie dau of Lea Holland      13-Jun 1665
UDYE Thomas        25-Jul 1665
GARTRELL  Jeffrey        29-Nov 1666
WHITE  William        19-Dec 1666
HARTFORD Elizabeth dau of Richard        1666
VIVIEN Frances son of Michael a gent      7-Mar 1666
NICHOLL Richard      of Tregestin  4-Apr 1667
NICHOL Blanch dau of Gilbert        24-Apr 1667
CARBUS Mary dau of John        25-Apr 1667
NICHOLLS Mary wife of Richard        7-May 1667
LAURANCE John        8-Dec 1667
  No burials          
NICHOLLS Elizabeth wife of James      Dec 1669
PENDARVES Mary dau of Stephen a Merchant    late of London 11-Dec 1669
HOSKIN Mary dau of Richard        11-Dec 1669
TREDRE John        30-Dec 1669
LAKE Sampson alias John        Jan 1669
JENKIN Gregory son of Gregory      Feb 1669
ISAACK Bridget          1670
LINTERNE Thomas base child of Grace      28-Oct 1670
NANCE Edmund son of John        11-Jan 1670
MICHEL Pascus wife of Thomas      14-Jun 1671
PASCOW Erasmus        25-Nov 1671
CUSWIN Katherine wife of John, Gent     21-May 1672
NICHOLLS Richard        13-Aug 1672
NICHOLLS Margaret widow (no date)       1672
WILLIAMS Alse wife of Nathaniel        12-Mar 1672
PASCOW Bennet        12-Jun 1673
LUKE Alice wife of Richard        23-Sep 1673
CARBUS Mary dau of John        2-Oct 1673
PASCOW Frances        29-Jan 1673
WHITE Margery widow        20-Feb 1673
CRASE Ann dau of James        21-Apr 1674
HARRIS William son of George        25-Jul 1675
NICHOLLS John son of Gregory        25-Jul 1675
NICHOLLS Margery a widow        3-Nov 1675
VYVYAN Esq Michael        12-Jul 1676
CARNARTHEN John        17-Oct 1676
LUKE Dorcas wife of Richard      4-Dec 1676
PASCOW John        1-May 1677
JENKEN  Margaret widow        14-Jun 1677
PASCOW Elinor        10-Dec 1677
EDY James son of John        15-Jan 1677
DONNITHORNE Gregory (son-in-law, i.e. Stepson) of Gregory Nicholls      3-Mar 1677
HODGE Illegible        24-Apr 1678
CARBUS Thomas son of John       26-Jun 1678
PENDARVIS Katherine wife of Peter        30-Nov 1678
  (two burials, one 26-Dec and 25-Jan can't read)       1678
SYMONS Thomas son of John        29-May 1679
SYMONS Grace wife of William        12-Aug 1679
CUSWIN  John gent        15-Nov 1679
YEO Mary dau of Catherine a widow      5-Dec 1679
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