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Embry Headstone Photos

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Debi Young

Mary Jane Embry.jpg
Mary Jane Embry

wife of Harlan Embry
Mason Dalton Embry.jpg
Mason Dalton Embry

son of Cader Sr and Frances Sebastian Embry. Emily was second wife
Maude Napier.jpg
Maude Napier

Daughter of Tempie Embry and James Napier. The dates are hard to read... born 9 Feb 1985 and died 3 Nov 1905.
Otis Napier.jpg
Otis Napier
son of Tempie Embry and James Napier
(Otis was my Great Grandfather)
Tempie (Tempa) Florence Embry Napier.jpg
Tempie (Tempa) Florence Embry Napier
daughter of Jesse H. and Martha Embry. Wife of James R. Napier.

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