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Butler County's House Family

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These are pictures treasured along with our family pictures, but unfortunately we do not know who they are and/or how they fit into our family.  If you have any ideas, please email me or OJ Herman

Thanks, Sheryl House Torres

Cembry.jpg (35127 bytes)

This is a picture of Clarence Embry. The headstone seems to say S. (or maybe B.) Northern, or Morthern The ..RTHERN I am sure of.. the S I am pretty sure of..the rest is a little too messy to read.

Charles Phelps

.Charles Phelps

man2.jpg (17589 bytes)

family.jpg (28292 bytes)

Unknown Family.. Probably kin to Phelps, Embry, or House of Butler Co., KY

woman.jpg (24094 bytes)

Carl2.jpg (30866 bytes)

Carl House is in a grave yard, resting on a large tomb of a really pretty woman. Not sure who or where the tomb is located

mys2.jpg (39309 bytes)

Beatrice House and her husband.  I think his first name was Jerald or Jeral

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