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 Qui s'estime Petyt deviendra grand - He who is called small shall become great

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Welcome to the Petyt - Newiss and Thornton family web site
Thanks to Freda (Petyt) Hughs for providing the family tree information.



The Petyt's, Newiss and Thornton's are attached through marriage, the Thornton's and Newiss's married into each other twice.
Because of name spellings, which could differ even in the same family, working out who belongs to whom will be a long working process.
In the 1400's we know that the Petyt's were farming around Bolton Abbey. As the families grew there would not be enough land to sustain the ever growing families, so other farms in and around the area were obtained.
We can see that during the middle and late 1800's that the movement of all three families from rural areas to towns and the change of occupations to mainly textile is prominent throughout.
Morton seems to have been one area that all three families had in common in the mid  1800's.

While every effort as been made to record all the information correctly, I am only human and mistakes have most likely been made.