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     Welcome to Pytlewski Family Findings.  I hope this page enlightens you about the Pytlewski/Petlewski Family History.  The menu at the left of your screen will direct you to the tools that willWelcome to the New Pytlewski Family Findings! help you discover the Pytlewski Past.  The History page will guide you through the 19th & 20th centuries beginning in the Year 1850 in Wlosciejewski, Poznan, Poland with a written history. The Photos link will give you a look at the Pytlewski family.  Pytlewskis in the News will make these ancestors of ours come to life with newspaper accounts of the Pytlewski family in Calumet.  Records will include transcriptions from the actual records on the Pytlewski family kept in Houghton County, Michigan.  As a general rule, this page will not include any information on the living.  Feel free to contact me at any time at about the family history.

Jeff Antaya


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