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From October to December 2000

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Date: 2000-12-19 16:10:17
Don Sherwin ( wrote:

Searching for family of Dr. JOHN GILCHRIST (1792-1859), son of SAMUEL. He was a medical doctor from Goffstown, New Hampshire, who moved to Otonabee Township in 1825 from Cobourg, and established saw and grist-mills at Keene, on Lot 15, Con. 6. on the Indian River. He founded the Village of Keene, named for his childhood home in New Hampshire. He was married to LUCRETIA GORE, also from Goffstown. He established a medical practice in Peterborough in 1835, moved it to Port Hope in 1849, where he died in 1859. I am particularly looking for information on a brother or cousin, DANIEL GILCHRIST, who was in the Peterborough area in 1827. Another brother, JASON GILCHRIST, lived in Otonabee Township in the 1830's.

Date: 2000-12-10 18:46:57
Ralph Bird ( wrote:

Looking for information on these two families from Peterborough around 1870. I have thw 1871 census.


Date: 2000-12-04 08:05:30
David Ritchie ( wrote:

Looking for descendants of JAMES RITCHIE Jr. son of JAMES Sr. Brother of ALEXANDER RITCHIE. All came to Galway area in 1863-64 from U.S. James was a farmer and horse breeder & owned over 200 acres at time of 1871 census. I am ALEXANDER'S Great-Great grandson. Any info would help. Thanks!

Date: 2000-12-04 07:34:34
Bonnie ( wrote:

David and Derinda lived in Belmont Twp. in 1871. Is anyone else working on this family?

Date: 2000-12-03 04:45:14
Thomas Cranley ( wrote:

My grandfather Michael Cranley was born April 2, 1866 in Peterborough into a large family of John Cranley and Catherine Dwyer. Do you have any information on Michael's siblings or his father John or his mother Catherine? (possible siblings are John, Michael, Patrick, James, Daniel, Margaret, Mary, Kate, Ann)

Date: 2000-12-03 04:29:48
Doug Sinclair ( wrote:

I'm looking for information on William John Sinclair & Mary Margaret ( Wright ) Sinclair(b 26 may 1867 ). They had 6 children. Henry( b 30 Oct. 1887 ), Wiliam J.( b 1888 ), Annie S.(b 4 Feb 1891 ), Albert A.( b 11 Oct 1892 ), Archie Neil( b31 Oct 1894 ), Finley/Lindsay( b 29 Dec 1896 ). He was born in Peterborough on 11 April 1846. I don't know how long he lived in Peterborough but also lived in St.Marys, Blanchard Township, Perth County, Ontario. In fact, he died there. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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