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Date: 1999-09-26/20:20
Cheryl ( wrote

Seeking for information about my great grandparents, Thomas & Anna QUINN. Their children were Helen, Margaret or Mae, Eileen, Frank & Vincent. They lived in Toronto. I found cemetery records from St Peter's Roman Catholic Cemetery in Monaghan North township. They included a Thomas, Anna,Frances,& Margaret Quinn. Not sure if these are the right Quinns. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Date: 1999-09-21/13:22
J.A. Jenkins ( ) wrote:

Searching for any information on HARRY EVANS ROGERS, Born July 14, 1879 in England. Died September 25, 1957 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Looking for names of parents. Any information will be appreciated.

Date: 1999-09-21/07:51
Jennifer Muir ( ) wrote:

I am looking for my maternal grandfather, John Pynn, whose family is said to have settled in the Peterborough area. I have no family history, date of birth, nor death. I would like to know where he is buried and if he has any surviving relatives other than my mother.

Date: 1999-09-21/02:14
LESLI JOHNSON ( ) wrote:

Husband: JOHN E. RAPER b.1833 Yorkshire ,Eng. d. ??????
Where: North Monaghan Twp.
When: 1880 - 1900
Information: Originally they John and his first wife settled in Manvers, and he started a carriage manufactory in Millbrook. When she died in 1873 at age 40, he remarried as he had children to look after.Margaret died in Dec of 1903 at the age of 59.I have no idea where any of them could possibly be buried. I do know that they resided in Peterborough ,as this was told to me by my grandmother, she remembered visiting them there as a child. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated

Date: 1999-09-17/04:19
Carol ( ) wrote:

Looking for imformation about Minnietta Donnelly, born April 12, 1888. She listed Peterboro, Ontario as her birthplace. She may have had a brother (Jack?) Married Maurice Orr and moved to Calgary and then on to Minnesota. She was a seamstress and parents may have been farmers. Any imformation will be welcome.

Date: 1999-09-16/20:19
Greg Korn ( ) wrote:

I am looking for info on my 2nd great grandfather, Hugh Cunningham, born in Ontario in abt. 1832. He lived in N. Monaghan until his death in 1884. His father came from Ireland prior to that.

Date: 1999-09-14/19:00
G. Gerow ( ) wrote:

Looking for information on my Grandfather he is James Finley Gerow b: abt. Aug. 17, 1866 his Father was HENRY GEROW. There is a Henry Gerow age 26,listed in the 1871 Census as a Farmer in Bemont & Methuen Townships. Any information on Henry Gerow would be a great help.

Date: 1999-09-12/01:36
Noreen S. Annett ( ) wrote:

At 1853 September 19 in Peterborough and Victoria County (one county at that time, said the marriage document) John GALBRAITH/GALBREATH (born around 1835 Ireland?) married Matilda WALLER (around 1835 in Ireland?). Years later, this couple was found with children in Huron County. Am seeking info on both families. parents' children names. or John GALBREATH's parents' names.

Date: 1999-09-01/17:21
Diana Dahill James ( ) wrote:

DAHILL, Michael and family came to Peterboro, ONT about 1825 from Cork Ireland supposedly on the ship John Barry. Want to learn more about him and family details to see where he fits on our tree.

Date: 1999-08-31/09:59
Chari Mollison ( ) wrote:

Searching families from Peter Robinson's Boats
+ Mary Brien b. 1792
came over on Resolution from Mitchelstown, Cork and settled Douro in 1825
children Morgan, Honora, John, Thomas, * William *, Margaret all b. Ire
Maurice, Michael and Catherine b. Cda

* William *b . 1821, Ire marr. abt. 1846 in Douro to Hannah Leahy b. 1833 Cda
children Mary, John, * Maurice*, Ellen, Catherine, Agnes, George, James, Francis (Frank), William E.

*Maurice* married Mary Lonergan my g gpa
children Mary Gertrude, George Frederick, Joseph, Stephen, Anne, Lorraine, Agnes Veronica and Rita.

The children in the three above generations married mostly other PR settlers and their descendents such as Leahy (2), Sheehan, Torpey (3), Lonergan, Barry, Coughlin

Other names married were McNorton, Hattrick, Conlin (2)

Date: 1999-08-27/16:48
L. Robinson/Veenstra ( ) wrote:

I am doing this search for my niece, she is looking for her grandfather and grandaunt, Frank and Rose BALLARD. They were Home Children; arrived 1914, SS Corinthian, departed from London, Eng. 10 Sept 1914, arrived Quebec 22 Sept 1914, with the Dr. Barnardo's party, and Rose's destination was Peterborough. Frank never talked about his family in England (he was 8 years old and Rose was 14 when sent to Canada) He had a very rough life, and never forgave his parents. Anyone with any information would be greatly appreciated, as this is the only information that she has on her ancestory.

Date: 1999-08-24/01:32
Sandra J Carmichael ( ) wrote:

My father, Hugh Thompson Carmichael, was born in Peterborough in 1898 to Dr. Duncan Nevin Carmichael and Jessica Eliza Bolster Carmichael. My brother, Donald K. Carmichael, of Lakefield is the author of a family history, The Doctors Carmichael, 1854-1994. Grandfather Carmichael, the 12th of 15 children, was born in 1854 to Hugh Carmichael and Isabella McNevin Carmichael, farmers in Mariposa Township. His grandparents were Donald Carmichael and Isabelle Campbell. Donald is thought to have arrived in Ontario from Scotland in the 1820's, possibly from from Mull or Islay. Grandmother Carmichael was born in Uxbridge, the daughter of Thomas Bolster III, a druggist, and Agnes Thompson. Thomas Bolster I, was probably a Peter Robinson Settler. Agnes Thompson's family came from Five Islands, Nova Scotia. I would like to learn more about the families' local (Ontario and Nova Scotia) history, and about their passage from and their roots in Scotland and Ireland. I'd also like to extend grteetings to, and welcome responses from, any members of the extended family who read this.

Date: 1999-08-23/21:04
Bill McNamara ( ) wrote:

I believe my greatgrandfather is Patrick McNamara married to Hanorah. On the 1871 Census, Ontario, District 56 West Peterborough, his family is #103. They both were born in Ireland. One of their children, Thomas (age 14 at that time) is my grandfather who moved to Seattle, Wa in 1898.

I am trying to find a death notice on Patrick to verify his parents.

We think his father and mother may be Patrick Sr. and Margaret who were in the 1861 Census with many children, includig Patrick (jr.). We believe the Sr. Patrick died before the 1871 Census because in the 1871 Census Margaret lived alone with two of her other remaining sons, James and Garrett. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Bill

Date: 1999-08-21/19:33
Gail Pearce ( ) wrote:

Seeking information on my ggrandfather CHARLES HENRY CASTLE b. 1825 Yorkshire England d. 1905 at 115 Maria St. 5th ward Peterborough ON m. 1862 JANE PUE b. 1840 Ireland d. 1913 Webb Sask
Mary Adelaide Castle b. 1856 d. Webb Sask m. James Graham
William George Castle b. 1859 S. Monaghan On d. Manitoba m.Lily ?
Robert James Castle b. 1861 d. m Mary ?
Susanna Castle b. 1865 d.1940 m Robert Graham
John Thomas Castle b. 1866 d.? m Eunice Finley
Elizabeth Peacock Castle b. 1970 d.1872
Charles Henry Castle b. 1871 d. 1872 m Emma Middleton (2) Kate Foley
Reuben Alexander Castle b. 1873 d. m Kate Butcher
Richard Oscar Castle b. 1877 d.1967 Webb Sask m. never married
Matilda Castle b. 1879 d. 1903 Webb Sask m. John Wicker
Annette Castle b. 1884 d. 1938 Sask. m (1) John George Smith b. Collingwood On area (2)James Trotter b. d. Sask
Jane Castle b. d. m Mr. Clark

Date: 1999-08-21/19:15
Gail Pearce ( ) wrote:

This a terrific web page. I am seeking information on my gggrandfather ALEXANDER GRAHAM b. 1831 Ireland, d. 1898 Peterborough ON area
Wife: Sarah Graham b. 1833 Ireland d. 1902 Peterborough ON area

Robert William b. 1849/50 on board a Windjammer coming to Canada d. 1943 Toronto m.Susanna Castle (Graham) b. 1865 d.Ballieboro ON d. 1940 Toronto ON
James Graham b. 1854 Peterborough area d. 1928 Webb Sask m Mary Adelaide Castle b.1856 d. Webb Sask
Mary Graham (Finch) b. 1856 d.? m Mr.Finch
Elizabeth Graham (Spence) b. 1857 d. ? m John Spence
Annie Graham b. 1863
Samuel Graham b. 1865
Isobel Graham b. 1867
Alexander Graham b. 1869
Margaret Graham b. 1871 d.? m. Adam Davidson

Date: 1999-08-21/05:29
Mark Casey ( ) wrote:

Any information about Ellen Mahoney, a P.R. emigrant in 1825 to Peterborough, settled in Douro, married Michael Casey would be greatly appreciated. Their children were James, William, Patrick, Mary, Cathline?, Michael, Eugene (Casey), and others. In particular, a birthplace for Michael would be very helpful. Ellen Mahoney was born in Mitchellstown, County Cork, and both are buried at Falls City, Nebraska. Thanks for a fascinating website!

Date: 1999-08-20/23:55
Debbie Scannell ( ) wrote:

I'm looking for WILLIAM RICHARDSON born in Scotland about April, 1812. He had children by the names of Maggie Belle, Robert, Richard and Agnes as well as others. He left for North Dakota in the mid 1880's but as no wife is listed on those census returns, I'm guessing she died in Ontario. Sound familiar to anyone?

Date: 1999-08-18/00:25
Gail Pearce ( ) wrote:

I am searching for information on Robert James Pue b. 1806 S. Monaghan Ireland d. 1893 Ashburnham Villiage (Peterborough Area)
1st wife Elizabeth Peacock b. ? Ireland d. Ashburnham Villiage
Children: Margaret Pue Bradley b. 1834,
Elizabeth Pue Adamson b. 1837,
Jane Pue Castle b. 1840

2nd wife Susannah Armstrong. b? d?
Children: Mary Anne Pue Mason b. 1845 Canada
William Allen Pue b. 1849 Canada
John Thomas Pue b. 1852 Canada

Date: 1999-08-16/20:21
Allen McMillen ( ) wrote:

Looking for relatives, descendants of Robert McMillen and Sarah Abernethy from Antrim, Ireland to Dummer township about 1832. Their children Thomas,James Francis(Frank), Henry, John, William Robert,Sarah Jane and Susanna. Interested in talking with anyone with Irish McMillen, McMillan ancestors in Belmont, Dummer or Asphodel townships. Contact Allen McMillen, 241 Oshawa Blvd. south, Oshawa,Ont. ,L1H 5R6

Date: 1999-08-14/17:37
Betty Bondy-Medd ( ) wrote:

Ship lists of Peter Robinson Settlement very interesting even though it did not list the Thomas Harrington I am looking for. The Peterborough Atlas lists his date of settlement as 1836, m. Bridget Burns (date?). He had six children, William (1836), Elizabeth (1838), Thomas (1839), James (1841), Joseph ?, Charles (1843). Birth place listed as Ireland, but I do not know where. Most remained in Ennismore and I have lots of info about later generations.

Date: 1999-08-11/04:03
Glenda Schneider ( ) wrote:

Looking for information on the CAMPBELL family. Sarah HUTCHISON married George CAMPBELL probably in Co. Cavan, Ireland. They emigrated to the Peterborough area and are believed to be bured in Peterborough. Their eight children were: George Jr.; John; Robert probably an MD, d: 1907, Buffalo, N.Y.; Eliza; Sarah Ann; Rev. James, d: probably San Francisco, Cal.; Mary who married ? McGill and whose daughter married John Chisholm and lived in Winnipeg; and Isobel married Wm. Samis. This is all the info I have on this family. I am hoping to make contact with another Campbell researcher.

Date: 1999-08-05/08:43
Merv Rossiter ( / ) wrote:

John and Mary Sullivan and their seven children came from Shanagolden Co.Limerick to Peterborough or Northumberland post 1844.The childrens names were James b.1829, Bridget b.1831, Anna b.1834, Margaret b.1837, Joanna b.1840, John b.1842 and Janet b.1844. Michael was born in Canada. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

Date: 1999-08-03/18:27
Mary Boyum ( ) wrote:

I am looking for any information on Patrick & Mary (McDonald) Kennedy or Patrick &Catherine (O'Brien) Hobbins from Peterborough in the 1870's to date. Their children Martin Peter Hobbins and Katie Kennedy were my great grandparents. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Date: 1999-08-02/19:17
Bonnie Davidson ( ) wrote:

Looking for information on the Davidson family who settled in Belmont Twp. late 1800's. Several are buried at Pine Grove Presbyterian cemetary, Havelock, Ont.

Date: 1999-07-24/04:58
Anthea S. Churchman ( ) wrote:

Beautiful site. I visited Peterborough years ago & found the city quite lovely. A special mention to all the voluteers who help make this project happen.
Thanks! I am looking for information about an Aunt, Carole Churchman (maiden name). She resided in the Peterborough area a decade ago & I've lost touch. Anyone with any knowledge of this lovely woman can contact me via e-mail Thanks ever so much. ASC

Date: 1999-07-20/18:24
G.Kane ( ) wrote:

Looking for any info on the GRAHAM family of Campbellford who lived at 60 Grand rd. Joseph Wesley, His wife Phoebe died in 1975.Please help me locate any information on them.I'm a relative.Thank You

Date: 1999-07-17/18:36
Connie ( ) wrote:

Hi, I am looking for any info or even anyone else researching the family of SPENCELY, many various spelllings to this name. I am mainly looking for the family of Jesse James SPENCELY(My Great Grandfather) and Grace MEEKS(My Great Grandmother). They came to Ontario and settled in the Peterborough area about 1919. My Grandmother remembered that Jesse was born in New York, tried to order a copy of birth certificate and was told that all records had been destroyed in a fire. Hoping to hear from long lost relatives or some one who may have an idea or hint for me! Thanks Connie

Date: 1999-07-12/03:06
Barb Milburn ( ) wrote:

I am looking for info on Miss Elizabeth McEachern/McEcheran 1887-1931 of Otonabee twp., Peterborough County. According to obituary, she was sister to James McDermott and Charlotte Pickle. Buried in St Mark's Church cemetery in Otonabee. Who were her parents?

Date: 1999-07-08/20:22
Dave Orser ( ) wrote:

Seeking information about the White family who had a daughter Lucy Ann b. 1817 who married John Orser. She was living in Otonabee in 1861 census. She was said to have been from the White Manufacturing family, makers of stoves and locomotive parts. Any info relating to her or family would be most appreciated.

Date: 1999-07-08/17:26
Suzanne Fleury ( ) wrote:

I visit this site often.....great job!

My query is a general one.

Is anyone researching the name "Cameron" of Asphodel Twp. According to the Peterborough Historical Atlas, John? Cameron came from Elgin Scotland & they started the first school in the area. If anyone has any info I would be most grateful for any help. Thanks, Suzanne

Date: 1999-07-07/19:37
Lisa Marsh ( ) wrote:

I am relatively new to this, so pardon the language, etc. I am looking for any ancestors of William Henry Butler or Ida Helen Birnie Butler, who are believed to have family in Peterborough. They had two sons, Frank and Keith Carfrey (my grandfather, b. May 17 1913 in Midland Ontario, Simcoe county). Regretably, that is all I know. William and Ida moved (date unknown) to Selkirk, Manitoba, where KC Butler is known to have attended school. If you have any information or know someone who may, please respond via e-mail. Thanks a bunch.

Date: 1999-07-06/01:56
Beth R. Smith ( ) wrote:

Searching Peterborough Co., and Lindsay Twp for any Dolan or Nellis family, related to Catherine Nellis Dolan, died 1904; obit in newspaper asked that Lindsay, Peterborough, Ontario papers please copy. Catherine Nellis Dolan, dau. of James Nellis and Susan Kelter of Ireland; married James Dolan in NY; lived most of married life in Marshall, Calhoun Co., Michigan. Please respond to e-mail or Beth Smith @ 1460 Stillman Road, Mason, MI 48854, USA.

Date: 1999-07-06/01:24
Claudia Dawson ( wrote:

Looking for info on marriage between James Enright and Catherine Scollard, she was from Ennismore, had brother David Joseph, both were baptized at St Martin's ,parents were John /scollard & Catherine O'Connor. I'm stuck on info on James Enright, can't trace him any farther back though he is supposedly orig from Co. Cork IRE. Birthdates on both would be around 1850 to 1860s

Date: 1999-07-04/03:39
Gerald Johnson ( ) wrote:

Looking for information on Sisson family who settled in Cavan Township. James Sisson (1788-1847) married Dorothy Baines (1781-1865).

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