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Books and Articles Listed by the Date Published

Catherine Traill, "The Backwoods of Canada", 1836.
Catherine Traill, "Canadian Crusoes, or Lost in the Backwoods", 1850.
Susanna Moodie, "Roughing It in the Bush", 1852.
Susanna Moodie, "Life in the Clearing Vs. the Bush", 1853.
Samual Strickland, "Twenty-seven Years in Canada West", 1853.
Catherine Traill, "The Female Emigrant's Guide", 1854.
Catherine Traill, "The Canadian Settler's Guide", 1857.
Thomas White, "The Progress, Position and Resources of the County of Peterborough, Canada West", 1861.
Thomas Poole, "Early Settlement of the Town of Peterborough and the Townships in the County of Peterborough", 1867, (republished with addition 1941; third edition, 1967.).
Catherine Traill, "Canadian Wild Flowers", 1868.
F. Davin, "The Irishman in Canada", 1877.
Charles Pelhan Mulvany, "History of the County of Peterborough, Ontario: Containing a History of the County; History of Haliburton County; Their Dtatistics; Biographical Sketches, and an Outline History of the Dominion of Canada, etc., etc", 1884.
Catherine Traill, "Studies in Plant Life in Canada", 1885.
Frances Stewart, "Our Forest Home", 1889.
Catherine Traill, "Pearls and Pebbles", 1894.
Frances Stewart, "Our Forest Home: Being Extracts From the Correspondence of the late Frances Stewart., 2nd. ed.", 1902.
J. W. Garvin, "Collected Poems of Isabella Valancy Crawford", 1905.
Emily Weaver, "The Counties of Ontario", 1913.
C. Howe & J. White, "The Trent Watershed Survey", 1913.
Isabel Skelton, "The Backwoodswoman", 1924.
P.G. Towns, "Douro Township History Since Earliest Settlement", (articles in Peterborough Examiner, April 1925).
John Langton, "Early Days in Upper Canada", 1926.
W. Adams, "Ireland and Irish Emigration to the New World - 1815 to Famine", 1932.
E. C. Guillet, "Early Life in Upper Canada", 1933.
Howard Pammett, "Assisted Emigration from Ireland to Upper Canada under Peterborough Robinson 1825, including the Founding of Peterborough and the Settlement of the Surrounding Townships", 1935.
E. C. Guillet, "The Great Migration", 1937.
John Gray, "A. W. Macenzie, Grove School, Lakefield - a Memoir", 1938.
F. H. Dobbin, "Our Home Town", 1943.
Anne Langton, "A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada", 1950.
Howard Pammett, "The Progress of Peterborough", a series of 86 articles for Peterborough's Centennial, Peterborough Examiner, 1950-51.
G. H. Needler, "Otonabee Pioneers: the Stewarts, the Strickland, the Traills, the Moodies", 1953.
E. C. Guillet, "Pioneer Inns and Taverns", 1954-62.
E. C. Guillet, "The Valley of the Trent", 1957.
Richard Alexander Dean, "The Friendly Town, 1821-1963: Sketches of the Birth, Growth, and Development of the Village of Norwood, County of Peterborough", 1963.
E. C. Guillet, "The Pioneer Farmert and Backwoodsman", 1963.
Howard Pammett, "The Steamboat Era on the Trent-Otonabee Waterway, 1830-1950" (an article in 'Ontario History'), 1964.
Otonabee Region Conservation Report, 1964.
J. A. Edminson, "A Cavalcade of Lakefield Lore", 1966.
John Craig, "By the Sound of Her Whistle", 1966.
Centennial Anthology, "Peterborough, Land of Shining Waters", 1966.
Edith Fowke, "Traditional Singers and Songs from Ontario", 1966.
R. A. Dean, "Norwood: The Friendly Town", 1967.
G. Wilson Craw, "The Peterborough Story: Our Mayors, 1850-1951", 1967.
J. A. Edminson, ed., "Through the Years in Douro, 1822-1967", 1967.
Donald F. Hewitt, "Geology and Scenery: Peterborough, Bancroft and Madoc Area", 1969.
Leslie M. Frost, "Forgotten Pathways of the Trent", 1973.
Joan M. Vastokas and Romas K. Vastokas, "Sacred Art of the Algonkians: A Study of the Peterborough Petroglyphs", 1973.
Gail Corbett, ed., "Portraits: Peterborough Area Women Past and Present", 1975.
Bill LaBranche, "The Peter Robinson Settlement of 1825: The Story of the Irish Immigration to the City and County of Peterborough, Ontario", 1975.
Bill LaBranche, "Peterborough Scrapbook: A Pictorial History of the City of Peterborough, 1825-1975", 1975.
Gayle D. Nelson, ed. "Forest to Farm: Early Days in Otonabee", 1975.
Mae Whetung-Derrick, "History of the Ojibwa of the Curve Lake Reserve". 3 vols. , 1976.
Clare F. Galvin, "The Holy Land, A History of Ennismore Township, County of Peterborough, Ontario, 1825-1975.", 1978.
Jean Lancaster Graham, "Asphodel: A Tale of a Township", 1978.
Martha Ann Kidd, "Peterborough's Architectural Heritage: A Listing of Existing Structures Erected Prior to 1890 in the Area Bounded by the Otonabee River, Parkhill Road, Park Street and Townsend Street", 1978.
"Peterborough Region", 1978.
Richard Tatley, "Steamboating on the Trent-Severn", 1978.
Andrew Harris, ed., "Lakefield College School: The First 100 Years", 1979.
Lorne Edmond Green, "Sandford Fleming", 1980.
A. O. C. Cole, and Jean Murray Cole, ed., "Kawartha Heritage: Proceedings of the Kawartha Conference, 1981", 1981.
Gail H. Corbett, "Barnardo Children in Canada", 1981.
Carol Bennett, "Peter Robinson's Settlers", 1987.
Alan G. Brunger, ed., "By Lake and Lock: A Guide to Historical Sites and Tours of the City and County of Peterborough", 1987.
James T. Angus, "A Respectable Ditch: A History of the Trent-Severn Waterway, 1833-1920.", 1988.
A. O. C. Cole, ed., "Illustrated Historical Atlas of Peterborough County, 1825-1875, 1975 (Abridged Edition, 1988).
Margaret Hogan, comp, "Echoes from the Hills: A History of the Community of Mount Pleasant, 1817-1987: Memories of Mount Pleasant, Cavan Township, Peterborough County", 1988.
Clifford B. & Elaine Theberge, "At the Edge of the Sheild, A History of Smith Township, 1818-1980", 1982.
Helen Rutherford Willcox, "Chemong Park Story", 1986.
Jean Murray Cole, ed. "The Peterborough Hydraulic Lift Lock.", 1987.
Doris Huffman, "Kawartha Park by Path and by Paddle", 1987.
Elwood H. Jones and Bruce Dyer, "Peterborough, The Electric City: An Illustrated History", 1987.
Martha Ann Kidd, "Historical Sketches of Peterborough", 1988.
"Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario: Peterborough - Victoria", 1988.
Jean Murray Cole, "The Loon Calls: A History of the Township of Chandos", 1989.
Carman W. Lynn, ed., "Truth Aflame: Across the Nation and Around the World: A History of Eastern Pentecostal Bible College", 1989.
Quentin Brown, ed., "This Green & Pleasant Land: Chronicles of Cavan Township", 1990.
Jean Murray Cole, "Sandford Fleming: No Better Inheritance", 1990.
Margaret M. McDonald, "Saint Joseph's General Hospital, Peterborough: 100 years: A Commemorative Publication", 1990.
North Monaghan Historical Research Committee, "A History of North Monaghan Township, 1817 - 1989", 1990.
Surrogate Court Index of Ontario, Canada. 1859 - 1900. Volume 17. Peterborough County", 1990.
Garth Duff, "Hazy Days in Dummer", 1991.
Stewart MacLaren, ed., "Standards of the Highest: From Edison to GE Canada: Peterborough 1891 -1991.", 1991.
Enid Mallory, "Kawartha: Living on These Lakes", 1991.
Robert T. Watson, "The Broken Twig: An Illustration of Belmont Township", 1991.
Peter Adams and Colin Taylor, ed., "Peterborough and the Kawarthas.", 2nd. ed., 1992.
Alan G. Brunger, ed., "Harvey Township: An Illustrated History", 1992.
Katharine N. Hooke, "From Campsite to Cottage: Early Stoney Lake", 1992. (Peterborough Historical Society Occasional Paper No. 13)
A. O. C. Cole, "Trent: The Making of a University, 1957 - 1987", 1992.
Aileen Young, "I Hear a Boat a-Whistlin'!": My Stoney Lake Memories", 1992.
Jean Murray Cole, "Origins: The History of Dummer Township", 1993.
Jean Murry Cole, "Origins - The History of Dummer Township", 1993.
Clare F. Galvin, "My Town -- My Memories.", 1993.
Harold R. Hunter, "Havelock Through the Years to Centennial", 1993.
John Walter Martyn, "The Past is Simply a Beginning: Peterborough Doctors 1825 - 1933", 1993.
Enid Mallory, "Countryside Kawartha", 1994.
Ed Arnold and George Elliott, ed. "Our Peterborough", 1996.
Clare F. Galvin, "The Days of My Years", 1997.
Aileen Young, "Yesteryear at Young's Point, With the Original Polly Cow Story and Additions: "Where the Kawarthas Began", 3rd. ed.", 1997.
Katherine Hale (Mrs. Garvin), "Isabella Valancy Crawford", no date.
Jean Murray Cole, "Hutchison House", (no date).

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