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Vinson's Singing Siberians


Flaming "V "Akitas

Nurse Goodbody - Suzie (1966-2017)

Suzie's brother will be taking care of her dogs and you can

contact him at:


These pages will be changing regularly so please visit often. I will have pictures of Suzie's Siberian Huskies that she has been raising since about 1996. Most of them have Native American names. Her oldest husky was "Kiowa Winter Moon {deceased}". She was a beautiful black and white husky with outstanding face markings.

Suzie began her nusring career 17 years and loves it. She worked at the hospital in Terrell, Texas for 8 years and for the past 17 years she has been working for Home Health and Hospice. She is very involved with her church. Suzie never had any children, however she has 8 beautiful children which are her Siberian Huskies and 3 Akitas. She also enjoys spoiling all three nephews and two nieces.

The picture below is Suzie's first Siberian and a sweet heart. We called her "Moon Doggie" and she has produced some of the pretties black and white litters with very detailed markings that have gone to good homes.

Note from Suzie: Kiowa Winter Moon was named because the night she went to pick her up was a cold wintery night and the moon was full.

Our New Additons to our family in 2015

Honey Bear Vinson ......b. January, 2015

Sire: Smokey ......Dame: Blue Sky Max R: Honey bear-young....Honey Bear-now

Honey Bear looks a lot like our first huskie Moon and should whelp beautiful puppies. Her name comes from being sweet like honey and looking like a bear.



Smokey Mountain Bandit Vinson.....b. August, 2015

Call name: "Rocky"



Rocky's name came from the Smokey Mountains in Kentucky and he has a blue eye and green eye is where the name Bandit came from. He's called Rocky because the mountains are rocky.

These are pictures of Matthew & Julie and their Dad, Jason on the day they puppies come home.

The pup above on the far left is:

Kentucky Rain Dancer Vinson "Rainy".....b. August, 2015


Kentucky Mist Vinson "Misty" b. Sept. 2015

Flaming V's Akitas

We have 5 new Akita pups that are 3 weeks old & and will be ready for

homes about the middle of November..............sired by:

Captain Flash Vinson

Dame: Baby Dawn Vinson

Email: Suzie for more information.




Page 2 - Pictures of Female Huskies


Page 3 - Pictures of Male Huskies


You can contact Suzie at the email below.



On night Suzie had an old harmonica and was trying to play it when she heard her siberians singing with the music. This gave her the idea of what name she wanted to use when registering them with AKC. She would show friends and family how they could sing with the harmonica.


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