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Patsy Primrose Lane contains family history taken from the familes of

Robert and Patsy Finley Vinson. I began working on my family history and my husband's in 1965 after our marriage. I was lucky to have grandparents and great-grandparents and great-aunts & uncles who were still living. Robert also had his grandparents and one-great grandmother living in 1965.

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Just a note that I will be working on my pages and adding more information, but life has a way of throwing kinks in what we plan.


Well, 2013 has arrived and I did not do much work on my website this past year. We have lost several family members this year as we are all getting older. I hope to keep adding to this site more often in the future.


I belong to "OPHGR " which has a lot of new information that our Archivists are working diligently to process and transcribe to put up on the internet as FREE information. We have submitted to the Library of Congress 9 books we transcribed at Quitman, Wood County, Texas. Go to the link below and take a look at the site.

As a youngster, I was always facinated by all kinds of history and finding the many branches of my Finley ( paternal) & Conway (maternal) family just came naturally. On the next few pages, you will find out about both my paternal and maternal family. In 1965, I married and thus began the search for the Vinson (paternal) & Werner (maternal) lines of my husband's family. Grandma Mildredge Scroggins Vinson helped me with the Meador & Scroggins and Cox - Vinson lines as well as my in-laws, Earnest and Mildred Werner Vinson.

I want to give credit to my many cousins who have helped research our many lines. Three of my cousins without whose help I would be lost are Wynell Walraven Choate, Johnnie Finley Horton, and June Walker Staton (1924-1995). We have spent many hours in dusty court house basements, walking through overgrown graveyards, traveling to distant states, and looking up sources in libraries for those elusive members of our family as we shared lots of laughter, sighs and excitement.

The information posted on this page is subject to errors. You should always check and research the material sources given on the internet or in person to either prove or disprove the information shown as documentation. Please feel free to let me know what you like about this page as all comments are appreciated.


Patsy's Ancestors: Baker, Finley, Hall and Spence, Conway, Stuart, Hopson, Fulkerson, Stringfellow, Shipp, Crump, Smith, and Walraven.......... Hinshaw, Walker, Leake and Mask...

Robert's (1943-2008) Ancestors: Vinson, Cox, Garvin, and Werner.. Lewis, Meador, Scroggins, Lemmon, and Moore.. Wolcott/Walcott, West, Witherspoon and Gallagher...

Patsy's Couples: Marriage in our family lines.

Patsy's Wake-up News: This page will be devoted to family reunions, memories, poems, spiritual, humor, pictures, and crafts.

Patsy's Recipes: - this page will contain recipes from my great grandmother, family, friends and myself.

Patsy's Findings - Fannin Co. Texas


My children lead very active lives and so do the grandchildren. I hope in 2014 to update their pages and they have grown in the past few years.

Suzie - is the oldest child and she spends her time taking care of her Siberian Huskies, going to the activities of her niece and nephews, and working as a Home Health and Hospice nurse. She is now raising her brother's Akita dogs and hopes to have a website up in the next month or so for the two types of dogs.

Eddie - the oldest son and middle child. He is married to Shannon and has 3 children, Nathan, Joe & Shyanne.

Jason - the youngest son and is married to Heather with 2 children, Matthew and Julianne.

Nathan - the oldest grandson. He recently married Nikita in December, 2012. They live in Virginia.

Joe - the 2nd oldest grandson is very much into football, basketball and baseball. He is the middle child just like his dad and is now in the 12th grade. Joe graduates in May.

Shyanne -is in the 10th grade and active in Varsity Cheerleading, competition cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, soccer and track.

Matthew - is the youngest grandson and is a busy little boy trying to find adventure around each conner. He played soccer for several seasons and is now in the Cub Scouts.

Julianne - is the newest granddaughter and has lots of energy. She just turned four in December. She has enrolled in soccer for the spring season.


Shannon - my daughter-in-law,. who is married to Eddie. She works for the school district as an Aide.

Heather - is my daughter-in-law who is married to Jason and collects "I Love Lucy" and other antique things. She is now a Dental Hygenist.

Patsy's Mom - Mamie Ruth Conway - alive and enjoying her great grandchildren.

Patsy's Dad - Willie Joe Finley (1923-1992)

Robert's Mom - Mildred Werner (1918-1995) - coming soon.

Robert's Dad - Earnest W. Vinson (1919-2003)


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I am also webmaster of:

OPHGR - Organization for the Preservation of Historical and Genealogical Records.

TXGenWeb/Hill County Coordinator - check out my new site.

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