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Matthew's Page

Barefoot, climbing steps, going swimming and digging in the sand while looking for his cousins, Shyanne "Aunn" and JoJo is his favorite summertime activities. For a little boy who just turned two, it is a busy time. He loves to read his Toons books and looks for Tweety to try to wake him up. .

Matthew is still small in size, but he thinks he is as big as his cousins, Shyanne age 8 and Joe age 10. I guess Matthew's greatest love is riding on the big tractors with his dad and papaw. He is only 33" tall, but he can still climb the steps of the tractor and set up on the seat. So when his birthday came in April, Aunt SueSue bought him a battery operated John Deere Tractor with trailer and front-end loader. As you can see in the picture below.

April 2007

Coming Soon! Picture of Matthew in a battery operated go-cart that someone was going to threw away and his dad was able to fix it so now he has his tractor at home and go-cart at Nanny's house. He has learned to put it into reverse while going forward to make the tires spin and peel out. He is a just like the rest of the Vinson bunch.


June 2006

Matthew and his cousin, Joe.

Taking a break from riding in the red wagon and ready for some homemade ice cream.




Matt relaxing in his new Spiderman chair. He copies all his dad's actions so notice the crossed feet as he carefully opens his packages.

He does not like for his hands to be dirty and gets rid of the sticky tape asap. Also, he got a Aketa puppy named "Lady". Later I will have pictures of her.

This picture is a picture of the Sheriff of Deadwood aka "Sheriff Matthew". Ready to get candy as his reward for "trick or treating".





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