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Joe's Scoreboard

Joe is an active young man participating in football and basketball during the school year. He will be in the sixth grade at MHJH and is my middle grandson.

Well, the mighty Panthers will be going strong this year with their Saturday night games. Joe plays offensive and defensive line this year and will be one of the older guys in 2007. His hobbies are soccer, basketball, fishing, camping and video games.

Joe has loved catching frogs since he was 2 years old. On a Sunday afternoon, Joe and Shyanne went out in the pasture to the stock tank and were catching frogs. Papaw told them he could not figure out how they couaght this big bull frog with just their hands, so we took a picture before they let him go again.



Joe and Shyanne with bull frog, 2006



November, 2006 Homecoming Football Game

2006 - Joe goofing off putting a deflated ball on his head.

Joe salutes our Military heros and is

wearing his dad's Army uniform from the 90s.




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