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Heather's family will include the following:

Koelsch, Armstrong, Nocar, Sitar/Zitar, Stringham & Pliley, etal



Descendants of Allison John Pliley


Generation No. 1

1. Allison John Pliley was born 12 May 1832 in Ohio, and died 22 Feb 1917. He married (1) ? Abt. 1868. He married (2) Martha Louise Young 30 Jul 1870 in Topeka, KS by Samuel Wortpart, Min. M E Church with A.W. Pliley and R.B Young, daughter of R. B YOUNG. She was born 25 Dec 1851 in Kentucky, and died 28 May 1934.

More About Allison John Pliley:
Census 1: 1870
Census 2: 1880
Census 3: 09 Jun 1900
Census 4: 21 Apr 1910, Kansas, Wyanette Co 6Ward Ed 88 p. #618/258/242-identifies: Allison J. 65 m40 Ohio, Pennsylvania, Scot; Martha A 59 M1 40 8/7 Missouri, Kentucky; Pearl P. (d) 27 MO seamstress: Ruby L (d) 25 KS wrapper; Ella D. (d) 23 KS wrapper; Goldie Y (d) 18 K S saleslady
Occupation: 1868, Indian Scout/7th US Calvary /with Col. George A. Forsythe/Battle of Beecher's Island

Child of Allison Pliley and ? is:
I. Allison J. Pliley b. Jul 1869, Kansas.

More About Allison J. Pliley:
Census 2: 09 Jun 1900, Indiana Marion Co. ED 53 p. Center Twp, Indianapolis; Allison J. b. Jul 1869- 30 single/plaster Kansas,Ohio, Kansas, boarder (possible son of Allison J?)

Children of Allison Pliley and Martha Young are:
ii. Mary Elizabeth Pliley b. 06 Jun 1871; d. 14 Nov 1949; m. Utter.
2. iii. Mattie Azalea Pliley b. 10 Oct 1874; d. 23 Feb 1943.
iv. Belle Ethel Pliley, b. 21 Dec 1877; d. 11 May 1878, Kansas City, Kansas.
v. Bessie Jean Pliley b. 25 Feb 1879; d. 20 Jul 1961; m. FRY.
vi. Pearl Pansy Pliley, b. 28 Nov 1881, Kansas; d. 10 Jul 1966; m. Bell.
vii. Ruby Lee Pliley, b. 26 Jul 1884, Kansas; d. 12 Nov 1954; m. Shindler.
viii. Ella Virginia Pliley b. 18 Jun 1887, Kansas; d. 26 Dec 1955.
ix. Goldie Y. Pliley b. 18 Aug 1891, Kansas.


Generation No. 2

2. Mattie Azalea Pliley (Allison John) was born 10 Oct 1874, and died 23 Feb 1943. She married Richard Ovid Armstrong son of Ambrose Armstrong and ?. He was born Bet. 1872 - 1882.

More About Mattie Azalea Pliley:
Comment: 2004, Copy of page from Bible owned by Heather Koelsch Vinson states 68yr 4mo 13 days when she died.

Children of Mattie Pliley and Richard Armstrong are:
3. I. Fred J. Armstrong b. 04 Oct 1904, Kansas City, Kansas; d. Jul 1987, Bolivar, Missouri.
4. ii. Mary Armstrong, b. Abt. 1906.
5. iii. Goldie "Pat" Armstrong b. Bet. 1908 - 1910.


Generation No. 3

3. Fred J. Armstrong(Mattie Azalea Pliley, Allison John) was born 04 Oct 1904 in Kansas City, Kansas, and died Jul 1987 in Bolivar, Missouri. He married Leona Miller 1927 in Kansas City, Kansas, daughter of Edward Miller and Delia Cramer. She was born 28 Sep 1908, and died Aug 1979 in Bolivar, Missouri.

Notes for Fred J. Armstrong:
Fred J. Armstrong
Born Oct 4, 1904 in Kansas City, KS. to Richard O. and Mattie Armstrong. Fred resided for most of his life in Kansas City, KS where in 1927 he married Leona Miller, a union which lasted 52 years, until her death in 1979. This union produced five children: three sons,
Don, Harold (now deceased), and Freddie; and two daughters, Jean and Pat. He also had 11 grandchildren, and 23 great grandchildren. He lived in the Kansas City area until 1963 when, upon his retirement, he and Leona moved to Bolivar, MO.
Fred was well know to many in and around Bolivar who appreciated his sense of humor and pleasant manner. One principal he taught and lived by was "If you can't say something good, don't say anything at all". He was a gentleman and a gentle man in every sense of the term.

More About Fred J. Armstrong:
Occupation: Construction Crew/Boiler makers/2nd and Grand/KC, MO
Social Security Number: #487-01-0675

More About Leona Miller
Social Security Number: #496-24-5434

Children of Fred Armstrong and Leona Miller are:
6. I. Donald Eugene Armstrong, b. 08 Oct 1928, MO; d. Mar 2003, Kaufman, Kaufman Co. Texas.
ii. Harold Armstrong.
7. iii. Freddie Armstrong.
8. iv. Jeanne Armstrong.
v. Patricia Ann Armstrong .


4. Mary Armstrong (Mattie Azalea 2Pliley, Allison John 1) was born Abt. 1906. She married Jim Jester.

Children of Mary Armstrong and Jim Jester are:
I. Betty Jean Jester b. Abt. 1928.
ii. Jim Jester, Jr., b. Abt. 1930.


5. Goldie "Pat"3 Armstrong(Mattie Azalea 2 Pliley, Allison John1) was born Bet. 1908 - 1910. She married (1) Ray Hoover. She married (2) David Lorenez.

Child of Goldie Armstrong and David Lorenez is:
I. David Lorenez


Generation No. 4

6. Donald Eugene4 Armstrong(Fred J. 3, Mattie Azalea2 Pliley Allison John1) was born 08 Oct 1928 in MO, and died Mar 2003 in Kaufman, Kaufman Co. Texas. He married Mary Ann Nocar 08 Aug 1952, daughter of Joseph Nocar and Josphine Sitar. She was born 05 Sep 1930 in Linthicum Heights, Maryland, and died 28 Jul 2004 in Medical City, Dallas, Texas.

More About Donald Eugene Armstarong:
Occupation: Bet. 1950 - 1962, Household Finance
Residence: Kansas City, Missouri --Maryland --Hutchinson, KS --Dallas, Texas--Kaufman, Texas

Notes for Mary Ann Nocar:
Mary and Don meet in Maryland. She was working for the Telephone company and Don worked for Household Finance.

More About Mary Ann Nocar:
Burial: Asworth Funeral Home, Kaufman, Texas

Children of Donald Armstrong and Mary Nocar are:
9. I. Susan Carol 5 Armstrong, b. 1958, Texas.
ii. Donny Armstrong b. Texas


7. Freddie 4 Armstrong (Fred J.3, Mattie Azalea 2 Pliley, Allison John1) He married Ileta.

Children of Freddie Armstrong and Ileta are:
10. I. Christine"Christy"5 Armstrong b. 1953.
ii. Gary Armstrong, b. Abt. 1955.


8. Jeannie4 Armstrong(Fred J.3, Mattie Azalea2 Pliley, Allison John1) She married (1) ?. She married (2) Larry Bauer. She married (3) George Fisher.

Child of Jeannie Armstrong and Larry Bauer is:
I. Eddie 5 Bauer.


Generation No. 5

9. Susan Carol 5 Armstrong (Donald Eugene4, Fred J.3, Mattie Azalea 2 Pliley, Allison John1) was born 1958 Texas. She married (1) George Willard Koelsch 1977 in Kaufman, Kaufman Co. Texas -St. Ann Church - by Rev. Casimir Glogowski -#42128 Rec. BK 30 page 583, son of Reinhard Koelsch and Nettie Stringham. He was born 1950 in Kansas. She married (2) Robert Leon "Bobby" Lloyd, III Abt. 1985.

Children of Susan Armstrong and George Koelsch are:
11. I. Heather Dawn 6 Koelsch b. 1978, Kansas.
12. ii. Daniel Adam Koelsch b. 1979, Kansas.
iii. Randall Steven "Randy" Koelsch b. 1984, Kansas.

Child of Susan Armstrong and Robert Lloyd is:
iv. Robert Leon "Bobby"6 Lloyd IV, b. 1988


10. Christine "Christy"5 Armstrong (Freddie4, Fred J3, Mattie Azalea 2 Pliley, Allison John 1) was born 1953. She married Gary Yackle.

Children of Christine Armstrong and Gary Yackle are:
I. Ileta Gene 6 Yackle, b. Abt. 1973.
ii. Christopher Yackle, b. Abt. 1975.


Generation No. 6

11. Heather Dawn 6 Koelsch (Susan Carol 5 Armstrong, Donald Eugene4, Fred J.3, Mattie Azalea 2 Pliley, Allison John1) was born 1978, Kansas. She married Jason Vinson 2003 in Wildwood Baptist Church, Van Zandt County, Texas by Rev. James McWhorter (family friend), son of Robert Vinson and Patsy Finley. He was born 1976, Kaufman Co. Texas..

More About Heather Dawn Koelsch:
Military service: Bet. 1998 - 2002, Served in U.S. Air Force in New Mexico
Occupation: Bet. 2002 - 2003, Dental Assistant

Notes for Jason W. Vinson

2008......Jason and Heather have three Colonial Spanish Mustangs: Swinging Lady "Baby Doll", Blazing Tiger Eye "Tiger" (buckskin stallion) and Baby Doll's son - Pudji (paint stallion).

Education: 1994, Graduated Mabank High School
Fact 1: 10 May 1994, Had an accident while at school with hand
Residence: 1976 Texas.

Child of Heather Koelsch and Jason Vinson is:
I. Matthew Vinson b. 2005, Texas


12. Daniel Adam 6 Koelsch(Susan Carol 5 Armstrong, Donald Eugene 4, Fred J.3, Mattie Azalea 2 Pliley, Allison John1) was born 1979 Kansas.

Child of Daniel Adam Koelsch is:
I. Emma Koelsch, b. 2005, Texas.







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