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My Genealogy Page

Genealogy and family history is my main hobby (obsession!).

This started out as the usual pursuit of my own family trees. However, I became particuarly interested in the new field of DNA studies. What I find particilarly inspiring is the evidence that we are all related. All human beings have been shown to have a common female ancestor some 50,000 years ago and a common male ancestor some 100,000 years ago. We are all cousins and the differences between us are very small. And further to this we apparently share half our DNA with bananas!

In my family trees I follow the 100 year principle. That is, no details on "living" people. I am happy to share information with bona fide family members. I have many hundreds of names in my databases and so if you contact me please include enough details for me to locate the person you are interested in, and to justify your interest..

Prescotts of Prescot Lancashire The Prescotts of Lancashire are believed to be descendants of Richard de Prestcote. My own paternal line of is here. The Prescotts have for several centuries been associated with Prescot, Lancashire, England. My father was from Widnes, near Prescot: Prescot includes: Widnes, Farnworth, Prescot, St. Helen's etc..

Peeps and Pepys: My maternal line. The Peeps/Peapes/Peaps of Kings Lynn and Burnham, Norfolk, England are said to be descended from the same family as the Pepys of Impington, Cambridgeshire.

Dorfler: The family name of my wife. A family of Baltimore, Maryland.

Freedy: My wife's maternal line. Of Baltimore, Maryland.

Mellor: My wife's paternal grandmother. Of Dutchess co., and then New York co., New York.

Stein: My wife's paternal g-grandmother. Of Maryland.

Tagg: My wife's paternal gg-grandmother.

Wolf, Wolfe and Woolf: I researched my brother-in-law's family of Frederick and Washington co., Maryland.

Hillsborough Forest, Orange co., North Carolina
one of my interests has been to explore the families who lived in the area that we have now settled.