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An inventory of Goods and Chattels sold at Public Sale 29 November 1897 after death of Joseph Wilson.

Joseph was a son of Henry Wilson. The distribution was to his wife Catherine Ann Fuhrman Wilson (I would like to know who her parents were?) and his children (see below)

Bish, Grant
Bankert, Beriah
Baumgardner, John
Bixler, George
Crumrine, John
Feeser, Amos
Feeser, A. R.
Fuhrman, Levanias
Fuhrman, Urias
Fuhrman, Edward
Feeser, Birt
Geiman, John
Geiman, Peter
Geiman, Noah
Geiman, Israel
Horick, John
Horick, Lysander
Hoffman, Jacob
James, Joseph
Kaltrider, George
Lippy, William
Lippy, Sarah
Luckabaugh, martin
Leese, Amos
Leese, Jesse
Leese, H. E.
Menchey, Frank
Myers, Granvil
Meekley, Elder
Nace, William
Reese, J. R.
Rhodes, Harry
Rhodes, John
Roser, John
Rhodes, William
Shaffer, Thomas
Sterner, Jacob
Stonesifer, John
Stegner, Wesley
Shaffer, Nathaniel
Sterner, Ed
Sterner, Jacob
Sterner, Samuel
Sterner, Henry
Sterner, S. G.
Snyder, Noah
Shaffer, Horatio
Stuffle, Lewis
Shue, H. S. 
Utz, William
Utz, Thomas
Wagner, Eva
Wilson, Dallas
Wilson, Andrew J.
Wentz, Philip
Wilson, Henry D.
Zepp, Emanuel
Zepp, Jacob
Zepp, Lewis
Zepp, George

Estate was settled 8/22/1898. 1/3 was allotted to Catharine Wilson by law, "there being minor children." The rest went to the children: