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An inventory of Goods and Chattels sold at Public Sale 20 February 1894 by George Rinehart, administrator for Elizabeth Wilson dec'd.

Elizabeth was the second wife and relict of Michael Wilson. I believe she was heavily in debt (a chattel mortgage) to George Rinehart. The following people attended the public auction and purchased goods:

Baker Henry S.
Bankert Edward
Baumgardner John
Bixler E.
Black Henry
Brown Davd
Bupp Sarah
Crumrine A. G.
Crumrine J. W.
Crumrine Mary
Crumrine William
Doll N. J.
Dubs Levi
Erb G. W.
Feeser A. R.
Feeser George
Fridinger Jonas
Fuhrman William F.
Fultz Wesley
Furry John T
Garrett N. W.
Grimm William
Hersh John
Houck G. H.
Houck J. P.
Houck Mary
Houck T. W.
Houck W.
James Joseph
Leese Charles
Leese Granville
Leese Peter
Lower G. W.
Merkel Eli
Miller E. R.
Miller Jacob
Monath Christian
Monath Christian
Monath George
Nace H. E.
Rinehart Henry
Runkle Dave
Runkle Oliver S.
Shewell George
Smith Samuel
Sterner C. W.
Sterner Edmund or Edward
Sterner Jacob
Sterner Levi
Sterner Nelson
Stremmel Henry
Strevig John R.
Strevig John R.
Utz Jacob
Utz Urias
Utz William
Wallersdorf George
Wampler William
Warner M. H.
Wentz John S.
Wildasin E. G.
Yost E. W.

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