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Landowners of Myers District, Carroll County

These landmaps were compiled by Roger Nale and are found along Deep Run Road and Union Mills in the Bachman Valley. You can reach Roger at He writes:

"I have scanned the various tracts I have on the Carroll county ADC map and, due to the size, had to make two scans.

"The first scan covers lands that were surveyed in 1797 as part of an agreement signed by multiple parties. All signors agreed to accept the surveyor's meets and bounds for the several tracts surveyed. The parties were John Jones, Jacob Miller, John Rigle, Adam Feaser, Abraham Fox, John Shall, Jacob Attinger, Valentine Lingenfelter, Casper Trump, Elisha Jones, Kelly Earhart, John Crumrine, Christian Sterner, Samuel Coale, Jr., Frederick Dament, Jacob Baumgardner, George Stump, Philip D. Nail, Conrad Lyster, Anthony Bricker, Samuel Young, and Peter Greisher. The agreement states that the subscribers have lands adjoining each other, or lie adjacent and contiguous to each other.

"The second part of the scan covers all of the land owned by Jacob Banker(Bankert), beginning with a tract called Hill Spring, patented in 1751. The last tract covered by the map of Jacob's lands is Ground Oak Hill, patented in 1777. In all, Jacob owned 1,170 acres of land in 1777.

"The second scan also covers all the lands owned by the Nail family. Anna Maria Nagel/Nail was the oldest sister of Jacob Banker. In 1756, Anna Maria Neolin (Nail) secured a land patent for 25 acres and called it "Philips Delight". Anna sold the land to her son, Philip Daniel Nail, in 1761. That parcel is the middle of the three contiguous parcels which adjoin the Boy Scout property. Phillip Daniel Nail married Jacob Banker's oldest daughter, Maria Margaret Banker (1st cousins). Philip and Margaret had 5 sons who either bought their own land or inherited from Philip. The parcels identified as Nail land total 296 acres. Margaret Banker Nail inherited land and two of the Nail sons bought land from the Banker family. Ultimately, the Nail family owned 473 acres.

"Jacob Banker had a grist mill on his land when he died. When his property was sold, Andrew Shriver purchased just over 70 acres and the mill from the estate. The historic mill at Union Mills sits on part of the tract called Hill Spring and the mill may be on or very near the original mill. The Shriver's had the old mill removed and a new one constructed, but whether it was on the same site or not is still not proven.

"Philip Daniel Nail had a saw mill on his land when he died. The mill was either on the square shaped parcel or the anvil shaped parcel contiguous to and south of the square parcel. The anvil shaped parcel (33 3/4 acres) was sold to Philip by Andrew Shriver out of the 70 acres Andrew bought from the Jacob Banker estate.

"The point of the anvil shaped parcel, above the word "Deep", and the line running south from the point constitute the eastern property line of the present day Deep Run Rifle Club.

"If you want more information on the Banker and Nail lands, I have the deeds or patents and can give you dates and tract names for all of the land."

First scan

"Here [below] is the surveyors map of the land sold out ot Jacob Banker's estate. The date was June 3, 1789. The parcel marked "The Estate 1st part" was divided between Abraham Banker and Andrew Shriver. My scan called "All Land 2" has Abraham's part shown in red."

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