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Bachman Valley Maps

This map shows the location of Gotham (pink); Hockstadt Enlarged - also called Hogstead (chartreuse); and Clary's New Holland (blue). The dotted line which bisects these tracts was the old line between Frederick and Baltimore County, prior to 1837 when this entire area became Carroll County (note the current Baltimore line, farther east). Note that St. David's/Sherman's church in Manheim Township, York is very close for these people. The next closest church, Jerusalem's, was at Bachman's Mill, but before it was built, Zion Church at Manchester was the closest.

In this working map developed by George Horvath, the tracts have been overlaid on the tax map of 1982. It didn't occur to me until I saw this that the old outlines of the tracts, especially in less developed areas, would still be visible since people usually sell within tracts rarely go to the trouble of recombining tracts enough to obliterate the traces of the original boundaries. In this map, Deep Run Road to the north and New Bachman Valley Road to the south contain the bulk of the property, running east to what is now the Hanover Pike (Route 30).


Below is a portion of the 1863 map George Horvath told me was made by the Yankees for their march through the area: if the people in the houses did not correspond with the names on the map, they might be assumed to be rebels. This is the Manchester area.

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