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Descendants of Lewis and Susanna Loats of Carroll County

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A descendancy of Laura Kate Loats and Mary Alice Loats below has been prepared by Martha Krach and is available here.

In 1956 "The Loats Female Orphan Asylum" of Frederick City, which had been established by the will of John D. Loats, closed. In a court case of 1957-1958 the descendants of John D. Loats and Lewis Loats (who mainly lived in Carroll County) sued to get the land returned to them; they were unsuccessful. The building now houses the Frederick Historical Society.

Following is a list of the 44 Loats heirs who were part of the suit. The first table is alphabetical; the second table shows the plaintiffs sorted by their descendancy.

One can see the inheritance was divided in half, with seven children of John D. Loats each receiving 1/14 and six children of Lewis H. Loats each receiving 1/12. When the child was dead, the money was divided among that child's descendants. In some cases the descendant also was dead and the money was divided among the next generation. Below the tables is the descendancy of the family as I know it at this point.

N.B. - There were three would-be plaintiffs who were excluded from the list below but who appear in the docket: Irene Loats (the widow of Charles Loats, childless); Minnie Ludwig (might this have been Minerva H. Loats? perhaps she married a Mr. Ludwig and died childless before the settlement occurred...); and June L. Roberts.

Loats heirs, sorted alphabetically
BankardViola V. L61/216
BollingerNaomi C. L61/108
ByrneSusie J41/28
DavisLydia S. J21/56
DullArthur E. L. Jr. L61/216
DullCharles R. L61/108
DullEmanuel J. L61/108
DullHarry S. L61/108
DullMilton E. L61/108
DullWilbur C. L61/108
EssomFlorence L. L51/12
GambrillMarian Sterner J21/336
GettierMatie E. L31/12
HobbsBertie J11/28
HuberBeatrice S. J21/336
KellyEthel M. J11/28
LoatsClarence J31/42
LoatsDavid F. J31/42
LoatsHarry A. J51/14
LoatsHerbert C. J41/28
LoatsHoward H. L21/12
LoatsLloyd L11/36
LoatsMartin L11/36
LudwigMiriam B. J71/84
MartinVirginia L. L61/324
McCartinLottie S. J21/56
PearceEvelyn Sterner J21/336
ReedElsie M. J31/42
RiglerGrace M. J71/84
SchaferSadie J21/56
SimpsonJoseph L11/36
SmithElizabeth E. J71/84
StablerMargaret J61/14
SternerAlfred Leon Jr. J21/336
SternerElmer C. J21/336
SternerFrederick W. J21/336
SternerGeorge E. J71/84
SternerLawrence V. J71/84
SternerLeroy F. J71/84
WitterD. Paul L41/24
WitterDelvin S. L41/24
YinglingMildred V. L61/108
ZentgrafJames V. L61/324
ZentgrafJoseph E. L61/324

Loats heirs by parentage; J refers to John D. Loats' and L to Lewis H. Loats' descendants (see below). There were seven children of John and six children of Lewis represented.
1 Hobbs Bertie J1 1/28
2 Kelly Ethel M. J1 1/28
3 Davis Lydia S. J2 1/56
4 McCartin Lottie S. J2 1/56
5 Schafer Sadie J2 1/56
6 Sterner Alfred Leon Jr. J2 1/336
7 Sterner Frederick W. J2 1/336
8 Sterner Elmer C. J2 1/336
9 Huber Beatrice S. J2 1/336
10 Pearce Evelyn Sterner J2 1/336
11 Gambrill Marian Sterner J2 1/336
12 Loats Clarence J3 1/42
13 Reed Elsie M. J3 1/42
14 Loats David F. J3 1/42
15 Loats Herbert C. J4 1/28
16 Byrne Susie J4 1/28
17 Loats Harry A. J5 1/14
18 Stabler Margaret J6 1/14
19 Rigler Grace M. J7 1/84
20 Smith Elizabeth E. J7 1/84
21 Ludwig Miriam B. J7 1/84
22 Sterner Leroy F. J7 1/84
23 Sterner Lawrence V. J7 1/84
24 Sterner George E. J7 1/84
25 Loats Lloyd L1 1/36
26 Loats Martin L1 1/36
27 Simpson Joseph L1 1/36
28 Loats Howard H. L2 1/12
29 Gettier Matie E. L3 1/12
30 Witter Delvin S. L4 1/24
31 Witter D. Paul L4 1/24
32 Essom Florence L. L5 1/12
33 Dull Milton E. L6 1/108
34 Bollinger Naomi C. L6 1/108
35 Dull Harry S. L6 1/108
36 Yingling Mildred V. L6 1/108
37 Dull Wilbur C. L6 1/108
38 Dull Charles R. L6 1/108
39 Dull Emanuel J. L6 1/108
40 Bankard Viola V. L6 1/216
41 Dull Arthur E. L. Jr. L6 1/216
42 Zentgraf James V. L6 1/324
43 Zentgraf Joseph E. L6 1/324
44 Martin Virginia L. L6 1/324

Descendants of Lewis Sr. Loats

1. Lewis Sr. Loats was born in 1811 in Maryland. He died on 5 Jul 1891. Susanna [Loats] was born in 1805 in Maryland. She died on 23 Apr 1868. Lewis Sr. Loats and Susanna [Loats] had the following children:

+2i.Lewis H. Loats b. 1833.
3ii.Lydia A. Loats b. 1840. Lydia must have had no living descendants in 1958.
+4iii.John D. Loats b. 1846.


2. Lewis H. Loats was born on 28 Oct 1833. He died on 26 Jan 1916 in Manchester Cem, Carroll County MD. He was married to Lydia A. Elizabeth Wilson about 1858. NOTE: Lydia is my interest in the Loats family; she is a daughter of Michael Wilson about whom I am very curious! Lydia A. Elizabeth Wilson was born on 12 Aug 1836. She died between 1861 and 1872. Lewis H. Loats and Lydia A. Elizabeth Wilson had the following children:

+5i.Charles Lewis Loats. Charles Lewis Loats was born on 29 Apr 1861 in Carroll County MD. He died on 15 Nov 1950 and is buried in Manchester Cem, Carroll County MD. He was first married to Anne G. Kephart on 8 May 1890 in Carroll County MD. Anne G. Kephart was born in Apr 1853. He was second married to Irene M. [Loats] before 1920. Irene M. [Loats] was born on 17 Jul 1876. She died on 27 Sep 1965 in Manchester Cem, Carroll County MD. Charles had no children by either of these marriages and does not appear in the Loats case, although it is possible that the Irene Loats mentioned was his second wife.
+6ii.Agnes V. Loats. Agnes V. Loats was born on 16 Jun 1867 in Maryland. She died on 18 Apr 1955 in Carroll County MD, before the Loats case began, so her share of the proceedings fell to her descendants, indicated as L6 above.

Lewis H. Loats remarried, to Rebecca Caple, on 9 Nov 1872 in Frederick County Maryland. Rebecca Caple was born on 18 Apr 1842. She died on 27 Aug 1932 in Carroll County MD. Lewis H. Loats and Rebecca Caple had the following children:
+7i.Horatio M. Loats. His descendants are L1
+8ii.Amelia Matie E. Loats. She must have married a Gettier and appears as L3.
9iii.Minerva H. Loats was born in 1875. This may be the Minnie Ludwig who appears in the docket but not in the final proceedings a couple years later.
+10iv.Howard Harrison Loats. He appears as L2.
+11v.Ellen M. Loats. Ellen must have married a Witter; her two sons appear as L4.
+12vi.Florence Loats. Florence Essom was the first plaintiff in the case and appears above as L5.

4. John D. Loats was born in 1846 in Maryland. He died on 29 Dec 1889 in Maryland. Sarah Jeneth was born in 1843 in Maryland. She died on 24 Apr 1901. John D. Loats and Sarah Jeneth had the following children. There are nine of them but only seven were represented in the Loats case. Anybody who can sort out these children with their descendants, please contact me.

13i.David F. Loats was born in 1864.
+14ii.Hannah Florence Loats.
15iii.Elias E. Loats was born in 1868.
16iv.John Roswell Loats was born in 1870.
17v.Mary A. Loats was born in 1873.
18vi.Laura K. Loats was born in 1875.
19vii.Clarence W. Loats was born in 1878.
20viii.Harvey C. Loats was born in 1880.
+21ix.Franklin D. Loats.


6. Agnes V. Loats was born on 16 Jun 1867 in Maryland. She died on 18 Apr 1955 in Carroll County MD. She was married to Henry J. Dull in 1885. Henry J. Dull was born in Apr 1865 in Pennsylvania. He died after 1920. Agnes V. Loats and Henry J. Dull had the following children and they will be found on the descendants chart as L6:
+22i.Alverta V. M. Dull.
23ii.Charles R. Dull was born on 23 Dec 1889 in Maryland. He died in Dec 1979 in Maryland.
24iii.Harry L. Dull was born in Aug 1892.
25iv.Milton E. Dull was born in Dec 1894. He died in Jan 1970 in Maryland.
+26v.Arthur L. Dull.
27vi.Wilbur C. Dull was born on 7 Jun 1904. He died on 19 Nov 1987 in Hampstead, Carroll, MD.
+28vii.Mildred A. V. Dull.
+29viii.Naomi C. M. Dull.

7. Horatio M. Loats was born on 29 Jan 1872. He died after 1920. Irene [Loats] was born in 1875 in Maryland. She died after 1920. She may be the Irene Loats in the docket but not in the final accounting.

8. Amelia Matie E. Loats was born about 1874. She married Mr Gettier who was born about 1872.

10. Howard Harrison Loats was born on 12 Mar 1877. He died after 1920. He was married to Jeannie [Loats] in 1896. Jeannie [Loats] was born in 1876. She died after 1920. Howard Harrison Loats and Jeannie [Loats] had the following children:

30i.Myrtle V. Loats was born in 1907.
31ii.Mary G. Loats was born in 1910.
32iii.Charles L. Loats was born in 1911.
33iv.Lara Loats was born about 1913.

11. Ellen M. Loats was born in 1880. Ellen M. Loats and Mr Witter had the following children:

34i.Delvin Witter was born on 17 Oct 1902 in Maryland. He died in Jan 1984 in Denton TX.
35ii.D. Paul Witter.

12. Florence Loats was born on 21 Jun 1883. She died in Dec 1972. She was married to Charles William Essom about 1906. Charles William Essom was born about 1880. Florence Loats and Charles William Essom had the following children:

36i.Charles William Jr. Essom was born on 22 May 1909 in Carroll County MD. He died on 11 Dec 1984 in Carroll County MD.
37ii.Lovalia Essom died after 1984.

14. Hannah Florence Loats was born in 1866. She died in 1946.

21. Franklin D. Loats was born after 1880. He died on 18 Jul 1924 in Maryland.


22. Alverta V. M. Dull was born in 1887 in Maryland. She died after 1920. She was married to John Joseph Zentgraf in 1907. John Joseph Zentgraf was born on 16 Apr 1888 in Maryland. He died on 18 Jan 1922. Alverta V. M. Dull and John Joseph Zentgraf had the following children:

+38i.James Valentine Zentgraf.
+39ii.Joseph Elton Zentgraf.
+40iii.Virginia Louise Zentgraf.

26. Arthur L. Dull was born in Aug 1896. He died before 1958.

Arthur L. Dull had the following children:

41i.Arthur E. L. Jr. Dull was born on 24 Mar 1924 in Maryland. He died in Dec 1974 in Maryland.
+42ii.Viola V. Dull. She married Mr. Bankard.

28. Mildred A. V. Dull was born on 4 Mar 1907 in Maryland. She died in Oct 1982 in Maryland.

29. Naomi C. M. Dull was born on 26 Feb 1909 in Maryland. She died in Nov 1981 in prob. Finksburg, MD.


38. James Valentine Zentgraf was born in 1910. He died in Apr 1983. He married Marguerite Staub who was born about 1912.

39. Joseph Elton Zentgraf was born on 23 Feb 1913. He died on 31 Aug 1992 in Maryland. He married Sarah Margaret Myers who was born on 29 Aug 1916.

40. Virginia Louise Zentgraf was born on 3 Jul 1915. She died on 18 Mar 1999. She married Jacob Roland Martin on 28 Oct 1930 in Ellicott City, MD. Jacob Roland Martin was born about 1913.

42. Viola V. Dull died after 1958.

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