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More than I ever expected to know about the family of Frederick Heiser

Frederick Heiser, born about 1775, married Catharine (maybe Meyer) and had a huge family. I never meant to accumulate so much information about his offspring - his daughter Susannah married Henry Wilson, the brother of my ancestor Michael Wilson - but it was there and so I provide it for other Heiser researchers and would be happy to hear from you.

According to documents held by Penny at, Frederick was probably the son of John Adam Heiser and wife Anna Maria. "On Monday the 16th September 1751, John Adam Heiser arrived at Philadelphia PA in the ship Brother, Captain William Muir, from Rotterdam, Holland. He appeared on this day at the Court House at Philadelphia before the Worshipful, the Mayor Thomas York, Esquire, to take the Oath of Abjuration. ... John Adam died intestate about January 21-23, 1787 in Brunswick Twp., Burke County, Pa. I sent for his Estate papers (16 pages) dated Jan 26, 1789 to April 1790. The widow Anna Maria's renunciation dated Jan 24 1789 is in German... Ulrich, second son, was administrator... the papers listed his children's names. All born in Burke County, PA. Rudolph, Ullerick, Henry, Charles, Adam, John George, Frederick (notes say m. Catharine Meyer), Ernst, Catharine, Susanna. Perhaps you might write Penny if you want further information on this document.

Frederick died intestate. Henry Wilson was appointed administrator of his estate and somehow there was a lawsuit involving the estate of his son George Heiser. In the process of straightening it out, the whole huge family got laid out in the documents.

The Chancery Case

Henry Wilson, Admr. of Frederick Heiser vs. David B. Earhart, Admr. of George Heiser, et als. Sale of real estate to satisfy creditors. George Heiser died 15 July 1838, intestate, leaving widow, Catharine Heiser, w/o issue. He was the son of Frederick Heiser, who died 1 Mar 1846, intestate. Brothers and sisters: David Heiser, husband of Sally Heiser; Jacob Heiser; Susannah Wilson, wife of Henry Wilson; Peter Heiser, of MI, husband of Rebecca Heiser; Catherine Baum, of MI, wife of George Baum; Barbara Mathias, deceased, wife of Henry Mathias, mother of Urias Mathias (of MI, husband of Elizabeth Mathias), Edward Mathias (of OH), Saranda Myers (of OH, wife of Huttle Myers), Susannah Wyans (of OH, wife of James Wyans), Mary Mathias (of OH), Lewis Mathias (husband of Lydia Mathias), and David Weaver (husband of Margaret Weaver); John Heiser, deceased, father of Lewis Heiser (husband of Susannah Heiser), Daniel Heiser (husband of Susan Heiser), Mary Cummings (wife of Henry Cummings), and Catherine Shaffer (somewhere out-of-state, wife of David Shaffer); Daniel Heiser, deceased, father of Saran Ann Heiser (of PA); and Sarah Foreman, deceased, mother of Henry Foreman (husband of Susannah Foreman). Property formerly situate in Frederick County, being part of "Gotham".

The further final account of Henry Wilson, Administrator of Frederick Heiser, late of Carroll County Maryland, deceased, settled in the orphan's court May 10 1858

The accountant charges himself with the sum of $344.74 as administrator of said Frederick Heiser dec'd against David B. Earhart Administrator of George Heiser dec'd and others in the circuit court of Carroll County being case #462

A sum was paid to Hayden & Baumgardner Attorneys at law

Balance of the estate ($201.10) paid in ninths to:

  1. Jacob Heiser son
  2. Joseph Hoover assignee of David Heiser son
  3. Peter Heiser son
  4. Catharine a daughter, wife of George Bamm (?)
  5. Henry Matthias personal representative of Barbara, a daughter who died since her father and was wife of said Henry Matthias
  6. Susanna, a daughter, and wife of Henry Wilson
  7. Sarah W. Heiser only child of Daniel Heiser dec'd a son
  8. Henry Wilson assignee of Henry Fuhrman only child of Sarah Fuhrman dec'd who was a daughter
  9. To children of John Heiser dec'd:
    • Lewis a son
    • Henry Wilson assignee of Daniel Heiser son of said John
    • Catharine wife of Daniel Shafer
    • Henry Wilson assignee of Henry Conyers and Mary his wife, said Mary being a daughter of said John Heiser dec'd

People making purchases at the sale on 25 May 1846 by Henry Wilson administrator of goods chattel and personal estate of Frederick Heiser deceased

Baughman David
Baumgardner Henry
Crase James
Frock John H.
Fuhrman Henry
Gearhart Jacob
Geiman Samuel
Giman Samuel
Grase James
Hauck Jacob
Heiser David
Hively William
Kalter Peter
Kantz John
Kautler Peter
Keiller Peter
Krantz John
Kreiter Peter
Mathias David
Miller Lorence
Mine Henry
Sheffer Samuel
Sherman Jesse
Sneck John
Stansbery James
Stansbury James
Stegner Peter
Sterner Jacob
Weaver David H.
Wentz John
Wilson Joseph
Wine Jacob
Yost Frederick
Zepp George

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