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Conrad and Annamaria Heilman

Conrad Heilman appeared as a single congregant at Zion Church in Manchester in 1782. He may have come from Chester County, PA. His marriage to Anna Maria Sabel (whose maiden name is helpfully carved on his tomb at St. David's in Manheim Township, York) is recorded at that church: Apr 22 1783. On this same day at this same church, Adam Sabel and Cathe Schillingin were married and it seems likely that Adam's parents, Leonard Sabel and Catherine Schilling (m. September 02, 1750), were also the parents of Anna Maria as there were no other Sabels of their generation in the area, and an Anne Mary (daughter) is mentioned in Leonard Sabel's will, filed in Baltimore county. No birth record for Anna Maria has been found. (Left: picture of Conrad Heilman's house on Bachman Valley Road)

Conrad and Annamaria Heilman took Communion at Zion Church on July 6, 1783 and two daughters' births were recorded there: Anna Maria b. 17 Feb 1785 (sponsor Barb. Sabelin, single) and Catharine, b. 18 July 1787 (sponsor Cathr. Wirkingerin, single). No other children have been discovered.

On April 16 1786, Leonhard Foreman of Baltimore County sold to Conrad Hileman of the same county 136.5 acres of "Hockstadt Enlarged," often called Hogstead. The deed was witnessed by Chr. Cruse and Leonard Kerbaugh. Leonard Foreman's wife Mary is witnessed by William Gibson, Clerk, Lyde Goodwin, and Robert Lemmon. This may be the Leonard Foreman who states in his Revolutionary War pension forms that he was born 1758 and hailed from Anne Arundel.

The 1790 Baltimore County census shows Conrad Hileman with three females and three males. On January 27, 1791 John Robert Holliday and Elenor his wife of Baltimore County sold to Conrad Hileman of the same place 57-1/2 acres of the tract "Gotham," witnesses Sarah Chilton and Margaretta Hudson; Elenor's witnesses were John Moale and George Gouldth Presbury. I note that in the same year a Martin Hileman purchased of John Bowen "Bite the Biter" and "Ploughman's Addition" and "Smith's Chance" - but Martin did not appear in any tax or census records of the area.

In the 1798 general assessment, Conrod Hileman is living in a hewd log dwelling house, with log shop and barn. Next to him is Frederick Heiser, on 113A acres of "Cotom" (Gotham).

In 1810 John Fultz, with wife and two daughters, and Coonrod Hilleman and wife (and several unidentified others) of Pipe Creek are neighbors.

I do not know when Conrad's wife died or where she is buried. In 1820 and 1830 I believe Conrad, seemingly a widower, was being counted in John Foltz's household. He made this official when, in 1837, he deeded his land to his daughter if: "the said Anna Mary Foltz shall give to the said Conrod Hileman the free and uninterrupted use of the stone part of the dwelling on said premises as now occupied by him, to give him sufficient Boarding, Clothing and lodging, to deliver to him firewood cut for the stove in his room, and give him all things that may be necessary for his Comfort, that he may require during his natural life. Witnessed Jacob Kerlinger and Jacob Gitt" I have visited this home on Bachman Valley Road - the "stone part of the dwelling" and the rest still very much in use.

Conrad died June 19, 1845 and is buried, with many of his family members, at St. David's in West Manheim.

I would love to hear from other Heilman descendants. To follow the fortunes of Conrad's daughter Anna Mary, continue with the "Foltz" link. Annamaria Heilman marries John Foltz

Descendants of Conrad Heilman

Generation No. 1

1. Conrad1 Heilman was born February 1760, and died June 19, 1845 in Sherman's, West Manheim Twp York Co.. He married Anna Maria Sabel April 22, 1783 in West Manheim, York, daughter of Leonard Sabel and Catharine Schilling.

Children of Conrad Heilman and Anna Sabel are:

+ 2 i. Anna Maria2 Heilman, born February 17, 1785 in Manheim Twp, York, PA; died January 14, 1867 in St David's, West Manheim, York.

3 ii. Catharine Heilman, born July 18, 1787.

Generation No. 2

2. Anna Maria2 Heilman (Conrad1) was born February 17, 1785 in Manheim Twp, York, PA, and died January 14, 1867 in St David's, West Manheim, York. She married John Foltz Abt. 1801 in Baltimore County, Maryland, son of Adam Foltz and Elizabeth [Voltz].

Children of Anna Heilman and John Foltz are:

+ 4 i. Annamaria Polly3 Fultz, born November 25, 1803 in Maryland; died January 23, 1855 in St David's, West Manheim, York.

5 ii. Sarah Fultz, born Abt. 1806; died Aft. 1859. She married Michael D. G. Dr. Pfeiffer Abt. 1826.

Generation No. 3

4. Annamaria Polly3 Fultz (Anna Maria2 Heilman, Conrad1) was born November 25, 1803 in Maryland, and died January 23, 1855 in St David's, West Manheim, York. She married (2) Michael Wilson Abt. 1830, son of () Wilson.

Child of Annamaria Polly Fultz is:

6 i. John Jr.4 Fultz, born June 25, 1822 in Maryland; died September 20, 1899 in Manchester Cem, Carroll County MD. He married (1) Christiana S. [Fultz] Abt. 1845. He married (2) Mary Ann [Pannebaker] March 27, 1865 in Carroll County MD.

Children of Annamaria Fultz and Michael Wilson are:

7 i. Isadora4 Wilson, born June 10, 1838 in Zion Church, Manchester, Carroll Cty MD; died March 02, 1924 in Christ Lutheran, Trenton, Hampstead, Carroll County, MD. She married William Grim October 21, 1855 in St Matthew's, Hanover, York, PA.

8 ii. Lydia A. Elizabeth Wilson, born August 12, 1836; died Bef. 1872. She married Lewis H. Loats Abt. 1858.

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