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Taxpayers of Carroll County Maryland 1837

From the first tax list of Carroll County transcribed by Professor Tracy with emendations by George Horvath.

Albaugh          William               Everything Needful                 200
Angle            Andrew                Iron Intention                      15
Baroman          Daniel                Everything Needful                  30
Baughman         Frederick /5                                             326
Baumgartner      Catherine widow                                          130
Bawman           Jacob                 Stansburys Grove                   101
Bawman           Peter                 near PA line PPO
Beck             George                Iron Intention                     140
Beck             Jacob                 Iron Intention                     130
Becker           George                Everything Needful                 114
Becker           Michael               Everything Needful                 106
Berwager         Frederick             Three Brothers                      50
Binder           John Heirs            Florida                            185
Bixler           Abraham               Wises Mill                         191
Bixler           Barbara wid of John   PPO
Bixler           Frederick /s          Cally Fancy                        125
Bixler           George                part Wises Mill                    141
Bixler           Jacob Jr              PPO
Bixler           John heirs                                               125
Bixler           John of Peter         Iron Intention                      30
Bixler           Magdalena             PPO
Bixler           Peter                 Big Meadow                         231
Bixler           jacob Sr              Wells Care                         220
Black            George                part Ohio                           15
Boblitz          George                PPO
Bollinger        Daniel                Bollingers Contrivance             320
Bollinger        Mathias Jr            PPO
Bollinger        Mathias Sr            Bollingers Living                  150
Boring           Ezekial Jr                                                15
Boring           Ezekial Sr            Stony Ridge                        102
Boring           Isaac                 Borings Range                      160
Born             Jacob heirs                                              330
Born             Jacob of John         Pleasant Garden                    206
Born             John of A.            Wills Care                         269
Born             John's heirs                                             213
Bosley           Joshua Jr                                                144
Bosley           Joshua Sr             Everything Needful                 140
Bower            Isaac                                                    136
Bowman           John                  PPO
Bowser           Charlotte             PPO
Bowser           George                                                   130
Bowser           Joseph heirs                                             210
Bowser           Salomon               PPO
Brickman         Henry N.              Everything Needful                  20
Brilhart         David                 Cally Fancy                        125
Brinkman         Henry N.              Everything Needful                  27
Brown            Jacob of Jos          PPO
Brown            John heirs            Iron Intention                     123
Brown            Joshua                Iron Intention                     193
Buckingham       Charles               PPO
Bumgart          John                  Maltingan                           60
Caltrider        Daniel                Borings Range                      115
Caltrider        George heirs          Caltriders Fancy                   110
Crawmer          John of PA            New Germany                        100
Crooker          Joshua & John         Borings Range                       80
Crumerine        Phillip                                                   18
Crumerine        Phillip of A          Ipstone                            300
Crumerine        William /2            Dyes Adventure                      14
Crumrine/Linewa                        Potters Lot                         50
Dayhofe          John                                                      38
Downey           George /Balt          Christophers Lot                   170
Ely              Elias                 PPO
Everhart         George Jr             Pr. Good Luck                      127
Everhart         George Sr /4          Gotham                             315
Everhart         John                  PPO
Everhart         Michael               Iron Intention                      26
Fair             George                Hopkins Choice                     250
Fair             Henry                 Sugar Valley                        50
Fair             John Jr               Shaffers Folly                      70
Fair             John Sr               Wallaces Res                       160
Fair             Peter                 PPO
Fair             Samuel                PPO
Fare             Charles               Three Brothers                     131
Fare             Frederick             PPO
Finafrock        Peter                 Big Owl Hill                        18
Fisher           Jacob                 PPO
Flickinger       Adam                  Iron Intention                     240
Foltz            John /1               Gotham                             194
Fowble           David                 Stony Valley                        64
Frankforter      Adam                  Steffesburg PP                      14
Frankforter      Dave                                                       2
Frankforter      Jacob of A.           PPO
Freed            Lawrence heirs        Troy                                52
Fuhraman         Philip                Troy                                72
Fuhrman          Henry                 Troy                                27
Fuhrman          John of H                                                 27
Furhman          Samuel                Everything Needful                   7
Furhman          Valentine                                                  6
Gable            John                                                       3
Gantee           Joseph                PPO
Garner           Jarrett               Drye's Adventure                    87
Garner           Wesley                PPO
Garner           Wesley W              PPO
Garrett          Henry                 Old Germany                         94
Garrett          Henry F.              PPO
Garrett          Jacob                 PPO
Geiger           Jacob Rev             Old Fort                            11
Geiman           Christian             Tiperary                           200
Geiman           John                  PPO
Gett             William of Pa         PPO
Gettier          Michael of Pa         PPO
Gettier          Peter Jr              PPO
Gettier          Peter Sr              Molters Lot                        200
Gettier          Peter of H            Mill Hope Hover Not                 95
Glare            Henry                 PPO
Gore             Phillip               California                          46
Grace            Henry heirs           Everything Needful                  33
Grace            John                  Inghankim                          180
Grammer          Henry                 Iron Intention                     200
Green            Shadrack heirs                                            60
Gummel           George                Gummells Desire                    283
Gummell          Jacob                 Balchiors Prospect                 100
Hamburgh         Frederick             PPO
Hanes            Francis /3            Iron Intention                      61
Heiser           Frederick             Gotham                             100
Heiser           George                Gotham                              65
Henry            Peter Sr              Sugar Valley                        62
Hinkle           George                PPO
Hinkle           Margaret widow                                            36
Hively           John                  Troy                                23
Hofeacker        David                 PPO
Hofeacker        Henry of John         PPO
Hoffacker        Henry of B                                                 4
Hoffacker        Jacob                 Big Owl Hill                       235
Hoffacker        John                  Borings/Fosters Hunting Ground     430
Hoffman          Peter                                                    140
Hoffman          William Esq           Ground Oak Race                     55
Honestiffle      Ann widow             Stoney Valley                      125
Hoppe            Frederick             Everything Needful                   3
Houck            David                 Stormy Point                       177
Houck            Elias heirs           Troy                               130
Houck            Elizabeth wid Jacob   PPO
Houck            George                PPO
Houck            Henry of Jacob        PPO
Houck            Henry of Peter                                           160
Houck            Jacob of Jacob        PPO
Houck            Jacob of P. heirs                                        166
Hurt             Michael               Wild Cat Harbor                    190
Keagle           William               PPO
Kealer           John M.               PPO
Keith            William               PPO
Kellead          Thomas                Clarys New Holland                 280
Keller           Henry                 Pairmans Defence                    88
Kerlinger        Conrad                PPO
Kerlinger        Conrad heirs                                               2
Kerlinger        Jacob Esq             PPO
Kerlinger        John heirs            Troy                               260
Kerlinger        Mary widow of J       Troy                               122
Kinsey           John                  Balt. county                        95
Kneller          Godfrey (German)      PPO
Knipple          Christopher                                               60
Kopp             Joseph                Everything Needful                  60
Kopp             Joshua F.             PPO
Koutz            Elizabeth widow       Koutz lot                           80
Koutz            George                Everybodys Land                    140
Koutz            Henry                 PPO
Koutz            Michael heirs                                             60
Koutz            Nancy                 PPO
Krautz           Henry                 PPO
Krautz           John                  PPO
Kridler          John                                                      15
Kroh             John /1               PPO
Kroh             Martin /1             Mattingam                          303
La Motte         Henry                 Kentucky                           120
Lammott          Joshua                PPO
Lamotte          Jacob                                                    234
Lease            George                Troy                                51
Leathers         David                 PPO
Leister          Daniel /1             Spring Garden                      206
Leister          Henry of D.           PPO
Linaweaver       George                California                          30
Lindaman         John heirs                                                94
Lindaman         John heirs                                               148
Lineaweaver      Jacob                 California                          20
Linewaver/Crumr                        Potters Lot                         50
Lippy            Benjamin              PPO
Lippy            David                 PPO
Lippy            Henry                 Old Fort                            21
Lippy            Jacob                 PPO
Lookenbaugh      Peter                 Beaver Trap                         21
Lookerbaugh      Henry                 Stansbury Grove                    116
Lookerbaugh      Peter Jr              Eight Sisters                      300
Loveall          Greenbury             PPO
Loyer            Casper                                                    50
Lynn             Elisabeth wid of M    Ulricks Delight                    160
Lynn             Samuel F.             PPO
Malter           George                Three Brothers                     200
Malter           Jacob heirs           Malters Chore                       43
Markle           Adam                  PPO
Marsh            Eleanor B. widow                                          50
Marshal          James                 PPO
Marshall         Thomas heirs                                              10
Massamore        George                California                           3
Massamore        Jordon                Venus Harbor                       160
Mathias          David                 Gotham                              20
Mathias          George Jr                                                 42
Mathias          George Sr /1          Gotham                             269
Mathias          Jacob blacksmith      Iron Intention                      30
Mathias          Mary widow            Gotham                              66
Mathias          Mary widow of Joseph                                     300
Mathias          Perry                 PPO
Matter           George & Geiger       2 lotts                              0
Matter           michael               Matters Chance                      50
Maxfield         Levi                  Everything Needful                   9
Meancey          John                  Ipestone                           235
Meanche          Valentine                                                  3
Miller           Charles               Stoney Point                         2
Miller           Henry of M            Borings Range                      276
Miller           Jacob of M.                                              150
Miller           John heirs                                                12
Miller           Michael               PPO
Miller           Samuel                Spring Run                          90
Minter           Henry of M            Shimps lot                          16
Minter           Mattie                Brick Barn                          65
Morris           John & wife                                               10
Murray           John heirs            Christophers Luck                   33
Myerly           Solomon               Old Fort                            13
Myers            Lewis                 PPO
Myers            Samuel W.             Gotham                             187
Nace             George near Pa        Troy                               150
Nace             John of Pa.           Troy                               111
Nelson           Thomas of Balt city   Stansburys Grove                   260
Olinger          Peter                 PPO
Ophold/Snerring  of Pa                 Troy                                20
Orndorff         John                  near Westminster                   180
Panabecker       Peter                 Winchesters Lot                    140
Park             Joseph M.             PPO
Petrie           Henry                 Spring Run                          48
Pheiffer         Andrew                Old Fort                             8
Pheiffer         Nicholas              PPO
Plowman          James Heirs                                              160
Ports            John                                                     170
Reed             Jacob                 Iron Intention                     133
Reed             John                  Everthing Needful                   50
Reese            John                                                      30
Rhinehart        Barbara wid at Gate   PPO
Richards         John heirs                                               300
Richards         Richard               PPO
Rider            John Heirs            Iron Intention                     285
Riegle           Lewis                 Pt Old Fort                         68
Rife             Abraham               Winchesters Lot                    245
Rinehart         Barbara widow         at Gate
Rinehart         Daniel                Troyo                               31
Rinehart         Magdalene                                                110
Riseley          John (German)         Iron Intention                      43
Ritter           Frederick                                                 66
Ritter           Michael               PPO
Rorebaugh        Lawrence              Belfast                            255
Royer            Christian             Ambitious                          225
Royer            Peter                                                    200
Rugal            Adam                  Koutz Fort                         100
Rupp             George                Three Brothers                      11
Rupp             Mary widow of Pa      PPO
Saltsgiver       Henry                 Joshua's Fancy                      40
Sater            John                  PPO
Sater            Thomas /3             Stansbury Hills                    365
Sawble           Catharine wife of M.                                      30
Sawble           Eliz wid of Peter     PPO
Sawble           Michael                                                  180
Sawble           Peter heirs                                               95
Seller           Catharine             PPO
Seller           Jacob Jr              PPO
Seller           John Jr               Transylvania                       265
Seller           John Sr               PPO
Sellers          George                Everything Needful                 150
Sellers          Jacob                                                    103
Sellers          Peter                 Everything Needful                 129
Sentz            Catharine w of Peter  PPO
Sentz            George                PPO
Sentz            Peter                 Iron Intention                      66
Sentz            Peter heirs                                              200
Severn           Jacob                 PPO
Shaeffer         Jacob                 Wallet Res                          48
Shaffer          John                  allied to Warehime daughter         50
Shaffer          John (Pipe Creek) /3  North Canton                       200
Shaffer          John of John          PPO
Shaffer          Michael of J          Iron Intention                     171
Shaffer          Samuel                Iron Intentions                     22
Sharer           Jacob                 PPO
Sharrer          Daniel Sr                                                 12
Sharver          Daniel Jr             PPO
Shauck           Henry                 PPO
Shauck           John                  Bite the Biter                     400
Shaver           Joseph                Walkers Paradise                   110
Shelty           John                  Dyes Adventure                       8
Sherman          George                Borings Range                       75
Sherman          Jacob                 Bellfast                           210
Shinneck         Jacob                                                     38
Short            Henry (German)        PPO
Shorver          Adam heirs                                                20
Shower           Adam                  Good Luck                          229
Shower           George                Stephens Hope                      216
Shower           Jacob                 Good Luck                          243
Shriver          Jacob                 Everything Needful                  60
Shultz           Catharine             PPO
Shuman           Henry                                                      5
Slagle           George of Pa                                              21
Slagle           William               Brickmen                           200
Smeach           John                  New Germany                        186
Smith            Frederick                                                 24
Smith            George                PPO
Smith            Henry                 PPO
Smyth            William T.            PPO
Sneck            John                  Cuckolds Point                      44
Sneck            John of Jacob                                             15
Snerringra/Opho  of Pa                 Troy                                20
Snider           Christian             Iron Intention                     200
Snider           George                                                   117
Snider           Henry                                                     49
Snider           Jacob                 PPO
Stansbury        Henry                 PPO
Stansbury        John                                                     180
Stansbury        Joshua                Christopher Luck                    40
Stansbury        Richard               Stoney Hell                        250
Steagmers        George                New Germany                        151
Steagner         Jacob                 New Germany                        100
Steffee          Henry                                                     13
Steffer          John Jr               PPO
Steffer          John Sr                                                   50
Stewer           Mary widow                                                 1
Stiffler         Michael                                                   15
Strewick         John Jr               Stumps Lot                         156
Strewick         John Sr               Everybodys Land                     81
Sullivan         Michael               Pleasant Valley                     75
Sullivan         Ninrod                PPO
Swartsbaugh      John                  Three Brothers                     280
Swartsbaugh      Violet                                                    73
Syford           Harreitt              PPO
Taste            Henry                 PPO
Tipton           Amon                  Plowmans Defense                   100
Tracy            Ephraim               PPO
Trump            George                PPO
Utz              Daniel                Inheritance                         32
Utz              George                Inheritance                        128
Utz              Peter                 Inheritance                        250
Walker           Daniel                Wildcat Harbor                      98
Walker           George                PPO
Walker           George Heirs          Hobsons Choice                     100
Walter           John                  Spring Run                         100
Wareham          Henry                                                    226
Wareheim         George                Borings Range                      600
Weaver           Catharine wid John/2  PPO
Weaver           George of H           Gotham                             215
Weaver           John of H             Troy                               160
Weaver           John of John /3       PPO
Weaver           Johns Heirs                                              354
Weibling         Charles               PPO
Welsh            Prudence              Society Hill                       106
Wentz            Adam of Pa                                                35
Wentz            George blacksmith     PPO
Wentz            John                  Mill Hover                         123
Wentz            Valentine of Pa       Wentz Enlargement                  111
Werner           George                Koutz Lot                          200
Werner           Jacob of M                                               126
Werner           John                  -- Middle of the World             219
Werner           Melchior                                                 125
Werner           Samuel Heirs                                             180
Werthington      John & S.             Dyes Adventure                      60
Whiteleather     David                 Town Property
Wigan            Henry                 Dickeys Plague                     100
Wigan            Jacob                 Gotham                             195
Williams         Henry                 Wildcat Harbor                      50
Wilson           Henry                 New Holland                         10
Winck            Jacob                 Borings Range                      120
Witter           Samuel                Iron Intentions                     42
Wolfgang         Jacob                 Mattygase                          220
Yingling         Christian             Iron Intentions                    100
Yingling         David                 Town Property
Yingling         George                Pleasant Garden                     40
Yingling         John                  Michaels Lot                        37
Yoost            Jacob                 Ohio                                47
Yoost            John                  Troy                                61
Yoost            Philip                Gotham                              50
Zebb             Jacob                 Town Property
Zeff             George                Ohio                               120
Zimmerman        Christiana widow      PPO
Zimmerman        Christians Heirs                                         165
Zimmerman        Fredrick                                                  86
Zimmerman        Henry                 Beaver Trap                        360

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