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Descendants of John Hans Bixler

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Descendants of John Hans Bixler


1. John Hans Bixler was born 4 FEB 1699/00 in Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland.

Madalena Kroehbuhl was born in Cordorus Twp., York, Pennsyvlania. John Hans Bixler and Madalena Kroehbuhl had the following children:

+2i.Samuel , Sr. Bixler.


2. Samuel , Sr. Bixler was born in 1738 in Hanover, Pennsyvlania. He died in 1803 in Bachman's Valley, Carroll Co., Maryland. Aft 1765 62 acres plantation inherited from John Bixler.

25 Aug 1775 Part of famr at Codorus creek sold to John Miller.

10 Jun 1789 Remainder of farm sold.

20 Nov 1789 Land purchased from Joseph Mathias in Carroll Co. and handed down in the family over 200 years.

Elizabeth Brillhart was born about 1740. Samuel , Sr. Bixler and Elizabeth Brillhart had the following children:

+3i.Peter Bixler.
4ii.Samuel , Jr. Bixler was born on 3 Mar 1769 in Hanover, Pennsylvania.
5iii.Mary Bixler was born in 1775.
6iv.David Bixler was born in 1775.
7v.Benjamin Bixler was born in 1772.


3. Peter Bixler was born on 3 Mar 1772 in Hanover, Pennsylvania. He died on 16 Jan 1853 in Manchester, Carroll Co., Maryland. He was buried in Bixler Church Cemetery, Westminster, Carroll Co., Maryland. In 1834 had farm land that adjoined Frederick Bachman's Mill and Henry Mathias farm.

Catherine Wentz was born on 6 Mar 1772. Peter Bixler and Catherine Wentz had the following children:

+8i.Elizabeth Bixler.
9ii.Benjamin Bixler was born in 1809 in Maryland.
10iii.John Bixler was born on 21 Jan 1795 in Carroll Co., Maryland.

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