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Bachman Valley and Manheim Township Website

(Northern Carroll County Maryland and Southern York County Pennsylvania)
Now also including some records from northern Baltimore County...

My grandfather, William Stuart Peppler Sr., posed with his fathers' cows.

Many of my Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors came from the southwest part of York County (West Manheim Township on into Adams County) and the adjoining area now in northern Carroll County but which, prior to 1837, straddled the old Frederick/Baltimore County border (see the maps). Many of our Maryland ancestors were born, married, and/or buried in York County PA - after all, St. David's Church in West Manheim was closer to them than any of the churches in Maryland. And many of our Pennsylvania ancestors slipped a few miles south and disappeared off the radar of the York Heritage Trust. This makes them difficult to research.

The ancestors of Flaura Belle Grim Peppler (left, with her son) lived in Carroll County in the 19th century and my interest has generalized into the entire community. I post here information I've been accumulating and hope that others will share as well. Email me at with historical and genealogical information on the families of this area, descendancies, miscellaneous comments, corrections, and additions! Thank you!

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In my opinion it's valuable (and agreeable) to find one's relatives and their neighbors, on the census, in the army, collected on a given day to help out a family after a death. Are you glad you found your people on these lists? You can return the favor by writing to me and identifying them. What were their dates? Whom did they marry? Etc... that's my payoff for typing up all this information (the same goes for this whole site!)

MAPS of the Bachman Valley area including the 1863 map with property owners' names

SURNAMES: add yours!

Maps of the lands of Jacob Bankert and adjacent landowners including John Jones, Jacob Miller, John Rigle, Adam Feaser, Abraham Fox, John Shall, Jacob Attinger, Valentine Lingenfelter, Casper Trump, Elisha Jones, Kelly Earhart, John Crumrine, Christian Sterner, Samuel Coale, Jr., Frederick Dament, Jacob Baumgardner, George Stump, Philip D. Nail, Conrad Lyster, Anthony Bricker, Samuel Young, and Peter Greisher, compiled by Roger Nale.

ARTER/ARTHUR/OERTHURA descendancy of Wilhelm Oerthur b. 1705 prepared by Angie (Trish) Deardorff.
BACHMAN1789 Will of Frederick Bachman contributed by Rick Huneke.
BANKERTA descendancy of Johannes Jacob Bankert prepared by Angie (Trish) Deardorff.
BAUMGARDNERDescendancy of Johan George Erhart Bomgardner b 1722 Germany, moved to the Bachman Valley, with notes and sources, contributed by Pat Lenhart.
BIXLERDescendancy of Edward L. Bixler b 1868, contributed by Sandra Fields.

Three generations descended from John Hans Bixler contributed by Angie Deardorff.

BOLLINGERThese two files are of the same family, with a different emphasis.
Joseph Bollinger family (Jane's)
Mathias Bollinger family (Chuck Bollinger's)
COPPERSMITH Descendants of Peter Kupferschmidt contributed by Angie Deardorff.
FOLTZ of John Fultz (Voltz) b 1771. John was in the 1798 tax list for Baltimore County. He married Annamaria Heilman, daughter of Conrad.
FUHRMAN/FOREMAN Fuhrman (Also Foreman) miscellaneous data
Peter Fuhrman b. 1793 (Jane's). Peter was first seen as a single man in the Manheim tax list of 1814, married soon after to Elizabeth Rohrbach daughter of Johannes. But where did he come from?
GRIM/GRIMM Jacob Grim (Grimm) family - Jane's. I have recently made acquaintance with several Grim relatives and have new information to share, including photos.
HEILMAN of Conrad Hileman (Heylman, Holman) b. 1760. Conrad was first seen at Zion Lutheran Church in Manchester as a single man in 1782 and married to Annamaria Sabel of Manheim Township the following year.
HEISER of Frederick Heiser (Hauser, Hiser) born about 1775. Lived on Gotham and Clara's New Holland (enumerated in Frederick prior to 1837). Frederick had a huge family. He was father-in-law to Henry Wilson, the brother of my ancestor Michael Wilson.
JONES Descendants of John Jones contributed by Angie Deardorff.
LOATS/DULL Descendants of Louis and Susanna Loats: In 1957, forty-four descendants sued to retrieve possession of the building recently vacated by the Loats Female Orphan Asylum; they were unsuccessful and the building now houses the Frederick Historical Society. However the case gives a lot of information about descendants of the Loats family, which mainly lived in Carroll County.
MAJOR John, Archibald, and Thomas Major sought; information from Marjory Petty Austen.
MASENHEIMERA descendancy of Josephus Masenheimer prepared by Angie (Trish) Deardorff.
NAIL Maps of the lands of Philip Nail and adjacent landowners including Jacob Bankert, John Jones, Jacob Miller, John Rigle, Adam Feaser, Abraham Fox, John Shall, Jacob Attinger, Valentine Lingenfelter, Casper Trump, Elisha Jones, Kelly Earhart, John Crumrine, Christian Sterner, Samuel Coale, Jr., Frederick Dament, Jacob Baumgardner, George Stump, Philip D. Nail, Conrad Lyster, Anthony Bricker, Samuel Young, and Peter Greisher, compiled by Roger Nale.
SABLE/SAWBLE Miscellaneous baptisms, etc. (and 1850 census sightings) of the Sabel family.
TRISHA descendancy of John Frederick Trish b. 1832 prepared by Angie (Trish) Deardorff.

A second version also by Angie.

WENTZ Some Wentz Deeds contributed by Cathy Wentz.
Descendants of Frederick Wentz contributed by Sandra Fields.
WILDASIN Wildasin family arrives in America (from Arthur H. Laube)
Wills of Samuel Wildasin 1803 and 1804 (also from Arthur H. Laube)
WILSON of Henry (b 1808 and Michael (b 1812). Henry was first seen in Bachman Valley census 1830, Michael in 1840. Their wills included in this file.
YINGLING Miscellaneous baptisms, etc. of the Yingling family, provided by Judy Wilkinson.
ZEPP A descendancy of the Zepp family primarily in the Bachman Valley, compiled by Vanessa Stern, Charles G. Winter, and others mentioned in the source list at the end of the file.

Baltimore County (3rd district) census index: 1810 1820 1830
Manheim Township census index: 1830


NEW!! Christenings at Bethlehem Reformed (Stiltz) Church, York Pennsylvania, 1895-1936

Communicants at Shaffer's (Abraham's) Church in Beckleyville. This list was transcribed by Walt Tracey who wrote: "I met with my Aunt Nina Fishpaw Millender, who said she had a bag full of papers ... At the bottom of the pile was this book or ledger from the Shaffer Church, Manchester, Balto, Co., dated 1805. I believe that the Shaffer Church later became the Abraham Church, Beckleysville. ... It appears that my Great Great Grandfather (Casper Millender) was one of the Elders in 1850's and the book or ledger never got turned back in after his death." There is more information in this small ledger and Walt and other researchers are working on transcribing it. More to come!

Index to burials at old St David's/Sherman's Church in West Manheim, just at the Maryland border

1867 auction of Anna Mary Foltz's property
1868 auction of Martin Minter's property
1871 auction of Henry Wilson's property
1885 auction of Michael Wilson's property
1894 auction of Elizabeth Wilson's property
1897 auction of Joseph Wilson's property

Captain George Hoover's Company in Codorus Township, 1776
Class Roll of Capt. Henry Kesler's Company for the year 1782
Return of Captain Sherers Company of York County in the year 1782
Captain Andrew Foremans Company of Militia November and December 1781

Taxpayers of Carroll County Maryland 1837
Manheim Township Tax Lists: 1779 1795 1801 1815 1826
Codorus Township Tax Lists: 1783

Estate of Adam Bish 1792 - from Rick Huneke
Bish Family Bible - from Rick Huneke

A word on spelling of names

Please don't cling to one familiar spelling of each family name -- you will surely be cut off from much pertinent information. Besides a general lack of spelling standardization there was the issue of Anglicization (and de-Anglicization) of German names. If our Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors moved west to Adams County or south to Maryland, where many neighbors, clerks and census takers were "English," names might be intentionally or inadvertently changed - Fuhrman to Foreman, for instance. On the other hand, Pennsylvania Germans who had been living in Maryland but who moved a few miles back into more exclusively German-speaking territory might find their names changed back to the forms more familiar to their peers. In fact, I've been told that when the Hauvers translated their name to Oats, it was then re-Germanicized to Utz, a different German name than the one they started with! Our ancestors often did not notice or care how their names were spelled, and we have to take that into account.