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Mary was the first child born to Wyatt Holt.   She was born in Rowan County,  North Carolina, 29 April 1801.  Although very little information is known  about  Mary,  it  is documented  her  father  was  living  in  Rowan  County from 1800 to 1805.   (See Wyatt Hoult page in Index).   It's only a guess that her name was Mary Ann? since she had a daughter by that name.

In the 1810 and 1820 U.S. Census, Mary was listed with her parents. She lived at home until she married on 14 November 1822, in Buncombe County,  North Carolina,  where her family lived at the time.

In many library records, Holt families were of the Baptist belief. This was also true of  the Wyatt Holt family.  So it would be a good guess that Mary Holt met her husband at church,  for she married a Baptist minister, Rev. Jonathan King.  He was born  on 20 December 1800,  in Buncombe County.  Research revealed  there are "two" views on who his parents were. Since Benjamin King, Sr.  was a witness on two Deeds with Wyatt Holt, the view that believes he was Jonathan's father and Rebecca was his mother,  seems more plausible,  considering the closeness of  the two families.  However,  the other view says Jonathan King's father was Samuel King.   

"Brief  Baptist  Biographies 1707-1982" Vol. 2,  by Robert  P. Hamby, has many members of  the  King family  listed.   Using records from the churches,  Mr. Hamby  records that Benjamin King Sr.  was the son of Samuel King,  born 1746 in Virginia, and died in Henderson Co., N.C. in 1828.   Samuel's wife was Elizabeth Underwood Davenport,  b Sept 15, 1737, died in March 1827.  He writes that she was the widow of Matthew Davenport, and the daughter of Joseph Underwood of Virginia and his wife, Molly Brown, who was the widow of  John Brown of  Ireland.   He states this Samuel King and wife had a son named Jonathan...but...their son,  Jonathan married Sarah Taylor. Hamby also records that Benjamin King had  two sons  who were  Baptist ministers,  Jonathan King  and Benjamin Franklin king. 

The Baptist Church of Hendersonville, North Carolina, was founded 8 Oct 1844.   Jonathan King  was a  founder and  council member.  Mary was a charter member.  Hamby writes this church actually began in 1802 with 25 charter members at  Mud Creek.   Clearly this was where the Holt family attended church, as Mud Creek was within 2 miles of Shaws Creek where they lived.   Actually,  Mud Creek goes in a half-circle, so its waters might have connected to Shaws Creek at that time.

It seems that after her father left the area,  Mary's maiden name was forgotten.   Mr. Hamby (author of  book  named  above) found mentions of  Mary in  church records  as  being  Mary King...but apparently found nothing about her other than as Jonathan King's wife ... for he confused her name with the name of Jonathan's second wife, Nancy.

When Mary's father sold all of  his property,  Jonathan King bought 255 acres from him  at  a  price below what Wyatt paid for it.   Jonathan's wife was not named in the transaction, as often was the practice in those days.

Mary Holt King had 14 children.  She died on 27 November 1856. It is said she was buried in Henderson County.   Could that mean she was buried on  their  land at Shaws Creek where her Mother may have been buried?  Or, was Mary buried at  the little church cemetery at Mud Creek where her husband, Jonathan, was ordained?  If she was buried on private land,  that would account for no gravestone remaining now. 

The Hamby book mentions James Blythe, Jr., who  purchased 200 acres on Shaws Creek in September 1794.   We can rightly assume this    is the same 200 acres Wyatt Holt  bought from a member of his church, James  Blythe, Jr.    This was also the same property Mary's husband, Jonathan King,  bought from her father.

Jonathan King married again on 18 October 1857.   His  new  wife was Nancy Whitmire, born 11 Feb 1813.   By the 1870 Census, they had moved  to  Pickens County,  South Carolina.   His Census lists his Real Estate value at $6000 and his personal estate value at $4000. Jonathan King died on  23 August 1883.  It is said he was buried on his plantation. Nancy died after 1884.

Following are the children of  Mary Holt and husband, Jonathan King.  All were born in Buncombe County, North Carolina.   It is hoped that Mary gave a daughter her Mother's name.  They are listed below according to birth:


1.   Elizabeth Elmira King...............b 30 April   1823                                             

2.   Sarah Naomi King.....................b 13 August 1824                                        

3.   Jeremiah King...........................b 25 November 1825                                

4.   Samuel Barnett King.................b 21 Feb 1827                                            

5.   Mary Ann King..........................b 21 October 1828                                      

6.   W. Hannah King,  b 21 Feb 1830 (could the W. stand for Wyatt? )         

7.   David King...b 18 May 1831...Died fighting in the Confederate Army    

8.   Rebecca Emmaline King...........b 5 Feb 1833                                              

9.   Harriet Lee King.......................b 23 July 1834                                         

10.  Jacob King................................b 3 March 1836                                       

11. Charlotte T. King......................b 19 February 1838                                

12. Susannah Almirinda King.........b 27 December 1840                             

13. James Webster King................b 12 November 1842                              

14. Jonathan Lafayette King..........b 27 October 1846


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