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Children of Wyatt Holt's

First Family




Records of Rowan County, North Carolina, prove Wyatt Holt was living there at time of the 1800 U. S. Census, as-well-as on February 6, 1805, when he took an apprentice to train in carpentry. The extent of this obligation was not mentioned in the court record,  so whether this training took 3-6 months, one-year or longer, we do not know.  It seems sure Wyatt was born and lived near the town of Salisbury.   We have no date when he moved his family into the wilderness, but his property was about five miles west of Hendersonville in Buncombe County, where they were listed in the 1810 Census. Wyatt and Wife eventually had 12 children.  Their first two children were born in Rowan County and  the last six were born in Buncombe County ... but birth place of the four middle children is still unknown.     Pertinent data pertaining to each of their twelve children is presented here.

1.   Mary Holt was the first child born to Wyatt Holt.    She was born in Rowan County, North Carolina, on 29 April 1801.   Very little information has come to light about her.   Could it be her full name was Mary Ann?..... for she had a daughter by  that name.    She was listed in the 1810 and 1820 Census with her parents.

In 1815, her father purchased acreage on Shaws Creek where the family was living when she married November 14, 1822.   At  that  time Shaws Creek was in Buncombe County, North Carolina.     Later-on, county lines changed and Shaws Creek became part of Henderson County.

Library records note many Holt families were of  the Baptist faith.    This was also true of the Wyatt Holt  family.  Mary likely met her future husband at church, for she married Baptist minister, Rev. Jonathan King, who was born December 20, 1800,  in Buncombe County, North Carolina.

Benjamin King, Sr. witnessed two Deeds for Wyatt Holt.   The author of "Brief  Baptist  Biographies 1707-1982, Vol. 2",  Robert P. Hamby, lists many King family members thru the years.  Samuel King, Sr., born 1746 in Virginia was a  Revolutionary soldier serving with the Virginia troops during the War (1776-1781).  His wife was Elizabeth Underwood Davenport,  b 15 Sept 1737, died in March 1827.    They were living in Henderson County, North Carolina, when Samuel died in 1828.   Their son,  Samuel  King, Jr.,  was born in  1772 and died in 1849.  He was the father of Mary Holt's husband, Jonathan King. Samuel was in the U. S. Army and fought in the War of 1812.     Jon's mother, Mary Ashe Kelley, was born 1777 - died 1813-14.   Samuel Jr. later remarried.

According to Hamby's book,  on 8 October 1844,   Jonathan King was among the Elders who led in establishing Hendersonville, North Carolina's First Baptist Church.  Mary Holt King was a charter member.  Hamby noted the King family ALL came from Mud Creek Baptist Church ... established in 1802.'s reasonable to assume the Wyatt Holt family attended church at Mud Creek and that Mary met Jonathan there.

Hamby's book mentions James Blythe, Jr.,  purchasing  200 Acres on Shaws Creek, September of  1794.    Without doubt, this was the same 200 acres Wyatt Holt bought from James Blythe, Jr., and was the same acreage Jonathan King later-on bought from Wyatt, his father-in-law.  Due to  Wyatt buying property from a Mud Creek Church member,  may be considered a clue that his business dealings were often with church members.

Apparently Mary's maiden name was  forgotten after her father moved from North Carolina to Tennessee.   Altho Mr. Hamby found mentions of her in church records,  the only data written about her was as a member of  the King family.  Not knowing when Mary Holt King died, or that Jonathan King remarried, Mr. Hamby mistook Jonathan's second wife, listed in the church records as "Nancy", to be the same woman as Mary Holt King.

When Mary's father was selling his property, his son-in-law bought 255 acres at a price well below what Wyatt paid for it.     Perhaps Wyatt chose to Gift his daughter in this way, plus this helped him make a quick sale.    Mary was not named in the Deed,  the usual practice in those days.     Per census, we learned Jonathan and Mary continued to reside at  their own homestead, never moving to her father's property.     This fact helped establish comings and goings of another family member mentioned on other pages.

By 1840, Jonathan King and Mary Holt's family had expanded to 4 sons and 6 daughters.   Per the 1850 Census,  daughter, Susannah, was born abt 1843,  bringing their total  known  children to 11.  Some King researchers list 2 more daughters and 1 son born to Mary... with names being...Sarah Naomi, Charlotte T. and Jonathan Lafayette King.   These children likely died young since no proof has surfaced.   If anyone has proof  these children  belonged to Mary Holt King, please share that data for posting on this page.

Mary Holt King died  27 November 1856.   Family tradition says she was buried in  Henderson County.    Was she was buried at  Shaws Creek where her Mother may have been buried?   Or, were Mary and her Mother buried at at the church cemetery at Mud Creek where Jonathan was ordained? Being buried on private land might account for no record of their graves.

After Mary's death, Jonathan married 44-year-old Nancy Whitmire, born February 11, 1813.     Jonathan was age 56 when they wed October 18, 1857. In 1870 Census,  Jon and Nancy King were living in  Pickens County, South Carolina.    Per Census,  Jonathan's real estate value was $6000 ...  personal estate was valued at $4000.    We can assume Jonathan sold his Henderson County land holdings when he moved away ... including acreage Wyatt sold him.   Jonathan King died August 23, 1883.   Nancy died after 1884.     Family records say Jonathan was buried on his plantation.   Is this a clue Jonathan buried Mary on their property and not a church cemetery?

Jonathan estate documents  are on record at  Pickens County Probate Court.   His Will named his 10 children by Mary Holt King.     Not named was daughter, Susannah, who apparently died young and was childless.    Mary Holt King likely named a daughter for her Mother, who possibly was named Elizabeth Elmira.   Cousin Richard Holt  wrote an interesting commentary of his research into this name...a name also given to Wyatt's tenth child.  Click the Back Button  to read.

Children of  Mary Holt  and  husband, Jonathan King,  are listed  below: (1) Elizabeth Elmira King, b 30 April 1823;  (2) Jeremiah King, b 25 Nov 1825; (3) Samuel Barnett King,  b 21 Feb 1827;    (4) Mary Ann King,  b 21 Oct 1828; (5) W. Hannah King, born 21 Feb 1830;       (6) David King, born 18 May 1831; (7) Rebecca King, born 5 Feb 1838;   (8) Harriet Lee King, born 23 July 1834; (9) Jacob King, b  3 March 1836;     (10) James Webster King, b 12 Nov 1842; (11) Susannah King, b ca 1843.     (David died fighting in Confederate Army).

2.   Samuel Holt,  b 1802,  Salisbury,  Rowan County, North  Carolina. Married 1) Asenath (Bradley?) with whom he had 9 children.   2) Mary (Polly) Skiles, with whom he had 8 children.   He died before 1880 in Cocke County, Tennessee.  For more, Click INDEX below for Samuel Holt's page.

3.   MILLY Holt,  b 10 August 1805,  Salisbury,  Rowan County, North Carolina.   Emilia, Millea and  Milly were various spellings of her name in the U. S. Census.   Milly was counted in  Wyatt's 1820 Census,  but  the Census Taker mistakenly listed her as 'male' in the 1810 Census. Nevertheless, that she lived at Mud Creek with her husband, just a few miles from Wyatt Holt's property is an evidence she was Wyatt's daughter ... for Wyatt was the only Holt in the 1810-1820 Census for Buncombe County.  Her 1850 census lists her birthplace as S.C., as did her 1870 census.     It is likely James gave this information ... for Milly's 1860 and 1880 census corrected this error,  stating her birth was in North Carolina, same as her parents.

Milly Holt married James Wyatt (son of John).   Of  their 13 children, six had the same names as her siblings. Could one of her daughters be named after her mother?  Their children were: 1) Sarah D., b 1826;  2)  John b. 1828; 3) Jacob, b. 1830; 4) Alfred, b. 1831;  5) Nancy J., b. 1834;  6) Mary E.,  b.1836 (Elmira ?);  7)  Melinda, b. 1838;  8) Matilda, b. 1840; 9)  Sampson, b. 1842; 10 & 11) Hiram and  his twin, Elijah, b. 1844; 12) Jesse b 1846; 13)  James Riley Wyatt, b 1848.   Milly's husband and one of her brothers had the same name 'James'.  She likely met James at church, that's where country people often met for the first time ... at church.  Mary, her sister, likely met her husband at church, too.    James Wyatt was born 1798, in Buncombe County.    He died June 18, 1883, in Cumberland  County, Tennessee.  Milly Holt Wyatt died on Aug 11, 1894. She was buried at Hales Chapel Cemetery next to James, her husband.

With many thanks to Cousin Steve Rivkin for sharing the following data about Milly Holt Wyatt and husband, James Wyatt's family:

In brief, John Wyatt was born in 1772 and his wife, Sarah Trammel, was born in 1777.  They lived in Buncombe County, North Carolina.  They moved to Tennessee in 1826,  and around 1830, they moved to Cumberland County. John named his gun 'Hog High'.   They lived in the Hiwassee Indian Lands of Tennessee for a few years.   John was a Republican and also a noted hunter as well as a stone mason.  And as a very old man he sometimes assisted his son-in-law hero, "The Red Fox",  known for working for the North during the Civil War.   John's father was James Wyatt  -  a supposed Revolutionary War soldier, who served 7 years.   I was born in 1953,  in Washington D. C.   From age 6 onwards until year 2000 (46 years) I would pretty much go to Crossville in Cumberland County  every year for part  of  the  summer.   I went to Family Reunions and  got into  genealogy.   That's when  I began visiting many local county courthouses.   My Grandmother was a real wealth  of information too. When I was age 6,  I  met  my  Great-Grandfather,  James Simeon Wyatt,  who was Milly Holt Wyatt's grandson.  Some people mess up his middle name and think it is Sampson after his father.  But his middle name was Simeon, named for his Mother's father, Simeon Selby.  He died later in the year that I met him. I also met the locally famous Jane Wyatt in her log cabin mansion that was in Cumberland County ... a sweet lady who had been a  Zeigfeld's Follies Girl,  a silent film actress, a stage actress and singer in New York City.    She married a rich Texan and they settled in Cumberland County.  She was a First Cousin of my Grandfather, Sanford Lee Wyatt, as I recall.   But she was not the other even  more  famous  Jane Wyatt,  with a somewhat similar history...although Cumberland County treated her like a returning hero and named the road her log mansion was on "Jane Wyatt Road".  Jane's father was John Wyatt, who was a Sheriff for some time in the County.  A part  of  Jane's  very  large land holdings that were around her home once was a part of the first John Wyatt's land when he came to Tennessee from North Carolina; the same John Wyatt born in 1772, married to Sarah Trammel.   Some folks misspell Sarah's name as  Trambel  and  Tremble,  but  old  records often have a lot  of  misspellings. This is a few memories of the family.   (end)    Steve is the Gr-gr-gr-grandson of  Milly Holt Wyatt  and husband, James Wyatt.  To contact Steve regarding his Wyatt family lineage, he can be reached at

4.   Polly Holt, was born in 1808, in Rowan or Buncombe County, N.C. Her father's 1810 and  1820 Census left open three different years she could have been born,  in accordance with her siblings birth years.      Using those records,  her birth year was confirmed  by her 1850  Census,  with husband, Abraham Brown.   Among her 11 children were twins,  Polly  and  Milly.

5.   James Holt, born ca 1807, in Rowan or Buncombe County, North Carolina.  He married Margaret Brown in N.C.  They had 11 children.  In 1850 Census, James and family lived next door to his brother, Samuel, in Pickens County, South Carolina.   By 1860,  James and family lived in  Cocke County, Tennessee, near to brother, Samuel.   James died between 1871-79 in Cocke County.   When I began this research,  it seemed James was surely younger than Jacob.   We have no record of when James married, but Jacob married and  had a child two years before James wed,  so ...  it seemed certain Jacob was older.   However, in recent years it dawned that with James and Samuel keeping their  families so close  through the years, this points to them being closer in age than were Samuel and Jacob.

When a number of children were listed in the same-age-category  in the early census without a  document to prove an exact birth year, it could be a toss-up to which child was the oldest unless a later census confirmed their age.  But with James and Jacob we had no confirming older census. That's when other data or some clues come in, as well as a good guess.   Since no proof has been found as to the exact birth year of  James or Jacob, it seems the best 'clue', therefore, was James closeness to Samuel, his older brother. This will be easy to correct  if  proof of James or Jacob's birth is ever found.

Many thanks to Cousin Shane Brown for sharing a vital document for Margaret Brown Holt's family.   Shane found the Last Will and Testament of Margaret's father...Andrew Brown ... in the Probate Office Estate Records at Clayton,  in Rabun County, Georgia.     Record book: 1850 - 1860  ... entitled "Minutes, Inventory and Appraisement"... Page's 348 - 349 - 350.  The Will is dated  25 September 1855.    Margaret Holt  is  listed  among the  children of Andrew Brown.  No exact date is recorded for Andrew Brown's death in the Estate documents, but Shane confirms Andrew's tombstone lists his death as May 25, 1859.   The witnesses  to  Andrew's Will were the same men who witnessed his death at Probate Court on July 5, 1859.  Among those named in this Will is Andrew's wife, Levica Brown.  The family lore says Levica was called 'Cassie'.  Shane's Gr-gr-gr-gr-Grandfather was Joseph Brown, son of Andrew, and brother to Margaret Brown Holt.  Shane can be reached at this Email address .

6.  Jacob Holt, b ca 1809, probably in Buncombe Co., North Carolina, married Eve Crum, 18 Aug 1825, in Greene County, Tennessee.   They had 9 children:   Joseph Holt,  b ca 1828, single;   Jesse J., b 1826, married Delilah Taylor;   Samuel,  b 1830, wed Elizabeth Seaton;   Jonas, born ca 1832, wed Margaret Seaton;  John, b 1834 wed Margaret Sauceman;   Benjamin b 1837 wed Nancy Elizabeth Light;   Andrew, b 1839 wed Sarah Ann Light;    James, born 1841 wed Sarah Ann Renner;  and Martha A., b ca 1842, single.    Jacob Holt died 17 Sept 1844,  in Greene County, Tennessee.  Cousin Richard Holt is a direct descendant  of Jacob and Eve, having researched them for years. If you would like to reach him regarding Jacob's family, his Email address is

Benjamin Franklin Holt's Great-Grandson,  Don E. Holt,  submitted this family story:      "Jacob and Eve's sons,  Benjamin and Andrew,  migrated to Fannin County, Texas.  Benjamin's son, William J. Holt, my grandfather, told me he and his father,  whom he called Franklin, traveled to a port in Texas to get lumber to build a  'homeplace'  in Savoy.   They  loaded two wagons with lumber and supplies.  On the way home Franklin had a heart attack and died, leaving grandfather William to bring his deceased father back home,  as well as the wagons.   At that time Benjamin Franklin Holt was age 55 and William was almost 17.   William's son,  Robert Orville Holt and Bessie Powers were my parents."  (end)

A 'family story' is what helps to make our history so interesting.  Many thanks to our Cousin Don Holt for sharing this important story with us.

7.   Jesse Holt, b 26 Mar 1811, Buncombe Co, N.C.  Died 16 July 1881. Buried in Caney Branch Cemetery,  Greene County,  Tennessee, along side his wife,  Elizabeth Crum  (sister to Eve)  whom he married  15 October 1829, in Greene County.   Jesse and Elizabeth had 10 children.

8.   Daughter, born ca 1812-13 in Buncombe County,  North Carolina. She was in Wyatt's 1810 and 1820 Census but what happened to her hasn't been discovered.   The exact date Wyatt left this area is not known ... but he sold all of his property by late December 1824, when this daughter's approx age was 11 or 12.    With her Mother deceased,  it's possible she stayed with her married sister, Mary, in Buncombe County.  IF  so, she would have been age 17-18 in 1830, and likely married before census time.  She was not listed in  Jonathan and Mary Holt King's 1830 census.   Since Wyatt was not listed in 1830 Census,  we do not know  IF  this daughter moved to Greene County, Tennessee, with the family.   She has never been identified  by name and no further record of her has surfaced in North Carolina or Tennessee. It is likely she stayed with her father and moved to Tennessee with him.    At age 11 or 12,  she was the oldest of Wyatt's daughters still at home ... her older sisters had married.   She may have become a 'mother' to her four younger siblings until Wyatt married a little over 3 years later.

9.   Nancy Holt, born  ca 1814  in  Buncombe  County,  North Carolina. Ca 1829,  she married  Joseph M. Brown,  brother of  Margaret (listed above). They had 12 children.    Twins ... George and Lucinda C.... were born in 1835, per the 1860 Census.     Her sister, Polly Holt Brown, also had twins.    Twins must have come thru the Brown lineage.   Nancy died ca 1855 in Rabun Co., Georgia.

10.   Elizabeth Elmira Holt, was born in 1820, in Buncombe County, North Carolina, too late to be counted in the Census that year.   In  the 1850 Census, she was named 'Mira', and lived with Eve Holt, her brother's widow. It was exciting when Cousin Richard Holt  found Mira married Melvin Moore in Greene County on Dec 12, 1862, at age 42.  This was Mira's only marriage. She died childless in February 1871, in Greene County.

11.   Jonas Holt, was born ca 1821, Buncombe County, North Carolina died  31 Aug 1845, at Caney Branch,  Greene County,  Tennessee.   Cause of death at age 24 is unknown.   In "Greene County Tennessee Marriages 1783-1868",  by Goldene Fillers Burgner ...  two marriages are listed for Jonas Holt before 1845.    (1)  Jonas Holt  to Magdalena Garret,  January 2, 1835, Pg 100. (2) Jonas Holt  to Jane Skyles,  May 23, 1839,  Pg. 116.      A second listing for Magdalene Garrett  to  Benjamin B. Ward,  May 10, 1835,  Pg.101,  also exists. Jane Holt,  Jonas' widow,  married Ephraim Laney,  January 5, 1848,  Pg.157.

Could it be  this  Jonas Holt  had a short marriage to Magdalene Garrett, on January 2, 1835,  listed in Greene County records?    The Bondsman was Alexander Brown.    At that time Jonas was only age 14.    Per the Census of 1820 and 1830,  no other man with this name was listed in Greene  or  Cocke County.   Although Wyatt Holt's family was not  listed in the 1830 Tennessee Census,  county records document another son of  Wyatt Holt married there in 1825.  Therefore. Wyatt Holt and family were definitely settled and living in Greene County, Tennessee in 1825.   There is another marriage recorded for Magdalene Garrett, in Greene County, on May 10, 1835.  If this  was the same woman of January 2, 1835, we do not know.  But IF it was, then Jonas Holt's quick marriage had apparently been annulled.  Perhaps he looked a bit older than his true age.

At the time of  the 1840  Greene County  Census,  Jonas Holt lived next door to his father, Wyatt.  He had married Jane Skyles on May 23, 1839, and they had one son, under age 5, likely born in February or March of 1840.    It was unfortunate that Jonas died August 31, 1845, at age 24.  At that time his son had turned age 5.

Jane Skyles Holt  was widowed  for  two-years-four-months before she married  Ephraim Laney,  January 5, 1848.     They were not listed in the 1850 Census  of  Greene  County, Tennessee.   If they had already left on a wagon train for Missouri, is not known.  But Lewis Broyles, listed in the 1850 Greene County Census (taken in August), was living next door to Jane and Ephraim in 1860 Census, at Spring Lake, Dent County, Missouri, a small community.

Also, Tennessee-born Isaac Skiles, age 30, was living with his family at Spring Lake.  Isaac may have been related to Jane.  Can anyone shed further light on the Skyles/Skiles family children?

We know  this  Jane Laney was JONAS HOLT'S  widow...because living two houses from  Jane  and  Ephraim  in 1860,  was  WILLIAM  HOLT, age 20, which was the age Jonas and Jane's son would have been.   William and his wife,  Elizabeth,  had a 7 month old son,  Ephraim,  clearly named in honor of the step-father who raised  William from age 7 or 8.    Therefore... the name of this baby confirms  William to be the only son of Jonas Holt and Jane Skyles. William Holt and his wife, Elizabeth, had 5 other known children:  George W., Jennie,  Jesse,  Tennessee (f)  and  Mary Holt.

The family of Jonas and Jane Holt was basically 'lost' to our family until late 2010,  when a descendant of their son, WILLIAM HOLT, saw this website and discovered  his ancestor, Wyatt Holt.     He descends from Ephraim Holt, the first child of  William Holt and wife, Elizabeth Johnson.   Because William was so young  when his father died,  it seemed more sad upon learning that some two years later his Mom and new step-father migrated from Tennessee to Missouri.   Regardless of  the children and many grandchildren in the Holt family,  it had to be a very sad time for Wyatt after losing his son,  Jonas, and to then also lose his 8 year-old grandson as well. Our ancestor, Wyatt Holt, is an endeared family figure ... and how delightful we can now share him with a descendant of his son, Jonas Holt.   How amazing the Internet is!

12.   Hiram Holt, born ca 1824,  in Buncombe County,  North Carolina. Married:   1)  Isabella Gregg     2)  Jane Renn.      Hiram  was  a  soldier  in  the Confederate Army,  Company E ,  16th Tennessee Calvary.      His death was between 1881-1899 in Cocke County, Tennessee.   He had 10 children.

I have a 'theory' that Isabella Gregg Holt may have been the oldest child of Thomas Gregg and wife, Elizabeth McMurtry.   This family were neighbors to the Wyatt Holt family.  Children of this Gregg family, Elizabeth and brother Samuel, married Wyatt and Mary's children, John and Mahala Holt.  Per 1850 Census, Thomas Gregg had a daughter named Abigail.  The second child of Hiram and Isabella was named Abigail. Cousin Roger Ford confirmed the full name of Abigail was Sara Abigail, and according to the same census we find that Thomas and Elizabeth Gregg  had a daughter named Sally,  a diminutive of  the name Sarah.    Names  can  often  lend  evidence  to  support a  theory and for whatever the truth is,  Isabella might have been the oldest of Thomas and Elizabeth Gregg's children as we consider Isabella named her third child "Thomas".   So here we have Isabella naming 2 children with names from the Thomas Gregg family.  Does anyone have proof...or...even a better clue as to the name of Isabella's parents?  If any sons of Wyatt Holt had a middle name of 'Thomas' it is not known; yet, the name Thomas was widely used in Gregg lineage.

In the 1840 Census,'Wyott' Holt was shown living two houses below the listing for a Lydia Gragg, who was btwn age 60-70.    Lydia's listing was next door to a James McMurtrey.   By this we can see how the Holt, Gregg/Gragg, and McMurtry families would have known each other into the 1850's.

Many thanks to Cousin Roger Ford for sharing the following data: "James Hiram Holt was married  to Isabella "Ebby" Gregg on 14 Dec 1843, in Greene County, Tennessee, by William G. Keys, J.P.  Bondsman and witness was Jesse Holt, Hiram's brother.    Hiram and Ebby lived in the Caney Branch community, in the 9th Division,  E District of Greene County.   By trade, Hiram was a blacksmith.   Three (3) children were born  to  them  in  Greene County: (1) Joseph (Josiah) Holt, b in 1844, married Thann _?_;   (2) Sara Abigail Holt, b 22 Mar 1849 - d 18 Aug 1903.     She married George Washington Sauceman on 13 July 1867.    (3) Thomas F. Holt,  b 1848,  married Salina _?_.     Isabella died late 1850 or early 1851,  leaving Hiram with a young family.     He married Jane Wren on 22 September 1853,  daughter  of  James Wren (born 1803)and Abigail Gragg (born 1802). Hiram and Jane lived in Cocke County, Tennessee at Taylorsburg in 1860.     Jane's brother,  Reuben, and their widowed mother, Abigail, lived with them.  Per family tradition, Jane was asked to help with the children when Isabella became very ill.   Jane was listed in their 1850 Greene County Census, 9th District.   She was thought to be part Cherokee.

"Hiram and Jane Renn Holt had 7 children born in Cocke County, Tenn. 1) Myra Holt, b October 1856...married Tipton C. Hall, 11 Feb 1884. They had two sons: John Hall, born November 1884 and James Hall, born  Aug. 1887. (2 Harriett Holt, b ca 1859.  She married Albert P. Cowden sometime in 1880. One daughter, Mary Jane Cowden,  born September 1898, in Sevier County, TN.  (3  Isabell 'Jobie' Holt,  b 1862.    She wed Chester Messer, 18 Jan 1885. They had children: Maggie E., William H.M., Horace W., Sara P.  and   Martha Messer.  4) Eliza Louisa Holt, b 1865, wed Jim Hall.   (No further information avail.) 5) Martha Elizabeth, b Dec 1867 per 1870 U.S.Census.  (However, her death certificate gives her birth as 1 Feb 1871.)  Martha was married several times and had 1 daughter, Eliza Jane McMahan, b 1888... who wed James A. Black.  6) Susan Dialtha Holt, b  Nov 1874 per her parents 1880 Census; per 1900 Census, b Nov 1870; per 1910 census, b 1872.     She married Thomas Fraser/Fraizer.   They had 9 children, 3 lived.   Four names from the census: Dora, born April 1886;  Samuel B.,  b July 1888;  Sylvania, b 1893;    L_?_ S., born April 1896.  7) David, b Dec 1875, married  Martha Ford of Grassy Fork, Hartford County, Tennessee.  They had 5 children.   Martha's parents were James Lillard Ford and wife, Mary Jane Cates Ford. 1870 and 1880 Census list Hiram and Jane Holt in District 11, near to Newport.  (Taylorsburg is the modern day Edwina and is near Newport.) In 1900 Census, Jane Wren Holt, widowed, lived with dau, Susan Fraser's family.  Martha Holt Clark, Susan's sister...also widowed, lived there as well.  At time of the 1910 Census, Jane lived with son,  David Holt and family.    Death dates for Hiram and Jane are not known." (End)      Hiram Holt was Roger's great-great-grandfather.   For more information on the Ford and Clark families,  Email Cousin Roger at

Many thanks to Cousin Richard Holt for submitting the following data which proves that Hiram Holt's daughter...who was listed in two of Hiram's census as 'Mary' (1860 & 1880) was actually named 'Myra'. In 1870, she was listed as 'Mira' and in her 1900 Census as 'Mirie". Due to southern speech in those days, Myra might have been heard as 'My-ree' and mistaken as being 'Mirie' by the Census Taker. (A different Census Taker might have heard this name spoken as 'Mar-ree' and assumed it was 'Mary'... like the name Carroll was sometimes heard as 'Carl'.) "Cocke County Tennessee Marriages Index 1880-1884" has Bride: Myra Holt    Groom: Tipton C. Hall #507,  11 Feb 1884.

If you have data on any of Wyatt Holt's children that you would  like to share,  please Email me at