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Wyatt Holt's

Personal Data

According to the 1850 U. S. Census,  Wyatt Holt stated he was born in North Carolina,  in 1772.   Until 1850,  census ages were listed in  "columns" with a wide range in years.   So this was the first census where Wyatt could give exact personal data.  The marriage of  Thomas Houltz-Holt in Salisbury, on November  2, 1771, is followed by usual statistics for  newly-weds in that era, for most had a child within a year....and we know Wyatt Holt was born in Rowan County in 1772.   Altho the 'month' of his birth is not known, possibly he was born in late July  or  in August.   Rowan County's 1800 U. S. Census was Wyatt's first census, at which time he was married but had no children.

It is 'estimated' Wyatt married in June-July of 1799, at age 27. His actual age in 1800 was 28 using his '1850' census data. In the 1810 Census, he was listed in the Column 26- 45, so his age was 38.   He was in the  45+ Column at age 48 in 1820.  He had no listing in the 1830 Census.  But in 1840, Wyatt was in the U. S. Census 60-70 age column at age 68.    Clearly...and without doubt Wyatt Holt was born in 1772, as stated in his 1850 Census, and supported by his U.S. Census in 1810, 1820, and 1840.

When the 1860 U.S. Census was taken, Wyatt Holt was then living with his son, Jesse Holt and family.  We cannot know who actually gave the data to the Census Taker,   but  since  Jesse was  Head-of-Household,  his family data is attributed  to him.   Jesse's census stated  that his father, Wyatt,  was age 93 and born in Tennessee.  It doesn't seem strange that a son forgot his elderly father's birth year but still it's possible Jesse's wife gave the data...for Jesse knew his father was born in N.C. as was he. Jesse also knew the story of the 'z', of his grandfather marrying in Salisbury, in Rowan County the year before Wyatt's birth.    Because my Grandfather knew this story, there can be no doubt Jesse and all of Wyatt's children knew it well.  Wyatt's 1850 Census confirms  he was born in North Carolina.    Our goal is to have our records as true as possible and so for accuracy we refer to the 1850 Census when Wyatt was Head-of-Household and clear of mind.  His own statements documented in the U.S.Census from 1810 to 1850, prove he was only 88 years old in 1860.

Unfortunately,  the name of  Wyatt's first wife, my gr-gr-gr-grandmother, has not been discovered.  However, from the census, we know her birth year was 'approximately'  the same as  Wyatt's, 1772,  but  within  her census age- column-range, she could have been some younger.   She was the Mother of Wyatt's first twelve children.    It is estimated she died either late in 1823 ... or sometime  during  first  half  of  1824.   To have borne so many children while living in a wilderness  and  enduring  the many hardships  of  being a mother and housewife in days of few conveniences, this dear Lady deserves proper respect, by name, in our family history. It is with great hope that soon we will learn of her name, as well as the names of her parents.

Per the 1850 Census,  Mary, was the name of Wyatt's second wife.   She was born in North Carolina in 1810 and IF this census was accurate, she was 38 years younger than Wyatt.  Her 1840 Census gave her age in a it's possible she was actually born circa 1801-02. Her age has not been found among other records.   It was not until November 2003, that her maiden name BOLEYPAUGH, was learned by this Researcher .... thanks to a descendant of Hester, daughter of Mahala, Wyatt and Mary's daughter. We now know Mary's father's name and of her siblings.  It is joyous to give much deserved respect to  Mary Boleypaugh Holt   in our family history.     This dear Lady bore eleven children for Wyatt Holt.   More about learning her name is written  on the page Wyatt's *Second Family".   See Index below.     (Visit the BOLEYPAW Surname Page on Genforum.  This name has had a lot of different spellings.)

Unfortunately,  after the 1850 Census,  Mary,  and  their  last  3  children disappeared from records.   It  seems  reasonable  to  assume  that  whatever happened to Mary and  the small children,  led to Wyatt's move into the home of his son, Jesse.   If  anyone knows what happened to Mary and their young children, it will be so appreciated if you will share it with this site. Possibly an epidemic took their lives.

According to the U. S. Census,  Wyatt  Holt  was born in year 1772.  He was married twice...and was the father of 23 children.    He joined the Caney Branch Baptist Church on July 19, 1845.    Once this church was named the Church of Christ.   It was later-on named Flag Branch Baptist Church.

Wyatt was age 92 when he died 4 November 1864,  at Caney Branch, in Greene County, Tennessee. Altho his original gravestone did not survive, yet it is reasonable to assume he was buried in the local Caney Branch Cemetery where son,  Jesse and wife,  Elizabeth, were later buried.   Because hundreds of local citizens were buried there  whose  gravestones  did  not  survive over time, it is likely Mary and the three children were buried there also.    For more data about this cemetery, and for photos of  Wyatt Holt's  Memorial  Stone, as well as photos of original gravestones for Jesse and Elizabeth Holt, Click the 'Caney Branch Cemetery' button in the INDEX below.

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Not much has been known about the Church that  Wyatt Holt  and  his family attended.  So with this being the shortest of my webpages, this is the best page to add some interesting details.    An old record gives this church name as being...Church of Christ.    It was later known as the Caney Branch Baptist Church.  The last known name was Flag Branch Baptist Church.

In October 1833, Wyatt Holt's second wife,  Mary Bolepaugh,  joined the church thought to be then named the Church of Christ.    Then, November of 1835, Mary asked for a 'dismission' (dismissal?) which may have been due to the church being a few miles from the Holt's Shaws Creek home, and it could be the 1835 winter turned out to be very harsh, making it too hard for Mary to attend, being she was the only Holt listed as a member at that time.   This is a theory, yet reasonable, because in  July 1845,  members met  (somewhere) in Caney Branch and the door was opened by letter to Sarah Way and Mary Holt and to Wyette Holt by experience.

Whether the 'first' church continued to exist from 1833 to 1845 was not reported in the old record, though it likely continued but with fewer members because the church (members) met again on August 2, 1845, where "Brother Wall" was granted liberty to open a door at Caney Branch.    (We may assume due to three people joining in July, they believed others in the Caney Branch area would also join.)    It seems that regular church services began at Caney Branch after that, for on August 16, 1845,  Jane Holt,  (2nd oldest daughter of Wyatt and Mary Boleypaugh Holt), was received by experience.

By December 6, 1845,  the church at  Caney  Branch was close enough for the entire Wyatt  Holt family to attend.    That day after the worship service members at Caney Branch requested they become a constituted church and was granted same.  Remember, in those days names were spelled according to how the Recorder heard it spoken. Therefore, on this date, names of some were spelled differently from their census spellings and other county records. Some of the Holt women may have been known  by  a  nickname  or  a middle name not  known to us.   Per census, Nancy Holt, (daughter of Wyatt and first wife) was married and gone before 1845,  so who was this Nancy Holt?   Was 'Nancy' a middle-or-nickname?    And 'who' was the Margaret(?) Holt listed as Martaret?   Wyatt and Mary had a daughter named Margaret,  born about 1844, but named only in 1850 Census.   Was  'Martaret'  the middle name of  another older Holt daughter?  Or...did the church Recorder include children in this List as members?  In parenthesis below I'll explain who each known Holt was.

Members were:   John Settlemair,  Sussannah Settlemair,   Dilla (Delilah) Holt (of Samuel & Seny),  Jesse Holt (son of Wyatt and 1st wife),  Abigail Fenn (Renn),    Jane Holt...(of  Wyatt &  2nd wife, Mary),    James Renn,    Jane Renn, Nancy (?)  Holt,       Elizabeth  Settlemair,      Williiam  Reynolds,       Wyatt  Holt, Martha Gragg,    Acenth (Seny) Holt (wife of Samuel, son of Wyatt),    Jane Hall, Martaret Holt,     Isaac Settlemair,    Peter Howlet,    Henry Carol,    Mary  Weigh, L. Tidence Holt...(son of  Samuel  &  Seny)       Nancy J. Morrison,       Mary Holt (Wyatt's wife),  Martin L. Crum,  Lucinda Crum...(daughter of Wyatt & Mary Holt, Elizabeth (Mira) Holt...daughter of Wyatt and 1st wife)   and  Zedakiah Robison.

On May 2, 1846, a call for one or more deacon's next meeting, excluding David S. Shackleford and Hiram Holt (of Wyatt's 1st wife).   In July of 1848 the church name was changed to NEBO Baptist Church.   Listed as 'dismissions' in October 1849, were John Gilbert and wife;  Wynette Holt;  Mary Holt;  Jesse Holt;  Jane Holt;  Nancy Holt;  Tidance Holt;  Isabella Holt (wife of Hiram)  and Hiram Holt, Exec.     I'm wondering IF these 'dismissions' (or dismissals) were only due to the church name change?... for  no  date is known.  Yet ... after the 'dismissions' were noted the church was then known as  Flag Branch Baptist Church.   If anyone can explain 'dismissions', please let me know.  Thanks. Jean