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Workman Family Genealogy

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This is the genealogy of my great-grandmother Leola Workman's family. Leola Minnie Workman was born on the 15th of July 1909 to Jesse J. and Blanche D. (Heard) Workman.  Her grandparents were George L. and Minnie (Koester) Workman and Frederick and Annette (Doak) Heard.

On the 9th of May 1927, Leola married Oral P. Crapser.  They had five children, four sons and a daughter.  Leola passed away on the 30th of May 1993 in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, South Dakota.

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Ancestral Summary

WORKMAN: George Philip Workman immigrated from Engelsbach, Germany on May 22, 1820 and his wife Elizabetha (maiden name Kappes) immigrated on May 15, 1826. They were married in Germany, though. Their first child was born in Germany; then three children were born in New York. The remaining three children, including my GGG Grandpa George Lewis, were born in Spring Valley Corner, Rock County, Wisconsin. Most of the children spent their lives in the Midwest (South Dakota, Iowa, & Missouri). George Lewis Workman raised his family in Sterling Township, Brookings County, SD.

KOESTER: Minnie Koester's family was also from Germany my GGGG Grandpa Herman came to America in 1845 to the Cincinnati, Ohio area. My GGGG Grandma Anna Maria "Mary" (maiden name Decker) came to America in 1846 and married Herman.

HEARD: I believe this line can be traced back to Grundy County, Iowa

DOAK: I believe this line can be traced back to Grundy County, Iowa

Locations of Interest

State County Surnames References
Iowa Grundy Doak, Heard  
Minnesota Rice Workman  
New York   Workman  
South Dakota Brookings Heard, Perso, Workman  
Wisconsin Rock Workman Rock County


Country Area Surnames References
Germany   Workman  



My research from, state records sites, and Leola's files. Research

Conrad Schrode's Civil War Diary and Genealogy compiled by Vernice (Schrode) Danforth, printed in May 1976.

Schrode, Workman, Barenz Genealogy and related subjects by Vernice (Schrode) Danforth printed in March 1985; updated from the 1976 Conrad Schrode's Civil War Diary and Genealogy. 

Fun Stuff

In Memory of
Leola M. Workman

15 July 1909 - 30 May 1993

Leola about 1915