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Laabs Family Genealogy

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This is the genealogy of my great-grandmother Hazel Laabs' family. Hazel Maria Laabs was born on the 1st of January 1913 to Albert C. and Amberzine L. (Glenn) Laabs.  Her grandparents were Otto and Amelia (Gladlow) Laabs and Francis T. and Maria C. (Dempster) Glenn.

On the 10th of November 1930, Hazel married Eldon P. Carter.  They had five children, four daughters and a son.  Hazel passed away on the 30th of April 2005 in Brookings, South Dakota.

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Ancestral Summary

LAABS: not researched yet

GLADLOW (Gallow?): not researched yet

GLENN: This family has been traced to Canada. GGG Grandpa Francis T. Glenn first arrived in USA on March 1, 1880 according to naturalization papers from Rice County, Minnesota. He settled in Dakota Territory in 1884. He worked in Village of Brookings. He homesteaded in Aurora Township in NE sec 35 or NW Sec 36.

DEMPSTER: GGGG Grandparents George & Hannah Dempster and eight of their children (one of these being GGG Grandma Maria Glenn) immigrated from Antrim, Ireland in 1883. They arrived in the U.S. on August 3, 1883. The family had to bury a child in the eastern U.S. while immigrating; the child is believed to be the youngest, which would have been 11 year old Thomas. They came directly to the Brookings area because their oldest daughter Elizabeth "Betty"  and her husband (last name Getty) lived here.

Locations of Interest

State County Surnames References
South Dakota Brookings Dempster, Glenn, Laabs Brookings County
  Moody Laabs  


Country Area Surnames References
Canada   Dempster, Glenn  
Ireland   Dempster  



  • SAdair & JKallemyn's journal from trip to Ireland.
  • Fish Family files from NAnderson
  • Dempster family files from GGrossman, SAdair, JKallemyn

In Memory of
Hazel M. Laabs

1 January 1913 - 30 April 2004