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Penny's Genealogy Pages

Genealogies of the Crapser, Workman, Carter, Laabs,
Luze, Christianson, Jorenby, and Waage families

Genealogy is a hobby inspired by an assignment in my high school history class in 1999. When I started the project, I found out my great-grandmothers had already put together a large portion of my genealogy. So to start with I transferred all that information to a computer program.

From there, I have been continuing my research with the help of relatives,, and various county and state genealogy sites. I have been in contact with relatives around the country and discovered more information than I had initially thought I would find.

On this site, I've devoted a set of pages to the families of each of my great-grandparents:

Oral Percy Crapser Leola Minnie Workman
Eldon Paul Carter Hazel Maria Laabs
Harold Christian Luze Irene Manilla Christianson
Norman Sanford Jorenby Stella Elmira Waage

The information contained within these pages, does not necessarily represent all the information I have on my families.  Instead these pages serve as a reference to all my documented facts of these families.  I'm building out these pages as I dig through the information I currently have scattered across my bookshelf and computer.  It's quite a chore, but someday we'll all know what information I've confirmed with other sources.

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