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Generation 2

Ephriam Aaron Pennington (AARON2, EPHRIAM1) was born about 1812 in Ashe Co., North Carolina, and died 1884 in Perry (now Leslie) Co., Kentucky. He married (1) Matilda Fields 1832 in Perry (now Leslie) Co., Kentucky, daughter of William Fields and Abigail Creech. She was born 1812 in Harlan Co., Kentucky, and died 1865 in Clay Co., Kentucky. He married (2) Martha Estridge March 17, 1866 in Clay Co., Kentucky, daughter of William Estridge and Sophia Fender. She was born 1838 in North Carolina.

Ephriam Pennington is listed in the 1830 Clay Co., Kentucky Census in a family group with: one male 10-15 yrs.; one male 15-20 yrs.; one female 15-20 yrs. and one female 40-50 yrs. The 15-20 year old male and female could be Ephriam and Matilda. The others are unknown but could have been Matilda's family as Ephriam and Matilda were not married at this time. This more than likely is not Ephriam Aaron and Matilda, more research is required to identify this Ephriam.

Ephriam Pennington is listed in the 1840 Perry Co., Kentucky Census (pg. 251, line 18) with the following family: 1 male 5-9(William), 1 male 10-14(James), 1 male 30-39(Ephriam), 2 females 0-4(Nancy, Amy), 2 females 5-9(Martha, Anna), 1 female 30-39(Matilda)

The 1850 Perry Co., Kentucky Census #61-65 lists Ephriam Pennington 37 with Matilda 39, Martha 17, Anna 17, Nancy 16, William 12, Anna 10, Aaron 8, Isaac 3, Levi 6 mos. and Malinda 7.

The 1860 Clay Co., Kentucky Census Section 4 # 367 lists Ephriam 48 and Matilda 48 with Ama-Amy 19, Aaron Richard 17, Isaac 12, Levi 10, Malinda 14, Sally-Sarah 8 and Wina 1. Ama 19 was listed as born in Harlan Co., Aron 17 born in Letcher Co. and the rest of the children born in Perry Co. Matilda was born in Perry Co. and Ephriam in North Carolina. Son James age 30 is also listed in this household with his family Polly 29, Elizabeth 8, Matilda 6, John 4 and Ama 2.

The children of Ephriam and Matilda were listed in the Lewis Family Bible. Their names match those listed in the 1850 Census with the exception of Nancy and Levi.

Ephriam and Matilda(Matildy) were listed as witnesses on the Record of Marriage for their daughter Amy to James Sizemore on Dec. 26, 1861.

A record of marriage between Ephriam Aaron (age54) and Martha Pace (age29) was recorded in Clay Co., Kentucky on March 17,1866 (Bk.367,c6-10,MB124).

The 1870 Clay Co., Kentucky Census Precinct #6 lists Ephriam 56 and Martha 31 with: Sally-Sarah 16, Miney-Wina 11, Daniel 4 and Rebecca 2. Also listed are Martha's children from her first marriage: Abner Pace 13, Nancy Pace 11, Henry Pace 9, William Pace 8 and John Pace 14 was listed as working on farm.

The 1880 Clay Co., Ky. Census # 25-29, page 530a, lists Ephriam 63 and Martha 43 with: Daniel 18, Rebecca 12, Feby 10, Nancy 7, Elizabeth 5 and Bige 1. The age listed for Daniel is in question and it would appear that Ephriam was about age 62 when his last known child was born.

Researcher Ruth Lewis advised that according to Ron Fields, Matilda Fields was the mother of Landsford Fields. As noted above, the 1830 Clay Co. Census lists a male child living with Ephriam and Matilda which is not believed to have been their child. It is possible that Matilda had a child prior to her marriage to Ephriam.

Ruth Lewis also provided information received from a descendant of John "Curly" Pennington (Tammy Pennington). It was stated that according to their family's oral history, Ephriam was referred to as having married a Cherokee. It is possible that Matilda married a man of Indian descent prior to Ephriam. Such marriages were not recognized in those days and the children often took the last names of their mother.

Martha Estridge had five children from her previous marriage to William Pace born 1837 and died 1869. Her maiden name is believed to be Estridge.

Children of Ephriam Pennington and Matilda Fields are:

James (Jim) Pennington, b. 1831, Harlan Co., Kentucky; d. February 14, 1863, Perry (now Leslie) Co., Kentucky; m. Mary Polly Lewis, May 14, 1850; b. 1831, Perry (now Leslie) Co., Kentucky.

Martha Patsy Pennington, b. March 1834, Harlan Co., Kentucky; m. Larkin Baker; b. 1828, Perry Co., Kentucky.

Anna Pennington, b. February 1835, Harlan Co., Kentucky; m. Thaddeus Lewis, October 27, 1852, Leslie Co., Kentucky; b. 1827, Perry Co., Kentucky.

Nancy Pennington, b. 1837, Harlan Co., Kentucky; m. (1) Robert Caudill; b. 1836; m. (2) Henderson Lewis, August 18, 1856; b. 1831, Kentucky.

William Robert Pennington, b. July 20, 1838, Letcher Co., Kentucky; d. January 11, 1896, Clay Co., Kentucky; m. (1) Nancy Caudill, June 30, 1859, Perry Co., Kentucky; b. November 20, 1843, Letcher Co., Kentucky; d. April 20, 1879, Clay Co., Kentucky; m. (2) Nancy Wells-Morgan, October 14, 1879, Home of Elihue Wells; b. September 1845, Wise Co., Virginia.

Amy (Ama) Pennington, b. January 1841, Cutshin, Kentucky; d. April 08, 1926, Wolf Creek, Cutshin, Leslie Co., Kentucky; m. (1) Thomas Lewis; m. (2) James Sizemore, December 27, 1861, Asher, Clay Co., Kentucky; b. 1841, Lower Bad Creek, Asher, Clay Co., Kentucky; d. September 1862, Red Bird River Valley, Clay Co., Kentucky; m. (3) Andrew Jackson Whitehead, December 31, 1871, Clay Co., Kentucky; b. 1831, Harlan Co., Kentucky; d. before 1900, Clay Co. Kentucky.

Aaron Richard Pennington, b. July 24, 1842, Whitesberg, Letcher Co., Kentucky; d. April 11, 1926, Georgetown, Madison Co., Arkansas; m. Mary Sizemore, December 04, 1862, Manchester, Clay Co., Kentucky; b. January 29, 1845, Lower Bad Creek, Asher, Clay Co., Kentucky; d. September 17, 1926, Georgetown, Madison Co., Arkansas.

Malinda (Linda) Pennington, b. May 04, 1844, Harlan Co., Kentucky; m. Worley Johnson.

Isaac Pennington, b. June 09, 1848, Harlan Co., Kentucky; d. April 04, 1921, Leslie Co., Kentucky; m. (1) Elizabeth (Betty) Lewis; b. 1850, Leslie Co., Kentucky; d. between 1884 - 1895; m. (2) Zilphia L., about 1895; b. August 1873, Kentucky.

Levi Pennington, b. June 20, 1850, Perry Co. Kentucky; d. August 27, 1922; m. (1) Rebecca Margaret Sheppard, about 1867, Harlan Co., Kentucky; b. February 15, 1847, Perry Co., Kentucky; d. December 21, 1932; m. (2) Sally Lewis, November 13, 1902, Clay Co., Kentucky; b. 1862, Leslie Co., Kentucky; d. 1941.

Sarah (Sally) Pennington, b. March 13, 1853, Perry (now Leslie) Co., Kentucky.

Winnie (Wina) Pennington, b. 1859, Kentucky; m. John Sizemore, February 24, 1877, Clay Co., Kentucky; b. 1848.

Children of Ephriam Pennington and Martha Estridge are:

John Pace, b. 1856, Kentucky; Stepchild; m. Mary Knapper, before 1879; b. May 1854, Kentucky.

Abner Pace, b. 1857; Stepchild; m. Martha Howard; b. 1860.

Nancy Pace, b. 1858; Stepchild.

Henry Pace, b. 1860; Stepchild; m. Polly Sizemore.

William Pace, b. 1862; d. April 19, 1935, Leslie Co., Kentucky; Stepchild.

Daniel Pennington, b. 1867, Clay Co., Kentucky.

Rebecca Pennington, b. 1868, Clay Co., Kentucky.

Phoebe (Feby) Pennington, b. 1870, Clay Co., Kentucky.

Mandy (Mondy) Pennington, b. 1873, Clay Co., Kentucky.

Elizabeth Pennington, b. 1875, Clay Co., Kentucky; m. John L. Lewis; b. 1871.

Bige Pennington, b. 1879, Clay Co., Kentucky. Bige Pennington, age 28, is listed in the household of John M. Baker, 52, and wife Perlina in the 1910 Leslie Co., Kentucky Census.