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Dr. Sidney Bernard born Dublin and  died aged 27 .
 The R.N steam sloop Eclair became infected with yellow fever when the ship
 was patrolling the coast of
West Africa to stop slave traders .
 The Captain died and the 7 surgeons who went aboad at
Cape Verdealso
 became infected but Assistant Surgeon Dr. Sidney Bernard bravely stayed
 aboard .From
Madeira to England he treated 41 cases of which 10 died.
Portsmouth refused to allow either the healthy men ashore  or the sick to
 be landed for treatment. . The Eclair was ordered to Sheerness Foul Bill
 Quarantine Station at Standgate Creek just off Queenborough.

 The pilot bringing the ship to Sheerness died .

The R.N Hospital at Chatham refused  to help .

The whole ships company of sailors and one doctor were condemned.
 After treating 74 fatal casualties Dr. Bernard was the last to die in  October 1845 .
 The brave Doctor lies in a waterlogged resting place washed by the tides on that island.