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Queenborough (see also under say Potteries,Glass works etc

            Old Queenborough by a 100 year old Mrs Edwards                 1909 Oct 9th

            Notes on Queenborough Town Hall                                          1896 Aug 1st

            Queenborough’s own Guardian newspaper nos.353 and 359    1909June 12th/July 24th

            Queenborough “ fairies “1804 toll gate ,press gang                    1909 Sept 18th

            Cement Works Court Case                                                      1909 Dec 11th

            A staple for wool 1371                                                             1910 May 28th

            Copperas Factory

            History of by a  100 year old person                                         1911 Jan 25th

            Births, Deaths, number of houses                                              1911 May 20th

            Cement Works to close                                                            1912 Jan27th/March 16th

            List of officials and Tradesmen                                                  1912 July 27th

            M.P.s  for 1819                                                                        1913 May 24th

            Baron Queenborough just elected , full details                            1918 Jan 12th

            Should Queenborough have gas laid on                                     1862 Nov 8th

            Court hall, market place, and goal painted ,clock slow               1863 Nov 14th

            Queenborough Benefit Society of 1750                                     1864 July 16th

            Gas supplied                                                                             1864 Nov 5th

            Town Hall –cage to hold Elephant sent by the Queen 1875 June 19th/1890 Feb 8th

            Commemorating Charter Day                                                   1889 Oct 5th

            Charter Day never die out                                                         1892 Oct 1st

            Notes on the Town Hall                                                            1896 Aug 1st

            List of pupils                                                                             1900 Jan 27th

            Isolation hospital                                                                       1900 Aug 4th

            New copper wire factory                                                          1904 Oct 15th

            Queenborough Guardian and Eastchurch Advertiser No.275     1907 Feb 23rd

            Queenborough stocks and ducking pond                                   1907 July 13th

            Queenborough Wharf Company prospectus                              1907 July 20th

            Copper Works                                                             1907 Sept 7th, Oct 5TH,

            Copper Works for sale7 ½ acres                                              1907 June 27th, July 18th

            Queenborough incident 1832 Charter mentioned                       1908 July 4th

            Free dredgers

            Principal people in Queenborough in1861 V.G.                         1909 April 17th

            Queenborough elections 1790 lasting 9  days                            1876 Dec 16th

Queenborough Castle

            Re oldest drawing of 1484                                                        1875 Jan 30th

            Castle and 24 houses built together                                           1875 June 12th

            Description from old painting 4 ½ ft. by 2 ½ ft (Brit. Museum)   1876 Nov 30th

            Copy of agreement to sell castle                                                1876 Dec 9th

            Chimney pot of the Castle found in the creek                             1877 June 23rd

            Building of Church Castle   V.G.                                               1907 April 27th /May 11th

            Castle from 1828 book built on site of Saxon Castle                  1909 June 26th

            Stone used cell?                                                                        1912 Jan 20th

            Size of Castle –new data                                                           1912 Mar 9th

            Castle                                                                                       1912 May 19th/26?


Leysdown and back, 22 miles, 2hrs-35 mins                             1909 June 12th

Walking race ,S/ness, Halfway Q/boro,,B/town &back 51mins 1912Mar 19th


            Good   description of, also side shows ,                                    1880 Aug 14th

            Short description of since 1860                                                 1912 Aug 31st


Halfway Hill                                                                              1882 Oct 21st

Royal Hotel

            Horse races in the grounds                                                        1866 April 4th

            Plans for a new Royal Hotel                                                      1903 Jan 10th

            Now called the Royal Hotel , was called “ Kent Hotel             1910 Sept 30th

Royal Visit

            Prince of Wales visit                                                                 1865 May 27th


            Rugby Football in Sheppey, description of the rules                   1893Mar 4th

Salvation Army

            Is illegal but a petition                                                                1880 Nov 27th Dec 4th

            3 paragraphs on the Blue Ribbon Army                                     1882 July 29th

            General Booths visit plus lot of Captains in 1880                       1912 Aug 31st

            General booths visit June 26th                                                    1917 June 2nd


            To/from Trinity Church                                                             1809 July 31st


            New R.C school(  +  1869 Jan 9th)                                           1868 July 11th

            Schools wanted for Sheerness                                                   1868 Dec 19th

            New school for Minster                                                            1869 Jan 8th

            1870 Oct “British School”Nov closed down                             1870 Nov 26th

            School Board for Queenborough required                                 1871 Oct 28th

            Sheerness to be ordered to have a School Board                      1874 Dec 5th

            Names of above -23                                                                 1875 Jan 2nd

            School to be built at Bluetown                                                   1875 Mar 13th

            Cost of new schools                                                                 1875 April 24th

            Parents are now summoned for pupils non-attendance               1875 June 26th

Minster school foundation stone laid                                          1876 Aug 26th

School Board election plus names                     1877 Dec22nd, 1878 Jan 12th

                                                                        1881 Jan 1st

Why not open school facilities to the public                                1881 June 4th

Private School Sheerness, boys under 9-one Gin/quarter           1882 Mar 25th

31 Private Schools 712 children, 2344 others                            1882 Sept 16th

Report on Sheppey School standard                                         1890 Aug 16th

Cookery to be taught in Sheppey Schools                                 1892 April 2nd

Salaries                                                                                    1892 Oct 15th

The cost of the School Board to be on the  Rates                      1893 Sept 30th

3100 children at school                                                             1896 Mar 7th

Salaries                                                                                    1896 Oct 24th

The Broadway School will be ready Nov 5th                             1900 Sept 22nd

1902 Education Act                                                                  1903 Mar 7th

3736 Children at school                                                            1903 Aug 1st

4891 Children at school                                                            1904 May 28th

Shooting guns is not to be taught in K.E.C.elementary schools   1907 July 20th

Suggested school for Halfway                                                   1907 Oct 5th

Halfway school to be built                                                         1907 June 20th

Technical School to be built                                                      1893 Sept 23rd

First speech day                                                                       1911 Feb 4th

Technical School opened ( and the class list)                             1910 Oct 15th

Sheerness East Infant School opened                                        1911 Jan 14th

Proposed school at Westminster                                               1911 May 27th

National School boys department to close                                 1911 July 8th

Tech Institute results                                                                 1911 Sept 8th

Prize day at Tech school                                                           1914 Jan 24th

Sheerness East new school opened                                           1917 April 17th

1903 June 29th was the last meeting of the School Board           1917 June 2nd

Rose Street school to be built                                                    1914 June 6th/1915 July 31st

Ragged Schools

            Back street of Bluetown-charity -                                              1866 Jan 27th/Feb 3rd

            Anniversary of                                                                          1869 Jan 16th

            1870 Feb 12th , 1871 Jan 21st  ,                                               1869 Nov 6th

            Now ceased to exist ,re the new School Board                         1875 April 3rd


            Long list of,and , saltings now lost                                             1881 Jan 29th

Sheerness Times Newspaper,Yearly Summaries

            Paper averages 1140 copies                                                     1877 Jan 6th

            Summary of events for 1878                                                     1879 Jan 4th

            Summary                                                                                  1882 Jan 17th

            Summary 1891                                                                         1892 Jan 2nd

            Coloured photo (1st ever ) of Union Jack, Relief of Ladysmith   1900 Mar 3rd

            Summary          1909                                                                1910 Jan 1st

            Summary          1910                                                                1910 Dec 3rd

            Summary          1911                                                                1911 Dec 30th

            Summary          1913                                                                1913 Dec 27th

            Summary          1914                                                                1915 Jan 2nd

  Sheppey Legends

            The cow that went to church                                                     1882 Nov 18th

            The four travellers                                                                     1882 Oct 7th

            Infested with mice                                                                     1871 Mar 18th

            Legends of Elmley and Kings Hill                                              1904 May 21st

            The ghost of Bluetown                                                              1906 Oct 20th

            Witches Elm at the corner of the Storehouse in the Dockyard    1900 Feb 13th

            Old Queenborough Tales by Copland/Vicar  V.G.                    1909 Oct 9th

            Ancient Queenborough play,3 paragraphs 1910  July2nd/9th Oct 2nd Aug 6th

            Sheppey Tales  one paragraph                                                  1912 Aug 31st

             Sheerness smugglers of long ago, Sam Wilmott                         1914 Aug 29th

            Banks,Paramour, Smuggling, loopholes at Nutts for guns, James 2nd at Kings Hill

Douglas Jerrod born Sheerness-1st editor of Punch, Eastchurch No1 lost <1790, no2 1876

                        EXCELLENT         four paragraphs                         1911  Dec 22nd

Sheppey Light Railway

            To be started                                                                            1900 Jan 13th

            Description of route                                                                  1900 May 19th

            Rules and regulations                                                                1903 Dec 12th

            To go via Scrapsgate and Wards Hill                                        1905 June 13th

            Minster extension                                                                      1908 Aug 1st

            Minster extension refused, estimated 300,000people per year    1908 Aug 1st

            Sheerness East only one set of gates instead of each side           1908 Oct 3rd

Sheppey Railway Station

            New –in the centre of town( 1871 Aug 15th)                             1866 Jan 27th

            Fares to and from Sheerness                                                     1869 June 19th

            New station                                                                              1874 Sept 19th

            New Railway Sation Company formed                                      1876 Nov 18th

            New Hoo line                                                                           1880 Oct 9th

            New station for the New Year ( Bridge Road)                          1880 Nov 27th

            Now before Parliament                                                             1880 Dec 18th

            June 26th 1883 Mile Town opened                                            1917 June 2nd

            Sittingbourne and Sheerness Railway line opened 1860 July 18th 1917 July 24th


            Gun experiments at                                                                   1862 April 12th


            Shops named                                                                            1865 Dec 25th

            Shops and Churches named                                                      1869 Jan 9th

            Shops to close early at 8pm but not Fridays or Saturdays          1870 Aug 6th

            Half day movement                                                                   1871 June 24th

            A shop to close early  ( at 7 pm )                                              1871 Dec 2nd

            Shops to close early                                                                  1875 Dec 25th

            Trade register and places of worship                                         1877 July 14th

            List of shopkeepers                                                                  1892 June 11th

            Shops at Christmas                                                                   1909 Dec 18th

            Queenborough at Christmas in 1866                                         1912 July 27th



            Chancery Court case                                                                1882 April 1st

Ship –on-shore

            Called the “ Shanty “ by the locals                                             1868 Sept 26th

            In 1850 the original one was in a different position                     1909 Feb 13th

            The true history of the Grotto and the cement barrels                 1916 Feb 5th



            Princess Alice    lost, 350 died, long list of survivors                1878 Sept. 7th

                        Ditto                                                                             1916 May 27th

            Princess Irene     Blown up                                                     1915 May 27th

            H.M.S.Bulwark  Blown up November 26th                               1914 Nov 28th

                        Ditto                                                                             1917 Nov 3rd

            Cutter race Shipwrights vers. Engineers                                     1911 Sept 16th


            Rockford,Expedition,Trial(lost at sea)                                       1869 Dec 18th

            William Baker,Sir Edward Banks(lost at sea)                            1870 Mar 19th/26th

            Barge built for Chas.Payne of Warden Court                             1870 July 30th

             4th  annual barge race                                                               1876July 8th/15th

            5th annual barge race                                                                 1877 June 2nd

            Factor of Singler Shrubsole sunk                                               1879 May 31st

            3 top sail barges for sale                                                           1879 June 7th

            Sailing race                                                                               1879 July 19th

            Race between two champions £200 a side                                1879 Sept 13th

Edward sunk                                                                            1879 Nov 1st

19th annual barge race                                                               1881 June 25th

Queen Emma lost at sea                                                            1881 Oct 29th

“Welcome” founders off Sheerness                                           1892 Mar 26th

“Othello” founders off Sheerness                                               1892 June 4th

Minnie” founders off Sheerness                                                1892 May 25th

17th annual barge race                                                               1893 July 11th

Sailing race                                                                               1900 July 28th

Barge hit by 6” shot-foundered                                                 1900 Oct 27th

Barge Medway match                                                               1906 June 23rd

            Ditto                                                                             1911 June 10th/24th

Sheppey  Barge Company                                                        1917 Aug 25th

Thistle explosion fund    1869 Dec 4th,11th,18th,  1874 Nov 28th Dec 26th Oct 3RD

Paddle Steamer battle versus screw ship                                   1912 Sept 14th

H.M.S.Temeraire John Alexander Blow and his son are both in the Workhouse

His father was the Captain                                                        1877 July 28th

Titanic Disaster                                                                         1912 April 20th

Thistle gunboat boiler manhole covers blown off                        1862 Nov 8th

Sunk on November 3rd Thistle                           1869 Nov 6th/ 1917 Nov 3rd

            Sailing barge match Tuesday June 13th                                      1871 June 10th

            Erith to Nore and back barge race , Saucy Kent won                1878 June 29th

            Annual barge race ,Erith to Nore and back 13 barges named     1874 July 4th

            Owner not satisfied with the result challenged all other owners £200 1874 Aug 15th

            Report of race long list of barges given                                      1871 June 17th

            New submarine to be built in England                                        1882 Sept 2nd

            The history of H.M.S. Cornwallis                                              1919 Feb 8th

Wooden Ships

            Cornwallis to be sunk in the Dockyard                                      1865 July 15th

            Royal escape (Prince Charles escape boat from Eng. ) broken up 1877 Jan 20th

            Cost of “ Forte “ 74 guns at Sheerness                                      1906 June 23rd

            Sinking of the “Fortes” off Port Victoria and burning                  1906 Sept 29th

            Obsolete ships sold ( steel ??) 7 are named                               1907 May 18th

                                    Ditto                 5 are named                             1908 May 16th

            Death of ship breaker and list of old ships                                  1910 Sept 3rd

            History of and namesakes   V.G.                                              1913 Oct 4th

            Hermes “3rd rate hulk late the Minatour broken up                     1869 Jan 16th

            Devonshire 3rd rate 56 guns ,built 1823 ,used as a prison ship    1869 Jan23rd

            Nymph next to be broken up ,Ajax 80 late Vanguard ,Dianna 42, Latona 42

            Eurydice 26, Leonides 42 + others                                            1869 Feb 20th

            Breaking up of the Aigle after used for torpedo practice             1870 Dec 24th

            Tenders are required to break up Paddle Ship Dee 704 tons     1871 Oct 5th

            Dee to be broken up by H.M.Dockyard                                   1871 Oct 28th


            Built houses in Bluetown                                                           1909 April 17th

                                                                                                            1908 Nov

            Charles B                                                                                 1917 Aug 25th

Shurland Hall

            Struck by lightning                                                                    1868 July 18th

            Names of the servants and a Christmas of long ago                    1876 Dec 23rd

            Fire in the barn                                                                         1906 July 28th/Aug 4th

            History of  very long     V.V.G                                                  1906 Aug 11th

            History                         V.V.G. 2 Paragraphs                           1911 Nov 25th/Dec 2nd

             October 7th 1532 King Henry VIII and  Anne Boleyn paid a visit


            Is to start here                                                                          1882 May 6th

            History of from 1882                V.G.                                        1917 Dec 20th


at Sittingbourne                                                                         1893 May 6th


            Yard of clay test smoking 1 ½ hours-2 mins                              1909 Feb 20th


            Used Nutts Farm                                                                      1904 April 9th

St.Davids Day

                                                                                                            1903 Mar 7th

            Welsh dinner                                                                            1904 Mar 26th

St. Patricks Day

            Celebrations                                                     1893 Mar 21st/1903 Mar 21st


            Sun Street renamed Russell Street (he died 1859 )                    1904 April 30th

            First time name plates used ?                                                     1862 Feb 22nd

            Names of streets and “ towns                         1863 Jan 24th/1866 May 5th

Berridge Road was Green Street                                               1874 Dec 5th

Bull Lane/School Lane ,Short Street/West Street ,Ram Alley/High Street Passage

North Street Union Street,South Street /South Street,

Charles Street/Richmond Street,                                               1876 May 20th

Marine Parade to be called such                                               1880 April 17th

Bluetown High Street to be re numbered (and how )                  1880 Oct 9th

Shrimp Terrace ? to be built                                                      1890 Aug 23rd

Roads in Sheerness cost £200 per mile                                    1893 Jan 21st

Albert Street now Invicta Road             (2)                                1908 July 18th

Edward Street to go                                                                 1910 Oct 18th

St.Georges , Broadway                                                            1913 April 26th

Alma Road to be called Fair View Road, (Crimean Street)        1917 Sept 22nd

Prince Albert Street now Invicta Road                                      1917 Nov 3rd

SeagerRoad called after Mr.Seager the builder fro Borden        1916 Aug 5th

            Invicta Road has one Dozen houses.other roads were smaller    1869


            Great National Strike – shoot to kill                                          1911 Aug 19th


            Should women have the Vote?                                                  1868 Sept 26th

            At Warden                                                                               1916 Aug 1st


Boy aged 16 swims from Sheerness to Grain in 34 mins 1st time done 1875 Sept 11th

Swimming club results                                                               1880 Sept 20th

Sheerness to have mixed bathing                                               1904 July 30TH

Swimming pool for Sheppey                                                     1871 Sept 9th

The cost is £1,000 if open and £2,500 if covered over              1871 Oct 14th

Swimming Club  to be formed                                                   1874 May 30th

Tams Cottage

            To be sold                                                                                1907 Sept 21st


Was opposite the Guardian Office in Bluetown prior to Yard ext. 1915 Dec 18th

Also the corner of Victory Street where the Jewellers shop is

Toll Gate

            Entry to Sheerness by toll-gate at “Old House at Home “           1908 Aug 22nd

Town Clock

Summary of its history                                                               1870 May 14th

Site of                                                                                      1870 June 4th

New town clock 1870 Oct 22ND/29th ,                                      1871 July 8th

To be moved                                                                            1888 May 12th

Plaque for the clock                                                                  1903 Jan 10th

The bell is sold                                                                          1903 Sept 19th

Town Hall

£6,000 to £20,000                                                                   1911 April 22nd/May 13th


            Tramlines to be taken up ? a nuisance to the horses                   1864 Aug 23rd

            Trams  for Sheppey                                                                  1900 June 23rd/30th

            Report on last years Trams                                                       1911 Jan 25th

            Tramway to close down                                                            1917 June 23rd/July 7th

Treasure Trove

            £900 in sovereigns found at Littlebrooks ,Leysdown                  1863 May 16th

Victoria Club

            Now opened , holds 1,500 , costs £4,000                                1868 Nov 14th

            Opening of the club                                                                   1871 Jan 20th

            37th Anniversary                                                                       1909 Jan 16th

            New hall                                                                                   1910 Feb 5th

Wards Town

            Also called Unity Street built by Jimmy Ward of 50 houses sometimes called

            “ The Fifties “,Tenants became owners after paying rent for 13 years 1919 Jan 4th


            1059 or half of the houses in the town has water mains              1864 Aug 27th

            The hours the water is on                                                          1864 Sept 3rd

            Drainage is fitted to 722 houses                                                 1864 Oct 8th

            Firms to have water meters                                                       1865 Jan 21st/April 15th

            Buckets were used until 6  years ago- report                             1871 Mar 25th

            Taps suggested for indoors                                                       1871 April 1st

            Queenborough to be supplied with water  cost= £1,000            1892 Mar 5th/Sept 10th

            Water for Minster                                                                     1900(8?) Dec 1st

            The history of the towns water supply                                        1912 June 8th

            Sheerness water supply 8  paragraphs                                       1913 Mar 8th

Southdown reservoirs made                                                      1913 Oct 4th


            List of fares to/from ships                                                          1869 Jan 9th

            Old inquests and watermen                   Sheppey 1850              1916 April 6th


            Whirlwind at Parsonage Farm                                                   1871 July8th

            Northern lights give glorious sunsets                                          1872 Feb 10th

            Sheppey flooded                                                                      1875 Nov 20th

            An old fashioned Winter                                                           1875 Dec 11th

            Severe gales                                                                             1881 Feb 12th/Jan 29th

            Waterspout off Sheerness                                                         1888 Aug 4th

            Data on Sheppey                                                                      1893 Dec 23rd

            Waterspout off Sheerness just missed the Dockyard                  1904 July 30th

            Waterspout off Southend                                                          1906 Oct 13th

            1703 Great Gale a short account                                               1910 Feb 20th

            Great storm similar to 1881                                                       1915 Jan 2nd

            1776 Ferry frozen over Jan 19th                                                1915 Jan `12th

            Very bad Winter of 1770, 1789 ,1684 etc etc   V.G.                1917 J an 20th

            1883 Sheerness flooded Jan 18th                                              1916 Jan 1st/1918 Jan 5th

            1776 Ferry frozen Jan 29th                                                        1916 Jan 1st/1918 Jan 5th


            Westminster well 302 ft.water rose to 18ft.from top                  1863 Oct 3rd

            Council report ;-should get on with sinking the well                    1862 Mar 29th

            Lords of the Admiralty inspect well being sunk by T.Tilley         1862 Aug 9th

            Chalks well where Sheppey Court is                                         1862 Aug 23rd

            Edward Street was where the well at  Mr.Chalks was               1862 Sept 6th

            Size of the pumps                                                                     1862 Nov 29th

            Pumps started on  the new wells200 ft below ground                 1864 May 7th

            Tenders for pumps etc                                                              1863 Mar 28th

            New well Board of Health 340ft.295 galls/hour 1863 Dec 26th/1864 Jan 9th

            Dockyard Well to sink down                                                    1864 Dec 24th

            Old well in Queenborough Church Yard                                    1912 Nov 2nd

            Well at Danley site to be bored                                                 1912 Nov 30th

            Wells at Scocles Farm ad Holm Place                                       1913 Mar 28TH

            Details of new well, test runs etc                                                1864 May 7th

            New well 100yards rear of present well at the “Crown “            1875 June 12th

            New well 502 feet                                                                    1877 June 2nd

            New well 650 ft to go to 800 ft.                                                1877 Aug 25th

            New well 800 ft. ( Feb 9th –working )                                       1877 Jan 12th

            Well in Ordnance Marsh ,Bluetown,Dockyard                          1879 Jan 18th

            Re well sunk in 1805                                                                1881 Feb 19th

            25 years ago no water supply, Dockyard well +2 others only     1882 Dec 25th

            Queenborough Swale Road to be rebored to 280 ft.                 1888 July 7th

            Workhouse well machine broken, so the Abbey well is used      1890 Mar 8th

            Edward Street well is unsafe –to be bricked over                      1890 June 21st

            6 ft.diam well 160-273 deep ,25 ft diam                                    1890 July 5th

            Edward Street well sand and salt water  no good                       1890 Aug 30th

            New well to be sunk next to well at Edward Street                    1880 Sept 20th

            Workhouse well collapses                                                         1893May 6th/July 8th

            Wells to be connected by a tunnel                                             1900 June 10th

            New borehole for Sheppey                                                       1910 July 2nd

            Court Hall well at Queenborough                                              1912 June 6th

            Queenborough  old well  closure                                               1912 Jan 27th

            Suggested workhouse well (or steam)                                       1904 Nov 12th

            Re wells and wells on Sheppey                                                 1866 Feb 3rd

            1782 Sir H.T.Page &Corps of Eng sunk well 328 ft water rose to 60ft 1869 Mar 13th

            re Queenborough  Castle well,supplied 1,000 people, 200ft deep1870 Aug 13th

West minster

            Road to West Minster to be built                                              1875 May 1st


            Report on fire “ Little Mill “ Mile Town                                     1862 Feb 22nd

            Damage done                                                                           1862 March 8th

            For sale                                                                                    1869 Oct 16th

            Advert for mill at Minster                                                          1880 Feb 28th

            Sea View Mill pulled down a few years ago                              1893 July 22nd

            Hundred Acre Mill at Sea View                                                1917 Aug 25th


            Act of 1865                                                                              1866 Mar 31st

            3.8% of population are on the books                                         1870 May 28th

            Mistress drunk- Inspector to call                                               1871 April 15th

            Work experience is suggested for the children                           1872 Jan 6th

            Long list of Applicants for the post of Master and Matron          1874 Sept 12th

            New school                                                                              1875 July 17th

            Tenders required for the above                          1876 Aug 26th/1877 May 26th

            Prices for the food contracts                                                     1879 Mar 8th

            Christmas Day in the Workhouse                                              1879 Dec 27th

            Maintenance for men is 8s-4d per week                                    1882 Aug 5th

            Workhouse diet , very detailed                                                  1889 Feb 23rd

            Females complain of the coal- skuttle hats                                 1893 May 13th

            Maximum  number is 200 for any winter                                    1903 Aug 1st

            Workhouse to be called Cliff House “ other names mentioned 1904 Nov 5th

            Queenborough workhouse 1731- 1784                                    1907 June 29th

            171 inmates ( i.e. 79 years ago )                                               1911 Feb 18th

            Underworld of Sheerness 17 under nourished children               1912 Jan 27th

            25 years work among the poor                                                 1913 June 21st

            Cost of and the number of inmates                                            1868 April 18th

            Work experience scheme suggested, subject adjurned               1868 Sept 26th

            Doctor is accused of “ not caring “                                            1868 Nov 7th

            New hospital to be built                                                            1870 Dec 24th

Worth – the Gunner

            Restoration of his tomb                                                             1913 June 21st


            Site of etc etc                                                                           1893 Jan 14th