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            Sheerness Fair , the name of stalls                                             1865 Aug 12th

            Queenborough Fair lasts two days                                            1868 Aug 8th

            Annual Fair at Minster                                1869 Mar 23rd and 1870 April 16th

            Sheerness Fair                                                                          1870 Aug 13th

            Queenborough-petition to stop Fairs                                         1871 Aug 12th

            Queenborough Fair                                                                   1881 Aug 11th

Queenborough Fair                                                                   1908 Aug 1st

            Minster Fair, Monks fire                                                           1904 April 30th


Cheyney Rock farm                                                                  1868 April 18th

Labourers strike                                                                       1875 April 3rd

To let, Kingsborough, Bell Farm, Old Hook, Rowetts               1879 July 19th

List of appro farmers                                                                1892 July 30th

Attendance list Farmers  dinner                                                 1893 April 1st

Attendance list Farmers  dinner                                                 1903 Nov 5th

Annual shearing match                                                              1906 June 16th

Mkinster Abbey Farm in 1550                                                  1907 April 13th

Fenian Outrage

            Special Police sworn in.                                                            1869


            Chesapeak and Devonshire ( prison ships )                               1879 Sep 13th

Fire Brigade

            A suggestion that Sheerness has its own                                    1865 April 15th

            Service at Sheerness and Queenborough                                   1865 Oct 14th

            Suggestions for fire hydrants                         1865 Dec 2nd, 1866 Jan 6th/13th

            Letter re Fire Brigade wanted                                       1882 Sept 2nd , Oct 7th

            Advert for volunteers                                                                1882 Oct 14th

            Firemen have bells in their houses to call them                            1893 Mar 25th

            At the Lord Mayors show in London                                        1893 Nov 18th

            Short history                                                                             1907 July 20th

            To have new steam engine, costs £295                                      1908 Aug 12th

            History of Queenboroughs Fire Brigade                                    1914 July 4TH


            Bluetown fire  1827   50 house lost                                           1914 Oct 24th

            Great fire in Miletown 1867 Nov 6th                                         1917 Nov 3rd

            South Lees farm at Eastchurch                                                  1889 Aug 31st

            Rowetts Farm                                                                           1884 Sept 7th

            Three houses and shops £1,200                                                1892 Sept 3rd

            Wyburns                                                                                  1892 Sept 3rd

            Royal Oak East End Lane destroyed                                         1892 Nov 26th

            Sea View Hotel Shop                                                               1893 July 22nd

            Admiralty House                                                                       1893 Sept 12th

            Swanley Farm, telegram sent to Brigade                                    1893 Sept 2nd

            High Street ,Mill House (Broadway) Highlanders                       1893 Aug 26th

            144, High Street a fried fish shop £1,000                                  1893 Mar 21st

Queenborough fire £100,000                                                    1900 July 21st

Great fire Parsonage Farm 1 ½ acres and buildings £2,000        1906 Sept 1st

Fire at Barnlands Farm , telegram sent                                       1908 Feb 29th

Stack fire at Shurland ,telegram sent, 1hr-20 mins to arrive        1908 July 4th

Terrible fire at Bluetown, four paragraphs                                  1909 April 17th

1669 Sheerness burnt by the Dutch

1867   7 house at Harfield

1828   50 house Sheerness

1854  Duke of Clarence

1909 White House

1881  Dockyard  Chapel

1878 Several buildings, Rolfe the tallow miller


Mile Town 2 shops burnt down                                                 1910 Dec 24th

23 High Street -2 shops and three houses                                  1911 Nov 2th

Railway station £150 damages                                                  1865 Mar 18th

Eagle Tavern at Bluetown                                                         1866 April 9th

Pier small fire                                                                            1868 July 4th

Rookery-Chapel Street ,Mile town                                           1868 Aug 8th

Queenborough two houses                                                        1870 July 23rd

Horse and Groom ,Sheppy Street Bluetown                              1872 Feb 10th

Heights of Alma badly damaged                                                1874 April 11th

Bluetown many buildings lost                                                     1877 July 14th

Old Hook Farm Eastchurch completely destroyed                     1878 July 20th

Bluetown Post Office fire                                                          1878 Aug 10th

229/131 High Street on fire                                                       1879 Aug 30th

Carls Farm Eastchurch                                                              1880 Aug 30th

Rides Farm Eastchurch   £3,000                                               1881 Oct 22nd

Dockyard Church                                                                     1881 Dec 10th

Flushing Pier –destruction of                                                     1882 May 20th

Serious fire at Mile Town two paragraphs                                 1882 Sept 30th

Blue Houses (Norwood )                                                          1882 Oct 14th

2 cottages at Pigtail Corner  ,thatched                                       1888 April 14th

Mocketts Farm £2,000 ,Vanity Farm                                        1888 Oct 6th/15th?

Jolly Sailor Bluetown destroyed                                                1888 Nov 24th

Large thatched next to Wesley Chapel                                      1889 Mar 9th

1913 Glue Works destroyed by fire                                          1917 Dec 1 st

Fire at Queenborough Wharf                                                    1917 Nov 3rd

Small fire at “ The  Jolly Sailor Bluetown “                                 1866 Jan 6th

The “Eagle Tavern “ Blue town West Street destroyed complete 1866 Feb 26th

Fire at the Oxford Music Hall Bluetown                                    1870 Mar 26th

84 High Street fire                                                                    1870 April 2nd

Two wooden  smugglers houses at Eastchurch destroyed no water 1870 April 16th

Railway Tavern opposite National School burnt to the ground    1870 Aug 27th

1867 November 6th huge great fire in Mile Town

Queenborough Glue Works destroyed by fire                            1913 Dec 16th


            Sturgeon caught in Medway 7ft. given to Prince of Wales          1863 July 11th

            Sturgeon caught in Medway ,given to Windsor                          1868 April18th

            White shark caught in the Dockyard Basin                                 1868 Aug 8th

             Ray caught in the sea weighs over 50 lbs.                                 1871 July 22nd

             Queenborough smacks catching sprats.1,000  bushels/vessel    1872 Jan 6th

             Frog fish caught 5ft x 3 ½ ft                                                     1877 Jan 20th

             5ft shark caught at Rochester                                                   1878 May 17th

             Skate 6ft long 5 ft across weighs 100lbs caught at Gravesend   1881 Dec 10th

             Whale caught at Gillingham 36 ½  ft long                                  1888 Sept 8th

             Sheppy Amateur Angling Club formed                                     1904 Mar 5th

             Rod and line at pier.Salmon Bass 7lbs ,ist catch                        1908 June  27th

             4ft -7ins seal caught at Queenborough                                      1909 Jan 9th

             Sturgeon caught 7ft- 6 ins long in1728, 1736, 1738                  1915 June 19th

Free Dredgers           

            Queenborough 1820 two paragraphs                                        1909 April 10th


            Illegal fight lasting 2hr-25 mins                                                   1862 Mar 29th

            Fight 100 miles of London, £1,000 stake                                  1863 Mar 28th

            Fight at Queenborough 53 rounds                                             1881 Jan 16th

Fox Hunt

            In Sheppey                                                                               1878 Feb 8th

Fort Townsend

            Water was obtained at this Fort 330 ft deep in 1728                 1908 Aug 8th

Football Club Sheppey United

            To start up                                                                                1890 Aug 23rd

            Under Way                                                                              1890 Aug 30th

            To be laid out in Botany Road                                                   1893 Dec 16th

Foot and Mouth                                

            At Cowstead Farm                                                                   1892 Feb 20th

Food prices

            Food prices in 1813 and 1478                                                  1866    April 21st


            To Flushing by boat                                                                  1875 July 24th

            Destruction by fire                                                                    1882 May 20th

            Deputation to use Sheerness and not Queenborough                  1882 June 24th

            Pier to be reconstructed                                                            1903 Sept 12th

            Pier to be reopened                                                                  1904 May 7th


A good description                                                                   1908 July 18th


            Balloon lands at Iwade from Paris                                             1906 Oct 6th

            Ballooning over Sheppey                                                          1908 Nov 21st

            Human flight , Aero Club  visits Harty                                        1909 Jan 9th

            Aero Club has land in Sheppey                                                 1909 Feb 22nd

            Short Bros to Sheppey                                                             1909 Mar 13th

            Brabazon to Sheppey                                                               1909 Mar 13th

            Human flight                                                                             1909 Mar 13th

            Aeroplane arrives prize for flying 250 yards = £25                     1909 April 10th

            Wright Bros to Sheppey                                                           1909 May 8th

            Balloonist lost in Sheppey                                                         1909 April 17th

            Flying saucer or airship mystery                                                 1909 May 15th

            First flight in England 30th April 150 yds                                    1909 June 12th

            Mr.C.S.Rolls descends by balloon                                            1909 Sept 4th

            Moore Brabazon wins £1,000 Daily Mail prize on Sheppey       1909 Nov 6th

            On Sheppey                                                                             1910 April 9th

            Sheppey is the new birthplace of flight ,three paragraphs            1910 April 29th

            Photo of Cecil Grace and his plane                                            1910 May 7th

            Advert “Learn to fly in one hour “                                              1910 June 25th

            Death of C.S.Rolls plane collapsed                                           1910 July  4th

            Royal Aero Club to leave Sheppey                                           1910 Nov 5th

            Loss of C.S.Grace  and plane down ,total death toll                  1910 Dec 31st

            Twin engine plane invented by Shorts                                        1911 Sept 8th

            V.G.  ALL YEAR, EVERY WEEK, REPORTS ON FLIGHT 1912/1913

            First flying death at Eastchurch Corporal Lushington                  1913 Dec 6th

            Short Bros start at Leysdown                                                    1917 April 14th

Garrison Point Fort

            Size of                                                                                      1869 Feb 13th


            For Minster residents                                            1870 Feb 26th, March 19th


            Bank family                                                                              1904 July 9th

            Douglas Jerrold from Wilaley nr. Cranbrook                             1907 Nov 2nd

            General Gordon                                                                        1911 Feb 25th

            Rev. James Sprunt        ????                                                     1911 Nov 11th

            Bonor of Perth                                                                          1911 Nov 25th

            Sir Thomas Moore b 1480                                                       1913 June 14th

            Rev J Bryant                                         ??                                 1917 April 14th            

            Russell/ Jacob family                                                                 1916 Jan  22nd

            Jacobs opens two pawnshops                                                   1864 Feb 27th

            Benjamin Bardo was the water carrier of the town                     1863 Dec 12th

            Rumble fitted out ship for the Confederate state of USA

            Arrested ,sent for trial 1864 Jan  16th, /30th, Dec 10th                1865  Feb 4th

            Sir Edward Hales Canterbury died 1829 ,family tree                 1866 Apri.l 21st                                              

            Chas Townsend aged 99 ,died ,the oldest Sheernester               1868 Sept 12th

            Richard Purser aged 112 was once in Sheppey                         1868 Oct 24th

            William Dunn at Sheerness                                                        1868 Dec 19th

            Charles Polson, Lord of the Manor of Minster                           1874 April 11th

            Powder Monkey at Trafalgar 100 years old , his story               1889 April 13th

            John Akhurst the town crier ,1869                                            1904 Mar 5th

            Knewstub  published a book                                                     1907 Feb 9th

            Douglas Jerrold from Wilsey? Nr. Cranbook                             1907 Nov 2nd

            Pigtail Charlie (Elliot) Old Israel, killed                                      1908Sept 19th

            Eliza Coppins, Brown,Dr. Fowler, killed                                   1908 Sept 19th

            Rev. S.D.Scammell                                                                   191 April 3rd

            Worth the Gunner his memorial stone                                       

            John Rice of Manor of Minster ,a token is found                        1913 July 5th

            Samuel Wilcott , a smuggler , of Sheerness                                1914 Aug 29th

            House owners and addresses , long list                                      1906 June 2nd

            Council candidates at Workhouse                                             1909 Mar 20th

            Queenborough residents 1861   V.G.                                        1909 April 17th

            Rowland Hill preached here                                                      1909 April 17th

            E.J.Castle , inventor ,submarine escape                                     1909 July 24th

            Rev.Samuel Pinch life history ,two paragraphs  V.G.                 1910 July 9th

            Alderman Howe  death of                                                         1915 Feb 13th

            Sir Edward Reed death of                                                         1906 Dec 8th

            Sir Edward Reed at a Bazaar                                                    1881 April 30th

            Henry Russell the composer                                                      1900 Dec 22nd

            Sir Edward Banks genealogy                                                    1904 July 9th

            Sir Edward Banks started as a navvy in Sheerness                     1904 July 9th

            Bernard Franks , a Pole from Houndsditch sells “ dirty pins “     1865 Sept 9th

            Charles Orlando Dutton was the head constable                        1869

            Abe Jacobs on Sheppey 3 paragraphs              V.G.                1919 Jan 11th

            Chevalier Brightman born on Waterloo Day 80 years ago          1899 Jan 14th/April 1st

            Charles A Copland leaves for North England                            1899 April 8th

            Mrs Louisa Matilda Elliot died aged 85 Aug 5th lived with Adam Pucket 1899 Aug 12th

Glass Factory

            To be built at Rushenden Queenborough                                   1909 June 12th

            To start the building                                                                  1910 July 30th

Great Eastern

            Arrived off Sheerness July 13th                                                  1864 July 16th

            Details of construction                                                               1864 July 30th

            Passenger facility,trips out to see the ship                                   1864 Aug 13th

            Court case in Liverpool re owners                                             1864 Aug 20th

            Description of the ship                                                              1864Aug 27th

            Anchored                                                                                 1864 Aug 27th

            800 miles of cable tanks fitted                                                   1865 Mar 25th

            1865 Aug 25th, 1868 Oct 10th, 1869 Jan 16th, June 19th, Oct 16th, Nov 13th

            1870 July 9th, 1874 Aug 8th, Sept 12th

            Auctioned  withdrawn £30,000                                                 1881 Oct 22nd

            To be broken up                                                                       1889 July 13th

            Broken up – rotting                                                                   1890 Aug 8th

            Description from 1857 paper V.G.                                           1910 Feb 12th

            History of Jubilee  V.G.                                                            1907 Sept 30th

Gunpowder Works  (Faversham )

            Fatal explosion                                                                         1864 Nov 12th

            Fatal explosion                                                                         1865 Mar 4th

            1869 Jan 9th, 23rd, Feb 20th,Sept 25th, 1871 Feb 10th, 1879 Feb 22nd

            May 24th, ( Dec 18t 1880 )

Harty Ferry

            Skeleton and shed found (1822) very old , no metal                  1910 Sept 17th

            T.N.T. works refused                                                               1914 July 25TH

Health of Sheerness

            (see also births, deaths)                                                            

            one paragraph                                                                          1907 Feb 16th

            five paragraphs                                                                         1912 June 1st

            one whole page                                                                        1913 June 21st

Hogaths Visit

            1876 Sept 9th and  1907 June 15th

Hop fields

            A day in a Hop Field                                                                1908 Sept 5th

Horticulture Show

            Prizes                                                                                       1888 Dec 8th

            At Eastchurch                                                                           1912 Aug 31st


            Cottage Hospital for Sheppey                                                   1865 Dec 16TH

                 Ditto                                                                                    1869 Dec 18th

            Memorial fund for R.Brightman for the Hospital                         1876  Feb 18th

            £45 spent on a house at Westminster as a Hospital                    1878 Aug 24th

            Isolation Hospital  at Queenborough                                          1900 Aug 4th

            In St.Georges                                                                           1904 Jan 16th

            Hospital on Woottons Farm  V.V.G.                                        1917 May 12th

            Proposed Cottage Hospital for Sheppey           V.G.    1919 Jan 11th/Jan 18th


            See also Ships ( wooden )                                                        1912 Feb 10th

Industrial Exhibition

            List of local winners on Sheppey                                               1896 Mar 28th

            On Sheppey- long list of children                                               1900 May 4th

Indian Mutiny

                                                                                                            1909 Nov 6th

Kent Arch.Society , Fossils  etc

            To visit Minster Church and Shurland                                        1870 July 16th

            To visit Sheppey                                                                       1875 May 15th

            Mill Hill cutting shows Bagshot sand                                          1875 Sept 4th

            Fossils found                                                                            1876 June 10th

            Roman pottery “ finds “ at Upchurch                                         1878 May 18th

            Fossils and a huge turtle                                                            1880 Mar 6th

            Clay and soils of Sheppey                                                         1880 Nov 6th

            Spine of a whale found at Minster Cliffs                                     1881 May 28th

            Indian shells found                                                                    1882 July 8th/ Aug 5th

            Hythe and Newington visit                                                        1888 Aug 11th

            Fossils etc                                                                                1889 June 1st

            Rambles on Sheppey    2 paragraphs V.G.                                1904 Oct 22nd

            54 AD to present date   1 paragraph  V.G.                               1908 Aug 8th

            Treasure Trove found at Trinity Church park                             1913 July 5th

            Old coins unearthed Henry 3rd Edward 1st ,4th, 6th,and 7th         1915 Aug 28th

            Cont.    James 2nd Norman and Spanish                                    1915 Sept 11th

            Roman kiln –site of – Minster Cliffs                                           1916 Feb 19th

            13th century Scotch coins found in Sheppey                               1916 Mar 4th

Kentish Dialect

                                                                                                            1910 July 2nd

Kentish Men and Men of Kent

                                                                                                            1911 May 20th

Land Owners

            St. Catherines Hospital London (Sheppey)                                1877 July 7th


1 acre lost at Minster                                                                1870 June 25th

Since 1865 Neptune Terrace sand used as ballast                     1879 May 10th

Sheppey Cliffs since 1606                                                         1882 July 1st/Sept 9th/15th

Trouts Farm 1 acre                                                                   1890 April 19th

Bell Farm 7/8 acres lost                                                            1903 Mar 21st

Warden 3 acres lost                                                                  1909 Jan 3rd

Lathe of Scray

Definition and origin                                                                  1882 April 15th

Litery Building

            Description of                                                                           1870 May 14th

Lethbridge Nurses

            Long list of subscribers                                                             1893 April 22nd

            Long list of subscribers                                                             1896 May 9th

            The origin of                                                                             1916 June 10th


            Fire £2,000                                                                              1907 June 12th

London Bridge

            Mrs. Harding has a piece in her garden( + others) (1176-1200) 1904 July 9th

Lord of the Manor

The council to buy his foreshore                                                1903 July 6th

Marine Town

            Connected to Mile Town                                                          1869

Martello Towers

            Engraving of  1856                                                                   1906 Mar 17th

            New tower near Roman Catholic mentioned                              1909 Feb 6th

Masonic Hall

            Plans passed                                                                             1908 Aug 28th

            Freemasons march to church (1869)                                         1908 Sept 19th

            Tender of £1,789 by a Rochester firm                                       1908 Sept 19th

            Buys 160 ft. frontage St. Georges x 90ft.adjoining new club £450 1909 May 15th

            Lodge No.3124 1st lodge to meet in the new building                1909 Aug 14th

            Dedicated soon, description of building V.G.                             1909 Aug 21st,Oct 16th/23rd


            List of Mayors in Kent                                                              1864Nov 19th

            Election of the Mayor and a list of his Officers                           1877 Oct 6th

            Provincial Mayor of England two paragraphs                             1889 Nov 16th

            The Mayor is elected and signs the roll as long as the Town Pier 1892Nov 12th

            Past Mayors of Queenborough ,the tales of,                              1893 April 1st

            Election of the Mayor                                                               1893 Nov 11th

            The old Mayor of Queenborough                                              1896 Oct 26th

            Charter Day at Queenborough                                                  1900 Oct 6th

            Charter Day Banquet                                                                1907 Oct 19th/26th

            Charter Day Speeches                                                              1908 Oct 3rd

            Kentish Mayors for 1911                                                          1911 Nov 11th

Mile Town

            Was called Wards Town                                                          1909 Feb 13th


Waywarden ,court case by people who need one                      1864 April 25th

Home rule for Minster wanted                                                   1896 Mar 28th

Minster Park Estate great land sale                           1903 June 6th to July 25th

Leysdown and Shellness great land sale                                     1903 Aug 1st

Danley Estate to be built up                                                       1903 Aug 1st

Moat (Bluetown)

Widening of the bridge                                                              1862    July 26th

Moat dug around Town and Dockyard                                     1863 Nov 21st

Moat is marked out 130 men are employed                               1864 Jan 16th

Opening of the new Drawbridge Road                                      1875 Aug 21st

Heavy death toll                                                                        1908 Sept 18th

Model Yacht Club

            To start                                                                                    1890 Jan 18th/Feb 9th


            Wanted for Sheppey                                                                 1869 Jan 30th

                    Ditto                                                                                 1876 May 20th

            Gatehouse for the Museum                                                       1904 Dec 5th


            W.Johnson and son around 1862 April 9th ,Aug 23rd,30th Sept 6th

            Attempted murder                                                                    1876 April 24th

            Manslaughter Eastchurch                                                          1880 Sept 2nd

            Murder of baby                                                                        1903 Mar 14th

            Description of murder and hanging                                            1907 Mar 2nd

            Queenborough  murder marker post always painted red/white   1908 Aug 1st

            Scrapsgate murder 1814                                                           1908 Sept 19th

            Elliot murdered 1862  July 30th Halfway houses 1908 Sept 19th 1917 July 14th

            Eliza Coppins murdered by Prentis 1857April 23rd,1915 April3rd, 1908 Sept 19th

            Mrs. Brown murdered                          1883 Jan 17th              1908 Sept 19th                               

            Dr. Fowler  murdered                           1883 Jan 17th               1908 Sept 19th

            Darkie Brown murdered wife in Victory Street +attempted suicide 1915 Jan 2nd

            1814 body of murdered man washed up at Scrapsgate              1915 April 3rd

            George Lancaster murdered by wife in North Street 1901 April 10th ,see 1915 April 3rd


            Escapes from Sheerness                                                           1915 July 31st


            Jack Tar then and now V.G.                                                     1911 Oct 28th


            In Sheerness as a “Middy “                                                       1904 April  30th

            Log book of Nelson to be sold + “Day after Trafalgar “             1911 Nov 11th

            Nelson lodges in High Street Bluetown                                      1912 Dec 14th

Nore Mutiny

            1869 March 27th V.V.G. April 3rd.10th,17th    , 1907 June 29th

            Paragraph from the Times of 1797                                            1912 July 27th

            Jan 29th 1797 Parker executed                                                 1917 June 2nd

Ornithological Society

            Long list of winners   1904 Jan 2nd and 1909 Nov 27th

Oxford Cinema

            To be built , prices,  sizes  etc                                                   1916 Dec 2nd

Oyster Fishing

Cheyney Rock Oyster Fishery to be re-opened 1877 July 21st, Aug 11th/18th

Sept 8th

Whitstable Season now open 3/- per day                                  1890Sept 13th

Cheyney Rock oyster ground , history , dates, etc                     1900 Mar 31st

Above before the High Court                                                    1900 June 23rd

Oyster stealing case                                                                  1911 Sept30th


            Local veterans of the R.G.A, Volunteers                                   1904 June4th

            New steam engine                                                                    1908 Aug 22ND//29th

            Cecil Grace and his plane                                                          1910 May 7th

            Sheppey Coat of Arms                                                             1913 April 3rd

            Rev. S.D.Scammell                                                                   1914 Jan 17th


            Opened 1835 Sept 8th                                                              1874 Aug 29th

            History of the piers                                                                   1874 Nov 21st

            Oath of Pier Commisioners                                                       1876 July 8th

            Council to run the pier                                                               1892 Jan 16th/30th

            Transfer of pier                                                                         1893 Sept 2nd

            Opened and history of  old pier in 1801                                    1900 May 26th

            Fire at pier ( £100,000 )                                                           1900 July 21st

            Minster to have a pier 7,000 ft. long                                          1906 June 2nd

            Horseshoe shaped pier at Invicta Road??                                  1911 May 13th

            Queenborough pier destroyed by fire 1900 July 19th                  1917 July 14th

            Pier washed away 1897 Nov 29TH + 1916 Nov 25th                1917 Nov 3rd

Pigeon Society

            To have flying matches                                                              1876 Mar 11th

Pigtail Corner

Pigtail Charlie                                                                           1908 Sept 19 th

                                                                                                1904 Sept 10th


            New station at Well Marsh to be built                                       1865 June 24th

            New station opened                                                                  1866Mar 31st

            Boy aged 9, 1 week in prison,threw stone at train.                     1866 April 21st

            Boy aged 8 summons boy aged 8 for hitting him                        1871 May 13th

            1840 only 2 policemen here.prison black hole adjacent the hard 1909 Jan 23rd

Post Office

            Letters posted AM reach Faversham PM                                  1865 Dec 25th

            List of Post Offices and boxes                                                   1866 Mar 31st

            Three deliveries each day                                                          1871 April 8th

            Private parcel express                                                               1872 Jan 6th

            3 mails out of Sheppey daily                                                      1875 Sept 4th

            Post early or the 31st Jan for 1st Jan delivery                              1878 Dec 28th

            To be moved to the corner of Beach Street                               1879 Sept 23rd

            List of boxes in Sheppey                                                           1881 Oct 1st

            Fire at Swanley Farm ,telegram sent to fire brigade                    1893 Sept 2nd

            1861 was the 1st time mail left Sheppey April 1st                        1915 April 3rd

Potteries Factory

            To be built                                                                                1908 Nov 21st

Press Gangs

            All about this ,,three paragraphs                                                1908 Sept 18th

Public Houses

            In Faversham and Districts                                                        1863 Aug 29th

            27 Pub owners in Sheppey                                                       1903 Mar 14th

            List of Sheppey Pubs                                                                1910 July 23rd

            Number of Pubs in Sheerness, Minster, Eastchurch, Elmley       1917 Feb 10th

            Queen Philipa  on the site of The Railway Hotel ( burnt) in 1871 1881 Sept 17th

Old deeds of The Old House at Home                                      1900 Mar 24th

Names of in 1800’s                                                                  1910 April 2nd

            Re old property deeds of “ The Old House at Home”                1900 Mar 24th