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Taken from the local newspaper of the day.

NOTE;- The paper may have reported a past event or a present event.

(Some items may be duplicated from “PAPERS” in the main index.

V.G. Denotes very good report

V.V.G.Denotes very very good report.

( See the complete article for the full report.)

With apologies if the dates are wrongly transcribed.


      Newspaper Item.                                               Newspaper Date.



            All dogs to be muzzled in hot weather                                        1865 July 8th

            Rabid dog in church                                                                  1871 July 23rd

            A Stag  swims across the Swale, lands in Elmley                        1877 Dec 22nd

            Order re mad dogs in Sheppey                                                 1878 Jan 26th

            Small elephant washed up at Leysdown after gales                    1882 Nov 25th

Air Raids

Report on all Air Raids and the deaths                                       1919 Jan 18th


            New London & Prov.Bank for Sheerness                                 1911 April 8th

Banks Town

            Also named Edward Street or Broadway                                 

Barracks R.A.

            To be built – description of.                                                      1862 Sept 6th

            Completed – every room has gas.                                             1862Sept 27th

Bartons Point

Fort is being built                                                                      1890 Jan 11th

Books and Paintings

            Queenborough Mayor gives three rare Shakespear books         1889 Feb 23th

            Queen autographs book in library                                              1889 Dec 7th

            Abbey Gainsboro’ painting nearly stolen                                   1876 Sep 2nd

            History and prices of Turners Sheerness Painting £7,450           1890 May 17th

            Mayor has 1661 copy priced 17/6  Mayor of Queenborough “1893 May 6th

            “Sheppey Companion”by W. Knewstub pub.1839                    1907 Feb 9 th


            A boom is to go across to Grain                                                1909 June 5th

Bostall Hall

            A boarding establishment, a small fire                                        1912 Mar 30th

Bottle Works

            To start up at Queenborough                                                    1911 Jan 11th

Bridge ( Ferry)

            New Swale bridge two paragraphs                                           1904 Nov 5th

            History of Tremsit and Tremmond ferry V.G.                1907 April,May,June,July

            Passenger toll to be withdrawn-  ½ d                                        1909 April 10th

            Number of passengers                                                              1909 May 1st

            New tolls                                                                                  1910 May 28th

            Was built by Dr.Arroll                                                              1910 Nov 19th

            Built 1825 ( shares for sale )                                                     1911 April 1st

            Building of 1860                                                                       1913 Sept 13th

            Frozen over 1766 Jan 29th                                     1916 Jan 1st/1918 Jan 5th

            4 new schemes for new Swale Bridge                                       1918 Mar 2nd

Bus Service

            Service to Eastchurch                                                               1870 April 23rd

            1849 two coaches per day Bluetown to Sittingbourne                1909 Feb 13th


            34 applications for cab licenses                                                 1892 Jan 30th                          

Canal Bank

Re building of                                                                           1871 June 10th

Canal? From Sheerness to Rye ? ¼ mile wide,30 ‘ deep           1879 May 17th


            Description of in Sheppey                                                         189?6 Oct 31st

            Carnival in Sheerness                                                                1900 Sept 8th


            Not consecrated yet                                                                 1869 Nov 20th

            Consecration of new burial ground Minster 1 ½ acres                1896 Feb 8th

            Norwegian memorial 5or 6 washed up 1 year ago                     1903 Mar 14th

            Epitaphs by Rev Morrow account                                             1906 Dec 8th


            1881 and 1871 population                                                        1881 May 7th

            Data on census                                                                         1911 Mar 25th

            1877 and 1829                            1877 Dec 1st, 1879 Jan 18th, 1871 July 29th             

                        Ditto                                                                             1893 Feb 11th

Population (1845 Kelly of Kent

            Sheerness         7,000

            Queenborough  634

            Eastchurch        1019

            Leysdown        310

            Elmly                  42

            Harty                117

Birth / Death Rate

            1869 Jan 23rd,1871 Mar 11th,1888 May 19th,1871 May 20th,1871 May 4th

            1872 Jan 6th,1874 April 4TH,1875 Jan 2nd,1876 Aug 19th,1877 July7th

Chamber of Commerce

            To start up                                                                                1908 Oct 24th

            1 ½ paragraphs on Chamber                                                     1909Jan 23rd

            Quarterly Meeting                                                                     1910 Sept 8th

            Officers elected for the year                                                      1912 Mar 16th

Charles Dickens

            Attempt to overturn carriage at Chatham                                   1862 June 21st

            Literary Institute to  ask C.D. to attend                                      1863 Oct 17th

            Paper by his son why whose names were used in the books       1910 Oct 8th

            Alfred Tennyson Dickens, his son ,dies in New York                 1912 Jan 6th

            The names in his books are from Chalk Graveyard                    1913 Sept 20th

            “Little Nell “ died and buried burnt ?? shop??/  land??               1916 May 16th

            Son here to read fathers work for the Red Cross                       1914 Nov 21st


            Richard Webbs  1869 Mar 27th, 1871 Feb 10th, Mar 25th,April 18th,

Eastchurch Charities                                                                 1889 April 27th

Queenboro“ Stamps “ charity£500 invested forr widows         1890 Jun 7th

Hopsons charity –Minster school                                              1890 Aug 23rd

Hopsons Charity as prizes                                                         1900 Dec 22nd

Webbs Palm Sunday 6d each for  workhouse children               1906 April 7th

Webbs Charity – a full description (1812)                                 1907 Mar 30th

The Queenborough Charities                                                     1907 July 6th

A new charity for Queenborough                                              1908 Feb 8th

Major Hobson left £700  1817 Feb 17th                                   1908 Feb 29th

Webbs charity for the Workhouse                                             1908 May 2nd

Richard Webb pen given for the best writing      (1812)              1908 July 4th

Webbs charity 3 paragraphs (very good)                                   1909 April 10th

Shipwrecked Sailors and Charities                                            1909 Sept 18th

Webbs charity by a centarian                                                    1911 Jan 28th

Webb memorial service b 1733 d 1833                                    1911 April 15th

Hopson trust list of winners plus history                                     1911 Nov 25th

Richard Webbs Charity Silver pens are given                            1913 June 21st

History of Hobsons Charity                                                       1913 Nov 8th/22nd

1804 The shipwrecked Gentlemen of Queenborough                 1916 Sept 23rd

Chemical Works

            To be enlarged                                                                         1871 Aug 5th

            History of                                                                                 1911 Jan 7th

            Chemical factory to close                                                          1907 Aug 3rd

Cheyney (Lord)

            Greedy Lord Cheyney                                                              1881 Nov 26th

Choral Society

            To start                                                                                    1906 Oct 27th


            See “shops “for food details                                                     

            See Workhouse for Christmas in the Workhouse




Kent Churches and marriages etc                                                          1878 Aug 3rd

Alma Road Congregational Church

            Improvements 200 extra people to be seated                                        1866 June 30th

            Sunday school opened                                                                          1892 Feb 13th

            48th Anniversary                                                                                   1906 Feb 3rd

            Anniversary                                                                                          1907 Jan 26th

Baptist Chapel  Halfway Houses

            History                                                                                                 1909 Dec 25th

Baptist Church Strode Crescent

            New church                                                                                          1869 April 10th

            Foundation Stone laid                                                                           1869 Nov 13th

            Size and the cost                                                                                   1876 May 20th

            Foundation stone laid and a short history of                                           1878 June 20th/July 6th

            Opening                                                                                               1878 Dec 7th

            History of Rev.J.Sprunt                                                                         1907 Oct 26th

            New organ                                                                                           1916 May 6th

Bethel Church

            High Street new church site 60ft by 90 ft                                               1904 Sept 24th/Aug 27th

            124th anniversary  " it really started in 1725 “                                         1908 Nov

            100th anniversary of the Sunday School                                                 1910 Feb 19th

            148th anniversary and history 1761, 1781, 1763         V.V.G.               1910 Nov 19th

Catholic Church

            Opening of the new church Marine Town                                              1864 Sept 3rd/17th

            New organ                                                                                           1864 Dec 3rd

            Catholic Chapel Yard in Rose Street                                                     1866 April 14th           

Bethel Chapel (Hope Street)

            History of,  memorial stones                                                                  1882 Dec 2nd

            History                                                                                                 1903 Mar 28th

Bethel Chapel (Bluetown)

History                                                                                                 1903 Mar 28th

To be re opened                                                                                   1874 May 16th

150th anniversary of the Bethel (very short but good)                             1912 Dec 7th

Bethel Chapel Minster

            New opened at Minster                                                                        1869 Oct 16th

            Organ required                                                                                     1869 Nov 20th

Dockyard  Church

New organ                                                                   1865 Aug 12th and Oct 14th                                                     

To be renovated                                                                                   1876 April 1st

Estimate for repair after fire £4,700                                                       1882 Jan 7th

Appears to be un-consecrated                                                              1880 Feb 28th

Brass erected to comm..loss of H.M.S.Wasp                                        1890 Sept 20th

1881 fire with 2 dead 1909 May 15th, 1915 Jan 2nd , 1917 Nov 3rd

1690 first Church opened (1st Jan)1918 Jan 5th, 1916 Jan 1st , 1915 Jan 2nd

Eastchurch Church

            History of church from 1196 V.G.(3 Paragraphs )                                1904 Jan 23rd/30th

            Bells ,the oldest is cast 1607                                                                 1911 Feb 11th

            Bells ,the oldest in Sheppey                                                                   1911 Mar 4th

            History of  church  V.G.                                                                       1911 Nov 4th/11th

            History V.V.G (original data ?)                                                             1911 Nov 4th

            Eastchurch bell ringing contest                                                               1911 Sept 16th

Eastchurch Wesleyan Methodist Church

            Tenders required for                                                                             1882 Feb 11th

Ebeneezer Chapel

            Anniversary of                                                                                      1864 Oct.15th


            Listed                                                                                                   1869 Jan 9th

            Listed                                                                                                   1877 July 14th

            Why are Kent Churches locked ?                                                         1880 July 3rd

            All Sheppey vicars named                                                                     1888 Aug 4th

            Kent Penitentiary church Tenterden etc                                                 1860/1904 Aug 6th

            Kent Synod Methodist                                                                          1906 May 12th

            Old Synagogue to be pulled down                                                         1907 July 6th

            Sittingbourne / Sheppey names of vicars                                                1908 Nov 21st

            1762 the house used by Wesley –fire                                                    1909 April 17th

            White Chapel was opposite the pier, Red Chapel was the Bethel Bluetown 1909 Jan 23rd

            Kent churches nearby description                                                          1910 Oct 1st

            1812- 1912 Wesleys 100 years                                                            1912 Nov 16th

            Alma Road+Cong+Bethel+Wesleyan+ 1st time ever all pray together     1918 Jan 12th

Halfway Church

New church                                                                                          1911 April 29th

Harty  Church

            The chest is described   G.                                                                    1913 Nov 15th

Iron Chapel (Meyrick road/Broadway junction )

            To be built                                                                     1871 Nov25th and Dec.2nd

            Church is opened                                                                                  1872 Jan 13th

John Wesley

            9 visits to Sheppey  V.G.                                                                      1912 Feb 10th

            1778 Nov 3rd he preached here also 1769 and 1784                             1917 Nov 3rd

            Lecture on Wesley by Rev.J.G.Morrow  V.G.                                      1906 Feb 3rd

            Letter from Wesley to his sister 1778                                                    1906 Feb 17th

            Dates that he preached in Sheerness (2 )                                               1916 Nov 25th

            Wesley preached here 1788 Dec 3rd

            Wesley preached here 1769 Dec 5th

Minster Abbey Church

            Graveyard closed by order of Council                                                   1893 July 4th

            Gainsborough painting nearly stolen                                                       1876 Sept 2nd

            Sir Edward Wallers not Spanish tomb                                                   1876 Sept 2nd

            In bad way , tithes 1800, no vicar and in ruins                                       1877 Dec 8th

            Large meeting re the restoration and its history                                       1878 May 18th/June 1st

            Renovation                                                                                           1880 Feb 28th

            Stone box found in niche ,coin and skull                                                1880 Aug 28th

            Burial – believed to be King Offa                                                          1880 Oct 30th

            Foundations probed – three sides of large quadrangle                            1880 Nov 6th

            Restoration  , the Queen gave £500                                                      1880 Nov 13th

            Christmas Eve in Minster Abbey                                  1882 Aug 28th/ 1880 Dec 25th

            Long poem by J.Saffery                                                                        1881 Jan16th

            Re-opening                                                                                           1881 June 11th

            History three paragraphs    V.V.G                                                        1904 Feb 13th/20th/Mar 5th

            Death of Don Cerinomo 1591 Armada                                                 1907 May 23rd


At the co-op hall                                                                                   1865 Oct 21st

Primitive Methodist Chapel

            In Spring Garden Passage pulled down last week                                  1893 Aug 5th

Queenborough Church

            Josiah Hall to restore the steeple                                                           1874 April 25th

            Restoration of steeple                                                                           1881July 9th

            Eggs found in the wall-as a sacrifice                                                       1881July 9th

            List of vicars V.G.                                                                                1906 Feb 24th

            List of vicars 1557 to date                                                                    1907 May 18th

            Description of the church silver1673  V.G.                                            1907 June 8th

            Description of bells                                                                               1907 June 22nd

            Reg. of births                                                                                        1907 June 29th

            Vaults sealed up by Palmer                                                                   1907 July 13th

            History of some church furniture                                                            1909 June 12th

            Re church bells, 1911 Jan 28th,May 13th,20th,June 3rd ,24th

            Masonic Bells dedicated by the Bishop of Dover                                   1911 June 24th

Church burnt out in 1719                                                                      1911 Nov 18th

Well in the church yard                                                                         1912 Nov 2nd  

St.Pauls Church (Bluetown)

            Opening service                                                                                    1870 July 30th

            Contract for building church £2,000                                                      1871 July 29th

            Memorial Stone laid.                                                                             1871 Sept.30th

            Foundation stone laid for school                                                            1878 May 4th

            School opened by the Bishop of Dover                                                 1878 Sept 20th

            New organ for church                                                                           1889 May 25th

            History and costs                                                                                  1914 June 6th

Sunday Schools

            No.of children at each school ,e.g. 700 at Bethel  Sunday School          1863 Mar.14th

            1824 there were 600 at the Bethel Sunday School                                 1917 Sept 12th

Trinity Church

            Re Cross for the Communion Table                                                      1917 Mar 31st

            1840 bar gate at church                                                                        1917 Aug 25th

            Model in wood to be presented to Dr.Bryant                                         1862 Mar 8th

            Altar windows presented by E.T.Merrith and brass Lectern presented   1888 Feb 25th

            A curate as from this date on                                                                 1913 Aug 2nd

            Cross for Communion Table                                                                 1917 Mar 31st


            List of some Kent Vicars                                                                      1866 April 21st

Warden Church

            May be washed away soon.                                                                  1866 May 5th

            Service at the Church                                                                            1866 May 12th

            A landslide, the Church is in danger                                                       1874 Sept.19th

            Church has nearly gone, wall is cracked and pilfering is taken place.       1875 Oct 2nd

            Skulls on the surface now.                                                                     1881 May 28th

            Short history and rebuilding of church (V.G) 1881 June 11th,18th,25th July 2nd.

            In 1800 the first church falls over the cliffs                                             1907 Nov 30th

            Church falls in sea 1876                                                                        1917 April 14th

Wesleyan Church

            List of all Kent Ministers                                                                       1864 Aug.20th

            List of all Kent Ministers                                                                       1865 Aug.25th

            Ditto 1878 Oct.5th, 1879 Aug.30th, 1881 Sept 17th,1909Aug 14th,1916 Aug 12th

            Re-opening                                                                                           1880 Dec 11th

            Hope St. Church moved from Bluetown in1839.                                   1915 Mar20th 

Wesleyan Chapel Queenborough

            Foundation stone laid                                                                            1888 May 26th

            Opening of chapel                                                                                 1888 July  14th

            Now licensed for weddings                                                                   1893 April 18th


To have a new church in 9 months time                                     1907 Feb.16th



            Queenboro cricket  club fined for using Queenboro Common    1836 July 4th

            Sheppey United Cricket Club averages for the season               1889 Oct 26th

            Short history since 1874                                                           1908 Mar 14th

            Old style single wicket played                                                   1912 Aug 31st


            First time in Sheppey Bioscope  picture 100,000 ft.                   1906 June 16th

            New cinema opened at Minster                                                 1914 April 4th

Civil War

            Jack Cades rebellion  V.G.                                                       1907 May 11th


            Bensons clocks see Dockyard                                                  1880 Oct 23rd

            Church clocks in Kent by Benson                                             1890 Aug 9th

            New clock for Hoo Church                                                      1892 June 25th

Coal Washer (Queenborough)

            Description of                                                                           1910 Sept 17th

Coat of Arms

            For Sheppey ,there is not one,Council                                       1910 July 2nd

            New Seal- Ship and White Horse                                             1911 Mar 25th

            Medal with coat of arms given to all children                              1911 June 24th


            Of 1907 seen                                                                           1907 Aug 24th

            Halley’s comet                                                                          1910 May 21st

Conservative Party

            Newly formed party for Sheerness                                            1882 April 8th

            Three paragraphs on above                                                       1889 April 27th


            Started in 1816 ,oldest in the country                                        1875 Mar 13th

            Long meeting report                                                                  1881 Oct 15th

            W..J.Penney in chair                                                                 1881 Dec 17th

            Co-op buy a boat                                                                     1882 Oct 21st

            Site of the first co-op ( High Street) etc                                     1892 Oct 22nd

            Jubilee 50 years and 15 original pioneers                                   1900 Mar 3rd

            Merger of co-op and economical                1903 April 4th/18th,1907 Oct 15th

            ½ yearly meeting of econ                                                          1909 June 12th

            Oldest co-op in England is in Sheppey                                      1910 July 16th

            History of the Mill and the Bakery                                             1910 Oct 8th

            Re amalgamation of the Co-op and the Eco                               1911 Feb 11th

            Letter re Centenary 1816 Nov21st                                           1916 Dec 2nd


            Gibralter Copland of Sheppey, invents new look and saves water1904 Jan 16th

            Lottery ticket of 1816 held by Copland                                     1916 Feb 5th

Copperas Factory

            History of                                                                                 1911 Jan 7th


            Tea party and games                                                                 1911 July 22nd

Council Offices

            Water works and the Tower collapses                                      1862 May 3rd

            Sir John Rennie inspects the above                                            1862 May 17th

            Wages for the week £18-14s-0d                                              1864 May 7th

            Contract to sweep the streets of Sheerness £5 per week           1863 Aug 29th

            Town Joiner is suggested tools given                                         1870 May 14th

            £2,500 borrowed to build the Esplanade                                   1874 Oct 31st

            Cost of paving given per square yard                                         1875 Sept 11th

            Promenade  and the dwarf wall to be built                                 1875 Dec 4th

            Council members                                                                      1879 April 12th

            Balance sheet for the Council                                                    1890 Aug 30th

            Steam roller to be brought for the roads                                    1890 Sept 27th

            Addresses,  nominations and the results                       1912 April 6th/ Mar 16th

            Rate is fixed at 1/10d in the £ for 6 months                                1916 Mar 25th


            Description of  V.G.                                                                 1912 Mar 23rd

Court Leet

            At Kingsborough                                                                      1870 June 18th

            Maintenance of sea wall,old books,1251,1402 etc                    1874 April 25th

            Poems Ys Is Yo Boke of Bob Ye Friar                                     1881 Dec 24th

            Old tree nearly dead, very old                                                   1904 Oct 1st?

            Old tree nearly dead ,fill with concrete?                                     1907 July 13th

            History of the Court Leet ,500 year records are with Copland   1913 Dec 13th

            Last meeting was in 1856                                                          1913 Dec 13th

            Mentioned by Alderman Howe                                                 1915 Feb 13th


            Sheerness Royal Cycle Club                                                     1906 Jan 12th

            21 mile Chatham to Halfway on 48” Diameter wheel 1hr-20mins1876 Sept 9th

            A trip Kent Surrey?????                                                           1888 June 9th/16th


            Ditches in Sheerness                                                                 1866 June 9th





            Deptford ,Woolwich                                                                 1870 May 7th

            Officials in 1791                                                                       1904 Oct 29th

Dockyard Closure

            Questions to be asked in the house                                            1865 June 24th

            11/7/1868, 18/9/1869                                                              1868 April 18th

Dockyard, Chatham

            Wage list for 1601                                                                    1914 July 18th

            Strike among hired mechanics                                                   1862 July 26th

            Convicts arrive to work on the extensions                                  1863 Mar 12th

            Nelson sails of the  Victory found                                              1875 May 1st

            Yard to be lit with electricity                                                      1881 Jan 8th

Dockyard Naval Estimates

            4/4/1874, 18/3/1882, 30/3/1882, 15-22/3/1890, 11/3/1893 EtcEtc

Dockyard Exams Results

            16/10/1869, 11/7/1874, 5/7/1879, 3/7/1880, 25/6/1881, Etc ,Etc

Dockyard Wages and Manpower

            12/3/1864, 11/3/1865,

            Given in 1729 =204                                                                  1874 Oct 3rd

            Hours to be worked                                                                 1881 Nov 12th

            1748 men in the dockyard                                                                 Mar 3rd/24th

            Wages of the tradesmen                                                            1889 Dec 14th

Dockyard miscellany

            Wooden model 50 years old sent to the Southampton Museum 1866 Feb 3rd

            Rat catchers to be paid 1/- per dozen caught                             1874 Oct 3rd

            120 apprentices named at funeral                                              1879 June 28th

            New (Benson) clock fitted to the storehouse                             1880 Oct 23rd

            King William IV Admiralty house fire                                        1893 Sept 2nd

            Petition for better conditions  V.G.                                            1903 Oct 30th

            Interview with Admiralty re Yard                                              1904 Feb 6th
            Petition ( three paragraphs )                                                      1906 Dec 1st

            Health of, number sick, died or hurt                                           1908 Jan 15th

            Only a wooden fence around Dockyard and no policemen         1910 July 23rd
            Re Storehouse                                                                          1911 June 24th
            Good list of senior Dockyard men                                             1912 Jan 20th

            Some ships in docks for 5 years .Old no.2 dock roof pulled down1912 Sept 21st

            Long list of Officers in 1869                                                      1913 Feb 13th

            Steam basin opened 1823 Sept 9th                                            1913 Sept 13th

            Searching the employers in 17th century                                    1914 April 18th

            First stone laid for the dry dock 1819 June 10th                         1917 June 10th

            40 years ago and the Yard Superintendent had powers of law   1916 July 1st

            Officers in 1869                                                                        1916 Aug 26th

            Officers in 1797                                                                        1869 April 17th

            First iron ship built at Sheerness            1875 July 17th

            List of ships built at Sheerness 1832 to 1865                             1904 Mar 5th






Devonian Meetings

            Held in Sheerness                                                                     1907 Feb 16th

            Devonian dinner                                                                        1908 Feb 29th

Druids etc

            U.A.O Druids Lodge No 385 of Queenborough £1 given for rescue 1866 Jan 20th

            Oddfellows, Knots, Druids, numbers mentioned                        1870 May 14th

                                                Ditto         Fete                                     1870 July 2nd

            M.U.I.O.O.F. dinner  long report                                              1870 Sept 10th

Dutch Invasion

            V.G.                                                                                        1888 Jan 21st

            Warden mentioned as important                                                1888 June 2nd


            Cattle market                                                                            1903 Dec 12th


            Lighting for town  or gas ??                                                       1904 Feb 6th

            Public lighting for Minster (gas?)                                                1906 April 21st

            1st victim of civilisation lighting ( electricity)                                1908 Oct 17th

            Long debate –gas ver electricity                                                1910 Nov 5th


            Visit to .two paragraphs V.G.                                                   1904 Oct  8th

            Kings hill and house, King James capture (short account )          1906 Oct 20th

            Now almost deserted                                                                1909 June 19th


            To Canada to Prussia, from Dockyard                                      1870 April 2nd

            To Canada                                                                               1870 June 4th/11th

            Letter from Canada                                                                  1871 Feb 4th

                        Ditto                                                                             1892 Jan16th

            Emigrate to Canada for £5                                                        1869 Feb 13th 

                        Ditto     from Vancouver very long letter                       1892 April 23rd

                        Ditto                           Ditto                                          1893 Aug 12th

            Letter from America re the condition of work                            1896 Oct 17th

            Letter from San Fransisco re Earthquake                                   1906 May 12th

Evening Classes
            In Sheppey                                                                               1892 Sept 17th

            Evening classes are suggested                                                   1897 Aug 5th

            Classes started at 3d per week                                                 1893 Oct 21st


            Captain Scott last Artic region                                                   1913 Feb 22nd