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Sir Kenneth John Eaton G.B.E., K.C.B., F.Eng. FIEE. was born in Sheerness on the 12th August
and his parents were John and May and he married Sheena Buttle in 1959 having two sons one
of which sadly died. He was educated at Borden Grammar School after which he served his

apprenticeship as an Electrician in Sheerness Dockyard circa 1950 he then left to join the R.N. and then on to Fitzwilliam College Cambridge University where he obtained hisB.A. .He then effectively left Sheerness and has not lived here since but still remembers Sheerness .

I searched "Google " (a search machine ) and found his e-mail address and I sent him a message

wliIcK he replied to the same day , a very friendly message from such a busy man

" ........ I left Sheerness at that time and have not lived there since clearly well over 50 years "

He was on the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments which was set up by the then Prime Minister in 1975 to advise him on applications from the most senior Crown servants .The Committee advises the Foreign Secretary on applications from senior diplomats

He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 1 994

He was awarded the GBE in 1994 and the KCB in 1990

In 2001 he was made Admiral of the United Kingdom

As Chairman of The Mary Rose Trust he was presented with the original search chart of the area by

the two who carried out the dive.

He was on the Board of The White Ensign Association an Admiralty Board endorsed Naval Charity

set up to assist all ranks from Ordinary Seaman to Admiral , serving and retired, with advice and

guidance on all personal matters

He served on many ships 1965 - 1971 including, Victorious, Eagle , Collingwood , Bristol, Ark Royal

etc. and from 1971-1972 he worked on Defence Communications Network.

From 1978 81 he was with the MoD, and he was The Director of Torpedoes i983-85and also the

Dir- Gen of Underwater Weapons 1985 - 1987 and then in 1987-89 he was the Flag Officer for

Portsmouth and Naval Base Comm.

He was then The Controller of the Royal Navy and from 1989 - 94 and he was responsible for

reporting to the Admiralty Board on Royal Naval procurement and safety issues. He was also a

Director of Defence Logistics Organisation in his role as Director General (Nuclear)

( It is interesting to note that in 1901 the Controller of the Navy Admiral Sir Arthur Wilson V.C.

described submarines as " underhand, unfair and dammed un-English. They' 11 never be any use in war

and I'll tell you why I'm going to get the First Sea Lord to announce that we intend to treat all

submarines as pirate vessels in wartime and that we will hang all the crews )

Admiral John Jellicoe was also The Controller of the Royal Navy as was The 1st Lord Fisher of

Kilverstone . There were very many distinguished Controllers

including Henry Bradwardine Jackson, G.C.B., K.C.B., K.C.V.O.,

Kenneth was the Chairman of UKAEA. 1996 2002

And as the Chairman of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority the principal activity of which was to manage nuclear liabilities and our associated responsibilities in a way which is safe and secure, environmentally responsible , value for money , and publicly acceptable .As a non-executive member in 2001-2002 his emolument was 30,000 for 2001, and also 30,000 in 2002

From 1995 - 1999 he was the Chairman of Guys and St.Thomas' NHS Trust and from 1995 - 2001 he was with The National Remote Sensing Centre .

His recreations are the Countryside ,theatre , opera, and classical music.