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Background History                             Sheerness


From the book by Prof.David Penney



There were three churches belonging to the Church of England in Sheerness: Holy Trinity, St. Paul's, and the Dockyard Church.  Holy Trinity, the parish church, in Mile Town, was opened August 3O, 1836; however, the ecclesiastical parish of Holy Trinity was formed Feb. 14, 1851, from the parish of Minster.  It is a plain brick structure and the interior is somewhat austere, but the chancel and stained glass windows are beautiful.  It is situated at the corner of Broadway and Trinity Road.

The parish of St. Paul's, Sheerness (Blue Town), was formed as a distinct parish from Holy Trinity, and Minster, March 25, 1873.  A contract to build St. Paul's Church, for L2OOO, was let July 29, 1871.  The church, a brick one, in the Byzantine style, was consecrated in June, 1872.  It was enlarged in 1876 to accomodate 66O persons, and served as the Garrison Church, the Vicar being Acting Chaplain to the forces.  It stood along Station Road, near the Dockyard railway station, on land now occupied by Sheerness Steel.

H.M. Dockyard Church, is the last of several churches erected for the use of the Royal Navy.  The first Dockyard Church was opened Jan. 1, 169O.  In 1835 another Dockyard Church was built by Rennie and Hoi1 for the use of the Fleet and the Garrison, but only for services.  It stands in close proximity to the end of High Street, Blue Town, nearest the bridges.  No banns were ever read nor marriages solemnized in the Dockyard chapel.

On Nov. 26, 1881 the Dockyard Church was badly burned with the loss of two lives.  On Jan. 7, 1882 an estimate of L4,7OO was given to repair it.  The Church remained in that condition for some time because of rumors of Dockyard closure; however, by March, 1882 the church was completely restored, services in the meantime having been conducted in the Dockyard Sail Loft.

There are memorials on the walls of the Dockyard