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 With many thanks  from Barbara Stride in New Zealand.


(The Stride family in N.Z. are related to Long Liz ,the 3rd victim of Jack the Ripper .


She married Stride  of Sheerness and went to London and became a prostitute.)


Mmm this is interesting, and may well enable me to finally get your Penney
connection here.

The reason I say this is that Enid Jaquest many moons ago sent Ken some
records and here is the following of what she gave him.

Found on a grave stone It was at Halfway  Cemetery Sheerness).

Eva Isabel Stride wife of Charles William Stride (He was Ken's 3rd cousin
twice removed) who passed peacefully away 8th November 1921 age 35 years.

Then the marriage:

Charles William Stride the eldest son of Thomas William Stride of Jefferson
,married Eva Isobel (note the 2 spellings were different)
A teacher, the eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs W.H.Atkins of 115 Alma Road.
Doris Atkins is sister of the bride. 12 October 1910.

I actually had the 8th October in my data, but no idea where I got that
information from.

Then further down she has Eva Isabel Stride the wife of Charles William
Stride the daughter of Mr & Mrs W.H. Atkins and the granddaughter of Mr W.J.
Penney died 12th November (I now see where the confusion came in for me)!
Age 35.

T.W. Stride died 25th February 1933.