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"The State of Florida" had the Alachua County Court Site to take down the transcribed Alachua County Probate Records; but I transcribed all most all of them for Pendarvis, Stroble, Strobel (Susan) and Lew Williams. I will put them on this site as soon as I can.

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Jim Powell, Ancient Recorded Probate Records All images are put online by Jim & his staff; transcribed records sent to site are proofread & edited (if needed) by: Jim Powell Jr, site Coordinator & Webmaster

Record # 16 a- b- & c for Nancy Pendarvis, wife of James Pendarvis, father of Joseph James Pendarvis of Escatapwa, Jackson County, MS who married Mary "Molly" E Jones

Page 1

In the Court of the County Judge, in and for Alachua County, Florida, Sitting and seting as Probate Judge In the matter of the Estates of }

James Pendarvis & Nancy Pendarvis } Petition for sale of Real deceased } Estate &c.

To the Hon. J. C. Gardner, County Judge in and for Alachua County, Florida sitting and acting as Probate Judge of said County:-

The Petition Of James W. Exley as the administrator of and for the estate of Nancy Pendarvis, deceased, and as administrator de bonis non, of and for the estate of James Pendarvis, deceased, respectfully showeth unto your honor, that the said James Pendarvis departed this life at and in the County of Alachua, in the State of Florida, where he last resided, in the year 1867, leaving surviving him his widow, the said Nancy Pendarvis, and the following named children,to wit:-

Erastus Pendarvis

Lizzie Brownlow, nee Pendarvis

Susan Stroble nee Pendarvis

Richard Pendarvis

Pelly Button nee Pendarvis

W. W. Pendarvis

George Pendarvis

Joseph Pendarvis

That subsequently, to wit, in the month of September, in the year 1872, the said Nancy Pendarvis died.

That the said Susan Pendarvis intermarried with one Daniel Stroble and afterswards the said Susan Stroble died, at and in Alachua County, Florida, leaving the folling heirs at law, to wit:- George Stroble, Laura Stroble, and Ellen Myers nee Stroble,

That Richard Pendarvis died on the - day of - leaving one child named Victoria Hill.

And the said Pelly Button died in the year 1880, leaving her husband W. W. Button, and five children, viz: Ella Pendarvis, Stephen Button Pendarvis, Walter Button,

page -2-

Albert Button & Mary Button. That Erastus Pendarvis died on the day of - leaving one heir, Annie Pendarvis, who intermarried with one Julius Jeffords, and she and her husband reside at High Springs, Florida

Said Lizzie Pendarvis intermarried with on Benjamin Brownlow, now deceased, and the said Lizzie is dead and left two children, Benjamin Brownlow and Emily Brownlow, whose residence is Sutherland, Hillsboro County, Florida

And the said Victoria Pendarvis intermarried with one Rufus Hill, whose residence is High Springs, in Alachua County, Florida

That the residence of W, W. Pendar- vis is Panasoffkee, Florida

and the residence of Joseph Pendarvis is Galveston, Texas

and the residence of W. W. Button is Tampa, Florida, and the residence of George Stroble, Laura Stroble, Ellen Myers, and her husband Myers, is un known to Petitioner, and the residence of Ella Pendarvis and Stephen Pendarvis is Greenville, South Carolina; the residence of Albert Button, Walter Button and Mary Button minors, is Tampa, Florida.

That the said James and Nancy Pendarvis left at their decease, the following described real estate,situated, lying and being in Alachua County, Florida, to wit:-

The North East quarter of section three (3), township eight (8), range eighteen (18), North half of North West quarter, or lot three (3) of section nine (9), township eight (8), range eighteen (18), South and East; Lots two (2),three (3),and four (4), of section three (3),township eight (8),range eighteen (18),East. Also that part of South East quarter of section three (3), in town ship eight (8), range eighteen (18),which lies on the North and East of the road leading from Newnansville to Alligator, known as he Bellamy Road, or in other words, all that portion of said quarter section, which lies on the right hand of said road leading from Newnansville to Alligator, called Bel-

page -3-

lany Road, containing twenty (20) acres:- South West quarter of section two (2), township eight (8), range eighteen (18), North half of West half of North East quarter, and North West quarter, less seven acres; East half of North East quarter of South West quarter 11, in township eight (8), Southrange (18). That the deceased left some debts which have been paid by the sale of personal property, but that petitioner has incurred a large amount of indebtedness in defending the said es- tate against certain litigation, that was brought against the said James Pendarvis, among which is a fee that is now due to Ness. Cooper & Cooper of Jacksonville, Florida, defending the estate of James Pendarvis, deceased, in a law suit in the United States Court of Jacksonville, Florida,- said fee amounting to $250.00, and the interest since the same became due. Petitioner has also been unable pay the taxes on the real estate of the estate, and a large amount of taxes has ac- cumulated against the same.

There is no personal property left in the estate, but the same has been wholly and entirely exhausted, and it is aboslutely necessary to sell the real estate in order to raise funds with which to pay the expense of administration, the said attorney's fees, and the taxes lawfully accessed against the said property and other indebtedness existing against the said Estate of said James and Nancy Pendarvis.

Your Petitioner therefore prays, that your honor will grant an order for the sale of the aforementioned and described real estate, or a sufficient amount thereof to satisfy and pay the said indebtedness; and if there should be over plus.

---------------------------------------- Page 1 Transcribed by Pat Creel - Pendarvis 17 September 2002 62 _28 _16a
Page 2 Transcribed by Jim Powell 17 September 2002 62 _28 _16c ----------------------------------------
Page 3 Transcribed by Pat Creel - Pendarvis 17 September 2002 62 _28 _16b ----------------------------------------

Recorded Probate Records:
James Pendarvis (Deceased)
June 10th 1867

images: 62 _27 _1a & 62 _27 _1b/c
State of Florida }
County of Alachua }

Know all men by these presents
that we Nancy Pendarvis, Stephen McCall and L Williams Cornelius Rain are held and firmly bound unto David S. Walker Governor of the State of Florida and his successors in office in the penal sum of Twelve Thousand Six Hundred Dollars lawful money of the United States for the payment of which well and truly to be made we bind ourselves, our and each of our heirs, jointly & severaly, firmly by these presents.
Signed & sealed this June 10th AD 1867.

The Condition of the above bond or ob- ligation Nancy Pendarvis Adminstratrix of all and singular the goods & chattels rights and credits of James Pendarvis do make or cause to be made a just true and perfect appraisement of all and singular the goods, chattels rights and credits of the said deceased which have or shall come to the hands possession or knowledge of her the said Admini stratrix, or into the hands of an person or persons for her & the same so made do cause to be filed in the office of the Judge of Probate for Said County at or before the first day of August next ensuing the date hereof & all the goods & chattels rights and credits of the said deceased at the time of his death which at any time afterwards shall come into the hands or possession of the said Admrx or into the hands or possession of any person or persons for her, do well and truly Administer according to law, & further do make or cause to be made a true and just account of her Adminstration when thereunto required & all the rest and residue of said goods, chattels rights & credits which shall be found remaining upon the said Admimistratrix account, the same being first examined & allowed by the Probate Court of the County of Alachua & shall deliver & pay to Such person or persons respectively as the said Court by their order or decree pursuant to the true intent & meaning of the Statues in such cases made and provided, shall appoint and direct & if it shall thereafter appear that any last will and testament was made by the said deceased & the Executor or Executors therein named do file the same in the office of the said court & the said will is allowed and approved by the said court, then if the said Admminstratrix above bounden being thereunto required do render & deliver her said letters of Admimistration then this obligation to be void of no effect otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Signed Sealed & Delivered }
in the present of }
Arch T. Banks
JC Gardner

Nancy Pendarvis
Stephen McCall
Lewelling Williams

Transcribed by Patricia Creel
29 August 2002

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