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"Oddfellows Cemetery, Padgett Switch Rd., Bayou La Batre, Mobile County, AL"

My thanks to a Creel cousin, David Sprinkle, for senting this to me.The cementry is located on Padgett Switch Rd. If you turn south on Padget Switch, off of Hwy 90, you will come to Hwy 188 and that is where that cemetery is.

Pendarvis deaths listed at Oddfellows Cemetery in Bayou La Batre, Mobile County, AL:

Billy Pendarvis 1934-1952
Clinton Carl Pendarvis 1915-1984
Dorothy Joy Pendarvis 1959
Freddie W Pendarvis 1912-1989
James W Pendarvis 1810-1888
Jane Harriet Pendarvis 1821-1901
Lillie Mae Pendarvis 1941
Madeline M Pendarvis 1891-1969
Mary A Pendarvis 1912
Robert Lee Pendarvis 1881-1973
Robert R Pendarvis 1908-1979
Rotha T Pendarvis 1908
Ruby C Steiner (Pendarvis) 1905-1937
Mr Shannon Pendarvis 1907-1985
Tom Pendarvis 1878-1954
Viola Pendarvis 1889-1919
William H Pendarvis 1880-1958
William Henry Pendarvis 1851-1926

"Georgia Land Lottery of 1827" James Pendarvis, Glynn Co. land in Troup Co., GA, District 12, #209 and Troup, Dist.11, #221.

George Pendarvis, Glynn Co. land in Lee Co., Dist 11, #84 (married men got two drawings).

"Georgia Headright & Bounty Grants 1756-1905"

Caleb Pendarvis, Wayne Co. 1836,

Caleb Pendarvis, Wayne Co. 1851,

Joseph "         ", Wayne Co. 1836,

Lewis G. "       ', Wayne Co. 1851,

William "       ", Glynn Co. 1831;

The land lotteries name all that I have in my files.

Georgia Genealogy Book "Wayne County, Georgia Marriage Index" 1808 -1877 in Wayne County, Georgia

Caleb Pendarvis m. Elizabeth Joyner 11 Jan 1832

Uriah Joyner m. Hester Ann Pendarvis 11 Oct 1831

I.S. Pendarvis m. M.W. Arnett   3 may 1866

John Owens m. Isabella Pendarvis  19 Oct 1854

Lewis Cherrytree Pendarvis m. Sarah Ann Leverett  15 Nov 1833

Allen J. Boon m. Martha Ann Pendarvis  21 Jan 1851

Glynn County, Georgia

James F. Chapman m. Esther Pendarvis  12 July 1857;

None listed in Camden County, Georgia

"Camden County Marriages" by Ingmire

James Pendarvis married Keziah Tucker 11/24/1824 Camded Co, GA. It also showes that her spelling of name is Kessiah.

"Territorial Florida Families Book"

Info shows that Keziah was born 1806 in Camden County, GA, married 11/2/1824 to James Pendarvis. Her Father is Thomas Tucker and mother is Elizabeth.

"Search For Yesterday"
[Source:] FL Researcher

While the books were compiled from Levy County articles much of the information also is about Alachua County.  I hope this helps.

Lewellen Williams 1:19 - shown as being on 1830 census (Levy Co) & Theophilus H. WILLIAMS 1:19

D. A. STROBLE 2:18 - shown on Mar 4 1878 jury list (Levy Co)

[More on "Search for Yesterday from another researcher]

[Book 8 page 24]

J.J. Pendarvis is mentioned as a road hand in the County Commission minutes.

[Book 18 page 11]

J.J. Pendarvis listed as marrying Lola Watson Rush 15 Feb 1905

George A Pendarvis marrying Idella Osteen  25 April 1897

[Book 4 page 3]

Allen Pendarvis, january 5, 1880 listed on partial jury list.

[Book 5 page 23]

Allen Pendarvis marrying Mary Johnson  22 May 1874

[Book 5 page 9]

Mary Pendarvis marrying Wm. Henry Dyess  6 January 1887

Dyess is also listed as marrying Susan Chesire 25 May 1877 so Mary was at minimum his second wife.

James W. Exley married to Carrie Sutton 4 March 1886

Eliza Tucker  +  Benjamin J. Davis  Aug 19, 1877.

This Eliza Tucker is probably the daughter of Elijah H. Tucker (son of Thomas R. Tucker Jr.).

This Elijah married Zaney Pendarvis.  I checked into this before but it's been a long time ago. But Mary & Allen may be brother & sister.

Chapter 5: Marriages of Levy County Page 9:

Benj. J. Davis.... Eliza E. Tucker....19 Aug 1877

Wm. Henry Dyess....Mary Pendarvis.....6 Jan 1887

Page 18

George A. PENDARVIS 18:11 - shown as ma. to Idella Osteen, 25 Apr 1897

pg 18:11, PENDARVIS, J.J. - ma. to Lola Watson Rush, 15 Feb 1905

Page 23

Allen Pendarvis......Mary Johnson....2 May 1874

William Henry Dyess married Mary Pendarvis Jan. 6, 1887

Allen Pendarvis  +  Mary Johnson  May 22, 1874

Chapter 2: "Minutes of County Commissioners of Levy County, Book A, April 1850 - December 1878"by Jean Cooper

Chapter 4: Page 3: January 5, 1880:

The recorded partial jury list::        Allen Pendarvis (1 of 85 men listed)

Wayne County, Ga Bonds

"Headrights and Bounty Grants if Georgia" by Lucas, listed:

PENDARVIS, Cable Wayne Co. Ga. grant book R-5, page 425,300 acres , 1836

PENDARVIS, Cable, Wayne Co, book, X-5 page 487 ,250 acres, 1851

PENDARVIS, Jos., Wayne Co. book R-5, page 427. , 400 acres, 1836

PENDARVIS, Lewis G.   Wayne Co. book X-5, page 487,, 400 acres, 1851

PENDARVIS, Wm.   Glenn Co.   book Q-5, page 418, 250 acres, 1831

"Colonial Georgia, Geneaqlogical Data"

PENDARVIS, John, who was a witness

YOUNG, William, planter, St.George Parish, S.C. gave stock to Daniel BRITIAN, in trust for Magadalene CUMME, wife of Henry CUMME, planter; Witness, John PENDARVIS. Mar 1, 1764 (recorded July 7, 1767. misc. bonds book R. pg.130;

PENDARVIS, Josia. S.C., gave slave to daughter Elizabeth Bryan. Witness: Jas COCHRAN, Nathanie HAWTHORN, Sr..July 10 1771, bond book R, page 539.

"Lest we forget, a town, Newnansville, Florida" by: Mary Lois Douglas Forrester

The Newnansville book is 188 un-indexed pages, so it's not as easy as it should be to look for citations. The book consists of several narratives by different authors and extracts from selected public records. Newnansville was founded in 1826 as Dell's P.O. It was renamed Newnansville in 1828 and made county seat of Alachua County. In 1854, the coming of the railroad caused the county seat to be moved to Gainesville. Newnansville started to decline and in 1884 when another railroad went through nearby Alachua, it virtually ceased to exist. The post office closed in 1887. Today, all that remains is the Old Newnansville Cemetery.

On pages 20-21 of "Lest We Forget, A Town, Newnansville, Florida," "a partial list of the citizens of the Newnansville community in 1845" does not list any Pendarvis or Williams.

"For The Year 1861 Only New Names" on page 145 lists E. L. Pendarvis.

List of "Those That Are Buried In The Newnansville - Alachua Cemetery" pages 88 -110 list no Pendarvis.

A list of "Florida Masons 1866 - 1870" for Alachua Lodge #26, Newnansville" pages 113 - 115 lists no Pendarvis - J. A. Williams member for 1866, 1867, 1868; Williams, Lewis 1868, Williams, Llewellyn 1867, 1868; Williams, Theophilus 1867, 1868.

A list of "Heads of Families In Alachua County 1840 Census" on page 134 lists James Pendarvis and no Williams.

Untitled lists on pages 135-136 which have paragraphs "For The Year 1847," "For The Year 1850" and "For The Year 1851 (Other Names)" lists no Pendarvis or Williams.

"For The Year 1852 All Names" on page 138 lists James Pendarvis.

"For The Year 1861 Only New Names" on page 145 lists E. L. Pendarvis.

An article entitled "7th Florida Infantry Units Alachua County Florida" compiled by Mary J. Murphy.

Erastus L. Pendarvis, Co. 'F', 10th Fla Inf Regmt, killed in action 4 Jan 1864

pages 52-55, lists Erastus L. Pendarvis 10th Fla Inf, Co F died 4 January 1864 at Cold Harbor.

Pages 147-174 is a very faint copy of the 1860 census for Newnansville. Listed as head of families are Theo. Williams and James Pendarvis dwelling 698, household 717, age 28, x in race column, farmer, $20,000 in real estate, $25,000 in personal estate, born in SC; Nancy 30 female (no race marked), born in Fla; Ballatich (?), m, 6,(Fla);

L. A. Williams, age 28, ditto (male), clerk (Fla).

Java B. Pendarvis, Co.'F', 10th Fla Inf Regmt, killed in action 11 Jun 1864 at Cold Harbor

In Alachua Co. marriages 1837-1849

Elijah H. Tucker married Zany Ann Pendarvis, 7 Jan 1845

1840 Census

James Pendarvis listed as head of family in 1840 Alachua Co census.

Voters List James Pendarvis listed in voter listing (I think) for the year 1852.

James Pendarvis, age 28, Farmer, b. SC Nancy, age 30, female, b. Fla Pallatich (couldn't make out spelling), age 6, male, b. Fla; L. (or C., or N.) A. Williams, age 28, Clerk, b. Fla also listed under other families: Allen Pendarvis, age 18, m Farm Laborer, b. SC Daniel B., age 15 male, b. SC Charity, age 12, female, b. SC C. Susannah, age 8, female, b. SC

One contained a listing/charge for a Jas. Pendarvis, dated October 1880. The charge was $0.50.

Captain Lewellen Williams (b. 1833) enlisted 5/23/61 in Company B, 2nd Florida Infantry at Newnansville. He was wounded 5/5/62 at Williamsburg and wounded again 5/31/62 at Seven Pines. He was absent sick in early 1863 and resigned 3/9/63 from General Hospital #4, Richmond.

1860 Census

Familys listed in the 1860 Census as "free inhabitants in Newnansville, Alachua Co., Florida." They list the following:

James Pendarvis, male, age 28, Farmer, born in SC.   Nancy Pendarvis, female, age 30, born in Florida   Pattaticl Pendarvis, male, age 6, born in Florida L. A. Williams, male,age 28, Clerk, born in Florida

These census records had been photo copied and listed in a book, "Lest We Forget, A Town, Newnansville, Florida" by Mary Lois Douglas Forrester, P. O. Box 723, High Springs, Florida 32643. Also, she lists some pages from the account book of P. W. Cato, a local doctor. There is an entry for James Pendarvis on what appears to be October 1, 1881 for medicine for self $0.50. This was all I was able to find. She lists all the graves in the Newnansville Cemetery and I find no Pendarvis.

Index to Florida militia muster rolls, Seminole Indian wars: Vol & Pg

Pendarivs, Geo Pvt, 04:030

Pendarvis, Lewis Pvt, 06:070-71, 06:072-73, 03:019

Pendarvis, Wm Pvt, 10:082-83

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