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Please use as only a GUIDE. I received records from several reseachers.

Some Census Records from Alachua County FL Records Site: (copied from the Clerk of the Court site). My thanks for their wonderful and kind help.

Williams, Lewelling
State: Florida, Year: 1828
County: Duval
Township: Jacksonville, Page: 0
Williams, Lewelling
State: Florida, Year: 1828 County: Duval Township: Jacksonville, Page: 0
Williams, Lewelling
State: Florida, Year: 1829
County: Alachua
Williams, Lewelling
State: Florida, Year: 1829
County: Alachua

1830 Census
James Pendarvis
1830 Census for Hazzards Neck, Camden County, GA.
Hazzards Neck has always been in Camden County. It's an area near Waverly at the extreme north end of the county. For the most part the only people who use that name now are locals and those interested in local history. Nowadays, most people call the entire area Waverly. Hazzards Neck has always been a pretty spread out "community" - it was never recognized as a town or city. Interstate 95 goes right through it.
[SOURCE:] Tara Fields, The Crypt - On-Line History and Genealogy of Camden and Charlton Counties, Georgia
Lewellen Williams
1830 census Levy Co FL
Williams, Lewellen

State: Florida Year: 1830; County:
Alachua Roll: M19_15 Township:   Unknown Townships; Page: 37;
1 male 30 and under 40
1 male 40 and under 50
3 females under 5
1 female 5 and under 10
1 female 10 and under 15
1 female 20 and under 30

1840 Census
James Pendarvis
Listed as head of family in 1840 Alachua Co census. He had slaves and they are included as part of his household.
1 male 5-10 (James)
1 male 10-15 (Erastus)
2 males 20-30
1 male 40-50 (James)
1 female under 5 (Mary)
1 female 5-10 (?)

1840 South Carolina Census Index:
Daniel Stroble, Dorchester Co, SC
David Stroble, Dorchester Co, SC
Jacob Stroble, Dorchester Co, SC

1850 Census
Williams children:  
Listed with Underwood, Ferdinand A, 34, born GA and Underwood, Mary, 30, born FL; Nancy Williams, 22, born FL; Manvera Williams, 24, born FL; Lewallen Williams, 17, born FL; The Underwoods also had three children: Catherine, 4, Julia, 2, and Maria, 6 months, all born FL.
[STROBEL] 1850 Alachua Co., FL
household # 222:
Daniel Strobel age 27, farmer, b. SC
Susan (wife) age 18, b. FL
household # 213:
Jacob Strobel, age 32, Farmer, b. SC
Arrabella, age 26, b. SC
Daniel, age 12, b. SC
William, age 10, b. SC
Washington, age 6, b. SC
Angeline, age 4, b. SC
David, age 11/12, b. FL
1852 List for residents of Alachua County
James Pendarvis
1852 Voters List
James Pendarvis

Alachua County Florida 1860 Agricultural Census
1. Name of Owner: E. Pendarvis
2. Acres of Improved Land: 27
3. Acres of Unimproved Land: 292
4. Cash Value of the Farm: 1000
5. Value of Farm Implements and Machinery: 4
13. Value of Livestock: $140
The numbers following the names represent, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13. The following symbol is used to maintain spacing where information in a column is left blank(-). In some instances, information is shown as property acreage is rented. [by: J Powell]
1860 Census
Underwood, Fernando A, 40, born GA; Mary, 40, born FL
Listed as head of families:
James Pendarvis dwelling 698, household 717, age 28, x in race column, farmer, $20,000 in real estate, $25,000 in personal estate, born in SC;
Nancy 30 female (no race marked), born in Fla; Pallatich (?), 6,(Fla); L. A. Williams, age 28, (male), clerk (Fla).
1860 Alachua Co. census for Newnansville
James Pendarvis, age 28, Farmer, b. SC
Nancy, age 30, female, b. Fla
Pallatich (couldn't make out spelling), age 6, b. Fl
L. (or C., or N.) A. Williams, age 28, Clerk, b. Fla also listed under other families:
[STROBLE] 1860 US Census Index: FL
Stroble, Albert, Alaucha Co, Fl. p. 11
Stroble, Dan'l V., " " p. 89
Stroble, J. G., " " p. 11
Stroble, Sam'l V, " " p. 89
Newnansville, Alachua Co., Florida
[Documented:] 1860 Census
Newnansville, Alachua County, FL 3   698  717
Pendarvis James W M Farmer $20,000 $25,000 S.C. 4 698 717
Pendarvis Nancy 30 F Fla 5   698  717
Pendarvis Pallatiah 6 Fla
1861 New Residents list
E. L. Pendarvis

1870 Census Alachua Co., FL, Gainesville P.O. Page 413 3707/3707
Pendarvis, Nancy 40 w/f 1500 500 FL
Pellie (Pellia?) 17 w/f FL
William 10 w/m FL
George 6 w/m FL
Joseph 3 w/m FL
Francis 13 w/f FL (maybe a Williams)
[Note:] Frances or Fannie/Fanny Williams is listed on 1874 deed record with Nancy Pendarvis
3576/3576 Page 397
Pendarvis, Melissy 25 w/f   1000 SC
James 12 w/m FL
Annie 8 w/f   FL
George 6 w/f FL
Page 401 5616/5616
Stroble, David 40 w/m Farmer 3000 1000 SC        
Francis 20 w/f   FL
Janie 18 w/f SC
William 16 w/m   SC
Arthur 3 w/m FL
Frier, Margaret 53 w/f 800 FL; (Blanton)
Blanton, Claudia 18 w/f   FL
Josephine 16 w/f   FL
James  14 w/m FL
1870 US Census Index: FL
Straubes, Mary Levy Co, p. 705
Stroble, Daniel B. Alachua p. 201
Stroble, David Alachua p. 180

1880 Census
Only three PENDARVIS males in Alachua County, Florida, in 1880:
James H. HUGGINS   Self   M W   W   88   SC   GA GA; (father-in-law of E L Pendarvis)
James H. PENDARVIS Grand Son   M S   W   20  FL SC SC; (son of Harrett Huggins Pendarvis and E L Pendarvis)
William PENDARVIS   Self   M     W   20   FL   GA FL
George PENDARVIS  Other   M   S W 6   FL   GA FL
Pg. 5 Supervisor District 18 Enumeration District 2 Newmansville Precinct, Alachua County, FL, 1880
There is one Exley family in Alachua, Fl: Precinct 2, Alachua, Florida FHL film 1254125--NAfilm T9-0125 p. 34D
EXLEY, MARGARET -keeping house-wife female- widow- white- 56 yr.-FL-VA-SC
EXLEY, JAMES -farming- son-male-single-white-22 yr.-FL-GA-FL
page 34C Alachua
WILLIAM PENDARVIS -farming-self-M-W-20-FL-GA-FL;
page 35A
JAMES H. PENDARVIS -Gson-M-S-W-20-FL-SC-SC page 35 B
MATTIE PENDARVIS-keeping house-self-F-W-W-37-GA-GA-GA
VICTORIA PENDARVIS-keeping house-dau-F-S-W-19-GA-GA-GA
(Below Exley and Pendarvis from another 1880 census sheet)
61 Exley, Margaret w/f 56 wife WD FL VA SC
James w/m son 22 S FL GA FL 92
Stroble Daniel V. w/m 58 head M farmer SC SC SC
Susan C w/f 45 wife M GA GA GA
Ellen w/f 28 dau S   FL SC GA
Lora w/f 25 dau S FL SC GA
George W. w/m 21 son FL SC GA
Lawrence T. w/m 18 son FL SC GA
Albert T. w/m 14 son FL SC GA
93 Pendarvis, Mollie w/f 37 wife WD GA GA GA
Victoria w/f 19 dau S GA GA GA 213
1880 ALACHUA County, FL 
Enum. Dist. 2   Reel 125 Page 34
BUTTON, W.M W W M 26 Head M Florida Georgia Georgia 1880 Alachua County, Fl Enum. Dist. 2  Reel 125 Page 34
BUTTON, PELLIE  W F 27 Wife M Florida Georgia Florida
James Exley probate records (Alachua County, FL) show Ella & Stephen as "vis -not Button's"- but orginally from GreenVille, SC.
BUTTON, ELLA W F 10 Child S Florida Florida Florida
BUTTON, STEPHEN W M 8 Child S Florida Florida Florida
BUTTON, WALTER W M 5 Child S Florida Florida Florida
BUTTON, ALBERT W M 2 Child S Florida Florida Florida
1880 Jackson County, MS Census
John JONES  Self   M   M   W     35 MS   MS   MS
Anna JONES Wife   F   M   W     32 AL
Molly JONES   Dau   F   S   W     12 MS   MS   AL (married Joseph James Pendarvis)
Milton J. JONES     Son   M   S   W       9 MS   MS   AL
Allen J. JONES     Son   M   S   W       6 MS   MS   AL
Jenney JONES       Dau   F   S   W       4 MS   MS   AL
Anna J. JONES       Dau   F   S   W       2 MS   MS   AL
Malinda JONES       Dau   F   S   W       1moMS   MS AL

US census 1900, Jackson Cty, MS; Beat 3, Jackson County, Mississippi 1900 census Series T623   Microfilm 812;
Book 1 Page 69
Joseph James Pendarvis (AKA JJ and Joe). It is listed under "Joe Pendarvis" with this census.
Joe J. Pendarvis b Dec 1866 FL, fa SC, mo FL.  DayLaborer
Wife;  Mollie E. born Oct 1869 3 child, 3 living b MS, Fa MS Mo MS
Dau:  Nancy born Mar 1896; Son:  John W. born Apr 1897; Dau:  Constance A. born Apr 1899.
1908 Town of Escatawpa, MS, Jackson Co., MS Documented: 1908 Ward 1 school CENSUS records at Jackson County, MS Archive Department, Pascagoula, MS Names of parents or guardians:
J. J. & Molly Pendarvis
Annie, age 12
John, age 11
Constance(sp) (Connie) age 9
Gladys, age 5 twin
Clarice, age 5 twin
1910 Census for Escatawpa School District Beat 3
Pendarvis, J. J. M W   42 Born Fla. father Fla. Mother Fla. Inspector of Lumber
Mollie Wife 40 born Ms father Ms Mother Ms
Annie  Dau 14 all children born in MS.
Johnie Son   13
Constance Dau   11
Gladys   Dau   8 twin
Clarice   Dau   8 twin
Allen     Son     6
Guy       Son    4
Minnie   Dau    2 
Jones/Pendarvis in Jackson County, MS Escatawpa School Dis Beat 3 (from researcher)
They were in the 1916 School Census on page 59. Merril J. Jones was a sawmill worker.
Jones Merril J. head M W 39 born: Tx Father Ms     Mother Tx
Jullian ?L Wife F W 39 born: MS   Father MS Mother MS
Sherwood   son   M w 19
Ellen L.   Dau   F W 12
Harriet   dau   f w 10
James     son   m w   7
Jones J. M. (white) with children Julian 20 and Calvin 16

1920 United States Federal Census
Beat 2, dated Jan 27, 1920
Sup.Distrist 6
E. Dis 59
Sheet 18A
Pendarvis, J J
  (listed as Jones J on database; but reads James J to me)
Township:Beat 2
occ: sawmill worker

also listed with JJ Pendarvis:
Molly- wife age 50 or 51?
Annie- daughter 23 years old occ;Waitress at resturant [There is a cross-reference code (#954) by Annie's name, and it is in the same census page of her fathers also; I assume to show she was counted twice]
[I could not makeout the ages very good on the census image]
John-son occ: laborer at shipyard
Connie- daughter age 21
Clarce- daughter age 18
Minnie- daughter age 19
Pellie- daughter age 18
Allen-son age 16
Guy- son age 14
Dis 6
township 6
Internat Shipyard
Dated: Jan 9, 1920
[There is a cross-reference code (#962) by Annie's name, and it is in the same census page of her fathers also; I assume to show she was counted twice]
Pendarvis, Annie
Age: 21
Father's birthplace: FL
Mother's birthplace: MS
Page:12A State:Mississippi
occ: waitress at Prokrieta Hotel & Rest
(near) Inter Shipyard, Pascagou;la, MS
Listed on next two lines under her me are: Legget, Henriette Servant/cook at same Hotel age 19 white single female
Coleman, Mattie Servant/dishwasher at same Hotel age 21 white single female

1930 US CENSUS Jackson County, MS
Pendarvis,James J age 63 w Male
FL FL FL Occ: sawmill worker
Molly wife w Fe 61 MS
Allen w male age 26 MS single Occ: painter/ House?? Signs
Pellie age 19 w fe single MS occ: none
EXLEY, James
Only 1 EXLEY in 1920 US CENSUS for FL
[Source:] 1920 United States Federal Census
Exley, James
Roll: T625_219
Page: 50B
ED: 71
Image: 102
FA born: FL
wife- ?arrie age 56
Mary- daughter age 18 fe single
Elita?- daughter age 16 fe single
Stanley-son age 11 Male single

1830 PENDARVIS GEORGE Duval County FL 012 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule FL 1830 Federal Census Index FLS3a1429529
1830 PENDARVIS JOSIAH Leon County FL 128 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule FL 1830 Federal Census Index FLS3a1429535
1830 PENDARVIS WILLIAM Nassau County FL 008 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule FL 1830 Federal Census Index FLS3a1429538
1831 PENDARVIS GEORGE Duval County FL No Township Given FL Early Census Index v.2 FLS2b128715
1831 PENDARVIS WILLIAM Duval County FL No Township Given FL Early Census Index v.2 FLS2b128717
1840 PENDARVIS GEOGE Duval County FL 140 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule FL 1840 Federal Census Index FLS4a2024818
1840 PENDARVIS WILLIAM Nassau County FL 128 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule FL 1840 Federal Census Index FLS4a2024847
1850 PENDARVIS JAMES Alachua County FL 013 14th Division Federal Population Schedule FL 1850 Federal Census Index FLS5a1356575 1850